Top 10 Best LED Lights for Car Interior in 2020 – Reviews


How does your car interior look? It can even look better if you add modern LED lights for car interiors. They are classic and lets your car glows inside without killing car battery due to excessive charge drawing. These lights come in all styles and shapes meaning every vehicle can get perfect lighting. This means each car can stand out exceptionally among the group if the owner has selected superb lights.

The lighting can be achieved by bottom, top or sides placed lights. This depends on your preference. Also, the type of vehicle will determine the orientation and placement of your lamps. With people installing these lights for different purposes, they are usually necessary. They can be for reading, decoration or others which should prompt users to choose the right fit. For the best LED lights for car interior, check out our latest reviews below.

Best LED Lights for Car Interior Buying Guide

  • Sound activated sensor: Although most people install LED lights for decoration, it’s essential to have a multipurpose option. For the best experience, light compatible with music system a good move. Furthermore, the sound activation makes it even a better choice than light only lamps. There are different mechanisms used in the activation; some come with seniors while others are equipped with microphones. Whichever the case, ensure you selected light has sound activation feature.
  • Strips flexibility: The flexibility of LED light spits is vital for a seamless installation. High flexibility allows curving when installation without damaging the LEDs and circuit. Therefore, for optimum installation, choose flexible lighting straps. Ideally, plastic PVC offers a better option as it can bed without destroying the internal components.
  • Wireless remote control: The ease and convenience of controlling your lights are important. Although older models have control remotes attached to the lights, these days they have advanced. Most of the LED lights come with wireless controls that enable smooth operation even when outside the vehicle. Others are equipped with Bluetooth and mobile app; hence controls are in your fingertips.
  • Strips thickness: The thickness of LED interior lights is vital in ensuring they can be installed without causing collisions. The thinner the strips it allows them to run smoothly on the tiny gaps without leaving bigger section exposed. In fact, extra thin light strips are advisable since they have an extra slim profile and won’t cause any disturbance in the dashboard.

Best LED Lights for Car Interior in 2020

10. HOLDCY Music RGB Interior Décor Neon Strip Lights with Remote Control


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When you need your vehicle to look mesmerizing, lighting is enough consideration. These Holdcy strip lights are efficient and sure ways of giving a vehicle new look. Equipped with a sound sensor, they are suitable for use with a car sound system. They have an efficient rhythmic effect depending on the song beat. Due to this, the strips create a nightclub straight in your car.

Once installed, there are no complications when adjusting the desired colors. The strips come with a remote control that ensures easy configuration. Additionally, they have different color temperature modes hence easy to switch to the desires one. Amazingly, it’s possible to use these lights for various functions by switching to your preferred light mode. Depending on vehicle size, it is possible to cut the strips without affecting the performance.

  • Remote control operated
  • Easy connection to car cigarettes plug
  • Different light modes
  • They don’t have attachment glue

9. Elgary-US 8 Color RGB 72 LED Multicolor Music Car LED Strip Wireless Remote Control


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Elgary RGB LED multicolor light strip provides spectacular interior lighting. They are unlike the traditional lights that kill your battery within a short period. These are fitted with 72 LEDs that are superb for efficient lighting. The diodes deliver RGB which is vital in enabling users to change light color temperature. Also, a wireless remote control is classic in keeping your lighting to the best. For music lovers, these stripes have a sound activated sensor that synchronizes to the sound.

Despite their high lighting ability, they are super thin. This gives them a smooth installation without leaving any noticeability. Thus, they can be fitted on any gap in a vehicle hence leaving your interior smooth. Unlike other lights, these come with adhesive tape that gives them exceptional installation. There is no hardwiring needed to make them live since they come with an adapter and easy to fix the plug.

  • Long fixing adhesive tape
  • Wireless remote control
  • Super slim and water resistant
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Requires dual plug lighter

8. DITRIO 4x12LED interior car light bar multicolor LED strip


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Don’t let your interior lighting be part of the accessories that drains your battery. It’s now possible to have great lighting without compromising battery life. Ditrio car light bar provides LED lighting that keeps car interior looking fabulous. Plugged on the cigar lighter socket, it is simple to fix without requiring an expert. Equipped with RF remote control, adjusting your preferred lighting mode is just by a press of a button.

Apart from lighting, the strips are suitable to add and spice up your music. This is because they can easily be synchronized with music to give your mind exceptional relaxation. In fact, the 4 music modes ensure you get the best lighting beats. The 8 monochrome and 4 polychrome perfectly decorate your music. With double-sided adhesives, it becomes a breeze to fix these strips.

  • Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • IP65 water-resistant rating
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter
  • High quality LED chips
  • Adhesive tapes weak on ‘rough’ surfaces

7. AUXITO Car LED Strip Lights, Multi-Colored Music Interior Lights Under Dash Lighting Kit


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For people with love for a thrilling car interior, these Auxito strips are the unmatched solution. They are reliable and energy saving lights that revolutionize the interior of any vehicle. The lights come with updated Bluetooth app control as well as RF remote control. Thereby, even when relaxing, you can switch On/Off as well as control the color temperature without waking up. With 4 working modes, the lights can be controlled while 65 feet away.

Looking at the quality of LEDs, they are superb and highly reliable. Made from high heat resistant PC materials they can withstand long-time operation. Due to this, it is possible to use these strips for long without getting damaged by heat. High flexibility allows the strips to fold 180 degrees without causing a mess. The dustproof, waterproof and anti-collision they can be fitted in any vehicle surface. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they are superb to turn any vehicle to an entertainment theater.

  • Bluetooth controlled
  • Highly flexible stripe
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Slow color change response

6. Uniwit Multicolor Car Interior Music Light LED Underdash Lighting Kit


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Lighting vehicle interior can be stressful if you don’t get light accessories. Especially, when using old halogen bulbs, it can be detrimental to the battery. But, Unwit car interior under dash lighting kit is a perfect savior. The 10W LED strips with 48 LEDs; they deliver ample and decorative lighting. With 8 colors, these RGB lights are classic since they enable people to choose a color to match moods.

There is excellent peace of mind when using these lights. They are wirelessly operated using a remote control. Additionally, construction is premium and high quality. The stripes are made from waterproof and resist UV damage. Thereby, even under heavy-duty application, they aren’t damaged by sun rays. Even without lighting, the lights are beautifully constructed to enhance vehicle beauty. The sound activated action helps in improving the music experience.

  • Decorative design
  • UV and water damage resistant
  • Flexible rubber materials
  • Wires are a bit shorter

5. HenLight Decorative Atmosphere Neno Lights Strip Waterproof Underdash Lighting Kit


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HenLight decorative LEDs are classic ways to bring new life to your car interior. Unlike the traditional lights that entail single bulbs, these come in strip style. The kit come with 9 strips with a total of 36 LED chips that deliver 16 RBG colors. To bring great looking appearance, the LEDs have 4 lighting modes. Integrated sensors are classic when you want to enjoy cool music with synchronized lighting effects. The infrared remote control is practical when you want to enjoy smooth operation without having to touch the control panel.

The thin profile design is essential to enable unnoticed installation. By this, you can fix them in the smallest gap on a dashboard to maintain its smooth looking surface. When installing, the strips are easy to fit since they have excellent flexibility. Therefore, even when fitting in curved surfaces, they enjoy a seamless installation. Everyone can fix these light straps since they don’t need any wiring. They plugging involves cigarettes plug without any additional accessories.

  • Strong double adhesive tapes
  • Music and light control remotes
  • Corrosion and water-resistant PVC rubbers
  • No manual flashing setting

4. Drita Strip Super Multicolor Music Car Interior LED Neon Lights Kit


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These multiple colors car interior lights by Drita make your vehicle feel like an entertainment center. They are useful in making sound music effects due to their high sensitivity. In fact, they have a high action microphone that picks sound which delivers excellent light synchronization. Once they are fitted in the car dash, these LEDs last for a long time. With 100,000 hours, they give users peace of mind and unlimited entertainment.

You don’t have to spend time taking a vehicle for interior light wiring. These LED straps have an easy solution. They need mounting them on the vehicle interior surface with adhesive. Also, plugging them in the lighter plug eliminates complex processes. When cleaning the car interior, there is nothing to worry about water damaging the lights. They are IP65 rated and also are resistant to dust among others. With their touchable surfaces, they do not heat hence friendly to kids and doesn’t heat the interior.

  • Nonheat generating LEDs
  • Extra durable than competitors
  • High sensitive sound sensor
  • Safe and cool surface
  • No Bluetooth control

3. ​MINGER Unifilar Car LED Strip Light, MINGER APP Controller Car Interior Lights

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The Minger unifilar LED strip with app controller ensures your car look the way you desire. Whether inside or outside the vehicle, it is possible to control these lights due to smartphone controllers. The app is compatible with most smartphones powered by Android and iOS. On the other hand, it is possible to control the light colors and modes, to perfectly suit your needed illumination. Besides, it is easy to improve your driving safety by strategically installing these strips.

Forget about connecting lights with a sound system. For these LED lights, they have integrated mic that has high sound reception. Therefore, even when listening to your music, the lights bring a stylish rhythmic response. Far from lighting the interior, the straps have RGB enhanced diodes with over 16 million colors. This gives users the ability to enjoy unmatched and sleek interior lighting.

  • Easy mobile app control
  • Low heat generation
  • High fidelity microphone
  • Adhesive tapes not very strong

2. wsiiroon 4pcs 48 LED Multicolor Music Car Interior Lights Lighting Kit


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There nothing fulfilling like adequately lighted car interior. However, you can make your car look modern and lively by installing LED lighting. These Wsioroon music car lights are reliable an efficient to light your cab. Although they look delicate, the lights are robust and highly reliable. They boast 48 LEDs which guarantees quality illumination. Besides, the RGB feature lets these lights deliver fantastic light. With automatic activates disco light effect, they keep your mind perfectly engaged and relaxed.

The durability and overall strength are remarkable in these strips. They feature ABS plastic which is tough and also protects the LEDs from getting damaged quickly. Requiring no wiring, these 12 Volts, 10-watt diodes are safe and has a fractional power requirement. The construction provides high water resistance, no corrosion and they are anti-collision.

  • Tough ABS plastic construction
  • Anti-collision installation
  • Sound activated function
  • No sensitivity adjustment

1. LEDGlow Multi-Color LED Car Interior Underdash Lights


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It’s time to furnish your vehicle with the latest and energy efficient interior lights. All this is made possible by these multicolor lights by LEDGlow that emits super bright light. Unlike other traditional lamps, these have different colors. Therefore, it becomes simple to enjoy a mixture of colors for a cool interior. The 4 modes are vital and useful to let you switch to the best to suit the occasion and feeling.

Whenever listing to music, these lamps are efficient and allows quick synchronization. You don’t need to control the lights since they will respond automatically due to the fitted sensor. On the other hand, there is improved safety since they can be used when opening the door. The universal installation to all vehicles renders them one of the best interior car lights to have.

  • Universal vehicles compatibility
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Long installation wires
  • Automatic illumination
  • Cannot select single color flash


LED lights for car interiors are classic and modern ways to light any vehicle. Created from low energy demanding chips, they have brighter and versatile illumination. To have the best-looking interior, these LED lights will make your love spending more time inside during the nights.

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