Top 10 Best Motorized Projector Screen in 2021 – Reviews


Projector screens are vital today for movies; presentations and other functions. Unlike older days where people used to use white painted walls, these days things have changed. We have a variety of screen for projection available for different places. Motorized projection screens are some of the ideal options available for use in various functions. Whether it’s home theater, halls, and other areas, they are absolute options.

There are no doubts that screens work better than walls. Especially, nowadays with improved and clear displays, it’s possible to enjoy HD content. Typically, these motorized monitors are ideal as they can be used everywhere. They are mountable on wall, ceiling and other places while storage is a breeze. To enjoy crystal clear projection, we have reviewed the best-motorized projector screens and a bonus buying guide.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Motorized Projectors Screens

  • Screen Size: This is one of the many features people will have to consider when making a purchase. Depending on the purpose of the screen, it will require you to be selective. For presentation, the screens need to be large enough. They will ensure even people at the far end enjoy clear and visible images. However, for personal use, it depends on the available space for mounting.

The good thing with projector screens is they are large and inexpensive like TVs. Therefore, people can always get large screens for watching movies and gaming. Generally, the size of your screen will depend on a variety of personal preferences as well as other considerations.

  • Aspect Ratio: Just like TV, projector screens aspect ratio is paramount. This basically refers to the ratio of the width to its length. In most cases, the common ratios are 4:3 and 16:9. To achieve the best projection, it is advisable to check your projector native projection ratio. For the latest projectors, they are 720p or 1080p. For higher resolution projectors like 4K, recommended aspect ratio can be 16:9 or 17:9. However, Installing the wrong screens will have awful images.
  • Screen Resolution: The resolution is the key to the quality of the pictures. Thereby, when buying these screens, it is advisable to check one with the best resolution. There is no point of having an HD projector only to use it with standard screens. With everything improving nowadays, there are HD screens designed for high definition pictures. At least, make sure your monitor can support at least 720p, 1080p or 4K pictures. Therefore, whether it’s for movie or gaming, you will get extra clear pictures.
  • Type Of Screen Fabrics: The kind of fabrics used in the projection screen is supposed to be of high quality. Ideal materials need to be straight and resistant to creasing. This offers a smooth surface thereby quality pictures without affecting distortion. Ideally, choose a washable material as well as probable to ensure the screen is easy to straighten.
  • Controls: Well, some of the motorized screens are mounted on the ceiling. This makes it hard to use a hardwired control mechanism. Amazingly, the modern ones come with remote control options. This allows you to retract or fold the screen by a press of a button. The most common remote controls are IR or RF enabled. Although others are connected through Ethernet for smooth control, you can opt for the best option for your case.

Best Motorized Projector Screen in 2021

10. VIVIDSTORM 4K/3D/UHD Mortar Mount, Electric Drop Down Projector Screen


VIVIDSTORM 4K:3D:UHD Mortar Mount, Electric Drop Down Projector Screen

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The VIVID storm motor mount screen is the solution to your projection needs. This monitor is made by experts and features high-quality fabrics. Thus, it can support 3D, 4K and UHD pictures. Measuring 120 inches diagonal and 16:9 aspect ratios, it offers balanced pictures. Boasting smooth and bright surface, projected images are soft and crispy. Thereby, even when watching your best program, no more blurred and wavy pictures.

Regardless of your mounting mechanism, the screen offers a variety of options. It can be fitted on walls, ceiling and suspended designs. Unlike other monitors, this has a unique wire tension technology. This gives it flat and smooths nature just like a TV screen. With a strong tubular motor, it works silently without loud nuisance noise. For smooth control, the screen comes with RF, IR wired remote and 12 volts wireless projector trigger.


  • Extra flat surface
  • Multiple installation options
  • HD content display


  • Not identified

9. Onebigoutlet 100-Inch Foldable Electric Motorized Projector Screen

By: Onebigoutlet

Onebigoutlet 100-Inch Foldable Electric Motorized Projector Screen

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Do you love big and clear pictures? Here is the absolute choice by Onebigoutlet. These 100 inches folding electric screen is premium and highly dependable. The design allows the screen to enjoy improved longevity. In fact, it has a silent and robust motor that enables it to enjoy enhanced durability. Due to its large design, the screen is ideal for multiple applications. It can be used for home theater, public display, and other places.

The materials used in the construction are fantastic. They deliver exceptional performance without reflection or wrinkles. On the other hand, the prewired design is excellent for ensuring control is simple. It has an integrated switch that ensures you can enjoy smooth rise and drop without hassle. Apart from the switches, it has a remote for effortless control. The With 16:9 aspect ratio hence ideal for a variety of resolutions.


  • Prewired design
  • Wide viewing area
  • No light penetration
  • Washable surface


  • A bit shorter than stated

8. ShowMaven 100’’ 16:9 HD Electric Projector Screen

By: ShowMaven

ShowMaven 100’’ 16-9 HD Electric Projector Screen

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With this ShowMaven HD electric projector screen, it’s possible to enjoy thrilling projection. The screen is one of the top quality selection dedicated to versatile applications. It’s usable in classrooms, home theaters and conferences. With clean and odorless surface, it means one can enjoy peaceful viewing. To ensure pictures are satisfying, it has a black back that prevents light penetration. With 1:3 gain, it offers up to 160 degrees viewing angle.

When it comes to installation, the screen is fantastic. It can be mounted on wall or ceiling due to the lightweight metal casing and dedicated hook. Equipped with a manual pulling cord, there are no inconveniences when dropping the screen. Amazingly, it boasts a self-locking mechanism which allows it to remain intact during the projection session.


  • Self-locking mechanism
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Scratch resistant
  • Odor free


  • Not for outdoor use

7. Grand Screen 106-inch Diagonal 16:9 4K/3D/UHD Deluxe Projector Screen

By: Grand Screen

Grand Screen 106-inch Diagonal 16-9 4K:3D:UHD Deluxe Projector Screen

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When you want crystal clear pictures, there are no shortcuts. The secret is to look for a high-quality screen. The Grand Screen deluxe projection screen is a good choice. The 106 inches diagonal length monitor offers large and easy to view picture. With extra smooth PET material, it delivers undistorted images. To keep the reflective light away, there are black borderlines that ensure crystal clear pictures.

Besides the heavy-duty construction, the screen is sleek. Especially the housing casing, it features attractive aluminum that is sturdy and lightweight. With the construction consisting of premium materials and white material, it offers HD, 4K and UHD content support. It’s an affordable way to enjoy improved picture output without spending fortunes. The monitor system comes with RF remote control for easy operation.


  • Premium PET material
  • HD content support
  • Sleek aluminum casing


  • Wavy images with extra short projectors

6. Elite Screens Evanesce 100″ 8k/4K Ultra HD Ready Fiberglass Reinforced Screen

By: Elite Screens

Elite Screens Evanesce 100 8k:4K Ultra HD Ready Fiberglass Reinforced Screen

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Elite Screens Evanesce monitor brings all the projection joy to everyone. Its one of the modern screens dedicated to delivering exceptional content. With full HD support, it can be used for 4K movies. Moreover, with a viewing size of 16:9 and 100 inches length, it offers large pictures. The concealed ceiling mounting bracket provides a versatile and commercial grade performance.

Compared to other screens, this one is superb. It has premium construction and fiberglass reinforcement for exceptional durability. Moreover, with the smooth and water-resistant design, it is simple to keep it clean. Due to the premium quality material, the screen allows 180 degree viewing angle, as well as eliminating light reflection and penetration. Operating the screen is classic as it has wireless IR remote control.


  • Heavy-duty installation gear
  • Premium quality material
  • Aluminum housing


  • Not compatible with short throw projectors

5. Croyale 4:3 Manual Pull Down 100’’Projection Screen Outdoor Indoor

By: Croyale

Croyale 4-3 Manual Pull Down 100’’Projection Screen Outdoor Indoor

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Viewing high-quality pictures have never been easy like using this screen by Croyale. It’s a suitable monitor for projection whether indoor or outdoor. Unlike the remote controlled displays, this one is manual and has an auto-locking mechanism. This ensures regardless of where you have mounted this screen; you can use it without hassles. There is no remote needed hence ideal for all situations.

The compatibility is incredible as this screen can be used for a variety of functions. Whether watching movies, gaming, and TV, it is compatible with a variety of projectors on the market. To keep the pictures clear, it has enhanced black borders and also thick material that prevents light penetration. With matt white surface, it is wrinkle free as well as simple to clean.


  • Auto locking mechanism
  • High projectors compatibility
  • Durable metal casing


  • Troubles when retracting

4. Best Choice Products Electric Motorized Auto HD Projection Screen

By: Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Electric Motorized Auto HD Projection Screen

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BCP is known for top quality products. This electrified and motorized screen for projection is one of the handy accessories to have for multiple applications. With this screen, it offers a crispy and extra clear picture. Further, having a fine and smooth surface, it allows smooth and balanced light distribution for high-quality images. Interestingly, it has 4:3 aspect ratios hence great for most of the projectors. The material used is durable, anti-static and anti-fabrics.

Forget about the manually operated screens. Once you have this monitor, it has excellent for all users. It has an electric motor that facilitates automatic adjustment. Equipped with a wired and wireless remote control, it gives users a reason to smile. To keep it safe, it has a metal casing and also lightweight to ensure you can enjoy easy transportation and mounting.


  • Bright images
  • Silent and smooth motor
  • Large viewing area


  • Slightly costly

3. VIVO 100 inch Diagonal 16:9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down Home Theater Screen


VIVO 100 inch Diagonal 16-9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down Home Theater Screen

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With a 100 inches projection screen, it means you can enjoy large pictures. Amazingly, the Vivo HD projection screen not only offers large images but, it has excellent clarity. The combination of high definition and large pictures ensures one can have fun all time. Whether gaming, watching movies and TV programs, this monitor is fantastic. Despite its large surface, it delivers a wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees.

The edged are enhanced with dark color while the screen has 1:1 gain which gives it exceptional picture output. Additionally, the dark backing is useful in keeping away from penetrating the screen. As a result, the quality of the pictures are maintained. The built-in mounting enables ceiling and wall fixing.


  • Universal Projector compatibility
  • Durable fabrics
  • Quick to install


  • Not waterproof

2. Elite Screens Starling 120’’ 16:9 Electric Motorized Auto HD Projector Screen

By: Elite Screens

Elite Screens Starling 120’’ 16-9 Electric Motorized Auto HD Projector Screen

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The Elite Screens 2 is a fantastic projection monitor that is ready for your use. It is one of the premium screens that are designed to deliver captivating pictures. Compared to most of the screens available on the market today, it is large measuring 120 inches diagonally. Also, the construction, material, and overall design allow users to enjoy great durability and dependability. With spectra white matte, it offers 1:1 gain for 180 degrees viewing angle.

When it comes to the strength, the screen features fiberglass reinforcement. Besides, it has flame retardant ability hence eliminating the fire risks. To enable every user to enjoy high convenience, it comes with tubular motor, RF remote control, and inbuilt 12 Volts projector trigger. Also, Installation is a piece of cake as it has a floating bracket for high ceiling mounting.


  • Flame retardant material
  • Tough fiberglass reinforcement
  • Variety of finish


  • High price tag compared to rivals

1. Homegear 11-Inch HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen

By: Homegear

Homegear 11-Inch HD Motorized 16-9 Projector Screen

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Large screens are expensive. But with a projector screen, it is possible to get big pictures without breaking the bank. The Homegear motorized screen is one of the ways to enjoy great images without any hassle. It has the latest 16:9 aspect ratio meaning you can project a variety of content from movies, presentations an games. Amazingly the materials used are durable and allows the screen to be washable with soap to keep it clear.

Forget the weak and unreliable casing; the Homegear screen come with steel encasing. This protects the screen from any potential damage effectively. Whether you are close or far away from the screen, you can use the RF remote control with a range of 25 meters. The heavy-duty and silent motor is awesome in ensuring there is no noise when lowering the screen.


  • Ideal for all projectors
  • Smooth rolling
  • Durable steel casing


  • Poor packaging


Motorized projector screens are the answers to expensive TV sets. They are reliable and offers uncompromised quality pictures. Instead of clinging to your small TV, with these reviewed screens, your entertainment is now a step ahead.

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