How to Download Video From LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers people a plethora of job opportunities, the chance to improve their skill sets, and the ability to take new steps in their careers.

Most people use LinkedIn as a tool to establish a professional network, and some of them also utilize LinkedIn as their learning hub.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to download any video from LinkedIn without any loss in quality. I will also share the best and easiest methods for downloading videos from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Video Downloader

Most of the Linkedin Video Downloaders have problems such as quality loss, video without sounds, downloading problems and etc. I’m going to share how to download LinkedIn videos on Android, iOS and PC.

How to Download LinkedIn Videos on Android

When I check the best 5 most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store for Android users, I come across the LinkedIn Video Downloader app, which also receives highly positive reviews. As you can see from the screenshots below, the app is designed with a focus on user experience. The usage of the app is free, but there are several ads within the app that are not overly intrusive. If you wish, you can start using this app by paying a small fee to remove the ads.

Downloading LinkedIn videos by using app is so easy. To download videos successfully, follow these 6 crucial steps:

  1. Download “Linkedin Video Downloader” for FREE (Android users):

2) Go to LinkedIn and tap “…” three dots to copy the link of a video that you want to download. 

3)After that open Video Downloader for Linkedin app. 
4) Tap “Paste Link”
5)When you see the link in the box, you can tap the Download link. 

To see the downloaded video, go to second tab bar and watch the video. Video also will downloaded on your phone memory (Gallery) as well.


Linkedin Video Downloader for Android
Linkedin Video Downloader for Android