Top 10 Best Makeup Brush Sets in 2021 – Reviews


Makeup brushes are a daily requirement for modern women. Regardless of their significance, finding the right ones can be quite an uphill task. I mean, the options available on the market are simply countless. And, sifting through each brand to identify the right ones can be quite arduous. So, how do you find the best makeup brush? Well, that’s where we come in! In this article. We shall walk you through some of the top brands, examine and test each, then come up with a list of the crème de la crèmes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Makeup Brush

  • The Price: Go for a fairly priced makeup brush set. I don’t advocate for those high priced brands. Neither do I advise you to pick the cheap flops. Just pick something reasonably priced but of good quality.
  • The Quality: The quality has always to be considered if at all one wants to achieve the desired goals. Check the bristles and the handle before making a purchase.
  • Number of Pieces: Of course, makeup brushes come in a set. So, you also have to consider the number of pieces in the kit before making a purchase.
    Why You Need a Makeup Brush:
  • For Easy Application: Given the fact that makeup brush kits come in a set of brushes, one can easily apply their different makeups with ease.
  • For Convenience: It’s always convenient when you can carry all your makeup tools when traveling. In fact, most of these kits will fit into the handbag for easy movement.

Best Makeup Brush Sets in 2021




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SEPHORA is a market leader in the manufacture of top-quality makeup brushes. This particular high-quality masterpiece boasts a set of eight top-grade brushes for cheeks, eyes and complexion. I mean, makeup brushes have special features which differentiate them from all other brushes. For instance, those meant for the eyes have special features which make them different from those designed for cheeks.

The set allows you to apply your favorite cosmetics in style and offers the much-needed convenience for traveling. So, whether you’re traveling or are just looking for a makeup brush kit for your home requirements, this is the right option.

Extra Features

  • Traveling is made easier thanks to the convenient packaging
  • The entire set contains brushes for all needs

9. da Vinci Cosmetics Series 4844 Classic Travel Brush Set with 7 Brushes

By: da Vinci Brushes

da Vinci Cosmetics Series 4844 Classic Travel Brush Set with 7 Brushes

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Who doesn’t know da Vinci? I guess no one! So, now that we all know da Vinci, there’s little to be said about this set of 7 brushes. Of course, it’s part of the 4844 classic series which is convenient for travel thanks to its excellent carrying package. The soft case comes with ties to secure the brushes and keep them away from harm. Again, the entire package is compact and great for travel. The short black handles spice up the experience by allowing one to apply their makeup with least hassle conveniently. Again, the price is also considerate.

Extra Features

  • It includes many series
  • The brushes are top-quality thus won’t break easily

8. MSQ Makeup Brushes 28pcs Beauty Brushes Sets


MSQ Makeup Brushes 28pcs Beauty Brushes Sets

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Have you been looking forward to purchasing a Beauty brush set that will flawlessly apply your makeup providing you a flawless look? MSQ Makeup Brushes are great for you. The set includes lip brushes, blush brushes, eyes shadow brush, and powder brush. They are perfect for cream, powder, and liquid, blending produce a beautiful face.

These brushes are made of high-quality synthetic hair that is soft and have a silky touch. What’s more, it has a natural wood handle that is mothproof and tightened for extremely long life. Comes with a 12-month warranty.

Extra Features

  • The brush is perfect for creams, liquid and powder makeup
  • They are super soft

7. EIGSHOW Makeup Brushes Aristocratic 8Pcs Makeup Brush Set


EIGSHOW Makeup Brushes Aristocratic 8Pcs Makeup Brush Set

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EIGSHOW Makeup Brushes are awesome and amazing.  They let you apply powder and cream products with absolute precision and maximum control. In addition to that, the brushes are not easily deformed while providing high definition and flawless finish.  These brushes are made with a high-quality copper ferrule and high-quality wood making them supple and durable. The set includes a portable top grade PU leather bag that can be carried anytime and anywhere.

The brushes include all the tools needed for eye shadow brush, Nasal shadow brush, contour brush, foundation brush, and daily make-up.  They also give you an incredible touch and feel.

Extra Features

  • The set of brushes is made for daily use
  • It is extremely functional and affordable

6. Luxley Beauty Professional magnetic white & pink rose gold full makeup brush set.

By: Luxley Beauty

Luxley Beauty Professional magnetic white & pink rose gold full makeup brush set.

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Luxley Beauty scoops the 6th position. This is a co-friendly designer set of makeup brushes. It’s ideal for those with sensitive skin as well as anyone who has issues with vegan. Of course, the brushes are cruelty-free which means that you won’t be having severe and uncalled-for reactions after using. This set features 11 top-quality brushes made from a premium quality magnetic material. Again, there’s a metallic stand to hold or organize your brushes so that you can apply your makeup with ease. Something else worth noting is the fact that each brush is made with soft and densely packed synthetic fibers for a great experience.

Extra Features

  • The great fibers offer high definition finishes
  • The versatile brushes come in all sizes
  • The large wooden handle offers an excellent grip

5. Morphe 30 Piece Master Studio Makeup Brush Set

By: Morphe

Morphe 30 Piece Master Studio Makeup Brush Set

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Everyone wants something luxurious but at an affordable price. Having the two can be quite an arduous task. I mean, getting something sophisticated and still sparing some bucks isn’t easy. However, with this Morphe set of 30 makeup brushes, you get sophistication for an affordable price. They boast superior quality and ensure that you get the perfect look you need. All the 30 pieces offer almost everything you need for a perfect makeup session. I mean, whether you need a brush for the cheeks, face, neck or eyes, there’s anything for all that. So, this set is a multi-purpose masterpiece. Whether it’s creams, foundation, powder, liquids or concealers, you can be sure to have something for all that.

Extra Features

  • The tough handle never breaks
  • The professional quality makeup kits make this a great tool for use.

4. Sigma Beauty Essential Kit – Mr. Bunny

By: Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty Essential Kit - Mr. Bunny

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Now onto the top three slots. And, opening the slots is the Sigma Beauty essential makeup brush kit. This is a set of 12 brushes which are professionally designed to offer great results for the users. First, the brushes come in an innovative and fully-functional container which is meant to secure them. Of course, the container also makes transportation and traveling easier. Again, the brushes stay organized and vegan-free for those with skin sensitivities.

Furthermore, the kit boasts an exclusive engineering feature which is developed to apply powder and cream products with ease evenly. The ultra-grade filaments offer outstanding softness and are designed to exhibit high chemical and heat resistance.

Extra Features

  • The patented brush is designed to offer high-level performance
  • Every brush handle boasts a lightweight and extra strength

3. Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Studio Line Luxury 24pc. Brush Set with Roll-Up Pouch

By: Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Studio Line Luxury 24pc. Brush Set with Roll-Up Pouch

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Bdellium Tools comes in on the 2nd position sparing only one slot for the top brand. Of course, the position itself tells a lot about this makeup brush kit. First, the kit features professionally designed brushes which are hand-made to offer a great performance. Something else, this is an eco-friendly and vegan-friendly set of brushes which guarantee outstanding results for any makeup enthusiast.

Extra Features

  • The brush kit is fairly priced.
  • There are 24 brushes which make makeup application easy.

2. SIXPLUS 15 Pieces Coffee Makeup Brush Set (coffee)


SIXPLUS 15 Pieces Coffee Makeup Brush Set (coffee)

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With a sleek and professional look, SIXPLUS Makeup Brush Set is a versatile kit to meet your every need. It has a total of 15 PCs that include 2PCs detail brush, 8PCs eye brushes and 5PCs facial brushes that are suitable for all skin types.  Despite their affordable price, this Set will always assist you to create charming makeup. In addition to that, the bristle is made of high-quality synthetic hair, horse and goat hair that does not cause irritation to your skin.

This set is ideal for both beginners and professional makeup artists. What’s more, every brush head is comfortable and soft to make them satisfying.  Comes with a multi-functional brush holder to ensure easy storage.

Extra features

  • Brushes are amazingly smooth and sturdy
  • Suitable for all skin types

1. Docolor 29Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

By: Docolor

Docolor 29Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

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Finally, Docolor wraps up our list by scooping the top-tier position. This is the best makeup brush set on the market this year. With 29 pieces, the set is ideal for anyone who likes proper and high definition finishes. For a natural beauty and authentic makeup which looks attractive, the kit is what you need.

The pony, sable and synthetic bristles offer a silky and soft touch which guarantee convenient wearing of makeup leaving one with a flawless skin. Of course, the brushes are easy to maintain and clean thus making them perfect for regular use. The exquisite handles make application a breeze while the luxurious carrying bag spice up the entire set.

Extra Features

  • They come at a reasonable price
  • The 29 pieces are perfectly designed

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best makeup brushes in 2021 might not be a cup of tea. In fact, it might take time before you find the right kit. However, with this list, which we have carefully selected, you can never go wrong. All you need to do is get something which is fair to your wallet and perfect for your makeup needs.

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