Top 10 Best Balance Bikes for Kids in 2021 – Reviews


Training your kids to ride bikes is a rite of passage. Almost every kid looks forward to passing that important step in their life. It doesn’t matter their age as they gain confidence.

Starting with one of the top 10 best balance bikes in 2021 is a great first step for your children. Once they master this bike, they know they can master just about any bike they ride. Give your child the confidence to succeed by using one of the best to get them started.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Balance Bike

  • Construction: a steel frame is best as that is the strongest metal. Carbon steel is better and should last your child for years
  • Adjustable features: make sure the seat and handle bars and other adjustable features stretch far enough t let the bike grow with your child. The balance bike should be comfortable to ride at all times
  • Safety features: bright colors are good and help a lot. But you may want to pt for those balance bikes that come with padded handlebars, just in case
  • Tires: new tire technology makes these tires very safe and puncture resistant. With little to no maintenance your child can ride worry free and you save a lot of repair time.

Best Balance Bike for Kids in 2021

10. JOYSTAR Adjustable Balance Bike

JOYSTAR Adjustable Balance Bike

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While some assembly is required, you get the tools you need inside the box. Once you have assembled this bike for your child, they can spend hours learning how to ride. The low frame makes sure even small children can fit on the seat.

Plus, the 12 inch wheels are tough enough to handle all the treatment your child throws its way. The airless tires do not go flat making the bike available everyday. Also, the adjustable seat allows you to find your child’s comfort zone with ease.

Easy to grip handle bars keep your child’s hands where they belong.


  • 12 inch air less wheels
  • Easy to grip handle bars
  • Adjustable seat
  • Assembly tools included

9. Fox Air Beds Aluminium Balance Bike

Fox Air Beds Aluminum Balance Bike

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Bright purple color highlights keep your child highly visible. They should be seen easily as they ride. Plus, the aluminium frame and light tires keeps this balance bike very manageable for young children.

Also, the adjustable seat and handle bars ensure you can find the right form for your children to bike. In addition to those features, your child can grab onto easy to hold handle bars as they practice maintaining their balance.

Then the low frame style allows small and large children to use this balance bike with ease. The bike holds up to 60 pounds of weight.


  • 60 pound weight capacity
  • Low frame for small riders
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable seat

8. ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike

ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike

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The bright green color is stylish and provides your child with a safety feature. Once on this bike your child should be seen even in low light conditions.  Plus, a padded handlebar provides extra protection for your child in case of an accident.

After you get the bike assembled, you can use the adjustable features to make sure the balance bike is comfortable to ride. Made from tough carbon steel, this bike will support up to 110 pounds of weight.

Then the puncture resistant tires never need inflating and they are made from EVA foam This bike fits children under 3 1/2 feet in height.


  • Adjustable sea and handlebars
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Padded handlebar
  • Puncture resistant tires

7. Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike

Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike

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Without pedals, your child can focus on learning how to balance. This lesson will help them successfully master other activities later in life. Once the bike is assembled, your child will ride on the safety that a steel frame brings.

Also, the 12 inch tires should handle the treatment your child dishes out. Then an attached bell sounds off when you child rings it.  The easy to grip handle bars makes sure your child is securely on the bike.

In addition to all of that, you get a lot of adjustment capability to make sure it fits your child’s height.


  • Ringing bell
  • Adjustable seat
  • 12 inch tires
  • Easy grip handle bars

6. KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

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Another brightly colored balance bike to help keep your child safe as they ride. The one difference on this bike is that your child has a foot platform to rest their feet. Also, with the adjustable seat and handlebars, your child should find their comfort zone with ease.

Plus, the maintenance free 12 inch tires never need air and resist punctures. This keeps your child safe as they ride. Then the grooved hand grips help keep your child’s hands on the handle bars where they belong.

It will hold about 60 pounds of child.


  • 60 pound weight capacity
  • Orange coloring
  • 12 inch puncture resistant tires
  • Grooved hand grips

5. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

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This white, yellow and blue colored balance bike will have your kid the talk of the town. Everyone will see hi or her riding down the street. Also, built-in foot rests keep your child’s feet off the ground and out of harm’s way.

After some assembly, this balance bike uses air free tires to cart your child around the neighbourhood. Their maintenance free design saves you time and money. Adjustable seat and handlebars make this a fun balance bike to ride.

It comes in a variety of colors to please your child.


  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Maintenance free tires
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebars

4. Banana Bike LT Lightweight Balance Bike

Banana Bike LT Lightweight Balance Bike

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The upgraded bearings and banana design helps your child glide down the driveway with ease. Then the EVA made tires are puncture resistant and never need air. Their tread should help your child maintain their balance over all terrain.

Also, the adjustable handlebars and seat make sure your child is not losing out on any fun. With three colors to choose from, your child should find a balance bike they like. Assembly is easy and shouldn’t take along time to complete.

Tough hand grips make sure your child has a comfortable place to hang on to.


  • Good hand grips
  • Adjustable seat
  • No air tires
  • Upgraded bearings

3. Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike for Kids

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

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Learning how to balance on a bike can be fun. Your child gets fresh air and learns that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to doing. Plus, this balance bike has grooved hand grips for increased safety.

Also, the no flat tires handle the treatment your kid brings their way and they keep on working. Then, the adjustable seat and handlebars make using this balance bike simple and easy.

A steel frame ensures that your child is safe while riding this bike. The bike should handle the weight of a 3 year old with ease.


  • Steel frame
  • No flat tires
  • Adjustable handlebars & seat
  • Holds a 3 year old child

2. Schwinn Balance Bike

Schwinn Balance Bike

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This Schwinn comes with an adjustable frame feature. It lengthens the frame as your child grows. Plus, you get the standard adjustable seat and handlebars to make sure the bike stays with you for along time.

`Also, a pad is included to protect your child’s head if it hits the handlebars during an accident.  Dotted hand grips help provide your child with a safe place to hold onto the bike.

Then the 12 inch tires are air filled so your child can feel grown up as they ride. Their tread helps your child maintain their balance over most surfaces.


  • Air filled tires
  • Made by Schwinn
  • Adjustable frame
  • Adjustable seat

1. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike

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Weighing only about 6 pounds, this balance bike is easy for small kids to maneuver. Once on the steel frame bike, your child will roll down the driveway on no flat tires. These safety precautions keep your child nice and safe.

Plus, assembly is easy with no tools required to put the bike together. Then the adjustable seat and handlebars help the bike grow with your child. Also, the low seat design provides a low rider effect for your child making learning how to balance more fun.

A padded handlebar protects your child’s face in case of an accident.


  • Padded handlebar
  • Adjustable features
  • No tool assembly
  • Lightweight

Some Final Words

Helping your child reach important milestones is part of being a parent. Your child learns valuable lessons as they grow and one of the top 10 best balance bikes in 2021 can be there to help them learn.

Plus, your child will have a lot of fun gliding down the road. These bikes are designed with safety in mind and provide different safety precautions to make sure your child rides unharmed.

Then their bright colors men that you can find a balance bike that suits their color preference. These choices help your child develop their decision making processes. Go with the best to make sure your child learns the right lessons when they need to.

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