Top 10 Best GPS Tracker For Car in 2023 – Reviews

GPS trackers have become popular assisting in the tracking of vehicles, people, pets and other variable items. GPS tracker for the car has likewise been a practical choice for guardians who want to tack of their teenagers when they are driving cars and ensure that they are safe. The best models offer accurate tracking, long lasting batteries and have a compact size. We have narrowed down the top 10 GPS Trackers for Car thus you can go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs.

Best GPS Trackers For Car Buyer’s Guide

  • Installation: The ideal tracker is the one that is simple to install. This will save you more time and cost for hiring a professional. Some units can be easily plugged under the dash of the vehicle, nevertheless, this depends on the model of the car.
  • Ease of Use: Look for tracking devices that are made with a program that is simple to use, Even though each brand comes with different basic programs, search for the one that is not complicated and easy to comprehend. It should come with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • Tracking Performance: Each tracker showcases comes with different features that offer superior and accurate superior tracking performance. This includes notifications and alerts, device integration, real-time tracking, route history and more, some comes with more features compared to others making them reliable.
  • Other Features: Some GPS trackers come with more features that make them work perfectly than others, such devices are programmed to coach new drivers and assist their guardian to track their teens in order to have safe driving. Those features include comprehensive location details, curfew hours, daily reports, route history and more.

Best GPS Tracker For Car in 2020


10. Global-View.Net- Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device

By: Global-View.Net

Global-View.Net- Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device

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A lot of vehicle owners find Global-View.Net GPS tracker very dependable for tracking their cars. Some have bought this tracker for business to track their delivery cars. This tracking device has been furnished with a rechargeable lithium battery that is usually last for more than 2 months after a single recharge. In addition to that, the device only takes 10 seconds to install thus easy to install.

The device comes with GPS tracking mobile apps that receive real-time text message and e-mails. On the other hand, you will get alert each time the driver enters or leaves a designated area.


  • Easy 10-second installation
  • Last up to 2 months per charge
  • Have real-time e-mail and text message alerts
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Track from anywhere using GPS mobile app

9. GPSit1000BZL LTE Car Tracking Device Real Time GPS Tracker

By: GPSit

GPSit1000BZL LTE Car Tracking Device Real Time GPS Tracker

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Another best-selling GPS Tracker products are GPSit1000BZL Company. Most users have found this tracker very convenient and useful to track the location of their trucks. This GPS Tracker is very simple to install as it requires three wires installation. Besides that, it’s one of the most affordable tracking solutions you can find in the market.

The package includes Software, Data, hardware, and Mobile access application. This hardware is usually powered by 12V or 24V standard vehicle power and installation can be done within few minutes. Markedly. The Fleet tracker will accurately track the car or truck the moment it starts moving.


  • Easy 3 wire installation
  • 1-year hardware warranty
  • Most affordable fleet tracking solution
  • Real-time GPS tracker

8. Bouncie Connected OBD2 Car Adapter for Location Tracking

By: Bouncie

Bouncie Connected OBD2 Car Adapter for Location Tracking

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This convenient vehicle tracker from Bouncie has a real-time tracking software package that offers detailed information about the vehicle location, movements, the performance as well as service matters. It will record data after every 5-seconds and every time the data is transferred to the app updating the latest information.

Ideally, this device will record acceleration, hard braking, speed, and more in order to make better decisions that can be made while on the road. It’s one of the smallest trackers you can find in the market. As a result, connecting this device to your vehicle and connect your life.


  • Alerts are automatically sent to your phone
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Real-time driving insights
  • 1-minute update location tracking

7. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker with Twin Magnet Case

By: Optimus Tracker

Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker with Twin Magnet Case

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Although most GPS trackers are small, if you prefer a much smaller device, go with the Optimus GPS tracker. It is undoubtedly one of the simplest interfaces you can get, particularly if you prefer an easier and practical program. The tracker is integrated with Android and iPhone application for fast and easy tracking.

The Data Plan and SIM Card are included and you will receive unlimited GPS Tracking as well as text message and email alerts for leaving or entering areas, speeding, driving reports, low battery and more. This will let you know the performance and issues.


  • Easy and fast-tracking application
  • Watertight and resistant construction
  • SIM card and data plan are included.
  • Email and text message alerts for movement

6. Linxup OBD Real Time 3G GPS Tracker Car Locator

By: Linxup

Linxup OBD Real Time 3G GPS Tracker Car Locator

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The Linxup OBD utilizes 3G technologies for recording and transferring of data. The installation requires no effort at all and will monitor fleet driving activity such as traffic, speed, direction, location and more. Besides that, the tracker comes with a GPS tracking mobile apps that receive unlimited text and email alerts.

Generally, this car locator has GPS tracker that uses Google Maps in order to find your fleet drivers. On the other hand, Users will also discover the route replay worthwhile, which enable the parents to see teen driving routes for harsh braking and excessive speeding. The Tracker likewise comes with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Real-time email and text message alerts
  • Review driving routes with GPS tracking
  • Monitor driver safety
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty.

5. PRIMETRACKING Mini, Portable Personal GPS Tracker


PRIMETRACKING Mini, Portable Personal GPS Tracker

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This portable vehicle tracker from Primetracking features a real-time tracking system that allows you to have detailed information about your truck location, the movements, performance, and other service issues.  It has a compact design and can be easily be stored in backpacks cars, vehicles, strollers or luggage. Besides that, this 4G LTE tracker is reliable and fast giving you instant updates.

One of the most impressive features about this GPS Tracker is that it is equipped with a battery that lasts for a long time.  On the other hand, you can integrate this tracker with your tablet, tablet or computer and see the complete details of live tracking and route history.


  • Ensures real-time tracking
  • Compact and portable tracker
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use

4. LandAirSea Real Time GPS Tracker 54 Waterproof Vehicle Location Tracker

By: LandAirSea

LandAirSea Real Time GPS Tracker 54 Waterproof Vehicle Location Tracker

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Are you looking for a location tracker for your assets, vehicles or people? LandAirSea GPS Tracker is a perfect solution for you because this gadget has an ultra-compact design and will discretely hide in a backpack. In addition to that, the tracker has a built-in super strong magnet and is 100 percent waterproof thus can be placed anywhere.

Generally, the tracker will send geofencing, email and text alerts, and location reporting and driver behavior in real time using the SilverCloud App or the web-based software. It’s equally important to note that this device will fit in small pockets carrying case or purse


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Built-in super strength magnet
  • Text and email alerts
  • Fits in small pockets
  • Ultra-compact design

3. AMERICALOC Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker


AMERICALOC Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

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Taking the fourth spot is the AMERI Mini Portable GPS tracker that you can rely on fleet businesses, for roadside trips and can also use it to monitor your teenager drivers wherever they go. The device comes with longest battery life and will alert you when your vehicle is entering or leaving zones, speeding, parked, low battery, front button pressed and more.

Track from a tablet, computer or phone as you can download iPhone or Android app. It does not end there because the tracker will offer real-time tracking and can be used in every country in the world.


  • GPS Tracker for vehicles, people, assets
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Longer battery life version
  • 1-minute location updates

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracking Trips

By: Vyncs

Vyncs GPS Tracker Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracking Trips

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If you are searching for dependable assistance to track your young drivers while on the road, you can choose this GPS tracking device from Vyncs. It’s made with a highly accurate Accelerometer and a GPS chip that will detect unsafe driving. On top of that, the devise is connected to real-time car GPS tracking and no battery is needed.

The device will record start/stop points street address, fuel economy, vehicle recall, maintenance, vehicle OBD diagnostics, driver speeding and more. Moreover, the unit can be used in more than 177 countries all over the world.


  • Comes with a built-in SIM card
  • Full service connected Car GPS tracking
  • Detects trips and generates mileage logs automatically
  • Works perfectly in 177 different countries

1. Spy Tec STI Mini Portable GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

By: Spy Tec

Spy Tec STI Mini Portable GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Spy Tec tracker is one of the best Mini Portable Tracker on the market that most motorists purchase for their cars. It’s integrated with an app for Android phones and IOS as well as web account that you can browse with your computer or laptop. It offers real-time tracking and you will get email and text whenever the driver leaves the area.

The GPS Tracker is small in size and attaches on belt, vehicles or you can insert in your backpack. Besides that, the Vehicle GPS Tracker can also be used to track elderly persons, spouses, assets, and teens.


  • Track anything, anywhere
  • Track and map in real-time
  • Provides updates every 5 seconds
  • Compact size goes anywhere


Get one of these incredible trackers today and get to track your car, pets, teen, your valuables and more. You can relate the specifications for you to decide on what gadget you should purchase for your intended use.