Top 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment in 2021 – Reviews


Exercise bikes are nowadays preferable when it comes to getting fit at home. They are usually convenient, fun, and healthy too. Finding the best workout bike can be challenging particularly when it comes to factors that make a good bike. However, we are here to assist you. We have listed the top 10 best exercise bikes that are best-selling out there in the market.

Best Home Exercise Equipment Buyers Guide

  • Size: You need to look at how big the exercise bike is. All bikes come in various sizes and you need to ensure that it is not big or small when selecting one. It is advisable to look for the one that has an adjustable size. In addition to that, you should look for the one that will fit perfectly in your home. If you have small homes, the fordable bike is ideal for easy storage.
  • Type – Upright or Recumbent: The next thing you need to consider is what types of bike it, when it comes to classic upright version, it looks like real biking and you use your upper body and arms quite well. With the Recumbent model, it has a backrest, a seat and your legs will be vertical. Recumbent bikes are ideal for those individuals who have back problems.
  • Resistance Levels: It is also great to look at the amount of resistance that the exercise bike has before purchasing one. Whenever you are a beginner, you do not require much resistance levels, but if you want to challenge yourself look for the one that has a lot of resistance.
  • Built-In Programs: Another consideration that you need to pay attention to is whether if the bike has any exercise programs. A lot of models today have a minimum of three built-in programs while others have more than 30 programs. These programs will assist to challenge you in various ways.

Best Home Exercise Equipment in 2021

10. PLENY Foldable 16 Level Resistance Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

PLENY Foldable 16 Level Resistance Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

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The PLENY Foldable Exercise Bike provides a remarkable range of strength exercise workouts. It is made with 16 level tension controls enabling you to have a specific adjustment that you need. Moreover, it has an LCD monitor that will indicate the Time, Speed, Pulse and distance on your track fitness progress. Other than that, it has a lightweight, compact design thus you can transport it from one place to another effortlessly.

The exercise bike is made with heavy-duty steel frames making it have quite and smooth cycling system and there will be no disturbance.  This equipment is ideal for you to burn more calories and become slim.


  • Large comfortable padded seat
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Have a smooth and quiet cycling
  • Heavy-duty steel construction frame

9. FLEXISPOT Deskcise Pro Standing Desk Exercise Bike

FLEXISPOT Deskcise Pro Standing Desk Exercise Bike

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FLEXISPOT Fitness Exercise Bike brings and a remarkable upright stationary bike that is ideal for commercial use and also brilliant for home use.  It offers a whisper quiet pedaling and you can do your exercises while you are watching TV or YouTube. Similarly, it is made with a desk surface that is large enough to keep your mobile phone, notebooks or laptop as you do your exercise.

Everybody in your family can utilize this cycle desk as it has adjustment lever that will assist you to move the sit either down or up by just pressing on the knobs. For that reason, this bike is certified and approved by TUV SUD.


  • Friendly pneumatic adjustment lever
  • Tested and certified by TUV SUD
  • Pedaling is perfect for home while watching YouTube
  • Large desk surface to accommodate mobile phone or notebook

8. Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical Easy Assembly, Quiet, and Compact

Cubii Desk Elliptical Easy Assembly, Quiet, and Compact

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This is a well-designed bike for cycling fans who do not want to spend a lot of money to purchase indoor exercise equipment.   Cubii Jr: Desk is usually designed to be whisper quiet and will not disturb anyone around your home or office. Aside from that, it is made with durable and sturdy materials that make it last for a long time.

With its Patented ergonomic angles make sure you experience greater comfort with low impact on the joints letting you slide without bumped knees. In the essence, assembling this equipment is very simple and no tool is needed.


  • Whisper quiet
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Designed for comfort
  • Easy assembly
  • Built-in display monitors tracks

7. BodyBoss Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss Gym 2.0 - Full Portable Gym Workout Package

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The BodyBoss Gym 2.0 is an exceptional workout system for novices and experienced athletes alike.  It has a design such that it brings all the bulky equipment into one revolutionary workout concept and it is lightweight thus you can move it from one place to another. It not only have a lightweight & compact design but also is versatile enough thus you can stimulate your gym anywhere.


You can easily attach a cloth covered with a resistance band enabling you to do more than exercises that are easy and hard.  It will equally enable you to have both upper body and lower body workout.


  • Burn more calories
  • Easily work out lower body and upper body
  • Collapsible resistance bar
  • Versatile enough to simulate the gym anywhere

6. Odoland Three-In-One AB Wheel Roller Kit

Odoland Three-In-One AB Wheel Roller Kit

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If you are searching for an AB Roller, the Odoland Three-In-One is an excellent choice for you. The equipment is designed to keep everyone in fit and have a better shape figure. It is equally important to know that this equipment will provide you a better support whenever you are doing some push-ups as you burn more calories.

This wheel roller has a longer handle pipe that can support a maximum of 800lbs of weight. The handles are covered with resistant foam that is anti-slip as well as stable. It likewise comes with knee pad that will protect the knees from any injury whenever you are rolling backward and forward


  • Longer durability and easy assembling
  • Excellent push-up support
  • 3-in-1 AB roller set
  • More workouts in less time

5. Sunny Adjustable Twist Stepper Health and Fitness, Pink

Sunny Adjustable Twist Stepper Health and Fitness, Pink

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The Sunny Adjustable Stepper is designed to make your exercises efficient, enjoyable, and smooth and get the best results. It usually provides a twist action that moves side to side, up and down enabling you to tone the thigh muscles and glutes. In this case, it has an adjustable resistance knob that is constructed with heavy-duty steel to ensure durability.

It features oversized footplates that are anti-slip and also LCD display console that will ensure it increases the efficiency during the workout.  At the same time, this workout equipment has a compact and stylish design and will look great in your office or home.


  • LCD monitor displays
  • Oversized slip-resistant footplates
  • Heavy duty durable steel construction
  • Uses LR44 battery

4. Vive Pedal Exerciser Low Impact Stationary Exercise Leg Peddler

Vive Pedal Exerciser Low Impact Stationary Exercise Leg Peddler

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The Vive Pedal Exerciser is more than just an exercise bike. It will promise to more strength and will help you to burn more calories in your body. Ordinarily, it is very simple to assemble this product and you will ever experience any inconvenience.  Besides that, it can be used to strengthen legs and arms, relieving tension, improving stamina and increasing circulation.

The pedals operation is very smooth and quiet and this enables the exerciser to do his or her workout in home or office without disturbing other people.  It does not end there because it has a compact design and can fit perfectly under the desk


  • Very simple to assemble
  • Great for toning muscles
  • Compact portable design
  • One-touch multifunction display
  • Nonslip surface

3.​​ DeskCycle under Desk Pedal Exerciser and Exercise Bike

DeskCycle under Desk Pedal Exerciser and Exercise Bike

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Are you looking for Exercise Bike that will assist you to improve your health and burn some calories?  DeskCycle under Desk is an efficient Exercise Bike that comes loaded with more features. It comes with 5 function display that shows scan, distance calories, time and speed whenever you are doing your workout. It also has a magnetic resistance that offers quiet, smooth pedal motion.

You can effectively do your exercise as you watch TV or work at the desk and have eight magnetic resistance levels from easy to more than you require.


  • Smooth and quiet pedal motion
  • 5 function display shows speed
  • 8 calibrated resistance settings
  • Keep the Resistance Low at Your Desk

2. Marcy Recumbent ME-709 Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent ME-709 Exercise Bike

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It is without a doubt that the Marcy Recumbent is the most popular recumbent exercise bikes you can find in the market because it comes with a great price and takes less space in your room compared to another kind of models.  It features 8 resistance levels with tension knobs control that will assist you to customize this equipment according to your fitness levels.

With its LCD computer screen, you are able to monitor calories burned, distance, speed and time and shows with extra-large numbers that will ensure readability. With that in mind, you will be able to know whether you are progressing day by day in term of exercises.


  • Eight resistance levels
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Step-through design
  • Ultra-functional LCD computer screen

1. Stamina Elliptical In-Motion Trainer

Stamina Elliptical In-Motion Trainer

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Whether you are a seasoned athlete or complete beginner, the Stamina Elliptical is a great workout system. It is usually a lightweight and compact Motion Trainer that you can easily transport to any office or home space. Depending on your abilities and needs, this Strider can be used when standing or sitting as you pedal reverse or forward to target different muscles.

This exercise trainer comes in 3 color choices that include silver, orange or green you can choose the one that you feel it is the best for you. On top of that, it measures 24.5 x 17 x 11.4 inches and only weighs 24 lbs.


  • Portable, quiet and efficient cardio
  • Adjustable tension with monitor
  • Multiple movement options
  • Comes with three color choices
  • Sturdy construction and easy assembly


Exercise bikes, whether recumbent or upright are an outstanding piece of exercise equipment. They will give you effective cardio workout and low risk of injury. The list above of top 10 best exercise bikes will help you to choose one that is ideal for you.

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