Top 10 Best Moon Chairs in 2021 – Reviews


Moon chairs are stylish and superb way to give your home a new styling. Apart from home use, these chairs are suitable for outdoors since they can fold down. In fact, the rounded nature and inward curving to a half moon shape give them the name ‘moon chairs.’ They are comfortable seats that provide body right hugging as well as a stylish room appearance.

It’s not all time being serious; you need to take time and enjoy great relaxation. With different styles of giving the body a perfect treat, the right type of chair can be the beginning of your beautiful life. For elegance and comfort, we have reviewed the best Moon chairs that everyone will find superb for their home.

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Moon Chairs

Just like any other chair, there are some unique features you need to look for moon seats. To have confidence when purchasing, check a few tips listed below.

  • Chair Construction: The constriction of any chair is an outstanding quality to check. High-quality construction improves user confidence. However, cheap craftsmanship can be the beginning of troubles. When you think about the construction, it starts with the materials quality as well as the seat performance. Normally, these chairs have a metallic frame. Strong steel frame is always advisable to ensure proper support.

Besides the frame, the fabrics and padding materials also play vital roles. Well-padded chairs offer proper body cuddling. Also, the outer materials determine the durability and how the seat feels. Despite the dense padding, the chair should be simple to transport.

  • Size: Usually, moon chairs are suited for use indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they are available in different sizes. For use in homes, you can select a large one since you won’t need to move it frequently. But, for use outdoors, a highly portable chair is always the right choice. It gives user the ability to carry it without any hassle. Also, it depends on whether you are buying a chair for adults or kids. This brings the issue of size into considerations.
  • Weight Capacity: The weight capacity differs across different brands. However, a standard moon chair should be able to support regular users. Ideally, a good chair should have the ability to handle about 200 pounds. Nevertheless, this is not restricted since some have capable of supporting higher weight. Generally, check the weight recommendation of a chair before buying. This will ensure proper support without any structural damage due to overloading.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Keeping your chairs clean is a paramount exercise. It always ensures a complete feeling when resting. The main determinant when it comes to cleaning and maintenance is the cover material. Different materials have varying easiness of keeping clean. Some materials like velvet are more complicated to clean than smooth polyester materials.

Best Moon Chairs in 2021

10. Urban Shop 225 lbs Capacity Foldable Steel Frame Faux-Fur Saucer Folding Chair

Urban Shop 225 lbs Capacity Foldable Steel Frame Faux-Fur Saucer Folding Chair

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Urban Shop saucer folding chair brings the best experience to everyone using it. With its wide sitting platform, it keeps the users perfectly hugged. Additionally, the foldable steel frame is sturdy and ensures there is great strength for superb support. Apart from the robust construction, the cover material is super soft featuring faux leather. Designed with a collapsible frame, it becomes simple to keep it even when space is small.

The chair is fully assembled which means it is ready for use. Unlike others which come with complicated assembling process, this one is always ready for use. The chromyl finished steel frame is superb to resist rust and corrosion. Its a good option for lounging, dorms, and other rooms. With a capacity of 225 pounds, the chair is classic and highly reliable.


  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Super soft faux material
  • Variety of colors available


  • None

9. 690GRAND Folding Moon Chair Saucer with Suede Pad

690GRAND Folding Moon Chair Saucer with Suede Pad

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As you think of getting the ideal chair to up your style, this 690grand chair is the admirable option. The super comfortable chair is created to deliver high support and comfort. With the surface featuring soft suede padding, it gives skin a plush feeling. The sturdy and collapsible to give way for simple storage. The circular design offers complete body-hugging and support. To give it reliable sturdiness, it has a high-grade steel frame.

With the bottom part furnished with plastic caps, they are classic in securing all type of floors. The glossy finish gives it an attractive look which means perfect for all rooms. The collapsing structure keeps this moon seat highly portable and ready for use in different places. Supporting 250 pounds, the chair comfortably fit kids and adults.


  • Bright decorative color
  • Easily fold down without tools needed
  • Improved back support
  • Enhanced floor protection


  • Feels a bit small for bigger adults

8. Yescom Large Folding Moon Chair Padded Comfort Lounge Bedroom Garden Furniture

Yescom Large Folding Moon Chair Padded Comfort Lounge Bedroom Garden Furniture

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The Yescom large garden seat is a premium moon chair that brings a new feeling to your relaxation. The chair is extra-large which make support vital and impressive. The one-piece design and collapsing frame make storage and portability to be unmatchable. Thereby, whether in the yard, dorm and others, the chair bring a new feeling. Amazingly, the chair is also easy for camping, hence no more sitting on the grounds or rocks.

The one-piece design is cool since there are no tools needed to assemble. Moreover, the combination of steel and 6000 PVC frame guarantees high strength. With frame bearing heavy duty coating, it allows indoors and outdoor usage without rusting or corrosion. For smooth haulage, the chair comes with a polyester bag that means undisturbed transportation.


  • Non-rusting feet
  • Hassle free assembling
  • Extra large design
  • Heavy-duty steel and PVC frame


  • Weak riveting

7. Mainstays Large Microsuede Saucer Chair

Mainstays Large Microsuede Saucer Chair

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This large microsuede saucer chair by Mainstays is a superb addition to any room. The chair has an extra soft suede covering that soothes your back. The 100% polyester upholstery is decent for ensuring there is no sweat retention. As a result, when using it outdoors, there is no suffering from excessive sweating. On the other hand, keeping this material clean is simple since it’s fast drying. Despite the simple looking structure, the back has extra support for hours of comfort.

When not in application, the chair has a folding structure. This contributes to fitting to various places as well as easy to carry. It is possible to use the chair in all surfaces without scrapping due to fitted soft caps. Unlike other chairs this has fully assembled structure, hence no tools needed. Above all, its a lightweight chair suited for versatile applications.


  • Extra plush microsuede
  • Suited for all activities
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for room decorations


  • Not for heavy persons

6. AteAte Comfortable Moon Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Fish Design Chair for Children

AteAte Comfortable Moon Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Fish Design Chair for Children

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The AteAte moon chair is a superb kids’ chair that is ready to keep your children happy. Unlike regular chairs, this has ample support surface which gives it the ability to support the whole body without causing strains the back. Weighing 3.9 pounds, and collapsing frame, the seat is exceptionally light to carry. Despite the light structure, it has an exceptional 90 pounds weight capacity. Therefore, you can be sure about the safety of your kid. Besides, the lockable structure is great for keeping the chair steady.

When it comes to comfort, the chair has an excellent feeling. It has a removable fabrics removable cover that is easy to clean. Enhanced with cotton padding, the chair offers perfect back support. Folding is simple, the chair comes fully assembled hence great option to have. Above all, kids can use it for lounging, gaming and resting among others.


  • Superb weight support
  • Collapsible and extra comfort
  • Washable cover
  • Cotton padding


  • Only available for kid

5.​​ Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair

Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair

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The Urban Shop Mongolian saucer chair brings beauty and improved home comfort. It’s a small chair that can solve space problems for most rooms. Be it a dorm, apartment, and others; it has improved storage. The chair has a collapsible design and reliable locking mechanism to prevent accidental snapping. The Mongolian style faux fur design is comfortable and doesn’t cause the body to sweat a lot. Additionally, the cover helps to keep you warm during cold seasons.

The construction features steel material which offers beauty and support. With a large sitting surface, the chair is ideal for kids and adults. Although it’s compact, it has a superb weight capacity to accommodate up to 225 pounds. Due to the comfortable nature of this chair, it offers the right way to enjoy high sitting versatility.


  • Warm faux fur cover
  • Oversized sitting surface
  • Elegant for any room


  • Removing cover requires unscrewing

4. ALPHA CAMP Deluxe Plush Oversized Moon Saucer Chair with Carry Bag

ALPHA CAMP Deluxe Plush Oversized Moon Saucer Chair with Carry Bag

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Camping or relaxing in your home, there is a need to give body ultimate treat. One of the best ways to enjoy stylish comfort is this Alpha Camp saucer chair. The extra plush and oversized chair bring all the support and coziness without taking much space. The plush 0.8 inches thick padding give the user a fantastic feeling. Unlike other moon chairs, this one has padded back, and armrests bring balanced body comfort.

Stability and strength of this chair prove its a quality and highly reliable. It comes with a steel frame and additional straps that give the fabrics extra strength. Additionally, the hammer tone finish is exceptionally sleek and robust to prevent the frame from rusting. The durable Oxford fabrics used in this chair give it super non-tearing and robust ability. Weighing 13.9 pounds, it can hold 350 pounds and come with a carrying bag.


  • Provided with carrying bag
  • Heavyweight support structure
  • Durable frame coating


  • Expensive than rivals

3. KingCamp Moon Saucer Heavy-Duty Steel Camping Chair Padded Seat

KingCamp Moon Saucer Heavy-Duty Steel Camping Chair Padded Seat

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The KingCamp saucer steel frame camping padded seat is dedicated to making your camping thrilling. The rugged frame is light which enables it to withstand heavier weight. Additionally, the fabrics used are breathable which is great for keeping chair exceptional. The moisture-wicking 600D Oxford fabrics are remarkably strong and durable. As a result, the chair lasts for a long time without tearing. The added pocket is excellent for holding your small items and also serves as a cup holder to keep drinks cold.

The feet are created to enable stability. Also, the feet are fantastic in keeping they are enhanced with plastic footings that prevent the chair from damaging your floor. Apart from the comfort, the chair has attractive decorations which offer a relaxing décor. Carrying it when camping is simple as it comes with a strapped bag.


  • Extra heavy-duty Oxford fabrics
  • Cooling beverage holder
  • Strapped carrying bag


  • Back isn’t high

2. Mainstay Luxury Padded Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

Mainstay Luxury Padded Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

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This Luxury folding moon chair by Mainstay is a superb way to keep the body relaxed. Created with high versatility, it can be used for different purposes. Whether hanging out with friends, studying and other tasks, the seat is all round. The high-quality construction comprises a luxurious padding and plush faux fur. Therefore, when you choose it for use during your resting sessions, the chair perfectly fits.

The sleek cover is comfortable and ideal addition to any room. With a wide sitting platform, everyone can rest without feeling restrictions. In fact, the chair allows people to enjoy improved body support. The fully assembled design makes using the seat simple. Also, the feet are suitable for any floor since they don’t damage through scratching and markings.


  • Ample body support
  • Breathable and body cooling
  • Sleek color


  • Small for adults

1. KingCamp Moon Saucer Camping Chair Steel Frame Folding with Cup Holder

KingCamp Moon Saucer Camping Chair Steel Frame Folding with Cup Holder

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The KingCamp saucer camping mons chair is one of the ideal options to give your body excellent hugging. Created for big guys, it comfortably fit different people without stress. Boasting sturdy 600D Oxford fabrics, they are long-lasting and resistant east tearing. The chair is padded to ensure there is excellent weight distribution. Also, the padding eliminates hard spots. Featuring an inbuilt cup holder, it helps to keep your body hydrated.

The steel frame used in this chair comes with the ability to carry up to 264 pounds. Despite this, the chair only weighs 10.1 pounds. Also, the folding structure allows for easy portability as well as stowage. Additionally, it forms a good option for sports and other outdoor events. The multiple colors on this chair keep it looking attractive and keeping indoors looking wonderful.


  • Integrated cup holder
  • Good for indoors and outdoors
  • Comfortable bag straps


  • Price doesn’t match seat size


Moon chairs are the ultimate ways to enjoy maximum comfort in any place. With their highly versatile application, they ensure comfort throughout. Instead of suffering in hand of unreliable chairs, these featuring in this review are right top choices.

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