Top 10 Best Makeup Vanity Tables in 2021 – Reviews


Women like to look good before leaving the house. That is why having one of the top 10 best makeup vanity tables in 2021 on hand is so important. You can apply your make-up with ease and then check the mirror to make sure everything is in the right place.

When you have a top vanity table working with you, your outside look should be gorgeous. To look your best, you need the best vanity table on your side

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Vanity Table

  • Size: Larger is always better unless you do not have a lot of beauty products to put inside. Or if you do not have a lot of room in your home.
  • Mirror:  This is up to you. A tri-fold mirror provides you with a lot of reflective options while single mirrors can produce a larger image.
  • Drawers: The more the better and of course if you get free dividers that makes organizing your vanity a lot easier.
  • Seat: An included stool spares you the trouble of trying to find a matching seat. Go with the vanity that provides the seat for you.

Best Makeup Vanity Tables in 2021

10. Inspired Home Mirrored Vanity Table

By: Inspired Home

 Inspired Home Mirrored Vanity Table

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A flip-up mirror is part of the features that help you get your make up on just right. Underneath the mirror and the 2 side drawers, you get plenty of space to store all your needed beauty products. Plus, the top shelf can be for decorative items.

Plus, measuring roughly 47 by 18 by 31 inches in size, you get lots of room to work. Then its chrome finish may rival your gorgeous look. The polished chrome stands out and can make the vanity a featured piece in your bedroom. The stool is not included with your purchase.


• Lift up mirror
• 2 drawers for storage space
• Beautiful chrome finish
• Very roomy

9. BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror


BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror

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Keeping your make up away from your kids is one nice feature that comes with this vanity table. You can lock up the mirrored cabinet to make sure you do not lose any important makeup items.

Beside the mirror, you get 13 necklace holders, 24 stud earring spots and 51 earring holders. That is in addition to the 2 drawers and their different compartments. You stay organized with this vanity table set. Plus, the table measures in at approx. 31 by 16 by 50 inches, giving you lots of space to apply your makeup and accessories.


  • 2 compartmentalized drawers
  • Lots of organizing space
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Large size

8. Organizedlife White Vanity Dressing Table

By: Organizedlife

Organizedlife White Vanity Dressing Table

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Size doesn’t matter, as long as you have enough space to hold all your makeup and fashion accessories. This vanity table measures only 29 by 31 by 16 inches in size but it gives you a stool and lots of compartments to organize your make up.

Beside the compartments, you get 2 drawers and a lift up mirror with storage space underneath. Then the vanity top provides you with an area to place your make up while using it. The wood construction material is both solid and durable. It should hold up for years of daily and normal use.


  • 2 drawers
  • Lift up mirror with storage space
  • Solid wood construction
  • Lots of organizing space

7. Giantex Vanity Dressing Table

By: Giantex

Giantex Vanity Dressing Table

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A flip-up mirror is great when you need to protect it from damage when not in use. Once flipped up, you will find underneath the mirror lots of storage compartments. This helps you stay neat and tidy. Metal hinges provide the strength and durability the mirror needs to stay up.

Plus, you get 2 drawers to hold your other important vanity items. The wood desk is both strong and should last you a long time under normal use. When you are done fold the mirror back up and put decorative items back on top.


  • Lots of storage space under the mirror
  • Flip-up mirror for safety
  • 2 drawers
  • Wood construction

6. Giantex Bathroom Vanity Set

By: Giantex

Giantex Bathroom Vanity Set

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Solid wood legs on this vanity and stool set make sure you have the support you need while you sit and apply your make up. Then 4 drawers make sure you can hold all of your make up necessities and access them easily.

Also, one good feature is the tri-fold mirror. You get lots of mirror space then when not in use, you can fold it up to protect the glass. Measuring approx. 58 by 30 by 16 inches in size, you get a lot of vanity for an inexpensive price. In addition, you can use the vanity as a personal writing desk.


  • 4 drawers
  • Tri-fold mirror
  • Solid wood construction
  • Stool is included

5. Mecor Vanity Makeup Table

By: Mecor

Mecor Vanity Makeup Table

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Take a step back in time with this vintage tri-fold circular mirror look. You can fold up the mirrors for protection when not using the vanity. Plus, you can upgrade the look of your room with its vintage look when unfolded.

Also, 7 drawers and a tiny top shelf provide you with all the organizational space you may need. The hardwood and MDF wood constructed vanity measures approx. 35 by 16 by 53 ½ inches in size. Some assembly is required when you bring this vanity home. Some good news is that the stool is included free of charge.


  • 7 drawers
  • 3 rounded mirrors that fold up
  • Free stool included
  • Classic vintage look

4. Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden Vanity

By: Roundhill

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden Vanity

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All wood constructed vanity and desk will enhance the décor of any bedroom. Its decorative touch also provides you with a tri-fold mirror giving you lots of reflective space to put your make up on. The soft bench cover should keep you comfortable as you work.

On top of those features, you get 4 drawers and a small top shelf to organize your beauty products. The 32 by 16 by 55-inch vanity provides you with a lot of top space to make sure you have the room you need to look your best. Just fold the mirror up for safe keeping.


  • Tri-fold mirror
  • Included added stool
  • 4 drawers and top shelf
  • Large size

3. SONGMICS Vanity Table Set


SONGMICS Vanity Table Set

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The round mirror does what a lot of other mirrors can’t do. It provides you with an uninterrupted view of your face. Besides this simple feature, you get a simple designed desk. It works for those who do not have a lot of makeup to put on or who like simple things.

Plus, it comes with two easy to open drawers to make sure you have the storage space you need to look your best. A padded stool with removable cover is also a part of your purchase. Just toss the cover in the wash to keep it clean. The vanity measures approx. 31 ½ by 16 by 52 inches in size.


  • Simple design
  • Padded stool included
  • 2 drawers
  • Round mirror

2. BEWISHOME Vanity Set With Mirror


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5 handy drawers make sure that you have a place for everything you need to look your best. Smaller drawers will hold the smaller beauty items while you can get larger beauty products inside the bigger drawers. Spaces on top of the smaller drawers can hold favorite photos.

On top of this, you can use the oblong, rectangular mirror to make sure you do not miss a spot on your face. If you need more space, the mirror can be removed for other activities. The all wood construction keeps the vanity durable and long lasting. The vanity measures approx. 54 by 32 by 16 inches in size.


  • Removable mirror
  • Soft comfortable stool
  • All wood construction
  • 5 drawers

1. Roundhill Furniture Ashley Wood Make-Up Vanity Table

By: Roundhill Furniture

Roundhill Furniture Ashley Wood Make-Up Vanity Table

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The round mirror gives you a great view of yourself from its vaulted position. You can see every spot on your face as you apply your make-up. Then turn to the 5 drawers to get those makeup items you to have that perfect look. The heavy-duty screws make sure the mirror stays in place for as long as you need to use it.

Also, you get a lot of room on top of the desk if you want to write letters or do other personal activities.. The approx. 32 by 16 by 53-inch vanity provides you with the room you need to handle all of your activities. Removable dividers let you decide how the drawers will look.


  • Removable dividers
  • 2 in 1 function
  • 5 drawers
  • Included comfortable stool

Some Final Words

Husbands can help their wives look their best by purchasing one of the top 10 best makeup vanity tables in 2021. Then they just stay out of the way while their wives perform their make-up magic.

Women can look their best when left alone to do what they need to do to look like they just walked off a fashion runway. These top-rated vanity tables provide you with lots of organizing space, good looks and versatility.

You can use them for a variety of activities that do not include applying make-up. How you use it is up to use as long as you use one of the best of the best.

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