Top 10 Best Electric Jackhammer in 2021 – Reviews


Working on demolition tasks requires heavy-duty hammers. But, imagine working with a sledgehammer on tough rocks or concrete. It can be a nightmare. Such tasks call for pneumatic hammers. Also known as electric jackhammers, they are small but offers heavy-duty action with little efforts. In fact, users need only to maintain the chisel and hammer does the work. The good thing with an electric jackhammer is ideal for use in different places. Whether it’s home, construction site and other they are handy tools.

Having these machines comes with high versatility. Electric jackhammer enable the attachment of different tips to perform a variety of activities. Besides demolition, they are also useful for drilling holes in rocks and other surfaces. With pneumatic hammers available in different styles, choice depends on where they will be used. However, in our list, we are looking at the best electric jackhammers and buying tips.

Buying Guide For Electric Jackhammer

If you need a pneumatic hammer, there are many things you will have to consider.

  • Noise: The level of noise is one of the many features. Although there are different types of these hammers, sound varies. Electric hammers have reduced noise since they use electric motors. Although this is the case, there is variation in motor noise. For hammers equipped with brushed motors, they tend to have more noise. Contrary, brushed motors emit less noise.
  • Vibration Control: The ability to control vibrations is vital for comfort. In fact, with fewer vibrations, the user is capable of working for a long time. Hammers with vibration control prevents development of fatigues fingers and other conditions. This means even when a hammer is set to work on substantial projects, you can efficiently work without discomforts.
  • Bit holder System: The bit holders are necessary to feature in a checklist. They are vital in ensuring there is safety. Of course latching a chisel bit need to be reliable. This means there is great reliability and won’t come off when in action. Some of the holders allow bit angling which is classic in enabling versatile working.
  • Power and Speed: Speed and power are the main combinations in enabling hammer to be efficient. Unlike the air driven hammers, electric ones are driven by motors. The robust and high rotating motor means more power. Therefore it means higher rated motors helps in delivering significant impact. Therefore depending on the work, you need to look for higher-rated hammers.
  • Weight: Weigh is also essential when you are buying a hammer. Heavier versions offer an efficient working mechanism with less energy input. Therefore, for massive works, it is crucial to look for a weighted hammer. However, for outdoor tasks, balance between portability and weight.

Best Electric Jackhammer in 2021

10. Bosch Bare-Tool BH2760VC 1-1/8 Brute Breaker

By: Bosch

Bosch Bare-Tool BH2760VC 1-1 8 Brute Breaker

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Bosch is one of the top manufacturers of power tools. This brute breaker is a highly reliable hammer. Delivering brute force, it works perfectly on hard surfaces. Whether its demolition or repairing a concrete wall, this machine is fantastic. Weighing 65 pounds, it impacts enough pressure to break the toughest and stubborn materials. This is possible since the device exerts 35 ft./lbs. Which is massive to break tough surfaces.

Working with this device doesn’t cause discomforts to your hands. In fact, the insulated handles are great for dissipating shock and impact. Whether working in homes or outdoors, this machine is essential. It works with 15/120 V AC/DC, 15-amp outlet and can be used with 2500W generator. Enhanced with a vibration control mechanism, the hammer is fit for different works. Additionally, the minder bushes are good for prolonging this tool lifespan.


  • Great pressure output
  • Shock absorbing handles
  • Vibration control
  • No compressor needed


  • Doesn’t come with a bit

9. TR Industrial IS-500 Anti-Vibrating Demolition Jack Hammer

By: TR Industrial

TR Industrial IS-500 Anti-Vibrating Demolition Jack Hammer

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The TR industrial anti vibrating hammer is the lasting demolition tool you need. It’s heavy-duty equipment that provides enough power to bust concrete and rocks. Further, the heavy-duty design gives it enough force to break hard surfaces easily. Actually, it weighs 40 pounds which eliminates the need for you to put weight. Having anti-vibration design, the hammer is classic and doesn’t cause discomforts in your hands. Also, the 15 amp motor delivers remarkable power to ensure this machine performs excellently.

The 36 ft./lbs. Enables this tool to work efficiently without stressing your hands. Besides, it achieves14 blows per minute which is more than enough for challenging tasks. Interestingly, the Proprietary design ensures there is consistent and balanced hammering. Unlike other jackhammers, this comes with a pointed and flat chisel. Above all, the hammer is compatible with TR-Hex chisels or 1-1/8 in Hex chisels from different makers.


  • High chisel compatibility
  • Powerful and consistent motor
  • Rugged and wheeled storage case


  • Feels pretty heavy

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8. DEWALT D25901K SDS Max Demo Hammer with Shocks


DEWALT D25901K SDS Max Demo Hammer with Shocks

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When in construction sites, some works don’t need heavy machinery. Small demolitions need a handheld pneumatic hammer. This SDS max Demo hammer by Dewalt is one of the reliable tools. It has superior construction that combines with high ergonomics. This means when in use for a long time, there is no stressing your joint. In fact, the handle comes with premium insulation. Moreover, the shock adjustment reduces fatigue and other discomforts.

Unlike other hammers, this utilizes a non-air beat piece. As a result, there is no dust menace which improved the machine lifespan. Also, the spring-loaded dust seals are suitable for maximizing durability. The seals reduce the number of cleanings hence maintaining machine intact. Incredibly, this jackhammer offers 19 various settings. This allows users to work on different places with proper hammering actions. Thus, even in delicate situations, the hammer helps to take care.


  • Multiple hammering settings
  • Sealed design to increase durability
  • Ergonomic and padded handle
  • 12 chisel rotations


  • None

7. Mophorn Electric Demolition Hammer Concrete Breaker, 2200W

By: Mophorn

Mophorn Electric Demolition Hammer Concrete Breaker, 2200W

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Repairing your wall, removing tiles and other tasks can be a headache. But, not with Mophorn concrete breaker. This heavy-duty demolition hammer can be used in various tasks. Designed with a powerful 2000W motor, it delivers 2000 rpm. As a result, it offers 1400 bpm, which is capable of ripping any surface. Regardless of where you are working, the machine has a swiveling handle. It has 360 degrees rotation which guarantees unmatched usability when on the working site.

When you think about this machine construction, there every reason to have it. With development featuring heavy-duty metal, it keeps the performance consistent. Also, the proper insulation keeps away electric leaks and makes it drop resistant. With strategically places ventilations, this machine has no overheating problems. Still, the ability to accommodate different bits renders ideal for many functions. It perfectly fit demolition, chipping, breaking holes, and other works.


  • Secure chisel attachment
  • Drop-proof insulation
  • Rotating handle


  • Not clear instructions

6. TR Industrial TR89305 Demolition Electric Jack Hammer

By: TR Industrial

TR Industrial TR89305 Demolition Electric Jack Hammer

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A jackhammer is an excellent tool instead of doing the work manually. This TR Industrial 60 joules hammer is one of the perfect demolition tools. Actually, the 42.5 ft./lbs allows seamless and reliable rock breaking and other tasks. Additionally, to achieve such power, this machine can make 1800 bpm which is greater than other hammers. Although the hammer is designed to be efficient, it also has a weighted body. In fact, it weighs 35 pounds without a chisel.

Depending on the task at hand, this hammer is versatile and allows a wide range of attachments. It can work with pointy/flat chisel, scraping chisel, clay spade chisel, and asphalt cutter among others. Due to this multiple application, it is an excellent choice to employ in different work sites. To increase user safety, 20 feet power cable and full-body insulation keep away any power leak.


  • Wide range accessories compatibility
  • High energy output
  • Durable storage case


  • Doesn’t fit all bits

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5. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

By: F2C

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

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The F2C demolition hammer is a heavy-duty tool that works in different fields. In fact, it boasts some of the powerful breaking ability hence superb for big works. Even for stubborn tasks, the hammer is unbeatable. Unlike the other hammers, this features strong action and construction. In fact, weighing 45 pounds, it impacts enough pressure to break most surfaces. Moreover, it sends 1900 ipm and 55 impact joules that allow users to use this machine in all your demolition works.

Equipped with 2200 watts motor, it provides excellent power for efficient working. The lockable chisel adapter is classic in ensuring this machine maintains exceptional safety. Also, it is possible to lock the chisel at different angles. With plastic handle, the machine keeps your hands safe from, impact. This provides your hands excellent feeling even when working on tough projects.


  • Plastic handles
  • Locking chisels
  • Perfect electricity protection


  • Slight oil leaks

4. XtremepowerUS Demolition Electric JackHammer Handle

By: XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS Demolition Electric Jack Hammer Handle

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If you are looking for a compact hammer, here is a superb choice by XtremepowerUS. Unlike conventional hammers, this one is superbly ergonomic. Therefore, when involved in heavy-duty work, it provides exceptional action. Despite the compact size, it comes with 9 amp motor that delivers enough power. Also, with 8 ft./lb. It is appropriate for most light demolition works. Sturdy body construction and a comfortable handle make working with this device easy.

Compared to other machines, this has improved performance. This is due to the high performing motor with up to 3000 rotations per minute. This gives it the ability to delivers enough force to enjoy great demolition ability. Additionally, the secured latch is classic in enabling this machine to work without chisel coming off. Moreover, its compact design is impressive and delivers high portability. Therefore, it’s right to use at home or when outdoors.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Flexible and swiveling handle
  • Impact-resistant storage case


  • Reduced action when it heats

3. TR Industrial TR89100 Electric 4 Pieces Set Jackhammer

By: TR Industrial

TR Industrial TR89100 Electric 4 Pieces Set Jackhammer

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This TR89100 jackhammer is one of the heavy-duty applications tools. The sturdy constructed tool gives users an easy time to blast concrete, tiles, wood, and other surfaces. Incredibly, this device comes with variety of accessories. Thereby, it’s ready to once you have it. Accompanied by hex, flat, and spade chisel, it makes your work amazing. Also, working gloves and protective goggles are amazing in improving workers’ safety.

The sturdy design and robust action ensure the tool can work on your areas. Whether it’s hard clay, concrete, floors, and more, it has enough strength to delivers exceptional work. With 800 blows per minute, there is nothing to worry about since it provides a clean job. The large insulated handle gives user a remarkable grip for excellent working with this machine.


  • Range of attachment chisel bits
  • Excellent drilling ability
  • Double insulated plug
  • Extra set of carbon brushes


Heats up after continuous use

2. Bosch 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer with Vibration Control

By: Bosch

Bosch 1-1 8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer with Vibration Control

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The Bosch SDS rotary hammer is one of the compact and reliable ways to enjoy easy work. This jackhammer is small compared to others which enable improved comfort. Also, the ergonomic design ensures it enjoys superb demolition without discomforts. With an output of 2.4 ft./lb. of impact energy, it excellent fits light hoe works. The vibration control means there is less impact on your hands. Also, with controlled vibrations, the user is capable of working on delicate places without damage.

The grip area gives user exceptional holding ability. As a result, once you are working on extreme cases, there is no shock and impact on your hands. The integral clutch is vital and handy in keeping the machine working exceptionally. It enables engagement of the device and disengagement when not working. Amazingly, the auxiliary handle provides 360 degrees rotation which is classic in ensuring full control. Above all, 12 settings fit different situations.


  • High grip handles
  • Vibration control
  • Compact design


  • Only for light-duty works

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1. XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition hammer Concrete Breaker

By: XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition hammer

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If you are repairing your home, it is good to have the right tools. Whether it’s demolishing, trenching, chipping or removing tiles, a jackhammer is superb. This one by XtremepowerUS is the right pick for home or workplace use. Additionally, the machine is versatile since you can install different bits. Whether it’s cutting concrete, breaking or drilling, it’s a superb machine. Due to its comfortable hand and weight nature, it allows maximum pressure hence fast action.

With a long power cord, it allows working without experiencing tangling. Also, the cable is smooth, enabling it to remain straight without knotting. The anti-vibration design allows the user to enjoy stable performance without discomfort due to shock. Moreover, the innovative design lets machine provide steady pressure for maximum demolition work. Plastic handle and incorporated clutch trigger enable hassle-free control.


  • Comes with protective accessories
  • Tough shell protective storage case
  • Home and commercial version current


  • Feels very heavy


Jackhammers are handy are with when performing heavy-duty works. Unlike manual hammers, these have many uses. Therefore, their application is exceptional and reliable. For everyone looking to get the right tool, these in this list are remarkable.

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