Top 10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2023 – Reviews

Parking at night can be a nightmare since visibility is inadequate in unlighted parking lots. Whether it’s home or public parking lots, they need to have ample lighting to give drivers easy parking and improved security. Installing lights is one way to ensure beauty and safety in every parking lot. Unlike the earlier days, today we have LED lights that are bright and cuts the overall energy consumption hence low annual bills.

Depending on the size of the parking, it will prompt the owners to determine the number and size of lights to install. Since most of the LED lamps have a high light capacity, it means fewer lamps are needed in a lot. For the best LED parking lot lights, these reviewed in this list makes an excellent pick for home and public uses.

Best LED Parking Lot Lights Buying Guide

  • WattageThe wattage is one of the crucial when you are considering light and energy usage. Typically, light with higher wattage delivers more light. However, for LED lights, they have lower wattage compared to the traditional halogen lamps. For perfect lighting, always chose a lamp with less wattage but the highest lumens.
  • ConstructionThe construction is another case that people should check. Since most of the parking lot lamps are outdoors, the structure should be durable and reliable. Usually, most of the parking street lights are created from aluminum housing. The design is aimed at keeping the lamp as cool as possible. Also, waterproof design is ideal for ensuring the light is suitable for all seasons without suffering damage.
  • Number of lumens:The number of lumens is the total visible light output. For many of the LED lights, the number of chips and wattage are the main factors that determine the number of lumens. The higher the rating the bright the lamp will be. Generally, LED lights come with higher lumens compared to traditional bulbs of the same wattage.
  • Ease of mounting: There is a need to have an easy to install the light. Since installation can add extra cost, easy to mount ensures you can easily fit it without needing a technician. Usually, a lamp with installation accessories allows smooth installation without the additional cost of buying fixing hardware.

Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2021


10. KCCCT led Parking lot Street Light

KCCCT led Parking lot Street Light

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When you need a versatile light, this one by KCCCT is a right deal. It’s a high intensity led light that can be installed in parking lots, as well as stadiums. The lamp is highly energy efficient and long lasting since it has minimal heat generation. Rated 150W, it has pronounced light output whereby the lamp produces 135 lumens per watt. As a result, it offers extensive area lighting at a minimal energy cost.

For efficient lighting, the lamp is fitted with dimming ability. The inbuilt sensors ensure this parking lamp has optimal light output in dusk or dawn. Also, the sensors enable automatic on and off during the night and day respectively. The LEDs used are exceptionally durable with this lamp having 50,000 hours lifespan. With waterproof designed housing, it remains active whether summer or winters.


  • Extra durable LEDs
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 90 degrees adjustable head


  • The lamp has no photocells

9.​​ AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights Shoebox Pole Light 5000K, 450W

AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights Shoebox Pole Light 5000K, 450W

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Whether looking for replacement parking light or new installation, AntLux LED light is a correct choice. It’s one of the brightest parking lot lamps available without consuming a lot of power. In fact, it has 18,600 lumens which make the parking areas as bright like a daytime. Despite the high light output, the lamp dramatically cuts bills by 75%. In connection to this, it also helps to conserve the environment. With photocells includes, it’s a good lamp that turns On/Off automatically.

The broad application makes the lamp perfect for various places. Especially outdoors, it is an ideal lamp for parking lots, roadways, pastures among others. Due to the slim constructed body, the light has exceptional heat dissipation. Also, installation is efficient since it can fit in a round and square poles. Therefore, it’s a good choice for replacing your incandescent lamps.


  • Round and square poles compatible
  • Wide applications
  • Exceptionally low energy usage


  • None

8. LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light 150W

LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light 150W

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Nothing is fantastic like a lighted up parking lot. It improves the overall security and eases parking at night. The Leonlite LED parking lot lamp is one of the best options available. Created by experts, it has all qualities to ensure it last and offers superb illumination. Featuring heavy-duty cast aluminum body, it protects the delicate LEDs from heating up. Also, the weatherproof design makes it superb for all season application. The excellent construction and premium materials give it over 50,000 lighting hours.

For proper light projection, this lamp is adjustable -90 to +90 degrees. As a result, it’s suited to various places without experiencing poor lighting. Rated 150 W, the light is efficient and delivers 18,000 lumens that take 450W in regular incandescent lamps to offer. With DCL and ETL listing, it’s a reliable and safe lamp to have in any parking lot.


  • All weather design
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Automatic On/Off photocell


  • Not dimmable

7. EverWatt 150W Waterproof LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light with Photocell Sensor

EverWatt 150W Waterproof LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light with Photocell Sensor

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Large parking areas require more powerful lights. But, don’t let the lighting drain your resources due to high annual bills. With this 150 W waterproof led light by EverWatt, it delivers exceptional brightness. With the ability to produce 20,500 lumens, it means bright light and fewer energy requirements. Fitted with some of the top performing led chips, they are incredible and last for 150,000 hours. This cuts further reduces replacement cost unlike when using metal halide lamps.

When installing this light, it is easy, and no technician is required. On the other hand, the fitted photocell is simple to turn On/Off. This renders the lamp automatic or manually lighted. The lamp delivers daylight lighting since it has 5000K. Due to this it to offer extra bright light for proper illumination. Unlike other lights, this is extra weatherproof and is rated IPX67.


  • Brighter than most rivals
  • Inbuilt surge protector
  • Simple to install


  • Short screws for large poles

6. Dephen NextGen II LED Parking Lot Lights 20

Dephen NextGen II LED Parking Lot Lights 20

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The Dephen nextgen light is a revolutionary lamp for parking that is doing wonders. Designed for commercial outdoor application, it has heavy-duty housing. In fact, with an IP65 rating, it can work during summers, and winters without experiencing water damage. The high-efficiency Philips LEDs are energy saving and reliable to last for thousands of hours. Despite 70% energy saving, the light delivers staggering 20,500 lumens.

The classic design keeps the light performing excellently. There is no overheating while the body enjoys a streamlines design. This eliminates wind resistance while also enabling excellent water flow. With an adjustable head, it allows positioning which is great for projecting the light. Fitted with a photocell, it helps in minimizing wastage due to automatic On and Off. Above all, this equipment is coated with a plastic film which enables it last without corrosion and rusting.


  • Plastic coated exterior
  • Sleek and streamlined design
  • Highly flexible


  • A bit bulky

5. RuggedGrade 450W LED NextGen Parking Lot Light

RuggedGrade 450W LED NextGen Parking Lot Light

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When you want to upgrade your parking lot lighting, efficient lamps are the solution. This RuggedGrade LED light is highly reliable and bright to illuminate any parking lot and other outdoor areas. Utilizing new Phillips Luxeon LEDs, they are exceptionally low energy consuming. Furthermore, with 130 Lumens per watts, the lamp offers 60,000 lumens while requiring only 450 Watts. The rugged design allows the light to withstand all outdoor conditions all the times. Thereby, you can fit it in your parking without worrying about element damage.

For everyone to enjoy reduced cost and time saving, the light is simple to mount. It’s provided with all accessories which give it easy mounting. With lamp having 100,000 LEDs, they save users from constant changing like regular bulbs. Also, high tech aluminum housing reduces heating thereby, improving the LED chips lifespan.


  • Rugged body construction
  • Remarkably long lasting LEDs
  • Lighter than other lamps


  • Highly Priced

4. Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Street Lights, Shoebox Pole Light

Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Street Lights, Shoebox Pole Light

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The Hyperikon street parking lot light is an outstanding way to solve your lighting need. Perfectly suited for outdoor installation, it has durable and sturdy construction. Unlike other halogen metal lights, this has bright light and less power need. In fact, with only 200W, it delivers 24,000 lumens. Also, a wide light beam, 150 degrees, give it a broad area illumination. The soft and bright light is classic for preventing glares and flickering.

Fitted with photocells, it means reduced energy wastage especially when the lamp isn’t in use. This gives it automatically on and off through sensing ambient light. Slim body is created to minimize bulkiness while also maximizing heat dissipation. For easy installation, the lamp comes with a wired fixture as well as all installation accessories. Above all, with 45,000 hours lifespan, it eliminates the need for constant replacement.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Latest technology LEDs
  • Extra wide illumination angle


  • Hard to fix for some people

3. STASUN LED Flood Light 300W 27000lm LED Outdoor Security Lights

STASUN LED Flood Light 300W 27000lm LED Outdoor Security Lights

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Give your parking a stunning new look and security by updating lighting. This 300 watts LED lamp by Stasun is capable and has exceptional engineering. In fact, the unique design gives it extra wide 330 lighting angle than most of the lights available. The wide-angle combines with 27,000 lumens output to ensure your intended lighting area is entirely illuminated. Also, the lamp is shadowless which make it ideal for seamless lighting and improved security

For efficiently and durability of LEDs, the body features die-cast aluminum. The PC lens helps to offer clear illumination without foggy appearance due to action by weather elements. With a span of 50,000 hours, they give undisputed reliability and reduces energy and replacement cost. The IP65 rating allows this lamp to be ideal for most of the outdoor applications.


  • Adjustable independent panels
  • Shadow-free illumination
  • Finned heat sinks
  • Optical PC lenses


  • Frame is heavy

2. LEDMO LED 120W LED Lights 5000K 15840Lm LED Commercial and Industrial LED Light

LEDMO LED 120W LED Lights 5000K 15840Lm LED Commercial and Industrial LED Light

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Installing energy efficient lamps in parking lots helps to save substantial bills. That is why LED light is an essential consideration. This one by Ledmo is a versatile and reliable light. Ideal for industrial and commercial use, it means many people can use it and install it easier than most lamps. In fact, this has easy wall installation which impressive feature. On the other hand, with 120W rating, it delivers equivalent to 850W halogen floodlight light.

You don’t need to be an expert to fix this lamp. Instead, it comes with all components which ensure only 15 minutes are enough to install it. Unlike fluorescent tubes, the light has no toxic mercury gas. Above all, the structure is sturdy and leak-proof due to silicone gaskets. Ledmo led light is rated IP65 to thus excellent waterproofing.


  • Versatile installation surfaces
  • Less maintenance
  • Metal housing


  • Short installation wires

1. LEDMO 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

LEDMO 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

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How are you planning to light up your parking lot? Don’t let halogen lamps drain your pocket through high bills. This 26,000 lumens parking street light by Ledmo helps everyone to get unmatched lighting. Convenience when using this light is outstanding due to dusk to dawn fitted photocell. For reduced light, this lamp has a hollow out heat sink that enables it to save weight and eliminate bulkiness.

There is no more every month parking lot light replacement. This has high capacity LEDs they are durable for years. Requiring only 200 watts, it cuts energy used dramatically saving your pocket and the environment. The construction ensures there is adequate eye protection since there is no flickering and glare. With head adjustable, it is easy to project light the required spots.


  • Shatter resistant design
  • Extra light housing
  • Rust resistant


  • Can be tricky to fix on some sockets


Parking lots safety at night is significantly boosted when there is proper lighting. With LED lights, it is possible to illuminate and save you hiked bills. These reviewed parking lots LED lights are reliable and versatile ways to light up parking and other places.

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