Top 10 Best Corner Shower Caddies in 2020 – Reviews


The importance of a corner shower caddy is to keep your shower room organized and elegant. This equipment will help in maintaining the proper hygiene of your bathroom. Besides, it helps in maintaining stuff like gel, shampoo, razor, soap well organized and within easy reach. You’re probably looking for the best corner shower caddy that will guarantee the value for your pay. This article will guide you through the basics of choosing the best. It will also offer a list of top ten best bathroom caddies to help you in making a wise selection.

Corner Shower Caddy Buying Guide

  • Quality of construction: Some are made of plastic, metal, or a mix of both. You need to ensure that the metallic parts of the caddy are rustproof. This will guarantee great survival in the dumpy bathroom conditions. Some feature tray shelves. Well, these should possess perfect drainage and ventilation to keep your toiletries in superb condition. On the other hand, you need to ensure that the caddy parts stick up together firmly. You need something that will serve you better and allow you to shower in the utmost comfort and for long.
  • Structural design: This factor is significant. There is no need to buy something that may not conform to your bathroom design and set up. Corner shower caddies are ideal for 90-degree corners and won’t be compatible with rounded or curved corners. Equally, the design should offer room for adjustments. For instance, most top rated shower caddies feature adjustable height, and the tray orientation should be maneuverable.
  • Installation procedure: Modern shower caddies feature suction cups that allow flawless installation on most smooth surfaces. No drilling is done nowadays. So, this will save your wall condition. Also, they come with strong adhesives that eliminate the need for any drilling on the wall. Both installation and adjustment should be a cakewalk mission.
  • Color: Selecting an appealing color is not all. The color of the bathroom walls, floors, and other accessories should guide you in picking the preferable color. The colors should blend well to ensure a perfect décor.
  • Budget: Though this is not a major concern, it has some impacts on quality. Sometimes you get what you pay for. But you won’t lack some instances where a premium shower caddy is available at an affordable price.

Best Corner Shower Caddies in 2020

10. Magicfly Corner Shower Caddy with Hooks

Magicfly Corner Shower Caddy with Hooks

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Since having the best shower caddy allows the proper arrangement of your essential accessories, here is one fantastic offer by Magicfly. Its fantastic design makes it a perfect corner shower caddy. Well, it features stainless steel construction, making it an excellent caddy for all humid environments. So it is not limited to bathroom use only. Looking at its attractive design with a 90-degree corner, you’ll realize that it is also meant to save some space. It perfectly fits 90 degrees corners to help in maximizing the available space.

Also, it boasts great survivability in humid conditions. For that reason, you can use it to hold and organize shampoos, soap, shower gel, and toiletries. In the case of kitchen use, it is ideal for holding spices, containers, and canisters. Moreover, its transparent adhesive design makes it beautiful and great bathroom decoration. You will also adore the creative design of this corner shower caddy since it doesn’t damage smooth and hard surfaces. These include tempered glass, tile, and marble.


  • Space-saving design
  • Elegant shape
  • Waterproof construction
  • Lightweight and simple design


  • Requires some careful installation for it to adhere

9. ADOVEL Corner Shower Caddy

ADOVEL Corner Shower Caddy

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Do you want to boost the elegance of your bathroom and make it more functional? This Adovel corner shower caddy is what you need. It boasts super rust proof shelves to ensure maximum adaptability in humid conditions. Well, the shelves feature spacious aluminum construction. This material is excellent in offering anti-rust performance as it doesn’t need the addition of rust protection layer. Hence, you will also not worry about accidental scratches. The installation is super easy, as there is no drilling required.

Using patented German technology, the adhesive boasts excellent load-bearing capacity that even supersedes drilled installation. Well, this equipment is like a dense net with the capability of supporting most bathroom items. And one good thing with net design is that it supports your items without leaving foam and dust. Besides, it features a 2.4-inch rail, which blocks items from falling.


  • Non-drilling construction
  • Great load-bearing
  • Easy to install on any surface
  • Brushed metal adds a touch of elegance


  • High price

8. GeekDigg 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy

GeekDigg 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy

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If you’re looking for corner shower caddy with all appealing aspect, here is a potential option from GeekDigg. It boasts a patented space-saving design. Now, it features 90-degree corner construction. So you can make use of the corners spaces of your bathroom. Forged from rustproof space aluminum, this caddy remains usable in all wet conditions.

It is, therefore, ideal equipment for perfect storage of your shampoo, cream, body wash, decoration stuff, kitchen gadget, among others. One of its unique features is the razor holder. So, you can store your favorite shaver safely and within easy reach. Well, there is no drilling that you need as the installation uses powerful adhesive sealants. This unique design makes this equipment elegant and boasts a strong load-bearing.


  • Great décor
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Polished edges to boost safety
  • Versatile design makes it suitable for many places


  • Not ideal for heavy stuff

7. Orimade Corner Shower Caddy Shelf

Orimade Corner Shower Caddy Shelf

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Do you know that a bathroom without a caddy shelf looks odd? If you want the best corner shower caddy, this option from Orimade will surely please you. It boasts easy installation that doesn’t require drilling. So you will save your energy and cause no damage to your walls. Just like most top rated shower caddies, this one uses super strong adhesives.

Additionally, it features robust aluminum alloy construction. It is a unique material that resists tarnishing, corrosion, and daily scratches. Besides, it features two packs and has several hooks to allow versatile applications. Thus, it provides great convenience in holding and organizing soap, shampoo, gel comb and more. With its four adjustable hooks, you can effectively hang towels, sponges, and other related stuff.


  • Easy installation
  • Fast drying
  • Anti-slip design
  • Feels durable


  • Too much tightening can strip the screws

6. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Caddy

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Corner Caddy

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Some people face hassles when it comes to the proper storage of toiletries. Are you among them? If yes, here is one product from Oxo Good Grips to solve all your problems. It features thoughtful design that keeps your gels, soaps, shampoo, and other stuff within reach. One of the unique aspects of its construction is the recessed tray which allows effortless access to the top shelf.

Further, this caddy is equipped with non-slip feet. So, it stays where you want it to be without any unnecessary slipping. With its innovative design, two large bins are easy to adjust and remove for easy cleaning. The trays also boast drainage slots to keep everything dry and clean. Also, the top tray slides back into the shower corner while the non-slip bumpers allow it to adhere to the walls for maximum stability.


  • Flawless and elegant design
  • Non-slip bumpers for maximum stability
  • Rustproof construction
  • Incredibly easy to assemble


  • Plastic shelves have poor the quality


5. mDesign Metal Hanging Bath and Shower Caddy

MDesign Metal Hanging Bath and Shower Caddy

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With this innovative technology from mDesign, the storage of your bathroom accessories will never be the same again. It is excessively designed to keep your toiletries easy to access. The design entails four baskets, a towel bar, two suction cups, and a non-slip handle at the top. This smart design also accommodates handheld shower nozzles as the caddy features an open center section.

Also, the open grid style allows maximum airflow and fast drainage. Well, it is a two-tier caddy organizer that can accommodate a wide variety of bathroom products. It also boasts easy installation as you can hang it over the showerhead, and you can use it without further hassles.


  • Fairly priced
  • Elegant design
  • Robust construction
  • Easy installation


  • Cheap plastic parts

4. Zenna Home Tension Pole Shower Caddy

Zenna Home Tension Pole Shower Caddy

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Are you tired of using fragile and ugly-looking shower caddy? It is time for a makeover with Zenna Home shower caddy. This is an attractive bathroom accessory that boasts a satin nickel finish. Apart from beauty, this special coating also delivers lasting rust-proof performance. One of the appealing aspects of this caddy is the space-saving design.

Well, it features four baskets posing a corner-hugging design. This unique construction allows efficient space utilization in your shower room. For maximum versatility, one of the baskets is deep for the proper storage of taller items. Besides, it boasts a combination of built-in hooks and razor storage making it incredibly valuable. Also, it is equipped with a new tension mechanism that allows efficient height adjustment.


  • Unique adjustment mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Stunning nickel finish


  • Pricier than some similar products

3. Flowmist 2 Tiers Corner Shower Caddy

Flowmist 2 Tiers Corner Shower Caddy

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You might need to have different varieties of toiletries within easy reach. To achieve this, you need the best bathroom caddy. There is a lot to enjoy if you choose Flowmist 2 Tiers Corner Shower Caddy. It is reasonably priced, yet it offers incredible features to meet your lifestyle needs. With its space-saving design, this shower caddy fits 90-degree corners spaces perfectly. So, it leaves ample space for you to shower comfortably.

The installation of this shower caddy is pretty simple since there is no drilling required. It sticks well on any smooth surface, including marble, glass, ceramic, and wood. Besides, this product comes with strong adhesives to allow stable installation. On the other hand, this caddy shelf features a hollow and ventilated design. This allows fast drainage and ventilation to keep your products dry and clean.


  • Robust and functional
  • Easy and damage-free assembly
  • Sticks easily and firmly
  • Affordable


  • Some sharp edges

2. Lancher Bathroom Shelf

Lancher Bathroom Shelf

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Apart from affordability, there is so much to enjoy from this Lancher shower caddy. Forged from solid aluminum, it won’t show any signs of aging. The installation is super easy, as there is no drilling to do. However, you will have a lot to enjoy as you engage in DIY installation. Hence, you will save some bucks because you won’t need to hire professionals.

Also, it won’t damage your walls as it the case of screw installation. Well, the package comes with adhesive suction stickers for hassle-free installation on most smooth surfaces. The suction provides a guarantee to hold at least 50 lbs for a maximum of five years. Additionally, this is designed for 90-degree corners and won’t work if the corners are rounded or curved.


  • Perfect price
  • Super easy installation
  • Premium metal construction
  • Rigid and durable


  • Suctions don’t work if the tiles are smaller than 4 inches

1. ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

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If your bathroom space is small, you shouldn’t complain or feel less privileged. With the best corner shower caddy, you can still utilize the little space and enjoy life more. One option to pick is this ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner shower caddy. It boasts a premium construction entailing a 304 stainless steel pole and robust plastic shelves.

So, this rigid construction guarantees up to two years of rust-proof performance. What’s more, you’ll enjoy tool-free installation an adjustments to meet your needs and preferences. Furthermore, the shelves’ arrangement is customizable. So, it is equipment carefully designed to provide a classy way of organizing your shower gel, Soap, facial cleanser, razor, among other bathroom accessories.


  • No drilling required
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Robust pole and shelves
  • Maintains its tension for long


  • The apparatus may take quite long to set up


As a final word, the comfort you enjoy while at the shower is essential. With the best corner shower caddy, it will be easy to access your soap, gel, or shaving device. It will also keep your bathroom space neat and organized. From the review above, you have more than enough options to choose from. They are all top-rated as you’ve seen, and maybe your decision will be affected by your bathroom décor, budget and some other factors. Just choose one that fits you the most and get to enjoy your shower.

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