Top 10 Best RGB Mouse Pads in 2023 – Reviews

Mouse pads might seem like unnecessary investments. Notably, these days when the mouse technology has improved, most people might overlook them. But, for gamers, RGB mouse pads are some of the ultimate choices you can think of. They are advanced accessories dedicated to ensuring improved performance. Therefore, when using this pad, they offer better performance than regular ones. Mostly, the colorful mousepads are dedicated to gamers. They have a smooth and sturdy surface that allows high precision.

Usually, there is different type of mouse available. They ensure users get the best experience. However, premium built pads are always recommendable to ensure there is reliability and performance. With these gaming mouse pads, they are god since you can work on different surfaces. To enjoy great convenience, check our best RGB mouse pads for every PC user gamer.

Best RGB Mouse Pads Buying Guide

  • Thickness and dimensions: The thickness of a mouse pad is one of the top qualities to look. This is due to the availability of these mats in different thicknesses. Usually, thicker mats are great since they offer proper cushioning besides lasting for a longer time. In fact, some of the pad provides a wrist resting platform, hence great way to enjoy mouse usage.

Apart from the thickness, the dimensions also count a lot. Some of the pads are versatile. This means you can use them for mice as well as keyboards and other items. Large mats are great when you need enough space to keep your stuff and efficient working.

  • Surface: The surface of any mouse mat should provide seamless sliding. This allows the user to enjoy precise and smooth action. Therefore, when used by gamers, these pads ensure exceptional precision. Usually, delicate and soft fabrics are ideal to ensure there is a smooth feel.
  • Anti-slip bottom: The bottom is vital since it provides the right anchoring. However, for mouse pads, there is a need to have anti-skidding enhancements. Mostly, rubberized bases are common since they are great to enhance stability. Ideally, choose a pad that doesn’t cause lousy odor since they will keep your desk comfortable.
  • Connection: The connectivity of your pad is vital since it determines the easiness. In most cases, the easiest and standard connection is the USB ports. They are simple since you need to plug into your computer. Therefore, with for efficient connection, USB powered pads are great choices.

Best RGB Mouse Pads in 2021


10. AmazonBasics LED Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

AmazonBasics LED Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

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The AmazonBasics LED hard gaming mouse pad brings all the fun to PC gamers. With this pad, it delivers exceptional precision in your gaming. Whether its speed or gaming precision, the mouse pad created a smooth surface. As a result, with this pad, there is exciting, intense gaming. Additionally, the design ensures there are superb reliability and strength. Unlike other items, this offers a secure platform without unnecessary movements.

The design allows this pad to show three personalized colors; there are excellent gaming sessions. Moreover, the color-changing design is attractive for extreme gamers. Therefore, one can enjoy a sleek looking surface. Additionally, the 7 static colors are exceptional and create a thrilling atmosphere. Amazingly, the pad works without drivers installation, hence superb for plug and play. Smooth and soft surface enables the mouse to move properly without getting stuck. Its USB powered meaning quick mounting.


  • Easy to personalize colors
  • USB powered
  • Non-slip rubber bottom


  • Air pockets form in the middle

9. Reawul 14 Modes Large RGB Gaming Mouse Keyboard Mat

Reawul 14 Modes Large RGB Gaming Mouse Keyboard Mat

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The ability to provide stable and not slip mouse and keyboard surface rely on mats. The Reawul 14 modes extra-large mat for mouse and keyboard offers the right solution. With this mat, it provides exceptional mouse moving surface to ensure precise positioning and clicks. Besides, it is large are allows placement of keyboards. Also, it has 14 colors that are superb to complement your gaming mood. They are great for providing alternate lighting synchronization.

The surface is non-slip, which is classic for enabling high mouse precision. Additionally, the base is anti-slip which ensures there is no movement when you are using a mouse or keyboard. This mat measures 800mm by 300mm which allows convenient mouse and keyboard accommodation. Amazingly, the plug and play design ensure there is no hassle connecting this mat. Equipped with On/Off button, you can switch On/Off any time when need be.


  • Oversized designed
  • Strong braided materials
  • 14 available colors
  • Sensitive buttons


  • Slight wraps on edges

8. VicTsing RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with 12 Lighting Modes

VicTsing RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with 12 Lighting Modes

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Warmer and color-changing mouse mats are the modern ways to improve your gaming atmosphere. One of the large and reliable pads is this one by VicTsing. It has a super cool looking RGB lighting at the edges. Additionally, the large size ensures you have ample mouse space. Also, the 12 lighting modes are exceptional in coloring your surface. This inspires and creates a great gaming condition, unlike regular mouse mats.

Apart from fitting mouse activities, the mat is also great holding your keyboard. Measuring 1.5 x 15.7 x 0.2 inches, it’s larger than regular mouse pads. Even when using a mouse of any size, they can fit in this mat. Also, it leaves space that is capable of accommodating your peripherals like phones and others. Apart from sleek look, it has a waterproof capacity which shields it from spills damage. Therefore when enjoying your drink an accidental spill, there is no chance of causing damage.


  • Waterproof design
  • Scratches resistant materials
  • Drivers free installation
  • Soft for comfortable wrist


  • Doesn’t fit small surfaces

7. JYZZ Large Cool RGB Nylon Stitched Gaming Mouse Mat

JYZZ Large Cool RGB Nylon Stitched Gaming Mouse Mat

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Are you looking to improve how your bench look? There is no need to look for expensive means. This JYZZ cool RGB mouse mat is capable of achieving that. Additionally, it features 14 light modes; it also has a sleek map enhanced surface. Therefore, even without lights, the mat looks attractive. Moreover, with 7 Monochromatic colors and other modes, they make your gaming exceptional and thrilling. The superfine braided fibers are strong and soft for seamless mouse movement.

Operating this mat is improved since it has a touch-activated button. Also, the water-resistant fabrics are unmatched and keep the mat durable for long. The ease of use is fantastic when using this mat. It has USB pugging which doesn’t need drivers. Also, the bottom part is enhanced with anti-slip rubber. Therefore, even when performing intense activities, the mat remains correctly anchored.


  • Touch operated control
  • Smooth mouse movement
  • Fiber braided material
  • Extra-large size


  • Tends to fray in the ends

6. CORSAIR MM800 Polaris High-Performance RGB Mouse Pad

CORSAIR MM800 Polaris High-Performance RGB Mouse Pad

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Giving your bench a new appearance is possible with this Corsair MM800 RGB pad. It’s one of the premium mats that make your mouse movement smooth. Unlike most of the lighted mats, this boasts 15 color zones which are impressive for an elegant look. Also, the lighting enables people to customize the lighting. With PWM technology, the mat delivers accurate color display. The designing of this pad allows high tracking and precision for unmated performance.

Unlike most of the mouse pads, this comes with a pass-through free USB port. As a result, it helps in freeing ports on your computer. Since the surface is exceptionally smooth, it allows minimal friction. Additionally, the 1.8M braided cable is strong and robust to resist breaking. Above all, the mat is suitable for fast and precise pixel tracking.


  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Long, tough braided cable
  • Pass-through USB cable


  • Requires restarting on plugging

5. FLOPAD 15 Light Modes Touch Control Soft Computer Keyboard Mat

FLOPAD 15 Light Modes Touch Control Soft Computer Keyboard Mat

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The Flopad mouse mat is a modern add-on to every gamer bench. With an extra thick profile, it cushions your mouse from rough surfaces. Additionally, the large size ensures there is superb space for large mouse and keyboards. With 15 lighting modes, they are bright and comfortable to see colors distinctly. However, the light doesn’t cause struggle when viewing the computer monitor. This enables sleek lighting while keeping viewing natural.

Besides the designed lighting, this pad is enhanced with illuminated logo. Therefore, it adds an excellent look which is classic for a beautiful look. The USB powered design ensure you will plug this pad and is ready to use. Actually, the mat is plug and play, which means there are no drivers needed. The construction of this mouse mat features high elasticity rubber. Therefore, there is smooth mouse movement and eliminate pad wobbles.


  • 15 lighting modes
  • Nano textured cloth surface
  • High elastic rubber
  • Reinforced stitched edges


  • Slightly strong odor

4. Razer Non-Slip Rubber Base Firefly Chroma Cloth Mouse pad

Razer Non-Slip Rubber Base Firefly Chroma Cloth Mouse pad

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The Razer firefly cloth mouse pad gives you all the convenience you need. It ideally allows gamers to enjoy excellent mouse tracking. Additionally, the cloth surface is unique in keeping the mouse sliding smoothly. Therefore, gamers enjoy quick gameplay, unlike using a bare bench. Moreover, the superb Chroma customizable lighting ensures there is a sleek look. The customizable colors allow users to enjoy 16.8 million personalization.

With sturdy construction design, the mat provides exceptional reliability. Also, it allows mouse speed control. As a result, one can always enjoy unmatched gaming experience. The sturdy and skid-resistant base allows the mouse sliding without moving the mat. Above all, the mat is compatible with most Chroma enabled devices. Connection to your computer is simple through USB. Due to its large design, the pad is suitable for use with the mouse as well as keyboards.


  • Unlimited color personalization
  • Hard and free from wobbling
  • Compatible with Chroma devices


  • Can crack if pressure is applied

3. LUXCOMS RGB Oversized Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

LUXCOMS RGB Oversized Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

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The Luxcom oversized super soft gaming mouse mat is all you need to enjoy a superb performance. Compared to other pads, this has improved sized and surface texture for an ultimate experience. In fact, it measures 31.5×11.8 inches which allow fitting all your desktop. It can fit keyboards, mouse and other personal items. Apart from gaming, it perfectly suits your office for professional look and performance. The making of this mat entails combination of super glow fibers and non-slip rubber on the base.

When it comes to lighting, the mat is superb. It has 9 modes that keep your desktop looking mazing. Unlike other pads, this is highly flexible, which allows it to store and transport easily. The superfine braided fabrics are the reason this pad is smooth and offers precise mouse performance. Moreover, the power-off memory function lets the pad remember last settings.


  • Memory functions
  • Simple one-button control
  • Rolling subtitles


  • Small wraps in the edge

2. Havit RGB Soft Non-Slip Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad

Havit RGB Soft Non-Slip Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad

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Having a lighted mouse pad always give your gaming desk a perfect look. One of the best RGB mouse pad is this by Havit, which is exceptional for keeping your gaming at best. The combination of 7 static lights and 7 dynamic modes it delivers a perfect mouse sliding surface. Its premium design ensures there are no bumps or flattening even after years of use. In fact, the super soft and fine fibers are great for enabling smooth feel.

The pad measures 350*250mm which ample to fit all your mice. Therefore, even for oversized gaming mice, they are ideally suited. Additionally, with this pad, it fits and supports all type of mice. Interestingly, the pad is USB powered, which is superb for ensuring you get comfortable plugging to your machine. The high elasticity ensures the pad is great and doesn’t break even under stress.


  • Highly flexible design
  • Sleek RGB lighted edges
  • Natural rubber base


  • Sometimes it has minor shifts

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Optimized Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Optimized Mouse Pad

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The SteelSeries QcK gaming optimized mouse pad brings exceptional gaming performance. It’s a mouse pad designed for pro gamers. The dynamic 2 zones RGB illumination makes your desktop look unique. This is because it has a variety of colors that illuminates to keep your mood high. Also, it has a discord notification to alert you when a new chat, mute, and other functions.

The legendary micro-woven cloth used in the making of this mat gives it outstanding performance. Also, the rubberized bottom is skid resistant to keep performance exceptional. Additionally, easy and intuitive settings ensure every user get the best experience. With abundant space, it can accommodate the largest mice.


  • Extra soft and strong fabrics
  • High accuracy and performance
  • Discord notification


  • Doesn’t fit a keyboard


RGB mouse pads are classic and enable everyone to have a smooth operation. They are versatile and allows usage in homes, offices and other places. Therefore, when you want to create a thrilling looking desktop, these illuminated mouse mats are the perfect choices.

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