Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2021 – Reviews


Screen doors are important for keeping away insects, sun rays and others. In most cases, these doors are available for different conditions. They can be used for storms as well as warm climates. There many styles of these type of doors. However, magnetic screen doors are some of the ideal ways to keep the interior safe from a variety of elements.

There are different types of screen doors. Therefore, your choice should be fitting in the door and easy to use. Mostly screen doors are important in keeping out insects, control pets and other functions. For the best magnetic screen doors, these listed sections are perfect for every home.

Magnetic Screen Doors Buying Guide

When you are getting a screen door, there are different options on the market. To get the best magnetic screen doors, some check the following list for some tips to look.

  • Measure Your Door Size: There are many sizes available on screen doors. Measuring your door is vital in ensuring the right choice. A right door panel should fit perfectly to give a complete sealing. However, wrong size can compromise the poor performance. Especially, smaller versions or oversize designed can leave gaps that act as an entry point for bugs and insects.
  • Number and Quality of Magnets: The number of magnetic fitted in a screen door are vital in ensuring it can close efficiently. Unlike the Velcro enhanced doors, magnets are superb since they provide hands-free operations. The number of magnets varies from one screen door brand to another. Moreover, check on the quality of magnets. Cheap ones are prone to breaking which can be the source of inconveniences.
  • Door Construction Materials: The construction of the screen doors matters in terms of durability and performance. Different materials such as nylon, fiberglass, and others are common. They have different performance and durability. However, fiberglass has proven to be strong and durable than most of the other materials.
  • Ease of Installation and Access: Installation is another critical operation that bothers users. For a smooth mounting, a screen door should have all the fitting features. Mostly, doors with loop and hook offer a perfect way to enjoy superb installation and removal during falls. Ideally, choose a door with the easiest mounting ability.

Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2021

10. Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door with Magnets with Mesh & Mosquito Screen

Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door with Magnets with Mesh & Mosquito Screen

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The Lazy Monk screen door is a versatile way to keep your entrance secure from insects. It’s a heavy duty mesh door with the ability to filter out bugs and insects without preventing air flow. In fact, the heavy-duty mesh is durable and resist damage by UV rays. Apart from the screening mesh, the door has 20 Velcro pipes that enable the door to remain intact even in windy days. Boasting 26 magnets, they are strong and ensures this screening door remains closed without additional effort.

The inbuilt weight at the bottom renders this door easy to use without affecting its installed structure. This means it returns automatically without leaving a room for bugs and other insects to get in. The installation is superbly easy to eliminate any technicality. This is a superb door that let you enjoy cool interior while keeping bugs out.


  • Simple installation mechanism
  • Inbuilt bottom weight
  • Pet and kids friendly


  • Doesn’t filter UV rays

9. Mkicesky 72″x80″ Magnetic Screen Door Durable Fiberglass Double Doors

Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door Durable Fiberglass Double Doors

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Enjoy perfect indoor protection from insects and debris by installing a screen door. The Mkicesky magnetic double doors are durable and sleek way to furnish French doors. They are manufactured from durable fiberglass which ensures there is great durability. Thereby, even when exposed to strong sun rays, they last for long. Moreover, the fiberglass is strong which ensures you can control pets and kids. Amazingly, the doors also allow pets and kids to move freely due to their sliding nature.

Keeping these doors closed are sewn in magnets. In fact, the edge reinforced magnets are designed to provide perfect closing and don’t get compromised by storms and strong winds. Unlike other cheap materials, the mesh is unbreakable meaning secure closure when controlling pet movement. Ease of installation is facilitated by reusable reinforces tapes. Therefore, you can fit and remove any time.


  • Indestructible fiberglass mesh
  • Hands-free sliding design
  • Ideal to control pet movements
  • Fire retardant materials


  • Doesn’t well in some doors

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8. TheFitLife Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Hook & Loop

TheFitLife Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Hook & Loop

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To avoid locking your doors always, the best way is investing in a screen door. TheFitLife magnetic mesh curtain is the ultimate way to keep interior safe from dust, bugs and other unwanted particles. Despite the ability to block small insects, the mesh is clear to facilitate easy light entry. Amazingly, the screen is great for summer hand easy to remove during winters. The mesh is superb in keeping mosquitoes out of your room.

The premium mesh is strong and stain resistant. As a result, one can enjoy keeping the screen door looking new without any hassle. The loop and hook, as well as magnets, make the curtain great and easy to close. Also, the magnetic closure ensures there are no holes which maximize the overall protection against bugs. With the ability to fit doors measuring 72 by 80 inches, it’s a great choice to keep the house safe without locking doors.


  • Ideal for large doors
  • Stain resistant mesh
  • Snap shuts automatically


  • Not easy to alter the size

7. MAGZO Fiberglass Sliding Door Mesh Curtain Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Fiberglass Sliding Door Mesh Curtain Magnetic Screen Door

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The Magzo fiberglass magnetic sliding screen door solves all the problems during the summer seasons. Instead of suffering from insects menace or keeping doors locks, a screening curtain is a superb way to solve this. Unlike other screen doors, this is available in different sizes. Thereby, it becomes simple to measure and find the best to fit your house. Moreover, the magic sticker with hasp design is windproof and ensures the door is perfectly fitted.

The heavy-duty mesh is sturdy to withstand extreme summer heat and UV rays damage. In fact, the fiberglass mesh is awesome in providing high reliability. Also, the materials are fireproof, and chemical corrosion resistant. The mesh has improved transmittance which offers better visibility. Magnetic closure enables pet and kids to use the doors with ease. For high reliability, the doors come with loop & hook to resist the wind action.


  • Powerful magnets
  • Fireproof fiberglass mesh
  • High transmittance


  • Develops holes quickly

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6. AUGO Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door

AUGO Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door

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The Augo self-sealing screen door is sleek and effective in keeping the insects away. The screen is effective in keeping the insects like bugs, and mosquitoes away from your house. Unlike closing doors, the screen is extra lightweight and efficient for keeping the room well aerated. Also, the mesh is light which enables people to see outside without opening the screen. For efficient closure, it has magnets running throughout the length for easy and efficient closing.

When you install this screen door, there is no worry about the ease of use by kids and pets. The doors are friendly and simple to operate without experiencing any difficulty. Due to the patent-pending design, the screen doors are perfect options for different places. No more unsafe materials as the mesh are made of polyester. Therefore, even after a long time of usage, the mesh doesn’t risk human health.


  • Tough polyester mesh
  • Free airflow
  • Extra-long magnetic strip


  • Less durable than fiberglass

5. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door

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This is another screen door from Magzo that is created to improve your indoors living. The door come with a fine mesh made from fiberglass. Therefore, it is easy to see outside without straining. This is due to improved transmittance which lets the users have a good view of outdoors. Unlike the polyester and nylon mesh, fiberglass has a good ability to resist fire, water, mold, and other destructive elements.

The screen door has no holes which is great in keeping away insects and large flying debris. Also, the hook and loop has design is windproof which is classic for keeping the door closed. Consequently, even when there is strong wind, the door doesn’t get blown away. Available for different door sizes, it is possible to get the right screen door for every user.


  • Reinforced fiberglass mesh
  • Smooth air movement
  • Fireproof and corrosion resistant


  • Cheap Velcro straps

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4. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain

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The Homit fiberglass mesh curtain offers one of the best ways to enjoy cool interior without bugs. The screen door is made with some of the premium fiberglass to ensure it’s powerful and offers indestructible performance. Besides the strong construction, the door has a magnetic enhancement which allows easy and quick closure. Unlike the Velcro and other closure mechanisms, this gives users excellent experiences. Also, the sewed in magnets are superb and brings great closure mechanism.

When mounted in your door, the curtain has fitted gravity sticks that are superb in preventing being blown by the wind. Additionally, the weights are great for enabling instant curtain closure. The ease of opening and closing renders it practical installation for efficient kid and pet entry without difficulties. Without hard edges, there is no noise and keep your house quiet even when there are a lot of activities.


  • Weighted bottom
  • Improved sealing
  • Simple to mount


  • Doesn’t block pet movement

3. Inspired Home Living Many Sizes Magnetic Screen Door

Inspired Home Living Many Sizes Magnetic Screen Door

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Don’t let the banging door compromise your relaxation at home. It’s time to install a screen door and enjoy a superb experience. The Inspired Home living magnetic screen door beings an improved way to secure entry point from insects and flying debris. Created from strong mesh, it doesn’t block the light entry. Additionally, the fitted loop and hook fastener, they ensure mounting this screen is simple and no technician is needed.

The 60gm fiberglass meshing used is tough and stronger compared to the light-duty polyester. Due to this, the panel closes easily and naturally without the need for extra weight. With reinforced edges, the screen door doesn’t fray or allow unwanted materials from getting into your house. High-quality and powerful magnets are reliable and never breaks, hence keeping the screen door efficient. Although the mesh is superbly strong, it keeps the room well aerated and lighted naturally.


  • Military grade fiberglass
  • Powerful and unbreakable magnets
  • Reinforced edges to avoid fraying


  • A bit expensive than others

2. Homitt Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook & Loop

Homitt Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Hook & Loop

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This Homitt heavy-duty magnetic door mesh curtain is one of the ways to boost safe interior. The mesh is crafted by experts to solve the bugs and other insects menace. Be it mosquitoes, or flies, it provides excellent filtering. The mesh is safe and uses antioxidant materials hence safe for use without causing health concerns. The fine mesh design is superb in keeping air flowing in while filtering the smallest insects. Therefore, you can use the door in your kid rooms or the main door.

Once you leave or enter, there are no inconveniences since the curtain has gravity sticks and magnetic enhancements. This means you can enjoy access to your door even when hands are fully occupied. The full frame hook and loop give the curtain extra easy installation. There are no tools or fixing tools needed.


  • Full frame loop and hook
  • Antioxidant construction materials
  • Human and pet-friendly


  • Polyester is weak than fiberglass

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1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

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The Flux Phenom is among the most reliable and superb door installation accessories. It helps in keeping the house free from debris and also ensure no constant door locking. Whether you want to install it in kids or main room door, it helps to prevent insects and other elements from getting into the house. Also, the mesh is fine enough to trap small particles while allowing sufficient air movement. Besides, the curtain is good for slowing the wind instead of locking the doors every time.

Opening and closing this screen door is like magic. It has center strap lined with magnets which allows it to close easily and hands-free. In fact, the 26 magnets fitted in this screen door gives it amazing strength to resist getting blown by the wind. Overall, the door is friendly to kid and pets hence no struggling when they won’t go out or enter the house.


  • Versatile installation
  • Hands-free entry
  • Effortless installation


  • Sticks to metallic doors


Magnetic screen doors are the right way to keep your door safe and free from insect and other unwanted elements. With the capability to eliminate bugs and flying debris, they are worth than opening and closing your door. With these screen doors, there is are no more banging doors.

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