Top 10 Best Gaming Desks in 2020 – Reviews


Gaming offers a great experience to gamers. However, there is a necessity to invest in the right chairs to enjoy the comfort and proper body contouring. Without the correct sitting posture, people can develop back problems and other related issues. Therefore, adding the right furniture always ensure there is great comfort and experience. Apart from the chairs, gaming desks are vital and worth having in your room. They provide the right space and space where you can store your gaming computer and other accessories.

There are many desks available, depending on your accessories. Some are designed for compact rooms, while others are large. When you have more screens, some desks allow for easy installation. Apart from the size of the desk, additional features are essential for the ultimate reliability. The adjustability and ability to hold more items make these benches great options. For the best gaming desks, our review below offers top-notch and must-have selection.

Gaming Desks Buying Guide

  • Desk adjustability: The ability of a desk to be adjustable is vital. This helps the user to set ideal height for proper body posture. Short and too high desks can cause straining to you back hence developing complications. To ensure there is absolute comfort, adjustable frames are amazing choices. However, the ease of adjustability also should come into your mind when buying a desk for gaming.
  • Size: The size is another essential quality gamers need to check when going for a gaming bench. The size determines how many accessories you can place on the top. Ideally, a large desk is ideal since it can support multiple monitors and other accessories. Apart from monitors, ample space is needed for keeping other gaming accessories like keyboards and mice without stress.
  • Materials: The materials used in the desk construction should be stable and reliable. This helps in ensuring there is reliability and durability. Metallic structures are recommended for their sturdiness. However, the top section might feature PVC, carbon fiber or wood. However, the lightest but robust materials are preferred.
  • Versatility: The bench should offer versatility when in your home. This allows you to use the desk for the desired purpose. Whether you opt to make it office or gaming desk, it should let the user decide. Multipurpose desks are a good choice since you can change their usage easily.

Best Gaming Desks in 2020

10. Soges inches Computer Desk Computer Gamer Desk

Soges inches Computer Desk Computer Gamer Desk

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When gaming is your hobby, there is a need to invest in the right equipment. The Soges 55 inches computer desk is one of the ultimate choices for gamers. The bench is designed to ensure there is reliability and comfort when gaming. Offering large surface, it created an excellent surface for holding large monitors and other items. Measuring 55 inches, the bench is suited for all your gaming needs. Additionally, the surface is smooth and designed to ensure smooth mouse movement.

Apart from the large size, the structure is impressive and reliable. It can hold up to 330 pounds without any risk. Therefore, the combination of large size and massive weight capacity ensures the bench can hold multiple monitors safely. With a dazzling look, the bench keeps every place looking awesome. The feet are adjustable, which allows for easy height adjustment hence ideal sitting posture. For the safety of your floor, feet have plastic enhancements to keep away scratches.


  • Adjustable feet
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Smooth mouse operation
  • Protected feet


  • No caster wheels

9. OCD Design Gaming Computer Desk

OCD Design Gaming Computer Desk

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Whether you want a desk for office or home gaming, OCD by Design is a perfect option. The bench is versatile and provides excellent and provides excellent support. With its 55 inches construction size, it can handle even the largest monitor. With this desk, it delivers high performance, hence offering professional gaming experience. It’s the large desktop and sturdy construction that make the table ultimate gamer furniture.

Apart from the support, the table has LED enhancements with 6 colors. They are the reason this desk creates a thrilling gaming experience. Compared to other regular desks, this makes gaming fun and fantastic. The cable management system is handy when it comes to wired components. Also, the cup holder and other accessories organizer ensure there is perfect desk neatness. The textured carbon fiber surface and metallic frame create a robust and reliable desk for multiple uses.


  • Durable carbon fiber surfaces
  • Accessories organizers
  • LED lighting


  • No shelves

8. Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk Home Office Computer Table

Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk Home Office Computer Table

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Once you need to have an ideal platform to keep your computers, a durable desk is a real option. Mr Ironstone large gaming desk offers excellent support and space to place your gaming accessories. Whether its computers, headphones, keyboards and others it has a large platform. The gaming surface measures 63″ W x 32″ D which is ideal doe keeping large monitors. Also, it can hold multiple gaming monitors without compromising the space for other essentials.

The convenient design ensures there is comfort and ease of gaming. In fact, the curved design allows for easy access to every item without moving. With a rock-solid structure, the table offers reliable support to your items. The R shaped legs are the reason for high stability without wobbling or collapsing. Installation is simple without the need of experts, hence ideal for every gamer. The cable management holes, eliminate clattering on the surface.


  • R shaped legs
  • Ergonomically curved surface
  • Adjustable feet
  • Headphone hook


  • A bit expensive

7. LYNSLIM 45.66″ Large E-Sports Home Computer Desk

LYNSLIM 45.66 inchesLarge E-Sports Home Computer Desk

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Lynslim large home and office desk provide reliable support. The platform is one of the reliable means to keep your gaming computers well supported. Compared to others, this has K designed legs which improves the overall structural integrity. Besides, the large surface is ample for all the needed essentials during your gaming sessions. This lets you place desktop, laptop monitor and other items required by gamers. For full access, the surface is curved, which ensures there is no more strains reached the far edges.

The simple design and large design, as well as a sturdy frame, ensure there is sound support. Additionally, the surface is textured, which creates a perfect grip without movements. The USB port integrated on the surface, as well as cable management, ensures there is great neatness. Apart from being a gaming desk, the bench iOS multipurpose and can be used for many tasks. The top surface is hard and doesn’t chip like wood. Also, it is simple to clean without causing damage.


  • Textured surface
  • Strong K design feet
  • USB charging ports


  • No holes for power strips

6. VANSPACE 55’’ Ergonomic T-Shaped Gaming Desk

VANSPACE 55’’ Ergonomic T-Shaped Gaming Desk

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Enjoying gaming like a pro while enjoying the comfort and proper support to your gear. The Vanscape gaming bench is unmatched and offers reliable support. Equipped with T shaped feet, they are sleek and enable placement on all surfaces. Additionally, the structure is strong, which enables use as an office desk. The carbon fiber surface with textured design helps to keep everything safe and free from slipping. Unlike other materials, the carbon fiber is reliable and doesn’t chip or curve due to weight.

The structure is made to ensure there is superb reliability. It can support up to 330 pounds, hence ideal for multiple uses. When you have devices to charge, no need to plug to the computer, it has integrated USB ports for convenience and neatness. With smooth tool-free adjustment, the bench makes every place look and feel great. The cup holder and headphone holder keep the essentials in convenient reach.


  • Textured carbon fiber desktop
  • Adjustable feet
  • High weight support
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant


  • A bit shorter than advertised

5. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 60 inches Z Shaped Large PC Computer Desks

UREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 60 inches Z Shaped Large PC Computer Desks

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Eureka Z60 is a large table for PC gaming for everyone. The desk is sturdy and reliable for comfortable gaming. In fact, the RGM LED lighting enhanced surface lights up your gaming mood. Compared to others, this has more space since it has 60 inches top. This means no more clattered surface like small counterparts. The Z shaped desk is sturdy, and the frame allows it to carry up to 220 pounds.

The assembling and transportation of this bench is simple than rivals. It can be disassembled into 2 sections hence easy to carry. Despite the design, the desk is sturdy and doesn’t wobble or move when carrying massive weight. The beauty of this table is fantastic and allows every place to boast a great look. With sturdy materials, there is a guarantee for durability and high performance throughout. The padded feet are stable and safe for use on any floor.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Lighted surface
  • Easy to assemble and adjust


  • No keyboard tray

4. VIT 47 Inch T-Shaped Office PC Computer Desk

VIT 47 Inch T-Shaped Office PC Computer Desk

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If you are thinking about getting the ideal platform for your gaming, desks are some of the priority. Vit T-shaped office PC desk is one of the ultimate choices. It’s a robust platform with great support and strength. Designed with PVC laminated carbon fiber tabletop, the bench offers unlimited durability. This is because there are no damages by moisture like in wood. Additionally, the material reduces overall weight hence making the desk superb for portability.

The charging of devices is simple and convenient since the integrated charging ports are amazing. It has USB ports that are ideal for the charging of your smartphones, mice and tablets. Therefore, no more plugging your devices on the wall socket in the PC. For more functionality, the bench has holders for headphones as well as cups. Thus, when gaming, you can enjoy refreshments for a thrilling experience.


  • Storage rack
  • Tough and stylish tabletop
  • Cup and headphones holder


  • No additional shelves

3. YIGOBUY Carbon Fiber Surface Gaming PC Desk Table

YIGOBUY Carbon Fiber Surface Gaming PC Desk Table

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Its tike to make your gaming even more thrilling. However, it’s not possible without a reliable desk. Yigobut carbon fiber PC gaming desk is a unique and perfectly made to withstand weight without compromising the safety and comfort to the user. Fitted with a sturdy tabletop, the bench is classic and ensure there is proper support. Also, the double cable holes are perfect for easy management. With Z shaped design, the frame is capable of offering 220 pounds weight support.

Apart from the sturdy structure, the desk offers additional features to improve your gaming experience. In fact, the headphone holder, cup holder and controller stand make the desk revolutionary. Thus, it ensures no more struggle for gamers to achieve thrilling band comfortable gaming. Assembling this unit is simple and no more struggles looking for experts. In fact, simple to follow instructions ensure assembling is quick and simple.


  • Sleek designed frame
  • Non-slip feet
  • Heavy-weight support


  • No accessories rack

2. Vitesse Racing Style Computer Desk with Mouse Pad

Vitesse Racing Style Computer Desk with Mouse Pad

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Keeping your gaming PC safe is the first step to step to successful gaming. The Vitesse racing style desk with mouse pad is amazing and delivers amazing and with for everyone. The desk is super strong and ensures users enjoy unmatched gaming. Unlike rivals, this has a mouse pad included for smooth operation. Additionally, widened top ensures there are ample fit and space for every gaming items. Apart from the large surface, the additional rack holds your accessories for neat and easy access.

Forget about the weak desks that can’t support a massive weight. With this, it offers superior support for the ultimate safety of all your gaming accessories. The 4 charging ports are designed to keep your devices charged without stress. Moreover, the stable feet with non-slip enhancements ensure there is superb stability.


  • Smooth mouse pad
  • Widened tabletop
  • Accessories rack


  • Heavier than others

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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Arozzi arena gaming table is a reliable and simple option for all gamers. Despite its simple looking nature, the bench is superb and designed to offer high-quality stability. Measuring 62.99 inches, it can hold 3 monitors comfortably. Additionally, the tabletop is broad and ensures there is enough space for your accessories. Therefore, you can keep your gaming keyboard, mouse and other devices without clattering.

Whether the conditions are humid, the table is durable since it has water-resistant materials. Also, the top can accommodate up to 176 pounds. Therefore you can place all your gaming accessories without worries. Adjustable feet enable the desk to be used without stress. Users can adjust by simple means hence a great way to enjoy comfortable sitting. The sleek decoration on the tabletop gives every room a fantastic look.


  • Decorated top surfaces
  • Simple feet adjustment
  • Easy to transport


  • No cable management holes


The ability to enjoy great storage for your gaming items depends on your bench choice. The gaming desks are perfectly designed for the purpose. Therefore, once you have a passion for gaming, these reviewed desks are your best bet.

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