Top 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts in 2020 – Reviews


Shopping in the city with or without a car is usually no fun. There is no way you can penetrate deep into the market area with your vehicle. This is where the shopping cart becomes handy. Well, they are designed with smooth-rolling wheels to effectively take the hassles out of shopping when you want to carry a full week’s worth of groceries. Now, these shopping carts are popular with elderly people, and that’s why they are usually termed as granny’s cart. That’s just one point, but these utility carts are incredibly versatile, and anyone can use them.

Folding Shopping Carts buying guide:

  • Construction materials: Even before testing, you can know the shopping cart that is better than the other. Some will look like they will break apart any minute. Others look more durable and robust. Now, the rigidity of the shopping cart you choose should also rhyme with the intended use. You can imagine when you want to push 40 pounds of litter or 15 packs of soda. If you’ll be dealing with heavy luggage, you will need a cart that can accommodate the weight and pressure. So, you have to check the quality of the metal used. Steel and aluminum materials are popular.
  • Carts design and style: Do you want a large shopping bag mounted on a movable metal platform, or you want a large metal box on wheels? While this is personal, there are advantages to each particular type. If you don’t want you shopping to get exposed to weather elements, a shopping bag is more practical. However, a metal frame holds more things and keeps the groceries fresh. Shopping bags are more ideal when you have to walk long distances to your home. The metal box carts are great when you want to shop groceries from a nearby vendor.
  • Wheels material and maneuverability: Apart from looking at the wheel sizes, it is essential also to check their materials. The plastic wheels are quite cheap and more fragile than their rubber counterparts. Plastic wheels don’t offer perfect traction, especially if the terrain is rough and bumpy. Also, the plastic wheels can break easily if you overload your shopping cart. The wheel arrangement and swivel mechanism are also necessary. Most of the best-rated shopping carts feature oversized rear wheels, three-wheel arrangement, and 360-degree swivel mechanism. This unique design will allow your cart to take on sidewalks, grass paths and more even when it is fully loaded
  • Quality of the handle: The best cart should have a padded handle. It should also be height adjustable to allow smooth pulling and pushing. Short handles will make you strain your muscles a lot. Hence, the handle should be of considerable length.

Best Folding Shopping Carts in 2020

10. Best Choice Products 24.5×21.5in Folding Steel Storage Utility Cart

Best Choice Products 24.5x21.5in Folding Steel Storage Utility Cart

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Anyone who has struggled to find the best shopping cart before will appreciate this one From Best Choice Products. It features a sturdy construction as it uses premium materials. It is maneuverable and can accommodate quite huge weight making it a must-have for those people who are always on the run. To be precise, this cart offers up to 200 lbs load capacity. So, it is an ideal cart for providing easy transportation of laundry, groceries, travel, luggage, among other cargo.

The wheels are large and robust to offer fantastic maneuverability. Well, it boasts 4.25-inch front wheels and 7 inches rear wheels, thereby providing great control on all terrains. The frameworks feature powder-coated steel offering incredible durability of this product.


  • Sturdy and solidly built
  • Large maneuverable wheels
  • Utility cart
  • Not very expensive
  • Hard to install

9. Pipishell Shopping Cart

Pipishell Shopping Cart

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Do you love shopping, but you fear the transport hassles of your cargo. Here is the Pipishell Shopping Cart designed to help the shopping enthusiast. It is a foldable cart and is not that hard to set up. Well, you can use it to transport loads of Christmas gifts from the car to your house. When preparing to out for a vacation, this cart will ease the work of organizing your cargo. It is an excellent cart for bulky items and heavy loads such as sports gear, toys, laundry, and more.

The design is maneuverable as it features four wheels and three-position height adjustment. The front wheels measure 2.5 inches in diameter while the rear ones are 7 inches. The wheels also offer 360-degree rotational movement for maximum maneuverability.


  • Well built
  • Comfortable handle
  • Customizable height
  • Affordable


  • Quite tricky to maneuver for newbie

8. BeebeeRun Folding Shopping Cart

BeebeeRun Folding Shopping Cart

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Unlike other shopping carts, this one features reinforced design and an upgraded handle. The BeebeeRun Folding Shopping Cart allows you to transport your heavy suitcase even upstairs and on all terrains. There is no need to bend as handle height is easy to adjust with a push of a button. Also, the front wheels are large and boast a three in one design and are rotatable hence allowing greater maneuverability. This unique engineering also allows for hassle-free stair climbing. Besides, this cart offers lasting built quality.

The frame is forged from rust-resistant aluminum material. Also, it is coated with an elegant finish making it rustproof while keeping your décor sparkling. With its sturdy construction, it handles up top 177 pounds without any sign of weakness.


  • Unique wheel design
  • Very cute
  • Easy to push upstairs
  • Easy to assemble and operate


  • Compact size

7. ROYI 2020 Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart

ROYI 2020 Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart

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When you have the best utility cart, you face any hassles when loading and offloading items from your car to your home. Here is the ROYI 2020 Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart. It boasts an upgraded design featuring a stainless steel frame and rotatable three-wheel design on each side. It also entails an upgraded platform that blocks your luggage from sagging when the cart is fully loaded. Thus, it allows for perfect stair climbing.

Apart from the tri-wheel design, the handle is also uniquely shaped to allow comfortable pushing and pulling. So, this cart is versatile and will sustain harsh use. Also, the installation is incredibly easy. The package comes with instructional manuals and supporting assembly videos. It also has several functional pockets to aid in better handling of items.


  • High-quality rubber wheels
  • Looks beautiful
  • Tri wheel for extreme maneuverability
  • Versatile uses


  • None

6. SUPENICE Grocery Utility Shopping Cart

SUPENICE Grocery Utility Shopping Cart

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If you’re tired of cumbersome shopping carts, here is a product to restore your hope. The SUPENICE Grocery Utility Shopping Cart features an optimized design for easy use. It is foldable, making it easy to store in any household. You can store it in the garage, laundry, trunk, or any other place you feel okay. It is incredibly comfortable to use with its padded handle entailing foam cover. In addition, the storage space is ample, and this cart can accommodate piles of items adding up to 66 lbs. With an extra rear basket, you can store small items such as purse, umbrella, jacket, toys, and more. For easier maneuverability, this cart has swivel wheel design.


  • Sturdy engineering
  • Easy assembly
  • Smooth maneuverability
  • Multiple-storage options


  • Slightly more expensive

5. Dbest Products Stair Climber Trolley Dolly

Dbest Products Stair Climber Trolley Dolly

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If you’re searching for a shopping trolley with the best features, Dbest Products has the offer. This trolley has upgraded features that allow easy stair climbing without you straining. It has a 6-wheel design with a swivel mechanism for extra flexibility. With its lightweight and smooth-rolling wheel design, you can take it to the supermarket, beach, and flea market. It is also ideal for transporting items from your car to the house and the other way round. The platform is well built and can handle up to 110 lbs.

Moreover, it offers 7 compartments, which include a beverage holder, rear pocket, inner pouch, front flap pocket, and more. So, it is thoughtfully made to ensure your stuff goes where you go without any problem. Once you remove the bag, it becomes a lightweight dolly.


  • Unique style
  • A lot of functional compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible movement


  • Plastic wheels reduce traction

4. dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly

dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly

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Here is yet another shopping cart that could change your lifestyle forever. It is from the same renowned maker, Dbest Products. Unlike other models, this one features a bigger trolley design. The quality is outstanding as it equates out durability, lightweight, and functionality. One of its spectacular features is the oversized and robust beefy wheel. With this incredible wheel design, this cart can take conquer various problems with you straining your muscles. Just to mention a few, this cart can take on sandy terrains, rollover huge stairs, high curbs, and sidewalks with ease.

The assembly is effortless, and you wouldn’t even need complicated tools. Besides, this cart entails weatherproof materials that boast high survivability against all forces of nature. With a soft ergonomic handle, this trolley is easy and comfortable to handle. So, it is a great shopping cart for seniors. Moreover, it offers 8 storage compartments to allow great storage convenience and easy organization of your travel or shopping items.


  • Unique oversized wheel design
  • Sturdy platform
  • Nice-looking structure
  • Easy assembly


  • Weak bag connection straps

3. Whitmor Folding Utility Cart

Whitmor Folding Utility Cart

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Do you know that having a utility cart can make your home chores easier? If you’re looking for one that will satisfy your needs, you will love this one by Whitmor. It is professionally configured to allow you to have a nice taste of versatility. It will ease your work, whether you’re unloading some groceries, transporting laundry, or moving your backpacks from your car’s trunk. It will help in eliminating multiple carrying trips.

The cart robust and quite durable as it boasts heavy gauge stainless steel construction. Also, it is easy to use, as there is no assembly to be done. You only need to snap on the wheels, and you’re ready to go. The other adorable feature is the foam padded handle.


  • Great for heavy items
  • Great stability
  • Easy snap on wheels
  • Quite a large capacity


  • Short handle

2. Winkeep Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart

Winkeep Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart

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Here is the Winkeep Grocery Utility shopping cart with top-notch features. It offers an improved design featuring a mesh bottom with a rod. It boasts an optimized design to ensure it accommodates excellent load capacity. With wider aluminum engineering, it resists wear and maintains its superior functionality in all uses. Besides, the dimensions are perfect for ensuring the cart accommodates all your shopping items.

The wheels possess a 360-degree swivel design to allow optimal maneuverability. Also, the back wheels are oversized to enable easy stair climbing. On the other hand, it folds flat to allow secure storage once you are through with the work. With its premium features, this utility cart is ideal for versatile uses, which include laundry, gardening gear, shopping, luggage, and more.


  • Large sponge handle
  • Wider wheels
  • Smooth 360-degree swivel
  • Strong mesh bottom


  • Quite pricey

1. Dbest Products Trolley Dolly

Dbest Products Trolley Dolly

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This trolley dolly can be regarded as the conqueror of all terrains. This is probably the best utility cart for a frequent traveller or anyone who has to walk a long distance with loads of items. The construction is fantastic as it balances out maneuverable capability and durability. It boasts oversized beefy wheels for smooth cruising on all terrains. Also, its folding capacity is impressive as it can assume its full size when it folds flat.

This trolley dolly offers several functional storage features. It has a total of seven compartments, which entail a front flap pocket, rear pocket, inner pouch, and beverage holder. Also, this utility trolley is easy and comfortable to use. Well, thanks to its smart design entailing a soft ergonomic handle.


  • Lightweight
  • Oversized wheels
  • Large storage area
  • Easy to fold down


  • Price is a bit higher


After reading the above review, it is now evident how shopping carts are useful. It is now for you to make your purchase decision. With their folding capability, these utility carts are easy to store. These carts boast top-notch construction features. It will now be easy to carry your belongings from house to car’s trunk and vice versa. Besides, these carts featured in the review possess comfort features to help you use them without overworking or hurting yourself. They are top-rated, and you won’t regret anything after purchase.

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