Top 10 Best Cupcake Makers in 2020 – Reviews


Baking is one of the common practices in many homes. Especially when making cakes, bread, and other food. But, there are different types of baking. Making cupcakes requires you to have custom-designed makers. There are various ways to make these cakes. However, cupcakes make are convenient and easy to use. Unlike the traditional methods, these machines allow for quick and hassle-free baking.

Unlike using the regular ovens, these appliances quicken preparation, and easy baking. They have everything in place, hence allowing the user to bake smoothly. With different capacities and power ratings, the cupcake makers make your baking thrilling. Therefore, depending on the number of cupcakes you need, it is ideal to pick the best-suited cake maker. The following list and buying guide offer the best cupcake baking machines for every home.

Cupcake Makers Buying Guide

  • Capacity: The capacity in cookers is determined by how many snacks it can make at ago. In most cases, the available cupcake cookers are capable of 12 snacks. Therefore, you can cook the cakes without struggles. Apart from the regular ones, there are others with low capacity whereby they can fit 4 cakes.
  • Cooking plate: The cooking plates are vital since they determine what a cooker can make. Some of the machines come with a fixed tray, while others have interchangeable ones. Having an appliance with available plates ensures high capacity. Besides cooking different types of snacks, ensure the plates are non-stick. They deliver smooth cakes and also have ease of cleaning.
  • Ease of use: For convenient usage, a cupcake maker should be easy to use. This ensures there is great comfort and safety. With simple settings and operation, a cooker guarantees high performance without straining. Therefore, your machine of choice should be simple to use.

Best Cupcake Makers in 2020

10. Ohana Cupcakes Mini Non-Stick Snack Maker

Ohana Cupcakes Mini Non-Stick Snack Maker

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If you want to make different snacks in your home, this Ohana cupcakes maker is the right appliance. Designed with high versatility, the machine is perfectly designed to create various snacks. Whether its donuts, cupcakes, and others, it’s a versatile machine. Despite the versatility, the machine compact nature allows natural fit in any countertop. Therefore, for small spaced kitchens, there is an excellent convenience in adding this machine. With the ability to make 7 cupcakes, it is great for making breakfast snacks.

Baking your cakes with this machine is simple and convenient. It has a non-stick pan, which allows for excellent baking. Thus, there are no cakes sticking into the tray hence simple baking. Fitted with a latching lid, there is superb cooking due to even temperatures. The power and bake ready lights, ensure users enjoy perfect baking without trial and error. Above all, the sleek design brings great décor to your kitchen.


  • Indicator lights
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Non-stick pan and lid


  • No inbuilt timer

9. Brentwood TS-252 Mini Cupcake Maker Machine

Brentwood TS-252 Mini Cupcake Maker Machine

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The Brentwood TS-252 snack maker offers everyone a chance to enjoy the best cakes. Especially when making cupcakes and other small snacks, the machine is highly reliable. As a result, one can enjoy making cakes every day without a lot of energy. The baking tray allows for 7 snacks, which speeds up your ability to enjoy fast operation. Boasting 750 watts power rating, the machine is efficient and quick to keep your appetite for cupcakes in check.

Apart from making snacks, the machine is accompanied by a variety of recipes. It allows you to make vanilla, pumpkin, chocolate, bran, and others without a struggle. Baking your cakes is simple since the machine has a pre-heating light indicator. It, therefore, allows for the user to know when it is ideal to start cooking. Equipped with safety features, the mini-cupcake maker will ensure no overheating by automatically shutting down. With vertical feet, they are responsible for keeping the machine standing upright.


  • Overheating protection
  • Included snacks recipe
  • Pre-heating ready light


  • Snacks don’t brown well

8. Oster Mini Dessert Maker with Different Snack Pans

Oster Mini Dessert Maker with Different Snack Pans

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The ability to enjoy great snacks depends on your appliance. But, you don’t need to have a large oven to make simple snacks these days. This Oster mini dessert make brings a different experience in your home. Created by experts, the machine can make different types of snacks. Whether its cupcakes, donuts and other snacks, the machine is versatile. In fact, it comes with varying trays of baking, which allow for versatility when baking.

The construction of this machine features high-quality materials. Besides offering excellent cooking ability, the machine provides a great look. This ensures it can be used in any kitchen since it can complement any décor. Rated 1400 watts, it has superior design and performance. Therefore, no more waiting for long for the machine to make the snack. Enabled with insulated lid, there is excellent heat insulation hence fast baking.


  • Versatile cooking ability
  • Powerful cooking ability
  • Stable non-slip base


  • Trays aren’t dishwasher safe

7. CucinaPro Mini Pie & Quiche Maker Non-stick Cooker

CucinaPro Mini Pie & Quiche Maker Non-stick Cooker

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The CucinaPro non-stick cooker is a versatile way to cook your snacks with ease. Designed to bake 6 cakes, it is excellent for making everyone a perfect snack. The stylishly designed cups ensure your snacks look fantastic. Additionally, the machine allows people to be creative; hence it’s the right cooker for your snacks. The sleek design and compact nature are right for ensuring it fits in your kitchen without eating a lot of space.

The machine is created with great comfort. It has an integrated handle which helps in lifting or carrying. With a non-stick panel, the cupcake maker delivers unmatched cooking ability. Unlike tins, the machine has panels that ensure there is simple cleaning. In fact, they are non-stick, which also helps to remove snacks from the cooking pan. The included dough cutter helps to make precise fitting cakes into your cooking appliance.


  • Precise cutting circle
  • Inbuilt handle
  • Easy cleaning nonstick panels


  • Soggy bottom crust

6. Disney DMG-7 Minnie Mouse Cupcake Maker

Disney DMG-7 Minnie Mouse Cupcake Maker

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The Disney DMG cupcake ensures people get ideal snacks. It’s a mini machine with great performance, which creates excellent convenience. Besides, the device has an exceptional look due to animals embossed on the lid. Also, the animal printed liners are classic in ensuring there is a great look. With the ability to make 4 cupcakes, the cooker is ideal for your daily breakfast. The ability to bake quickly allows the machine to deliver unmatched performance.

The storage is simple since the machine offers cord wrap. It ensures there is easy and neat storage. Apart from the cord storage, the cooker comes with a convenient handle. With a non-stick plate, the machine bakes without cakes sticking to the baking tray. The silicone molding bow ensures you have an easy time when making snacks. Above all, illuminated light enables you to know the right time to start your baking. With non-slip feet, the machine is stable and slip-resistant.


  • Silicone molding bow
  • Power cord wrap storage
  • Sleek looking cover


  • Smaller than rivals

5. CucinaPro Multi Baker 3 Interchangeable Skillets Machine

CucinaPro Multi Baker 3 Interchangeable Skillets Machine

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Having tasty desserts, there is no limitation when you have this machine by CucunaPro. The cooker is responsible for baking, grilling, and dessert making. In fact, it comes with 3 interchangeable skillets. They bring great versatility in every home. Basically, the machine brings unique experience and creativity to your kitchen. Therefore, it fits all your daily needs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The interchangeable plates are perfect for making the machine deliver superb results.

Apart from creating versatile cooking, the plates are simple to clean. In fact, they are machine washable hence perfect and convenient. Besides the reliable performance, the machine offers a stylish look. Boasting a sleek brushed metal construction, the machine adds décor to your kitchen. The control knob allows the user to adjust and set correct baking temperatures. Due to the non-stick design, the cooker delivers smooth and appealing desserts.


  • Interchangeable plates
  • Sleek brushed materials
  • Versatile cooking


  • No latching lid

4. Babycakes CC-12 Full Size Cupcake Maker

Babycakes CC-12 Full Size Cupcake Maker

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The Babycakes CC-12 cupcake maker is ultimate and reliable for your baking needs. With the ability to make 12 full-sized cakes, it eliminates the need to use an oven to make cupcakes. Therefore, when you need quick baking, the machine is the right option for mouthwatering snacks. Unlike other cookers, this has a non-stick interior, which is superb for clean-looking snacks. Unlike other baking machines, this delivers large and quickly made snacks.

The ability to make babycakes without needing liners allows for excellent taste. With a latching lid, this machine ensures there is uniform baking. Whether baking or browning, the cooker ensures there is great reliability in this cooker. With latching lid, it provides consistent baking temperatures. For comfortable lifting, the machine has a comfortable handle. Additionally, the rubberized feet prevent slippage when using this machine. With 1200 watts power rating, it has a quick and reliable baking ability.


  • Smooth, stylish body
  • Full-sized cake baking
  • Nonstick baking plate


  • No user manual

3. Holstein Housewares Full Size Fun Cupcake Maker

Holstein Housewares Full Size Fun Cupcake Maker

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Holstein Housewares cupcake maker is great for snack lovers. Whether it’s for refreshment or breakfast, the machine helps to cook fresh cupcakes. With the capacity to deliver 6 cakes at once, there is improved convenience compared to other cookers. Due to the perfectly designed plate, it delivers excellent looking cupcakes. The tray, as well as lid, comes with the perfectly shaped design. Therefore, it becomes simple to get perfect shaped cakes.

The non-stick surface is excellent in keeping the snacks clean and smooth. Therefore, instead of struggling with flimsy liners, the tray offers an easy way to make cakes easily. Apart from cooking, cleaning is a piece of cake. By having a slim design, the device is simple to store. In fact, it has an upright storage design, which is convenient for saving space. The comfortable to carry handle and non-slip feet make the machine enjoy high stability. Above all, the preheating indicator ensures the cooker is ready for baking.


  • Pre-heating light indicator
  • Non-slip base
  • Stainless steel body


  • Limited to specific snacks

2. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

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Babycakes multi cooker is tasked with keeping your family enjoying freshly prepared snacks. It’s one of the most versatile baking machines for cupcakes, donuts, and others. This is due to the interchangeable plates that allow for smooth operation. Depending on your preferred snacks, the trays are great for an easy process. In fact, you can make 7cupckes, 7 donuts as well as 12 cake pops. The non-stick plates are simple to use and clean. Additionally, the non-stick surfaces eliminate the need to put liners.

The power ready light gives users’ ability to know pre-heating is over. Also, the power light indicator shows when the machine is on. For convenient storage, the machine has a power cord wrap. With a latching handle, the device is comfortable to lift. Moreover, the non-skid base is convenient and increases stability and safety. With this machine, it provides an easy time to create healthy snacks. Above all, the recipe book brings easy starting point.


  • Recipe book provided
  • Interchangeable trays
  • Power ready indicator light


  • Somehow labor demanding

1. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

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Having delicious snacks is a great step to end your day. But, to enjoy high versatility, the Babycakes mini cake maker brings baking convenience into your fingertips. It can make delicious pop cakes and other snacks hence great to enjoy the experience. Equipped with a non-stick tray, the cooker can make different snacks without sticking. Therefore, there is a great convenience when cooking and cleaning. With the ability to make 9 cake pops, no need to cook in batches like with other small appliances.

The premium quality construction materials not only renders the appliance durable but also sleek. Additionally, the company logo embossed on the lid adds sleekness. With a latching handle, it becomes comfortable to enjoy perfect grip and storage. In fact, it can be stored in upright design hence ideal for constrained areas. With a cord wrap, there is neat storage without separately storing the power cord.


  • Latching handle
  • Power On/Off light indicator
  • Non-stick baking trays


  • Poor browning ability


The cupcake makers are versatile and must-have appliances. Apart from making cupcakes, these cookers are capable of different cooking. With varying capacities and appearances, the cookers are the best ways for mouthwatering snacks.

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