Top 10 Best Hot Dog Cookers in 2020 – Reviews


Convenience and reliability are some of the critical aspects that people need in their kitchens. Warming and cooking hot dog at home give everyone great flavor and satisfaction. However, using unreliable means to cook your snacks can be cumbersome. Adding a hot dog cooker to homes or restaurants ensures everyone is happy due to mouthwatering results.

The cookers are available in sizes depending on where you want to use and the number of people. Some are capable of cooking enough hot dogs for several people. Others are small, which allows them to be compact and portable.

When you are planning a hot dog cooking appliance, there are different types to choose among them. There are cookers that steam, boil, broil and grill. Thereby, depending on your favorite taste, it is possible to get a great cooker. To enjoy fresh hot dogs, here are the best cookers to add in any kitchen.

The Best Hot Dog Cookers Buying Guide

  • Type of hot dog cooker: Knowing the kind of cooker you are buying is essential. It gives your ability to evaluate and know whether it will provide expected results. Basically, there are 3 types of cookers. We have hot dog grill, steamer, and broiler. They all give cooked sausages. But, the results differ in that each delivers different cooked results. Your choice of the cooker will be determined by where you are going to use. Some types are suitable for home while others are perfect even for commercial applications.
  • Size: The size is another essential quality in your purchase. There are different sized cookers which allow people to pick their right choices. Depending on where you will use your machine, it calls for right size selection. People looking for a family machine, a small one is ideal. However, for hotels, cafes, and restaurant large commercial cookers are the right pick.
  • Construction: The construction of frankfurters cookers differs. Some feature a combination of plastic and metals parts. However, some brands are made from full stainless steel materials. Although the body doesn’t have a lot of concern, rollers are vital. Therefore ensure they are made from non-stick materials. Ideal, most of the cookers have stainless steel constructed rollers.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use is looked at in every home appliance and other machines. However, depending on your machine, the ease of use will differ. For frankfurter cookers, they need to be user-friendly and straightforward. Ensure that the control panel is easy to operate as well as other accessories.
  • Drip tray: The drip tray is responsible for ensuring your machine doesn’t get oil everywhere. They are placed below heating rollers to collect excess oil. However, cookers with removable trays are great for ease of cleaning. Additionally, choose a machine with a machine washable drip tray.

Best Hot Dog Cookers in 2020

10. S afstar Commercial Stainless Steel Non-Stick Electric Hotdogs Cooker

S afstar Commercial Stainless Steel Non-Stick Electric Hotdogs Cooker

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The Safstar commercial hot dog cooker is a great appliance when dealing with a large group. This machine is capable of cooking 30 hot dogs at once. Therefore whether having an event or for commercial purposes, it’s a reliable machine to have. The sleek construction ensures it adds elegance into your n kitchen. Moreover, the stainless steel construction helps in keeping your food safe. There is no staining or altering the taste of your hot dogs. Additionally, the rollers are non-stick, which keeps the sausages clean and smooth.

Apart from appealing frankfurters, the cooker is simple to clean without having to scrub. The temperature control ensures there is a consistent cooking process. In fact, it can run from 0-250 degrees C, which means you can set right cooking heat. The temperature settings allow you to warm, roast, or grill your sausages depending on your taste. Created with high energy efficiency, it also has vents that maintain reasonable heat. This helps in prolonging the appliances life shelf.


  • Non-stick rollers
  • Separate power switches
  • Large capacity cooking tray
  • Removable drip tray


  • Not for small spaces

9. Giantex Electric Sausage Hot Dog Grill Cooker 7 Rollers for 18 Hotdogs

Giantex Electric Sausage Hot Dog Grill Cooker 7 Rollers for 18 Hotdogs

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Keeping everyone in the family enjoying means depends on how you cook it. However, nothing is fulfilling, like eating fresh sausages and hot dogs. This cooker from Giantex brings exceptional happiness to your home. It’s one of the reliable and modern cookers with high capacity. In fact, it boasts a large cooking area with 7 rollers. Therefore, it can hold up to 18 sausages in one cooking. The non-stick stainless steel constriction renders this machine elegant. Consequently, there are no hassles when it comes to cleaning.

There is improved safety when working with this machine. It has a hardened glass hood on the backside. This protects you from hot oil hence keeping away harm. Also, the hood is excellent since it protects hot dogs from dust. Therefore, when having an outdoor event, it’s a good cooker to consider. With feet enhanced with rubber fittings, the cooker is non-slip for increased safety. Above all, removable oil drip tray keep it easy to clean.


  • Toughened glass hood
  • Skidproof rubber feet
  • Accurate temperature control


  • Lacks digital control panel

8. The Candery 6 Hot Dog Roller Sausage Grill Cooker Machine

The Candery 6 Hot Dog Roller Sausage Grill Cooker Machine

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The Candery sausage grill cooker machine is one of the best options for every home. This compact cooker is designed with 6 hot dogs capacity. This lets you make sausages, eggrolls, kielbasa, and others in home conveniently. Since it has a small size, every family can enjoy fresh sausages in every meal. Moreover, the machine is admirable since it cooks and can keep the contents warm for long. This is due to fitted precise temperatures controls.

Cleaning this appliance is like eating a piece of cake. The machine has a stainless steel body as well as rollers. Therefore, no more rust or corrosion, which can cause food taste adulteration. Additionally, the rollers are non-stick, which means wiping the clean is enough. With dishwasher safe oil drip tray, your kitchen always remains clean. With integrated comfortable handle, it’s possible to move this cooker with ease.


  • Dishwasher safe oil tray
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Removable swing hood


  • Not for large group cooking

7. La Trevitt 6 Hot Dog Roller Sausage Grill Cooker

La Trevitt 6 Hot Dog Roller Sausage Grill Cooker

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Adding this La Trevitt cooker in your kitchen or restaurant brings an updated taste. The machine is small and highly efficient to deliver in minimum time. Equipped with 4 rollers, they are capable of holding up to 6 sausages conveniently. Thus, when you have a small group or family, this machine is an excellent add-on. There is no limitation when having this machine since it has the versatility of use. Due to removable drip tray, it can be used to cook sausages, hot dogs, eggrolls, and many more.

Amazingly, the hood is safe to touch even when the cooker is at full performance. Its plastic made which enables to protect food from dust. Also, it keeps away heat from the user when cooking. The simple design and durable constructions render this machine durable. Additionally, the compact nature ensures users can carry it when camping or traveling. Thick stainless steel rollers spin continuously which give the hot dog proper grilling.


  • Thick stainless steel rollers
  • Removable protective cover
  • Easy setup and operation


The cover is plastic made

6. Olde Midway 900 Watt Electric Grill Cooker Machine

Olde Midway 900 Watt Electric Grill Cooker Machine

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The Olde Midway electric grill is a 900-watt hot dog cooker. Unlike the other machines, this one has a large capacity but optimized to fit even on small kitchens. Boasting 7 sausage rollers, it can comfortably cook 18 hot dogs. The surface is non-sticking which ensures after cooking; cleaning is hassle-free. Additionally, the dual temperature control allows cooking and warming at the same time. This achieved through keeping back rollers hot and front ones warm for ready to serve hot dogs.

The even heat distribution in this cooker is one of the fantastic qualities. It gives the foo even cooking hence uniform texture and taste. Additionally, the ability to adjust temperature means you can cook different food. It can reliably cook thick stadium dogs, frozen hot dogs, and plump bratwurst. Despite its heavy-duty performance, this cooker is light weighing only 28 pounds. As a result, it can be carried everywhere for convenient grilling.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Independent temperature adjustment
  • 360 degrees rollers rotation


  • Challenging to clean

5. Nostalgia Large INNOVA Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer

Nostalgia Large INNOVA Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer

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Nostalgia diner-style hot dog steamer is giving you break from grilling. Unlike the other machines, this one gives you perfectly steamed frankfurters. Also, it has a massive capacity and can cook up to 24 hot dogs. The incredible versatility in this machine renders it outstanding. It can steam fish, vegetables, and bratwursts among others. Besides, the sleek design with high elegance means great looking machine for your kitchen. Besides cooking, the appliance can keep the food hot for 12 hours.

The fitted dial control allows you to set required temperatures. Therefore you can choose low, medium, and high depending on the task. Whether warming, steaming, or maintaining food hot, it’s easy by just turning the dial. For optimum cooking performance, the cooker has water level indicator. This means you will never run this machine on low water volume hence maximum cooking speed. Assembling and cleaning are simple to keep machine cooking tasty food.


  • Water level indicator
  • Easy cleaning and disassembling
  • Larger capacity than rivals
  • Versatile cooking


  • Requires some time to heat

4. Olde Midway 900-Watt Electric Roller Grill Cooker Machine

Olde Midway 900-Watt Electric Roller Grill Cooker Machine 

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This is another cooker dedicated to delivering amazingly cooked hot dogs. It’s a 900 watts grilling machine with 7 non-stick rollers that keep your meal adequately prepared. With a capacity of 18 hot dogs, this machine is perfect when having visitors or a small gathering. With multifunctional heating ability, it can cook while keeping sausages hot ready to be survived. Additionally, it has full stainless steel construction which gives it unmatched durability.

The machine is reliable to offer thoroughly cooked and mouthwatering hot dogs. This is due to the premium made rollers with complete rotation. Therefore, apart from frankfurters, it can cook thick stadium dogs and other related food. With sides vented, they enable enough air circulation, which helps in temperatures regulation. As a result, there is no more eating burnt sausages. Also, the vents help heat regulation which allows extended cooker use.


  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Improved safety features
  • Removable power cord


  • Hard to transport

3. Great Northern Popcorn 4079 GNP 9 Hotdog Machine

Great Northern Popcorn 4079 GNP 9 Hotdog Machine

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If you want to cook professional, appealing hot dogs, there is no shorts cuts. The ideal cooker you need is this one by Great Northern Popcorn Company. It’s a masterpiece machine with outstanding features and performance. Therefore you can always rely on it to deliver unmatched results. Despite its small profile, the machine has large cooking surface to accommodate 42 hot dogs. With rollers offering non-stick surface and full rotation, there is even and complete cooking.

The heavy-duty motor ensures there is even rollers rotation. Also, the temperature controls are fantastic and precise. Due to this, one can easily set perfect temperatures for ultimate cooking. Moreover, different modes are classic in ensuring you get the proper setting. The 1800W power rating ensures the cooker is efficient and faster than others. Above all, removable drip tray is dishwasher safe to keep the stove clean.


  • Different cooking modes
  • Heavy-duty heater
  • Built-in safety fuse


  • Loud noise when cooking

2. Nostalgia RHD800 Hot Dog Roller & Bun Warmer

Nostalgia RHD800 Hot Dog Roller & Bun Warmer

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Warming your hot dogs and buns using a pan might not do it excellently. But, here is a perfect warmer from Nostalgia made to give everyone delicious meals. It can cook 4 feet long feet hot dogs or 8 regular sized ones with perfection. Moreover, the designing of this machine ensures there is proper cooking. This is through the fitted rotating rollers that guarantee efficient heat transfer. Apart from the premium made rollers, the device is made by professionals. As a result, people can enjoy beauty and performance.

Whether you want to cook with this machine with or without canopy, it’s easy to adjust. It can hold 6 buns when the canopy is on which increases the cooking speed. Due to its optimum size, using it in your countertop is simple. Also, it suits kitchens with limited space.


  • Retractable canopy
  • Simple to clean tray
  • Elegantly created


  • Takes long to cook buns
  1. Nostalgia HDR8RY Hot Dog & Bun Roller Warmer

Nostalgia HDR8RY Hot Dog & Bun Roller Warmer

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Great tasting food starts with proper cooking. This Nostalgia hot dog and bun warmer ensures you get mouthwatering food. With this machine, it enables the user to cook 8 hot dogs or 6 buns effortlessly. Additionally, the combination of beauty and performance ensures it suits every kitchen. Besides, you can efficiency cook other foods without running into problems. The rollers are rotating and stainless steel made which keeps food with original taste.

The canopy bun warmer is impressive and unique and provides high reliability. Moreover, there is a simple operation since it has simple On/Off button. Also, the heat adjustment knobs ensure you can set warming or cooking temperatures. Overall, this machine is compact and extra light which make it handy and useful indoors and outdoors.


  • Lightweight and elegant
  • Uniform cooking
  • Adjustable and variable heat settings


  • Leads to food congesting


Hot dog cookers are fantastic equipment that makes your kitchen completes. They are great when you want to give your family fresh and properly cooked food. Whether you want a large or compact cooker, there are varieties to choose from.

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