Top 10 Best Duffle Bags in 2021 – Reviews


Many people usually wonder whether duffel bags are essentials to have. However, the reality of the matter is these packs are great investments. These bags are characterized by their round shape and heavy-duty construction material. Due to this, they are great options when carrying heavy luggage. Besides, their ruggedness offers high capacity and ability compared to the gym and other bag types.

Apart from the high carrying capacity, the bags are simple to store. Unlike the hard cased packs, these are easy to collapse and store in compartments without any issue. Due to this, when they are out of use, there is no problem what it comes to storage. For people who love the style, these bags come with all designs to everyone. Forget those stressful to carry pack; we have the best duffle bags collection to make your adventure amazing.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Duffle Bags 

High-quality duffel bags guarantee excellent performance. But, it can be tricky to have the bag of your dream. With this short and comprehensive guide, it means you can enjoy exceptional buying process.

  • Size of A Bag: Whenever buying any bag, size is one of the ideal features to look. Typically, for people with a lot of luggage to carry, large packs are ideal. With duffel bags available in different sizes, it is possible to get right-sized for your needs. When carrying a few items, a small bag is superb. On the other hand, with a lot of things, it calls for a large pack.
  • Construction Materials: The construction of a duffel bag is vital for strength and durability. Amazingly, there is a wide range of materials used in the construction of these packs. Some of the materials include leather, canvas, and nylon among others. Although leather duffel bags are durable, they tend to be more expensive. However, you need to determine the type of leather used. PU leather isn’t as durable as genuine animal skins. Besides leather canvas bags are also highly durable. They are also lightweight which means reduced overall weight. Despite the construction materials, the stitching also plays a vital part when it comes to durability.
  • Storage Space and Number Pockets: The size of a bag will eventually affect the amount of storage available. But for organized storage, a bag needs to have divided compartments. Many of the pack come with internal compartments. For easy and secure storage additional pockets are ideal since you can keep items securely. Besides the number of pockets, zipper enhancement is essential in improving the security of your items.
  • Additional Features: Well, there are many features besides the mentioned ones above. It calls for scrutiny for the buyer to get the best option. Some of the additional features worth looking include adjustable straps, ability to expand and others. Frequently, the choice of a bag depends on the user’s preferred features.

Best Duffle Bags in 2021

10. Kate Spade New York Wilson Weekender Duffle Travel Bag

By: Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York Wilson Weekender Duffle Travel Bag

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Forget agonies associated with large and rigid bags. The Kate Spade weekender travel bag is one of the best options to keep your journey successful. It’s a large pack that can be used to carry a lot of stuff without stressing the bag. In fact, it has a 14 inches height, 19 inches width and 8.6 inches depth. Carrying this pack is easy and comfortable. It has long straps that enable easy carrying on your shoulders.

Apart from the comfort, the construction is fantastic. It boasts nylon and affiant PVC exterior lining which gives it a high protection. Additionally, the jacquard lining, it provides the carried items of exceptional care. With dual inner pockets, they are zippered hence ideal for securing your valuables like phones and others.


  • Tough construction
  • Extra long straps
  • High-quality stitching


  • None

9. Komal’s Passion Leather Large – 28 inch Travel Bag Gym Duffel Bag

By: Komal’s Passion Leather

Komal's Passion Leather - Large 28 inch Travel Bag Gym Duffel Bag

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If you have a passion for leather bags, here is the right one by Komal’s. It’s a versatile pack that is usable on different occasions. Whether it’s traveling, sports, and other events, it offers excellent applications. When you think about the quality, it’s one of the highest you can think of. It’s handmade and is suited for men and women. The craftsmanship is exceptional and features genuine leather and heavy-duty canvas.

For an easy arrangement of items in the bag, it is multicompartment. This enables everyone to enjoy superb organization for easy retrieval. On the other hand, the two large additional pockets are useful for storing shoes and other accessories. The twin straps are adjustable as well as removable which make carrying comfortable. Their leather construction gives them added durability and dependability.


  • Genuine leather and canvas made
  • Sleek finish
  • Large additional external pockets
  • Unisex design


  • Zippers feel a bit weak

8. Aaron Leather Travel Duffle Gym Sports Bag Airplane Luggage Bag

By: Aaron Leather Goods

Aaron Leather Travel Duffle Gym Sports Bag Airplane Luggage Bag

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The best way to enjoy carrying your items in style is by acquiring the best duffle bag. This one by Aaron leather has all the qualities that every bag lover will enjoy. It has all the compartments and space you need to hold all your stuff without causing congestion. Design entails a variety of compartments and pockets to handle your accessories with ease.

Boasting vintage leather material, the bag brings unmatched protection. Due to this, it provides secure and reliable safety. With sides having extra zippered pockets, they are the absolute way to ensure your bag hold more items. Additionally, the brass buckle, metallic zippers brings great confidence when traveling, hiking and other activities.


  • Brass created buckles
  • Fashionable vintage leather
  • High versatility, can suit all occasions


  • Expensive than rivals

7. KomalC Genuine Leather Sports Gym Duffel Bag for Men

By: KomalC

KomalC Genuine Leather Sports Gym Duffel Bag for Men

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KomalC full grade leather sports duffel bag for men brings all the great feeling in your travel. Made from buffalo skin, it delivers astonishing strength and durability. Unlike the fabrics, the leather is sleek as well as sturdy to keep away damage. With high craftsmanship, it provides high durability and dependability. For a stylish look, it has a vintage-inspired design that ensures you get a sophisticated look.

For some of the bags, they are fitted with plastic zippers. But, once you have this one, it comes with sturdy YKK zippers fitted in the pockets to secure your items. For additional safety, it has a waterproof lining that ensures there are no water leaks even in case of an unexpected downpour. Protecting the leather are metal studs that keep it from damages. It’s a classic bag designed for travelers.


  • High-quality buffalo leather
  • Metal studs protection
  • Water resistant lining
  • Vintage inspired design


  • Highly priced

6. Rustic Town Leather Travel Duffel Bag 

By: Rustic Town


Rustic Town Leather Travel Duffel Bag    Get it now on

Rustic Town travel duffel bag is a high-quality leather pack. With its premium leather construction, it guarantees great performance. Unlike the other brands, this one is handmade meaning quality is an assurance. Moreover, buffalo hide used in its making gives the users high confidence. The rugged design is exceptional in allowing this pack to carry heavy items without getting damaged. Without doubts, the sturdy YKK zippers are tough and resistant to breaking thus superb in improving the bag’s overall strength.

Having this backpack always guarantee ample space to fit your items. Due to this, the interior compartments are divided for easy organization. Furthermore, extra pockets fitted in this bag offers an easy way to secure your items like phones and other handy gadgets. With two quick access pockets, they deliver an excellent way for most used items. With this pack, it offers an easy way to store it under the seats when traveling.


  • Easy to access pockets
  • Ideal for over and under seat storage
  • Break-resistant zips


  • Loses shape when left standing alone

5. Kemy’s Canvas Oversized Genuine Leather Weekend Duffel Bags 

By: Kemy’s

Kemy's Canvas Oversized Genuine Leather Weekend Duffel Bags 

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With this Kemy’s oversized canvas bag, it is now possible to carry all your stuff for a weekend expedition. With large design, it offers ample storage space without having to compress your luggage. Apart from the large compartments, it has external pockets that enable it to accommodate extra items. Unlike the nylon bags, this one is made of 98.5% cotton which ensures it gives the users exceptional durability and stuff protection. Additionally, the leather trim lining delivers added beauty and style.

The main compartment is enhanced with zippers that keep it closed and everything protected. However, the side pockets are equipped with strap and buckle closure to keep your items safe. For easy carrying, it comes with a range of strap that gives it a comfortable feeling. Additionally, the main strap is removable and adjustable for a convenient carrying without any issue. Amazingly, the bag is designed for men and women, hence great for travelers and weekenders.


  • Heavy-duty cotton construction
  • Removable carrying strap
  • Ample spaced main compartments
  • Versatile usage


  • Pockets not for people with big feet

4. WOWBOX Travel Weekender Luggage Duffel Bag Bag Shoes Compartment


WOWBOX Travel Weekender Luggage Duffel Bag Bag Shoes Compartment

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When traveling is part of you, there is no doubt you need to have a handy and large bag. This Wowbox travel duffel bag is multipurpose to have. Whether going for sports, weekend party and other, it offers a complete solution to people with a lot of luggage to carry. Unlike some bags on the market, this one comes boasting a combination of construction materials for beauty and ruggedness. With canvas and cowhide leather top as well as metal studs, it perfectly enjoys great strength.

With straps featuring canvas construction, they are comfortable and soft feeling. This helps to reduce pressure on your hands thus comfortable carrying and lifting. The divided compartments are zipper enhanced which delivers great safety while numerous buckle enhanced pockets are useful for keeping your valuable gadgets. To enjoy your weekend without any hitch, the bag offers ample shoe pockets.


  • High-quality leather and canvas shell
  • Soft and sturdy straps
  • Magnetic buckles
  • Easy to fit under seats


  • Has no waterproof lining

3. Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Italian Leather Travel Bag

By: Cenzo

Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Italian Leather Travel Bag

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Getting your dream leather bag might seem complicated, but, Cenzo makes it realizable. This Duffel Vecchio travel bag is classic and highly reliable to add to your collection. Unlike the hard bags, this one is extra soft due to calfskin construction. Also, it has perfected construction due to the handcrafting. Besides the leather outer shell, the interior has a cotton lining which keeps your stuff safe from scratches.

The incredible part of this bag is it features vegetable oil tanning. This enables it to resist stains and other odds hence keeping it clean. Despite the compact looking nature, inner compartments are broad to fit different stuff. Even when carrying a heavy load, the bag has metal rings and leather straps that are hard to shrink or break. Brass zippers stay intact for long, and won’t corrode due to weather or chemicals.


  • Soft calfskin construction
  • Stain resistant
  • Durable brass zippers
  • Lightweight design


  • Smaller compared to rivals

2. BLUBOON Canvas Overnight Bag Travel Duffel Genuine Leather


BLUBOON Canvas Overnight Bag Travel Duffel Genuine Leather

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Get style and enough space for packing your items when traveling by getting this Bluboon overnight bag. It’s one of the best duffle bags designed and dedicated to making every traveler carry ample stuff. The heavy-duty canvas construction with horse leather finishing gives it added beauty and reliability. Despite the heavy-duty construction, it has easy storage especially when not in use since it is highly comfortable.

With the right size for weekenders, it has enough capacity to fit clothes and other essentials needed when going for an overnight. Apart from the size, the pack is designed with high-quality features hence good option for many people. The adjustable shoulder straps metal clasps, riveted bottom and D rings are made of premium materials to deliver high performance.


  • The sleek looking outer shell
  • Stylish for men and women
  • Long lasting horse skin finish


  • Sight smell unpacking

1. S-ZONE Oversized Travel Tote Duffel Shoulder Handbag Weekend Bag


S-ZONE Oversized Travel Tote Duffel Shoulder Handbag Weekend Bag

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When you have an undying love for the duffel bags, you need to have the best one. This S-Zone travel tote duffel bag is created with travelers in mind. With its large compartments, it can carry several clothes and other stuff. Made of heavy-duty canvas, it resists easy damage like cheap nylon bags. Besides the canvas, it comes with horse leather trim that reinforces the bottom and straps.

The metallic hardware is made of an alloy to prevent the development of rust or corrosion. Due to its casual design, it fits different occasions while appearing stylish as well as keeping carried items safe. It’s a multipurpose bag that enables you to enjoy excellent feeling and peace of mind.


  • Sleek casual design
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Leather reinforced bottom


  • Weak zippers


Duffel bags are classic and reliable ways to carry your stuff when traveling, sports activities among others. Available in different styles, sizes, and materials, it means a lot to have the best one. With this list, there are no more struggles when getting the best duffel bags.


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