Top 10 Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets in 2020 – Reviews


A convenient bathroom is everyone’s dream. But, you need a place to put your toiletries, towels, and other essentials to enjoy high convenience. Bathroom wall cabinets are some of the ultimate installations that make your experience exceptional. Apart from keeping the bathroom convenient, these cabinets are great for adding décor. Notably, by adding a blending color, it adds a great look.

Depending on the bathroom size, there are different cabinets available. Thus, whether large or small showrooms, everyone can enjoy a perfectly fitting storage cabinet. Also, they are ideal when you have no space to build a full-sized cabinet. Unlike constructing a storage cabinet, getting ready-made one is efficient and time-saving. For the best bathroom wall cabinets, below are some of the top selected and reviewed for you.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets Buying Guide

  • Ease of assembling: The assembling of a cabinet can be tricky, and not everyone can do it. However, a good manufacturer provides instructions on how to put up the storage organizer. To ensure everyone can assemble a cabinet, ensure the instructions are easy to follow. Preferably, numbered parts offer quick and effortless assembling.
  • Materials: Most of the cabinets available today are made from wood materials. However, the quality of wood differs from one cabinet to another. In most cases, MDF panels are used in making organizers. They are cheaper than hence commonly available. Apart from wood, some of the shelves can be metallic such as aluminum.
  • Size: The size is another essential feature to consider highly. Most of these cabinets are designed to save space. But, they vary depending on the users. Some people have ample space, which means a bigger cabinet will fit. However, small spaces demands for compact enclosures.
  • Versatility: Although bathroom cabinets are designed to provide s storage solutions in shower rooms, they need to be versatile. This enables the user to enjoy great peace of mind since they can install these cabinets in an area of choice. Whether you want it in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, an organizer needs to be highly versatile.

Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets in 2020

10. Topeakmart White Two-Door Wall Handing Cabinet

Topeakmart White Two-Door Wall Handing Cabinet

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The Topeakmart hanging wall cabinet provides exceptional convenience in your bathroom. It’s a versatile storage solution for different places. Whether you want it for a kitchen, bathroom, or other areas, the cabinet is a great solution. Offering increased elegance, the cabinet matches different places without causing décor compromise. Designed with 4 tiers, it has adequate storage capacity. The mixture of adjustable and fixed shelves means you can customize space depending on storage needs.

The doors are easy to open and lock. They are enhanced with magnetic locks hence easy to open and close without struggling. With correctly sealed doors, the cabinet keeps everything clean and free from dust or moisture. With metal knob hardware, the cupboard ensures smooth opening and closing. Additionally, the metal hardware ensures the user enjoys great durability. Boasting high multifunctionality, it’s a great option to install different places.


  • Multifunction application
  • Adjustable tiers
  • Durable metal accessories


  • A bit heavy

9. Scnvo Multipurpose Organizer Storage Wall Cabinet

Scnvo Multipurpose Organizer Storage Wall Cabinet

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The Scnvo cabinet organizer is one of the solutions for cramped spaces. Also, the ability to be installed in small places make it an excellent option for different places. With high multifunctionality, the box is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, and living rooms. The construction entails durable wood panels that are designed to last for a long time. Also, they are hard to break, which ensures high safety for the stored items. Whether you need to keep bathroom stuff, medicine, and others, the organizer is fantastic. The easy to access tiers, as well as lockable section, maximizes the safety.

The compact design is exceptionally perfect for ensuring there are no more struggles to look for the installation place. It can be placed on walls, over the toilet, and others. Anti-rust hardware creates excellent reliability and durability. In fact, the stainless steel hinges are designed to ensure there is no rust hence lasts long.


  • Dural stainless steel hinges
  • Heavy-duty wood
  • Steel towel bar


  • Not pure white

8. Spirich Home Bathroom Wall Mounted Wood Hanging Cabinet

Spirich Home Bathroom Wall Mounted Wood Hanging Cabinet

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Sprich wood hanging cabinet is the storage solution in your bathroom or kitchen. It’s a portable cupboard made from durable wood. Besides, the decorative beadboard is great for the ultimate looking room. The silver knobs offer an elegant look hence keeps the cabinet creating a fantastic look. The organizer features vein lined door. Additionally, the shelves are adjustable to fit your items correctly. This enables the user to store a variety of items easily.

With multipurpose applications, the cabinet is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and other places. With simple installation, the storage organizer can be mounted easily. Apart from storage, the cabinet adds great décor to any room. With a detailed assembling process, the cabinet ensures everyone can assemble with ease. In fact, the numbered parts allow the assembling process to be smooth. Built with MDF panels, the cabinet delivers sleek and reliable performance.


  • Strong MDF wood
  • Brushed nickel knobs
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Guided assembly


  • Has only one door

7. Yaheetech Bathroom Medicine Door Wall Mounted Storage

Yaheetech Bathroom Medicine Door Wall Mounted Storage

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With a universal storage cabinet brings safety and convenience. With the ability to be placed on bathrooms, kitchens, and other places, it has a great storage solution. Apart from the storage solution, the cabinet is simple to assemble. Whether you want to mount it on a wall or placed on the floor. With 2 tier design, the cabinet provides excellent storage options for different items. Featuring MDF panels, it’s sleek and smooth for elegant décor.

The ability to clean easily ensures the cabinet looks elegant throughout. In fact, with a wet cloth, the cabinet will look as well as new. The adjustable shelves are convenient since they allow for customized storage space. With high load-bearing ability, the storage organizer can fit different sized items. It can hold up to 33.1lb; hence it can be used for various essentials. With double doors, they keep everything safe from dust and moisture.


  • Lockable doors
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Versatile installation
  • Aluminum handles


  • A bit smaller

6. ChooChoo Medicine Cabinet 2-Door Wall Cabinet

ChooChoo Medicine Cabinet 2-Door Wall Cabinet

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Utilize the small space you have by ensuring you have the right storage organizers. The ChooChoo cabinet is versatile and offers the ability to enjoy great convenience. It provides great reliability in bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. In fact, with enough storage space, the cabinet delivers a great solution to small spaces. Unlike other organizers, this has dual doors hence keeping everything locked up. As a result, no more dust or moisture damaging your stored items.

Apart from keeping your items safely, the cabinet offers easy shelves adjustment. This enables customization hence easy to fit large or items without squeezing. Designed with low emission materials and water-based paint, the cabinet is sleek and safe. With assembling instructions, there is no need to call experts to put up the cabinet. With all accessories provides, they ensure fitting your cabinet is simple. Above all, the hardware are durable and offers excellent shelf life.


  • Treated high-quality wood
  • Guided assembling
  • Durable hardware and accessories
  • Water-resistant paint


  • Doors leave a gap

5. Yaheetech Mirrored Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinet

Yaheetech Mirrored Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinet

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Adding the right storage box in your home ensures there is protection and neatness. Yaheetech bathroom storage cabinet is one of the fantastic options that many people will love. Built by experts, the organizer is created to ensure there is elegance and reliable storage. With a mirrored design, the cabinet not only keeps the content safe but adds an exceptional look. The adjustable shelves are the reason this organizer keeps everything perfectly.

The wooden constructed cabinet offers a great look due to a sleek finish with safe paint; it doesn’t contain lead and other harmful materials. In fact, the waterproof paint keeps wood and ad stored items safe and free from moisture. Compact nature ensures it can fit in different places with space challenges. Boasting high versatility, the cabinet is suitable for clothes, medicine, and utensil storage. Above all, magnetic doors are sturdy and prevent items from falling.


  • Magnetic doors
  • Waterproof paint
  • Versatile and space-saving


  • Requires two people to mount

4. Homfa Over The Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet

Homfa Over The Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet

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Saving space while also getting ideal storage is all you need. But, without an organizer cabinet, it can be tricky. The Homfa Over the toilet cabinet is handy and ideal for use in different places. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, it requires a small space. With easy wall installation, the organizer is efficient in keeping all your items well protected. The featuring adjustable shelves are great for keeping the cabinet reliable throughout. They ensure users can store different sized items comfortably.

The construction features highly polished MDF wood. This ensures great sturdiness and durability. Additionally, the premium pain used is odor-free and waterproof. It allows easy cleaning whereby a wet cloth is enough to clean the cabinet. With a modern fashionable look, the organizer makes every place look exceptional. When it comes to installation and assembling, the cabinet doesn’t need experts to put up this organizer.


  • Polishes MDF wood
  • Fashionable modern design
  • Easy to assemble
  • No chemical smell


  • Predrilled holes are small

3. Tangkula Single Door Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

Tangkula Single Door Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

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Having all your storage needs sorted out depends on your cabinet. Tangkula single door organizer is convenient and sleek to fit in bathrooms, kitchen, and other places. The large design ensures there is enough space for all your items without squeezing. Unlike other cabinets, this has a fitted mirror for making your make up dressing easy. Additionally, the cabinet comes with 4 tiers, which provides great storage capacity.

Apart from the closed section, the cabinet has open shelves for keeping other stuff. Whether it’s the most used devices like shavers or decoration flowers, the cabinet offers high versatility. Featuring eco-friendly materials, they are durable and ensure there is safety to the user. Durable wood and sleek finish keep the cabinet looking sleek always and is easy to clean. For safety, the hardware are constructed from solid material, which increases safety and noise-free door movement. Overall the cabinet is stylish and created perfect blending to most decors.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • High reflective mirror
  • Water-resistant features
  • Rounded corner


  • Shelves are not adjustable

2. RiverRidge Somerset Collection 2-Door Wall Cabinet

RiverRidge Somerset Collection 2-Door Wall Cabinet

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The RiverRidge Somerset 2 door wall cabinet creates an exceptional storage solution. It’s one of the elegant and versatile cabinets with a great look to any place. Instead of keeping toiletries behind the door or stacked up, this cabinet offers an exceptional haven. With 2 door designs, they make access easy. Additionally, with divided shelves, they are tasked with ensuring proper organization. Therefore, whether towels and other items, it’s easy to keep them well organized.

Apart from the locked tiers, the cabinet has open shelve, which allows the storage of frequently used items. Besides, it keeps the beautiful items display hence keeping the place looking awesome. With interior tiers adjustable, users can store different items comfortably. The hardware are metallic and made from corrosion-resistant materials; therefore, they last for years without compromising performance.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Quick and simple assembling
  • Classic Somerset design


  • No fitted mirror

1. Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet

Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet

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Zenna Home wall cabinet suits your home excellently. Unlike regular cabinets, this offers increased convenience without eating a lot of space. This is due to the ability to be fixed on the wall hence ideal for use in many places. With the ability to hold valuable and other items, it has tiers that enable easy organization. In fact, the lower shelf is excellent for keeping quick to access items. Also, it can be used to place decorative items for added room beauty.

The assembling of this cabinet is simple, and everyone can do it quickly. The organizer comes with all the instructions hence no need for a technician. Fitted with an inbuilt cloth hanging bar, the cabinet offers great convenience for bathroom use. The wall mounting hardware ensures the cabinet provides a convenient way to increase bathroom storage efficiency.


  • Simple to mount
  • Concealed storage space
  • Durable wood


  • The materials aren’t real wood


Adding space to your bathroom is possible through wall cabinets. With different sizes, these storage solutions ensure everyone gets an ideal way to enjoy storage and organization. Therefore, with variety to choose from, these featuring bathroom wall cabinets are perfect for your needs.

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