Top 10 Best Kids Study Tables in 2020 – Reviews


Providing kids with an ideal study station entail different items. Instead of kids using regular desks and tables, there are ones dedicated to small children. In fact, kids study tables are dedicated to allow comfort. Also, they come with additional features that facilitate smooth studying. Depending on the kid’s age, there are tables dedicated to provide the best genomics and comfort. Amazingly, some of the kid furniture are created with versatility. Therefore, as the kids grow, the furniture can be adjusted.

Although some of the tables are designed for different ages, ideally sized for kids is vital. This creates a comfortable platform where kids can enjoy studying without encountering fatigue and other discomforts. Like other furniture, these sets for kids are available in different materials. But mostly, wood is common since its stable and offers reliable and robust stability. For the comfort of kids when studying, every parent needs these tables reviewed below.

Kids Study Tables Buying Guide

  • Structure: The structure of every furniture needs to be strong. Although many people might kids furniture doesn’t need to strong like regular ones, they are worth it. This is because children tend to be prayerful, and weak tables can risk their safety. Therefore you need to ensure structure, whether made from wood, steel, aluminum and plastic, is strong enough.
  • Adjustability: The ability to adjust seats and tables is vital. It gives kids perfect body anchoring without struggling. Just like in adults, kids, when sitting, requires proper back contouring. Otherwise, the wrong height can mess their backs, leading to problems. Adjustable height is essential since it allows for seats and tables to grow with kids.
  • Storage options: Although these aren’t mandatory, tables with extra storage areas are vital; they ensure kids can store their items neatly and safely. Therefore, some desks come fitted with drawers or shelves. Therefore, once kids aren’t using, they can store unused items on shelves or drawers. Although the drawers and extra shelves are mandatory, they are essential if present.

Best Kids Study Tables in 2020

10. Guidecraft Classic Kids Desk and Chair Set

Guidecraft Classic Kids Desk and Chair Set

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Guidecraft set of kids furniture is suited for keeping children comfortable. Whether for study or for spending free time, the desk provides ample space. The optimized size enables children to enjoy reading and other creative works. Designed with a large pinboard, kids can stick their creative work. Besides, the drawer is handy and helps to maintain the tabletop clean. Therefore, when kids aren’t using the desk, there is an easy way to store all items.

The backboard is designed with small holes. They are essential and lets users plug small electronics. Therefore, no hanging or lose power cord for neatness and safety. Besides the working bench, the desk comes with an extra storage shelf for keeping large items that can’t fit in the drawer. Besides, the comfortable chair ensures kids enjoy high ergonomics. The wood has white pain, which safe and free from lead and other banned substances.


  • Safe furniture paint
  • Large pinboard
  • Pull out drawer


  • Only fits one kid

9. BABY JOY Kids Desk & Chair Set

BABY JOY Kids Desk & Chair Set

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Kids deserve to have the best reading furniture. This set of desk and chair from Baby joy is highly crafted to guarantee a great experience. Unlike other furniture, these have an adjustable design. Therefore, they can be used by different kids smoothly. The seat and table have adjusting feet, which ensure they grow with your baby. Also, depending on the activity, parents can adjust these furniture to suit kid needs. Besides, the adjustable nature lets parents set the right height for comfort and economics.

The desktop is easy to adjust and features tilted design. It can tilt from 0-40 degrees hence great for keeping baby comfortable. With a large surface, the desktop fits even the largest kid books without stress. Therefore, whether it is drawing, sketching, and other activities, the desk is ideally suited for kids. The set is durable since the frame is steel made to offer strength and premium support.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Smart adjustable structure
  • Tiltable desktop


  • No drawers

8. labebe Wooden Activity Table Hedgehog Toddler Chair Set

labebe Wooden Activity Table Hedgehog Toddler Chair Set

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The Labebe hedgehog toddler chair set brings convenience to your home. The set consists of a large table and 2 chairs, which allows toddlers to have an enjoyable time. Whether it’s playing, drawing or toying, the table is large and sturdy. There is excellent safety as the chair and table are made from a sturdy wood frame. Additionally, the sleek paintwork renders the table attractive to toddlers. Unlike other tables, this offers ample space for 2 kids.

Assembling these chairs and tables is easy, and every parent can assemble quickly. Unlike others, this has screws that require you only screwdriver to fix it. They are superb and allows your kids to grow without experiencing discomfort. Besides support, the variation of colors used ensures they are educative to kids. Above all, they are perfected to suit kids up to 5 years.


  • Simple assembling
  • Sleek multicolor paint
  • Versatile application


  • Not adjustable

7. ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43″ Height Adjustable Study Desk

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Height Adjustable Study Desk

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Adding the right desk for kids at home improves comfort and productivity. The ApexDesk little Soleil is a set of kid furniture designed for children. They are professionally made to give your home a sleek look as well as reliability. Featuring 2nd generation Soleil series desk and chair, they are adjustable. Therefore, the fast-growing kids never struggle when using this desk and chair. The desk can raise from 21 to 31 inches hence keeping little ones comfortable.

The sturdy frame is reliable and keeps kids safe. With metallic stricture, it is durable and boasts a sturdy frame. Each leg has an independent lever, which keeps the desk simple to customize the size. The top has an adjustable design to improve overall kids’ comfort. Additionally, with integrated drawer, it is now possible to get rid of unwanted items from the desktop. The top features scratch-resistant materials that guarantee high durability. Rubberized feet are efficient for protecting the floor as well as slip protection.


  • Slip-resistant rubber feet enhancement
  • Built-in adjustment levers
  • Anti-scratch top surface


  • Highly-priced

6. AmazonBasics Kids Solid Wood Table & 2 Chair Set

AmazonBasics Kids Solid Wood Table & 2 Chair Set

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As you plan to give your kids the right studying and playing place, the right furniture is paramount. The AmazonBasics wood table and chairs for kids are the right options to add. These comprise of table and chairs made from sturdy wood. Also, the natural look keeps the kids’ area looking awesome. The high versatility allows this furniture to be ideal for playing, studying ad other activities. Therefore, even for bigger kids, they can use the furniture without issues.

The durable wood with a natural finish adds perfect décor to every room. Clear finish ensures wood remains clean for a long time. The double seats are super since your kids enjoy comfortable uniform looking chairs. Unlike metallic feet, wood is safe and doesn’t cause scratches to floors or markings. The frame and design ensure there is high stability with this set of furniture.


  • Natural wood finish
  • Extra stable frame
  • Large desktop


  • Chairs and table not adjustable

5. Mecor Adjustable Kids Study Table and Chair

Mecor Adjustable Kids Study Table and Chair

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Mecor study kids’ furniture brings comfort and relaxation to every home. This is a set of advanced made set with great performance. Unlike other desks, this offers an integrated lamp with 3 brightness levels. This ensures kids can enjoy reading even at night without requiring extra lighting. With a simple light adjustment, the lamp is excellent and helps kids to enjoy natural light illumination. Besides, the adjustable nature keeps kids comfortable and enjoying this desk.

The desk and chair have an adjustable height that helps to grow with kids. As a result, the furniture can be used by kids ranging from 3 to 15 years. Apart from height adjustment, the desktop is designed to be tiltable from0-40 degrees. It creates a customized platform where kids can enjoy perfect orientation and ergonomic sitting. Apart from the tilting desktop, it has an embedded drawer for increased space. Despite the complex look, the desk and table are super easy to assemble.


  • Super quick assembling
  • Tilting desktop
  • Integrated desk lamp


  • The lamp isn’t replaceable

4. B toys Kids Furniture Set with 1 Craft Table & 2 Chairs

B toys Kids Furniture Set with 1 Craft Table & 2 Chairs

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Adding comfortable furniture for kids helps them to study with great peace of mind. With this set of 2 kids’ chairs and tables, there no more hard times for kids. They are simple looking but highly reliable furniture. With comfortable chairs, they are made from a different material. Amazingly, the chairs have wooden feet that provide excellent stability and strength. The furniture offers a unique area for relaxation, studying as well as studying. This is due to the large table and dual seats.

The seat and table tops are made from durable and hard to scratch materials. Therefore even for playful kids, they enjoy using it without inflicting scratches to the tabletop. Cleaning is also since a damp cloth is enough to wipe it clean. With an extra-large table, it can accommodate 4 kids comfortably. With super-easy assembling, the furniture set is ready within a short time.


  • Quick and simple assembling
  • Stable wood legs
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Toolless assembling


  • Hard to remove crayon markers

3. AmazonBasics Wood Table and 4 Chair Set for Kids

AmazonBasics Wood Table and 4 Chair Set for Kids

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This set of furniture for kids by AmazonBasics consists of 4 chairs and a table. It’s a great set to put in kids playing areas. This is because the chairs and table are durably made and large. In fact, the table accommodates 4 chairs perfectly. Thus ensures kids have reliable and sturdy studying and playing platform. With perfect height and size, the set creates a great experience for small children.

The chairs, as well as tables, are made from durable wood. This creates a great way to enjoy the durability and maintaining high reliability. Amazingly, the chairs are decorated with different colors that are educative to small kids. These furniture are ideal for a playroom, table room and other places since they are highly versatile. Optimized height is excellent for ensuring kids get perfect comfort and study platform.


  • Versatile furniture placement
  • Durable wood frame
  • Right-sized height


  • Chairs, not height adjustable

2. VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk & Chair Set

VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk & Chair Set

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The Vivo children desk and chair offer improved experience. Boasting a modern design, the furniture set delivers excellent décor and strength. Unlike wood, these are built from sturdy steel and plastic. Therefore, even when cleaning, there are no more struggles. The table and chair have adjustable feet. Thus, parents can create a customized height, which prevents slouching. Also, when kids spend a long time in this study station, there is no risk of back pains and associated problems.

Due to the adjusting nature, the set is suitable for kids who are up to 10 years. Therefore, once you buy for year children, the chair and table grow with kids. With stable non-slip feet, there is superior reliability when you invest in this kid furniture set. Enhanced with large drawer, table ensures organization and neat desktop.


  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Large storage drawer
  • Tiltable desktop


  • Hard for kids to adjust

1. Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Kids Table & Chairs

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Kids Table & Chairs

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Melissa & Doug robust wood furniture set is a perfect one for kids. The seats and table are made from a stable structure, which creates excellent reliability. Unlike other furniture for children, these have the right height to deliver high reliability. The full wood construction ensures there are superior stability and strength. In fact, even assembling is simple; hence everyone can assemble without advanced tools.

The clear natural wood is sleek and doesn’t contain pants with lead. Therefore apart from keeping kids comfortable, the furniture helps to keep them safe from contaminants. With a large table, it allows for additional seats hence giving kids a reason to have good times together. The versatile nature of the table and seats render the whole set ideal for multiple uses. Unlike metallic feet, these are ideal for all types of floors without needing caps.


  • Natural wood finish
  • Safe for al floor
  • Ideal for different kid tasks


  • The table has no drawer


Kid study tables are vital and give little young comfort and ergonomic sitting. With a variety of features, these furniture are important and parents ought to choose the best. These featuring furniture sets ensure every kid gets the best study station.

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