Top 10 Best Electric Hand Warmers in 2021 – Reviews


Keeping hands warm, especially in cold mornings, evenings, and winter is vital. It allows people to perform their duties without suffering from extreme coldness. People used to rely on traditional hand-warming techniques to keep their hands warm. But, these days, we have electric hand warmers that are superb and reliable at all times. These devices are usually compact and easy to use everywhere. In fact, unlike gloves, these are more efficient to keep hands warm for long and are rechargeable.

Usually, these electric hand warmers are versatile and usable in different situations. In fact, you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. Therefore, when running, hunting, and other activities, they are great for quick hand warming. When buying a warmer, it is vital to ensure it is certified and safe. Of course, no need to buy a device that will endanger your health and life. To keep you moving in winters, here are the best electric hand warmers for everyone.

Electric Hand Warmers Buying Guide

  • Battery Capacity: The primary determinant of a hand warmer is the battery capacity. It usually determines how long and quick your hand warmer heats up. With different brands having varying abilities, it is vital to check your warmer choice thoroughly. Typically, the market offers hand warmers with batteries ranging in capabilities. However, higher capacity batteries are superb to ensure added hearing time.
  • Adjustable Heat Levels: It is not all the time the user will need constant heating. But, sometimes, people will need more warmth than others. It is this reason that adjustable heat warmer is vital. Most of the gadgets available today provide low, medium and high settings. Although degrees might differ in these settings, adjustable hand warmers are fabulous.
  • Ergonomics and Durable Construction: The construction of a hand warmer is vital and affects durability. Since they are designed for use indoors and outdoors, they need to be reliable. Therefore, check on the casing construction materials. With some having aluminum materials, they are suitable for adventures. Also, ABS plastic is common since it can withstand a variety of impacts and other elements. Apart from durability check for hand contouring heaters for maximum comfort and grip.
  • Additional Features: Usually, multipurpose hand warmers are ideal. They ensure user get more functions apart from warming their hands. Devices enhanced with power bank and flashlight functions are significant considerations. They eliminate the need to carry extra gadgets by incorporating them.

Best Electric Hand Warmers in 2021

10. HandFan 5200mAh Electric Hand Warmer with 3 Intensity Levels

By: HandFan

HandFan 5200mAh Electric Hand Warmer with 3 Intensity Levels

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Let not level of cold restricts you indoors. Having proper winter clothes ensures more fun. But, the HandFan hand warmers are one of the superb ways to keep your arms warm. They are light and ergonomic devices that are comfortable to hold. In fact, with contoured design ensures they are perfect for all hands. Additionally, the warmers are suited ideally for trekking, camping, and other activities. Equipped with super duty 5200mAh batteries, they ensure quick and long duration heating.

Amazingly, these warmers are enhanced with 3 intensity levels. They ensure you select the right one depending on the prevailing conditions. Users can set low, medium, and high temperatures to suit the prevailing cold conditions. Apart from warming your hands, the warmers come with flashlight. Therefore, in case of emergency or regular use, no need to carry an extra flashlight. Above all, these devices are used as power bank


  • Versatile usage
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Different warmth settings


  • It’s not water-resistant

9. HandFan Ergonomic Metal USB Electric Pocket Portable Hand Warmer

By: HandFan

HandFan Ergonomic Metal USB Electric Pocket Portable Hand Warmer

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Going outdoors during winters is not a pleasant feeling without proper body covering. The extreme temperatures don’t bring a good feeling. However, the HandFan metal portable hand warmer is changing how you spend your winter. It’s a heavy-duty warmer made from metal casing. This gives it sturdiness as well as reliability. The metal is fast warming, which gives your hands instant heating. Therefore, even when temperatures are extreme, the device freezing effects instantly.

Amazingly, the device is enabled to allow 360 degrees heating. This means you don’t need to keep rotating the hand warmer. Despite the robust nature of this warmer, its super lightweight. Weighing only 146 grams, it perfectly rests in the pocket without bulkiness. Additionally, the device has multiple heat levels which the user can select for maximum experience. Above all, charging the device is simple since it has USB port.


  • Durable metal casing
  • 360 degrees heating
  • Ideal for adults and kids


  • Not rechargeable using power bank

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8. KARECEL Rechargeable USB Hand Warmer for Men and Women


KARECEL Rechargeable USB Hand Warmer for Men and Women

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Having a versatile hand warmer always give you peace of mind. That is what you get if you choose this Karecel rechargeable men and women hand warmer. It’s among the top-performing devices with exceptional reliability and safety. Featuring 2 in 1 functions, it heats your hands and also keeps your phones charged. This is because it also acts as a power bank. Due to the versatile functions, it suits all people, women, men, boys and girls. Unlike other devices, this features smart protection to prevent short-circuiting and overcharging.

The casing is robust and ensures there are no risks of explosion. Besides, it’s radiation-free and offers healthy heat transfer. The device is enhanced with double heating, which means efficient whole palm warming. Sleek and compact nature renders the warmer superb for everywhere use. Also, it is light, which means no need to carry it in a bag.


  • Double side heated
  • Explosion-proof materials
  • One button control


  • Not water resistant

7. OCOOPA Quick Heating Rechargeable Hand Warmers


OCOOPA Quick Heating Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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The Ocoopa quick heating warmer is one of the reliable options to beat winter. It’s a fast heating device that is handy to have in your pocket. Apart from heating your hands, the device also charges phones and tablets. Therefore, when you don’t need warming, you can utilize it as a power bank. Instant heating is a great feature and takes 1 second to be warm.

Forget about the unreliable disposable warmers. This has powerful rechargeable battery. Therefore, it saves you frequent purchases also protects the environment. Moreover, depending on how cold the place is, you can select heating level. It boasts 3 settings which means versatile hand warming. To make the device simple to use even for kids, it features one-button control. Above all, the ABS construction ensures lightweight and durable design.


  • Lightweight and strong body
  • Simple to operate
  • Come with storage bag


  • Requires USB C converter

6. BigBlue Rechargeable 3-in-1 6000mAh Electric Reusable Hand Warmer

By: BigBlue

BigBlue Rechargeable 3-in-1 6000mAh Electric Reusable Hand Warmer

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The BigBlue 3 in 1 rechargeable hand warmer is amazing and ready to keep your hands warm. It’s one of the heavy-duty warmers with improved performance time. It is fitted with a 6000mAh battery that is powerful than rivals. Besides the durable battery, the warmer is super-fast. It only takes 30 seconds to achieve 90% heating. Apart from the extra fast warming, the device is excellent power back for your phones. Also, fitted with LED flashlight, it’s suitable for use at night or in emergencies.

Besides getting your hands warm, this device is superb in ensuring it solves other issues. Actually, it can be used for soothing aching finger joints, arthritis pains, and other conditions. Equipped with USB ports, it becomes simple to charge warmer as well as other electronics. High grip outer cover means more comfort when holding it.


  • Super-duty Li-Po battery
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Excellent gift option


  • Cheaply made switch

5. Cypers Double-Side Rechargeable Hand Warmer, Portable Power Bank

By: Cypers

Cypers Double-Side Rechargeable Hand Warmer, Portable Power Bank

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Having a portable and reliable hand warmer is a great way to stay out of the cold. The Cypers portable hand warmer and power bank is a functional device. It’s a uniquely designed device with a comfortable pebble design. This means you can hold it with exceptional comfort and ergonomics. The making of this device includes Aircraft-grade aluminum an ABS plastic. Therefore, when used under stress conditions, it can withstand stress.

The double heated sides are great for your both hands warming. Moreover, the 3 settings are great to set right heat level depending on how cold the situation is. Amazingly, the device has fast heating which is superb when you need instant hand warming. To ensure exceptional battery saving, this device comes with an automatic standby mode after 1 hour. Interestingly, the device is explosion-proof and free from radiation.


  • High-grade aluminum/ABS body
  • Automatic shut down when charging
  • Lightweight and slim body


  • Lacks LED lamp

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4. The Outdoors Way Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer

By: The Outdoors Way

The Outdoors Way Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer

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Outdoor adventure is fantastic and helps you come close to nature. But, sometimes nature can be unforgiving. Especially during winters, freezing temperatures aren’t inviting. But now you have right device allowing you to enjoy a great experience without biting cold to your hands. The Outdoors Way hand warmer is reliable and exceptional device. Boasting one of the most robust 7200mAh battery, it ensures more hours.

The device offers odor-free warmth and is free from harmful radiation. Whether you love high medium or low heat, the device provides one-button control. Therefore, even when used by kids, it brings excellent ease of use. Fitted with 55 lumens light, it is a versatile device to own. With the ability to last up to 6 hours, the gadget ensures or life outdoors is superbly enjoyable.


  • Velvet carrying wallet
  • Lasting and robust battery than rivals
  • Powerful LED SOS lamp


  • Less ergonomic

3. Fourheart Rechargeable 5200mAh USB Electric Hand Warmer

By: Fourheart

Fourheart Rechargeable 5200mAh USB Electric Hand Warmer

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Are tired of disposable hand warmers? It is time to upgrade to a durable and declarable one. This Four heart USB electric warmer is unmatched. It’s a sleek and slim warmer with high warming capacity for a longer duration. Unlike other warmers, this boasts skin-friendly material. Therefore, holding it for hours won’t cause itching and other discomforts. Moreover, lightweight nature makes people use in different activities.

The large capacity 5200mAh battery is exceptional in enabling extended performance. Also, different levels of heat adjustment mean more warm hours. Apart from warming hands, the device is outstanding for arthritis, menstrual pains, among others. Besides heating, this device is extra safe due to shockproof design and safe materials. Besides serving as a warmer, it provides power bank functions to keep your electronics charged.


  • Eco-friendly construction materials
  • Multi-levels heat settings
  • Explosion-proof and anti-scalding design


  • No integrated flashlight

2. OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Pocket Hand Warmer/Power Bank


OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Pocket Hand Warmer Power Bank

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This Ocoopa rechargeable pocket hand warmer is another device to own. Unlike the large ones, this is super slim, which makes your hands get perfect ergonomic experience. Featuring high-quality airplane aluminum casing, there are no more worries about device breaking easily. Also, the anti-slipping treatment on the surface means more grip as well as comfort. Despite its shim nature, the hand warmer has a large battery capacity rated 5200mAh.

Whether in the wilderness, no worry about your phone going off. This device act as a power bank hence always ready to charge your electronics. Equipped with USB C, there it has a quick charging ability and also no need to buy adapters. Overall, it’s a high perfoming device as well as a gift to ensure you spend your winter perfectly.


  • USB-C connection port
  • Rapid warmth generation
  • Charges a wide variety of phones


  • Loses heat fast in outdoors

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1. Human Creations EnergyFlux Electronic USB Hand Warmer with Power Bank

By: Human Creations

Human Creations EnergyFlux Electronic USB Hand Warmer with Power Bank

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The EnergyFlux handheld warmer is one of the top ranking. It’s a reliable warmer to help people enjoy winter in style. Enjoying a rounded design, it perfectly fits in your hand without problems. Also, the device is easy to handle whether by kids or adults due to contouring design. Apart from comfort, the modern-looking style keeps you rocking while enjoying unlimited warmth.

The usage is super easy, unlike other complicated devices. In fact, simple intuitive switch is easy to use without straining your fingers. Multiple levels of heat adjustment bring more versatility when using this gadget. Moreover, it boasts fast-charging hence no waiting for battery to get charged for hours. Apart from keeping hands warm, the device is a power bank and can charge different smartphones.


  • Fast charging battery
  • Rounded and comfortable
  • Stylish looking design
  • Adjustable heat levels


  • Changing batteries require soldering


Electronic hand warmers are superb and ensure there is an excellent experience in winters. They are versatile and widely usable under different circumstances. With different styles and performance, these featured hand warmers are perfect for everyone.

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