Top 10 Best Leather Car Seat Covers in 2021 – Review


Give your car an inexpensive upgrade by covering your seats with a good leather seat cover. Leather has its way of making any car’s interior look good. It also feels good to the touch and helps keep you nice and comfortable as you ride or drive.

Using one of the top 10 best leather car seat covers in 2021 is the smart way to improve your car’s interior look. Plus, you a set cover that should last you a long time.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Leather Car Seat Cover

  • Construction Fabric: make sure it is durable, strong as well as easy to keep clean. The PU leather should meet all of these points
  • Cleaning: you want at least water and dirt resistance as well as pet hair protection. Washable is great but the bare minimum should be that these seat covers can be wiped clean
  • Coverage: make sure the car seat covers do not interfere with the safety features or other accessories already in your car. Also, get complete coverage to keep your cleanup work to a minimum
  • Color: that i sup to your preference and your car’s interior color. Go with the seat cover color that sets off your car’s interior and adds a touch of class.

Best Leather Car Seat Covers in 2021 – Review

10. JOJOHON Luxury PU Leather Auto Car Seat Cover

JOJOHON Luxury PU Leather Auto Car Seat Cover

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Get full interior car seat protection with this PU leather seat cover set. It will cover up to 5 seats and make sure your car’s interior remains its best. The easy to install seat covers should only take you a few minutes to put on. Just make sure to follow the directions carefully.

Plus, the spongy feel to the leather seat covers ensures that you get comfort as well as durability. Also, they are compatible with a variety of car makers and models. Their easy to keep clean construction should have messes cleaned up in no time.


  • Tough PU leather construction material
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Compatible with numerous car models and makers
  • Comfortable and looks good

9. ANKIV FULL SET Universal Fit Car Seat Cover

ANKIV FULL SET Universal Fit Car Seat Cover

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Besides covering all 5 seats in your car, you get a fierce look with this black PU leather, rayon and cotton seat cover set. Plus, if you do not want black, you can get these seat covers in a variety of colors and color highlights to further enhance your car’s interior.

Also, the eco-friendly material is durable, strong and easy to keep looking nice and good. Its stain resistant nature makes sure you can use these seat covers for years. For added comfort, these sea covers come with 4 pillows. Rest your head and back while you ride.


  • Stain resistant properties
  • 4 included pillows
  • Eco-friendly material
  • A variety of colors to choose from

8. CAR PASS Universal FIT Piping Leather Car Seat Cover

CAR PASS Universal FIT Piping Leather Car Seat Cover

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Keep your car’s interior looking new with this PU leather car seat cover set. The protected look will add value to your car when you go to resell it. After your purchase, you will find that this set covers just about everything in your car’s interior, including head rests.

Also, the zipper closures make sure you can fit these seat covers over your seats as well as work your way around your cars built-in features. Plus, the wrinkle resistant leather is completely washable. Keeping your car’s interior germ free and looking good is not a difficult task.


  • Wrinkle resistant fabric
  • Easy to wash and keep germ free
  • Zipper closures for easy installation
  • Classy look

7. SunluWay Universal PU Leather Car Seat Cover

SunluWay Universal PU Leather Car Seat Cover

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The bright blue color highlights add a little spark to your car’s interior. Then with their universal compatibility it doesn’t matter what car you own. You can spice up your car’s interior in minutes. Elastic straps make installation a snap.

Pus, the included pillows allow you to rest on long road trips in comfort and style. Your head and back should get the support they need when you lay back on these pillows. In addition to these features, you also get small pockets to hold needed tiny items. Convenience, looks, and comfort add up to a great looking car interior and ride.


  • Color highlights for added eye appeal
  • Easy installation using elastic straps
  • Small storage pockets
  • Included pillows for support & comfort

6. Fly5D Universal PU Leather Car Seat Cover

Fly5D Universal PU Leather Car Seat Cover

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With 9 pieces at your disposal, you can cover 5 seats in your BMW, Honda or Toyota. Then the 4 included pillows add a little comfort to your driving time. After adding this seat cover set to your vehicle, you are preserving some of your car’s resale value.

In addition to this, you get anti-static, anti-bacterial, and water proof protection. The PU leather is designed to make sure your car remains protected while it is on duty. Plus, you get a soft, spongy texture that adds comfort to your already comfortable car seats. These seat covers will work on other car models besides those three.


  • Comfortable and soft fabric
  • 9-piece set
  • Static and bacteria protection
  • Waterproof and pillows included

5. FH Group Leatherette Car Seat Cushions

FH Group Leatherette Car Seat Cushions

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Combining the durability of leather with the breath-ability of mesh means that you get comfort without overheating. That is a good feature on a hot day. Plus, with the non-slip back material, these seat covers should stay where you put them.

Also, their design won’t interfere with any air bag deployment. You are safe as well as comfortable.  The extra thick padding makes sure you are not uncomfortable while you drive or sit. Easy to keep clean and machine washable makes this car seat cover a good option. Your car’s interior will be enhanced by its new look and protective seat covers.


  • Thick padding for comfortable sitting
  • Doesn’t interfere with your air bags
  • Breathable mesh
  • Leather durability

4. Amooca Luxurious Universal Full Set Car Seat Cushion Cover

Amooca Luxurious Universal Full Set Car Seat Cushion Cover

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With its wide range and universal compatibility, you can match this car seat cover with your current car’s interior. The added padding should make any car ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Then the 6 pieces should cover all your seats with ease.

Plus, these leather seats are easy to clean, and should be spill resistant. The good feature of these car seats is that they protect the value of your car and keep the original interior looking new. Soft to the touch, you should be able to choose from 4 different colors to match your car’s interior look.


  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Universal compatibility
  • Leather durability and spill protection

3. Amooca VTI Universal Car Seat Cushion Cover

Amooca VTI Universal Car Seat Cushion Cover

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Enhance your car’s interior look with this nicely colored and woven look car seat cover. It will spruce up your car’s interior and provide it with a classy look. After you get over how good these car seat covers look, you can use the 10 pieces to cover 5 seats.

Plus, you shouldn’t have any trouble using your backseat seat belts once you installed these seat covers. One drawback is that you may not get installation instructions. 4 pillows complete the kit and provide you with a little extra support when you are in the car.


  • Backseat seat belt compatible
  • 4 pillows included
  • 10 pieces in total
  • Great look

2. Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

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Some people like traveling with their canine friend. These seat covers protect against pet hair build-up. Plus, they help keep mud and water off your original seats. Then the quilted look adds a little padding to your seat and back as you drive or ride in your car.

Also, the construction material works to heat build-up to a minimum and the non-slip backing holds the covers in place. Cleaning is simple and easy You can use a damp cloth or your vacuum cleaner to tidy the seat covers up. Elastic and plastic buckles also hold these seat covers where you placed them.


  • Elastic and plastic buckle holders
  • Little heat build-up
  • Non-slip backing
  • Protects against pet hair

1. FH Group PU Leather Car Seat Covers

FH Group PU Leather Car Seat Covers

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With the multiple pieces included in this set, you can cover your seats and head rests with ease. Plus, its universal compatibility lets you cover any car you already own without buying a new set of covers. Then the leather fabric helps enhance and upgrade your car’s interior look.

Also, cleaning is not an issue as these seat covers can be wiped clean. Accidents are no problem with these seat covers on the job. Once you take them out of their package, the installation process is simple and easy. Velcro is used to make installation fast as well.


  • Velcro closures
  • Simple to wipe clean
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to install

Some Final Words

Keeping your car’s resale value high and your interior seats clean is not a problem. One of the top 10 best leather car seat covers in 2021 can make sure your original car seats remain in tip top shape.

They are easy to put on and are easy to keep nice and clean. Upgrade your car’s interior look with one of the best car seat covers on the market today.

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