Top 10 Best Bottle Cleaning Brushes in 2021 – Reviews


When dealing with reusable bottles, you need to clean them thoroughly. Cleaning your bottles can be tricky, especially on the edges. To ensure you have a smooth cleaning process, bottle brushes are amazing essentials. Depending on the type of bottle, there are different brushes available. Since bottles have different sized mouths, different cleaning brushes are available.

The accumulation of dirt in the bottle is common. Mainly when it comes to milk bottles, beverages and other home used containers. The good thing is that these cleaning accessories are versatile. Some can be used to clean other containers. Apart from the ability to clean, the brushes available in different sizes as well as materials. Therefore, keep your containers clean, these are the best bottle cleaning brushes reviewed.

The Best Bottle Cleaning Brushes Buying Guide

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is vital for the ability to clean bottles properly. Notably, the blind angles, it calls for easily flexible brushes. Some of the brushes come with easy to fold and bend design. Therefore, it is possible to concentrate your cleaning into a challenging point easily. Mostly, brushes with metallic wire are flexible since you can bend or configure to your desired cleaning orientation.
  • Comfortable handles: The handles need to be durable ad comfortable. This ensures you can clean bottles without struggling. Some of the brushes available come with a rugged handle and heavy-duty insulation. Consequently, it becomes simple to enjoy great grip when scrubbing your bottles.
  • Materials: Materials used in the construction of cleaning brushes should be superior. Besides, they should be food grade to assure great safety. With different material such as nylon, silicone and others, your brushes should be free from BPA and other banned materials.

Best Bottle Cleaning Brushes in 2021

10. Merdia Multipurpose Brushes Long Bottle Brushes

Merdia Multipurpose Brushes Long Bottle Brushes

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Merdia multifunctional brushes are great to maintain your bottles clean. Offering all blind angle cleaning ability, the brushes are handy and worth having. The set comes with 4 brushes which is necessary b for cleaning different sized bottles. Whether its water glass, bottles and other styles glasses, the brushes are exceptional. The bristles are engineered to ensure you get a smooth cleaning process. Additional ally, the tip offers safety since it can reach even the extreme corners.

The handles are comfortably made to allow your hand enjoy excellent grip. Also, the hole on the handle allows easy hanging in the kitchen hooks. Depending on the glass size, there are different brushes in this set. Sturdy plastic and strong wire ensure there is no corrosion. With a bending ability, there is easy cleaning of different glasses and other vessels.


  • East to reach blind corners
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quick-drying
  • Ideal for different glasses


  • No sponge head

9. LEMOZO Long Handle Bottle Cleaning Brushes

LEMOZO Long Handle Bottle Cleaning Brushes

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The ability to clean your flasks, glasses and other containers can be challenging. But, with these cleaning brushes by LEMOZO, there is great efficiency. They are superior quality brushes with long and flexible handles. Therefore, when in need to clean blind angled bottles, the brushes are well adapted. The largest brush features added length to work on large bottles. As a result, people working with different sized containers, these brushes are exceptional.

Constriction of these brushes features premium materials. They are BPA and other prohibited materials free hence suitable for cleaning your glasses. Unlike the plastic brushes, these have silicone heads to ensure there is safety soft cleaning. Therefore, the brushes are ideal for glasses as well as other regularly used containers. With the ability to dry fast, the brushes are anti-bacterial and odor-free. Comfortable handles and flexible design allows for easy cleaning regardless of the shape of a bottle.


  • Soft silicone head
  • Flexible design
  • Improved brush length
  • Water-repelling materials


  • Non-bendable stem

8. OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Brush Set

OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Brush Set

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OXO tot cleaning brushes are made to care for your glasses. They are flexible brushes that are great for your daily cleaning. Besides, the brushes are versatile and can clean most of the containers in your kitchen. Whether it’s tubular glass, wine glass, baby bottles and others, the brushes are amazing. Due to the thin brush, it allows for cleaning of narrow-necked bottles. With specially designed bristles, they are ideal for cleaning without splashes.

Besides bottle cleaning, the brushes are suited for use in reusable straws. With soft bristles, when cleaning soft containers like plastics, there are no scratches. Unlike other brushes, these come with a storage base. This, ensures that even when you don’t have a hook, there is no struggle to place the brushes perfectly. The candy store is sleek and decorative hence making your kitchen look awesome.


  • Sleek storage candy
  • Highly flexible bristles
  • High grip handle
  • Non-scratching materials


  • Too soft bristles

7. A2S Protection BPA Free Long Handle Baby Bottle Nipple Brush

A2S Protection BPA Free Long Handle Baby Bottle Nipple Brush

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Giving your bottles a thorough cleaning is one of the ideal ways. But, getting into the end means struggle. A2S protection set of brushes provides a smooth way to keep a variety of bottles clean. Whether its water, milk or baby bottles, the brushes are superb. They are compatible with different bottles which make them handy. Unlike the bard bristles that can cause damage to plastic baby bottles, these are silicone made. The high grip ability helps them to scrub any type of nuisance dirt.

Apart from the ability to clean thoroughly, the brush is waterproof. It, therefore, allows for easy cleaning while getting rid of awful smells. The brush is also dishwasher safe which allows user to clean it correctly. Moreover, the handle is contoured to fit in the hands easily. With an integrated hole, it becomes simple to store the handle on hooks. Compatibility with different bottles makes the superb brush option for your daily cleaning tasks.


  • Soft silicone head
  • Contoured handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High compatibility


  • Only a single brush

6. ALINK Long Bamboo Handle Water Bottle Straw Cleaning Brushes

ALINK Long Bamboo Handle Water Bottle Straw Cleaning Brushes

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Alink bamboo handle water bottle brushes are some of the fantastic options. They are perfectly designed to ensure there is excellent cleaning without a struggle. With a set containing 5 brushes, there is superb versatility. As a result, the set is suitable for cleaning glasses, straws and other containers. With a long brush, it can be used for dealing with large bottles without a struggle. Offering 17.5 inches length and 2.5 inches diameter, there is ease in cleaning a variety of bottles.

Apart from the ability to clean bottles, the brushes have a comfortable grip. Additionally, the holes ensure storage is simple since you can hang them in shelves or kitchen cabinets. Due to the varying sizes, the brushes can work on different containers and glasses without struggles. Construction features BPA free bristles, corrosion-free steel wire and other safe materials. Superior quality materials are the reason the brushes are reliable and safe to use in any kitchen.


  • Food grade materials
  • Strong bamboo handles
  • Different sized brushes


  • No storage candy

5. Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brushes

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brushes

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Munchkin cleaning brushes are sleek and enjoyable to use. They are among the superior options that ensure your bottles are clean without a hassle. The ergonomically designed handles are fantastic and ideal to ensure maximum grip. With 2 upright BPA free brushes, they are excellent in providing ease of access to extreme places. Also, they are simple to maintain germs free. Boasting nylon bristles, they are soft and reliable to scrub all dirt efficiently.

Apart from the large brushes, there are small nipple cleaners. With silicone bristles, they are classic and ensure there is great functionality. They are efficient yet soft to maintain and care for delicate parts. Enhanced with a large handle, the brushes are designed to cater to user comfort. Above all, the brushes are dishwasher safe to minimize the cleaning hassle. The brushes are suitable for cleaning baby bottles as well as other types of bottles.


  • Strong nylon bristles
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sponge tip


  • Brushes aren’t replicable

4. Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Narrow Neck Containers Brush

Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Narrow Neck Containers Brush

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There is a need to have an ideal way to clean your bottles. The Kitchiny silicone brush keeps all your narrow-necked containers clean. Unlike other brushes that can scratch plastic bottles, this can clean even plastic containers. With a silicone head, there is no more scratches or water splashes. Due to the highly flexible head, the brush perfectly fits in narrow-mouthed bottles. The water-resistant materials also allow for the brush to be antibacterial and easy to dry.

Apart from the glass, the brush is ideal for a variety of containers. Whether flasks, wine tubular and others, it cleans thoroughly. The brush is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, which keeps away dirt and microorganism. The ability to stand straight is excellent for maintaining brush hygiene. Also, the handle is soft and non-slip and offers great grip. With a rugged design, the brush provides superior cleaning.


  • Waterproof design
  • Soft and non-scratchy
  • Multiple bottles cleaning


  • Rod isn’t flexible

3. HIWARE Long Handle Bottle Brush for Cleaning Bottles

HIWARE Long Handle Bottle Brush for Cleaning Bottles

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Struggling to clean bottles can be a tough job. Hiware long handle brushes are amazing in cleaning your bottles. They are designed to fit different bottles. With bendable design enables the user to clean the bottle easily without struggle. Therefore, cleaning the bottles, especially on the curved sections, allows for smooth cleaning. The variety of brushes enables the user to clean different bottles. Whether its beer, swell, or glass jars, the brushes are amazing.

The ability to suit all your containers make these brushes handy. Therefore, they can clean more than regular bottles. Made from high-quality and non-toxic materials, they don’t pose problems to your health. In fact, they are BPA free, and the wire is corrosion-free. The materials are also odor free, which keeps them from impact smell to your bottles. Comfortable handles with integrated hanging hole ensure storing these brushes is simple.


  • Non-toxic materials
  • Ideal for a variety of bottles
  • Sturdy handles


  • No silicone head brush

2. HIWARE Long Handle Bottle Cleaner Brushes

HIWARE Long Handle Bottle Cleaner Brushes

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Hirawe cleaner brushes are amazing and reliable ways to keep your bottles clean. With pack consisting of different sized brushes, they are suited to different cleaning abilities. The 16 inches brush is great for beer and other long bottles. Also, other includes 15 inches 14 inches, 10 inches brushes for a variety of cleaning jobs. Whether you are looking for cleaning brushes for regular or tough dirt, the nylon bristles are reliable. They make your work easy without scratching your head.

The resident food-grade materials are safe and don’t pose any health risk. However, the design of bristles minimizes the overall splash making the brush ideal for your daily use. Due to the flexible wire, it’s simple to clean even the blind angles areas in the bottles. Besides, the brushes are great for kettles, flasks another kitchen containers. The constructions ensure brushes can be stored easily. With the ability to stand or be hooked, there is natural drying.


  • Flexible design
  • Unique sizes
  • Durable handles


  • Thin handles

1. Turbo Microfiber Long Water Bottle and Straw Cleaning Brush

Turbo Microfiber Long Water Bottle and Straw Cleaning Brush

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Cleaning your glasses with ease depends on the kind of brushes you have. The Turbo Microfiber cleaning brushes are the handy options that keep every home enjoying clean containers. Especially when you have reusable bottles, these brushes offer high versatility. The large brush offers good cleaning ability for large glasses. It has a high grip with a bamboo handle. Besides, cleaning long bottles is easy with the 15.5 inches brush.

The stiff nylon bristles are the reason you need these brushes to clean your bottles. They scrub off the scum and other dirt, keeping your bottles looking sparkling clean. Due to the efficiency of bristles, the brushes are great to clean without struggling. In fact, they can clean more than glass containers hence suitable for everyday applications. Overall, the brushes are lightweight and highly flexible for smooth cleaning.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Tough bristles
  • Perfect for all bottles


  • No storage stand


Glass cleaning brushes are amazing and worth to have. Bottles are handy are used daily, reusable ones need a thorough cleaning. The variety of brushes available as seen on this list make your cleaning process easy. They are reliable and simple to use for washing.

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