Top 10 Best Indoor Bug Zappers in 2020 – Reviews


Flying insects can be a nuisance, especially harmful ones like mosquitoes. Controlling them effectively can be challenging. But, getting bug zappers is one of the ultimate ways to eliminate most bugs. These traps operate by administering a high electric shock, which instantly neutralizes the insects. Therefore, instead of using insecticides, which can be harmful to people and the environment, zappers are perfect alternatives.

Mostly indoor bug zappers are efficient for flying insects. Therefore, when experiencing a surge in these bugs, it’s ideal to ensure efficient and same eradication mechanism. Usually, these traps are equipped with UV light, which helps in attracting insects even during the daytime. The fitted mesh filter out and zappers insects hence keeping the bulbs clean. To keep your house insects free, check out our indoor bug zappers reviewed below.

Indoor Bug Zappers Buying Guide

  • Source of power: The source of power is vital for any bug zapper. Most of them are electronically operated but can use power from different sources. Mostly, the traps are plugged in the wall socket, but others are battery and solar-powered. Regardless of the source of power, the traps should be useful to eliminate most of the bugs.
  • Safety features: The safety features are vital when it comes to kids and pets. These traps use high voltage to kill insects. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure there is maximum safety. Especially, having protected bulbs and element ensures there improved safety. Robust meshes are recommended to provide pets, and humans don’t touch high voltage zappers.
  • Versatility: The versatility of a zapper is essential. Although most are designed for indoor use, some can also be used outdoors. This means when relaxing outdoors, you can enjoy excellent bug protection. Whether in the patio or yard, compatible outdoor traps are superb.
  • Replicable bulbs: The insect traps use ultraviolet light to attract insects. However, these bulbs are prone to damage after sometimes. To ensure there is durability, lamps with replicable bulbs are excellent. However, changing bulbs should not be a complicated task. Therefore, everyone should be able to mount the bulbs without complications.

10. SPICA Zapper Indoor 20W Electronic Insect Killer

SPICA Zapper Indoor 20W Electronic Insect Killer

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Forget about polluting and toxic insecticides when dealing with common flying bugs. The Spica indoor electronic zapper is one of the superb ways to kill stubborn insects. The trap is robust and ideal to ensure it can deal with a variety of insects. Whether wasps, bees, flies, and mosquitoes, the trap is fantastic. Due to improved technology, the lamp works 24 hours a day. This is possible due to the enhanced technology.

The harmless insect-killing technology is excellent for kids as well as pregnant women. Also, it doesn’t not hard insecticides outdoors, unlike the pesticides which can drift. With the ability to cover a broad area, it fits homes, halls, and other places. It can work in 6000 square feet without reducing efficiency. The bulbs are replicable, which makes this zapper a great lifetime investment. Above all, it’s a great trap with the ability to be used outdoors.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Replicable bulbs
  • Safe for kids and pregnant women
  • Free cleaning brush


  • No automatic shut down

9. TOPNaturePlus Electric Indoor Outdoor Flying Insects Killer Lamp

TOPNaturePlus Electric Indoor Outdoor Flying Insects Killer Lamp

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The TOPNaturePlus is a non-toxic insect killer with high performance. It uses electric current to electrocute insects meaning no radiation or residue like chemicals. With a reliable mechanism, the lamp is designed for indoors as well as outdoor usage. Efficient for trapping all flying insects, the lamp doesn’t need chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use indoors and outdoors without affecting the environment or surrounding people. Equipped with 2 powerful UV bulbs, they are great for attracting insects from far.

Having this lamp in your home or backyard, it’s a great way to get rid of flying bugs. In fact, one unit can serve up to 1.5-acre area. Therefore, you can get rid of insects outdoors before they get into your house. There is no complicated process using this device since it can be hanged easily on the ceiling. Also, 360 degrees of insect-killing ability improved trap performance. The safety grill ensures the lamp is safe and no accidental touch.


  • Protective grill
  • Large area utilization
  • 360 degrees lamp performance


  • Not waterproof

8. Impacthor Electric Indoor/Outdoor Insect Bug Zapper

Impacthor Electric Indoor Outdoor Insect Bug Zapper

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Impacthor bug zapper delivers all the performance you need to kill insects. The trap is efficient for attracting and zapping insects without the use of chemicals. Therefore, once having it in your room, no more mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects. Additionally, the lamp kills insects instantly hence no chance of escaping. Fitted with bulbs emitting 365nm UV light, it attracts a lot of insects. Thus, it creates a great ability to kill most insects.

The compact and lightweight ensures hanging the lamp is simple. It comes with a chain that helps to hang the zapper without stress. Due to its versatile nature, the lamp is ideal for indoors and outdoors. Also, it fits industrial and domestic use due to the ability to cover a large area. Despite the ability to kill bugs, the lamp has energy-efficient 20W bulbs. Apart from hanging, the trap is also ideal for placing on the ground and comes with replicable bulbs.


  • Versatile placement
  • Sleek design
  • Noise and odor-free operation


  • Heavier than rivals

7. Mosquit Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap

Mosquit Indoor Outdoor Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap

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Mosquit bug zapper offers an efficient way to kill different insects efficiently. The compact and high performing lamp uses a safe mechanism to eliminate bugs. Therefore, once indoors or relaxing outdoors, the zapper is highly reliable. With high voltage action, the lamp delivers 100-240 volts that kill insects install. Apart from powerful killing ability, the lamp has optimized UV wavelength; it attracts most of the insects hence increasing efficiency in elimination.

The safety operation and application make the lamp great for use anywhere at home. Whether bedroom, living room, and other places, the lamp is highly efficient and safe. With compact and portable design, it’s easy to carry this lamp to your lamp whenever you go. With insect collection tray on the bottom, the bug zapper is exceptional. The multifaceted design ensures there is excellent energy utilization. It works quietly and provides increase safety to prevent kids and other people from touching the bulbs.


  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Light and highly portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for large spaces

6. Livin’ Well Mosquito Insect Zapper Outdoor Trap

Livin’ Well Mosquito Insect Zapper Outdoor Trap

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Insects are a nuisance and can cause itchy bites. Especially, mosquitoes are dangerous and cause malaria. But, now you can kill mosquitoes and other insects safely without using harmful chemicals. Livin’ Well insect zapper creates a great way to eradicate all flying bugs without stress. It is quiet and doesn’t cause nuisance noise, which can disrupt your sleep. With indoor and outdoor applications, the lamp is energy efficient and superb for insect zapping.

Fitted with 18W UV lights, they are great in inviting insects. The 4000V insect killer trap boasts high efficiency. This kills any insect instantly. Additionally, the galvanized steel insect zapper is perfect for eliminating every insect without missing. The triple mosquito control ensures there is no more guesswork dealing with insects. With a durable performance, the lamp lasts more than 8000 hours hence great for more than summer. With this trap, it is suited for areas up to 1500 sq feet.


  • Long-lasting than rivals
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long power cord


  • Less efficient outdoor

5. BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper Insect Control Electric Trap

BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper Insect Control Electric Trap

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Black+Decker electric insect trap is the way to and enjoys bug-free living. Unlike other traps, this attracts and kills insects effortlessly. Therefore, instead of relying on ineffective and harmful methods, this lamp has superb efficiency. The integrated hanging loop is excellent for keeping the lamp safely mounted on the ceiling. With its compact design, the trap is ideal for 625 square feet. Therefore, it’s great for most homes and offices.

The versatile action helps in improving the zapper’s efficiency. With light and insect zapping trap, there is great efficiency. Additionally, the highly visible UV light by insects helps in attracting them from even corners of the house. Apart from hanging the lamp, it delivers exceptional stability when placed on the table or flat platform. The guarding grill is ideal when it comes to keeping the user safe, especially kids. For easy cleaning and clog-free performance, the lamp comes with a removable tray.


  • 2-way operation
  • Simple to clean and collect
  • Innovative design
  • Versatile mounting


  • Short power cords

4. Tiabo Electronics Pest Killer Zapper Trap

Tiabo Electronics Pest Killer Zapper Trap

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Tiabo zap killer is a modern way to eliminate bugs from your home. It’s an electronic bug zapper with high efficiency and reliability. In fact, the sleekly made trap adds a great look while killing the most flying bugs in your house. Whether its flies, bees, or wasps and mosquitos. The lamp is perfected to attract ad kill. Actually, the UV light attracts that ensure most bugs are attracted to the lamp hence superb elimination.

Without the need to use chemicals that can cause strong smells or residue effects. The full enclosed metal filter which keeps kids from accessing the trap, which can cause injuries. The trap is robust and efficient in eliminating insects in a broad area. With easy to use, the trap is just plugged, which ensures there is no complicated process. Above all, the zapper is UL, and EPA approved.


  • Sleekly designed
  • A fully enclosed metal grid
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Ineffective for crawling insects

3. AsisNai Electric Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

AsisNai Electric Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

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The AsisNai Electric Bug Zapper is a high-quality Mosquito Killer that you will find ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is an affordable alternative to sticky flypaper, sprays and other chemicals to remove horse flies, spiders, bees, mosquitoes, flies and other bugs from your life. You just need to keep the Bug Zapper in easy reach place and switch it on, and there will be no more sleepless nights ruined by flies.

This Bug Zapper looks like a tennis racket making it an efficient tool, ready for use. It is 19 x 8 inches in size, and it is also capable of killing even the large cockroaches. Moreover, it is made of high-quality ABS Plastic materials for durability. Lastly, this item is extremely comfortable to use.


  • Measures 19 x 8 inches in size
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made of durable abs plastic materials
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Powered by 2aa carbon batteries


  • The replacement cost of batteries adds up over time

2. LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer

LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer

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The ability to get rid of bugs and other stressing insects requires an effective elimination method. The LiBa bag zapping trap is one of the ultimate choices to keep your home free from flying insects. Designed with an effective way of eliminating mechanism, the trap offers high reliability than other means. By using electronic means to kill insects, the lamp allows high safety to your family. There are no chemicals added to make this trap efficient. Thus, it’s superb for people and the environment.

The 365 nm UV light is designed to attract insects easily. Thus, once operating, it has a great ability to attract most insects. Additionally, the 2800V grid is fantastic and eliminates any insect that comes into contact. The fitted chain is ideal for hanging the lamp easily without adding. Everything in his bug zapper is scientifically designed and made to deliver the best insect-killing efficiency.


  • Scientific design
  • Inbuilt hanging chain
  • High voltage zapping grid


  • Not for small flies

1. Elucto Electric Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito

Elucto Electric Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito

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Elucto bug zapper is one of the unique and reliable traps for pests. Unlike other zappers, this features a battery-operated design, which creates great versatility and manoeuvrability. Thus when having an outdoor event, it’s great to keep flying bugs away. With swinging action, it helps to trap as many insects as possible. Therefore, it ensures you can access even the extreme corners. Additionally, the compact nature eliminates the bulkiness as with other larger units.

Besides zapping the insects, the trap has a comfortable handle. Thus, when using it, no struggles to manoeuvres around insect-infested places. With a handy button, there are no struggles when operation this fly swatter. Additionally, the portable nature and battery-operated operation make the trap suitable for indoors and when camping.


  • Highly portable
  • Battery operated
  • Comfortable handle


  • Needs more power


The ideal bug zapper ensures everyone enjoys safe and insect free relaxation. They are free from toxic chemicals and odors. With the electronic killing mechanism, they are ecofriendly and highly reliable to eliminate most of the flying insects. Thus, to live a bug-free life, these insect zappers are the way to go.

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