Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men in 2021 – Reviews


Mountain biking is fun provided you have all the necessities. A good bicycle, right clothing, and perfect weather ensure every cyclist enjoys incredible riding experience. For ultimate riding experience, it’s essential to have reliable maintain bike shorts. Unlike other types of cycling, this one entails off-roading and other challenging terrains. Therefore wearing the right shorts will eliminate any chance of experiencing discomforts.

Whether for competition or leisure, mountain biking is associated with a lot of benefits.Thereby, it is always good to invest in quality shorts. The good thing is there are different attires for all people. Therefore, this list brings you the best mountain bike shorts for men reviews.

Mountain Bike Shorts for Men Buying Guide

Are shorts padded?

The biking shorts come in different designs. Some are just constructed without additional padding. However, for ultimate comfort, it is advisable to have a padded pair mountain biking short. Although cushioning is essential, the type of materials. High-quality materials such as memory foam, gel foam are recommended since they offer contoured body support.

Do you want baggy or tight shorts?

Well, this is one of the personal decision when buying shorts. Many people have different preferences. Mountain biking shorts are mostly loose fitting to ensure body get perfect fit and high action won’t cause issues to the rider. However, there are also tight designs and still performs well since construction is superb.

Does your shorts have pockets?

When riding, some of the items like phones, keys and other need secure storage. Instead of carrying a pack, its advisable to have a pair of shorts with pockets. Moreover, zippered or Velcro enhanced pockets are ideal for keeping everything in position and secure. Therefore, to be in safe size, look for shorts with increased protection.

What about water repelling?

Water-repelling is an essential feature in most sports clothing. It helps to keep away wetting especially from the sweating. Therefore, for mountain biking shorts, having a waterproof or water repelling keeps the body safe from accumulated moisture. Apart from water repelling, quick-drying materials are highly recommended to keep skin dry and get rid of bacterial infections.

Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men in 2021

10. WOSAWE Loose-Fit Cycling MTB Shorts and Padded Underwear

WOSAWE Loose-Fit Cycling MTB Shorts and Padded Underwear

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If you want to enjoy incredible mount biking, there are no shortcuts. This pair of mountain biking shorts from Wosawe brings excellent feeling to your body. The elastic nature ensures the body isn’t restricted hence perfect for all conditions. Additionally, the foam padded underwear is awesome in improving the overall comfort. The padding is fantastic in ensuring butt is well protected from saddle stress and frictions. To keep the skin dry, the fabrics also help in dissipating heat and encourage cooling air flow.

The drawstrings are incredibly useful for keeping these shorts in place. Amazingly, the waterproof design is excellent to ensure they can be used under all weather conditions. Moreover, the broad belt line is comfortable and won’t cause discomforts. Whether you love to cycle in the late evening during summer reflective strips improves safety. This ensures you stay away from the scorching heat.


  • Fitted with pockets
  • Broad belt line
  • Waterproof materials


  • Zippers are a bit weak

9. Hifunk Men’s MTB Cycling Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Water-Resistant UPF 50+

Hifunk Men's MTB Cycling Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Water-Resistant UPF 50+

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Unlike other cycling styles, mountain biking requires heavy duty clothes. Despite the high performance, they should ensure the body get the best feeling. These MTB cycling shorts by Hifunk are the real solution to people who love extreme biking. Boasting a combination of fabrics, the shorts are comfortable and created the best feeling. Besides the comfort, the shorts have outstanding UV protection as they are rated UP50+. As a result, even during the summer seasons, they are the perfect choice for comfortable riding.

To keep the user enjoying great style and feeling, the shorts are enhanced with a zipper for secure closure. Additionally, the front pockets are zipper fitted as well as one back pocket to keep your stuff securely. In fact, the pockets are large which ensure they can accommodate phones up to 5.5 inches, smart cards and keys among others. However, the shorts do not have padding lining.


  • Zippered pockets
  • High UV light filtering
  • Large capacity pockets


  • Lacks internal lining padding

8. EZRUN Men’s 3D Padded Mountain Bike Shorts Lightweight Cycling Shorts

EZRUN Men's 3D Padded Mountain Bike Shorts Lightweight Cycling Shorts

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Premium shorts brings inspired riding experience. But, not every pair of short that can make your cycling fulfilling. These Ezrun men’s mtb padded shorts are some of the classic wears. They are professionally created with thick padding that enables riders to enjoy off-road cycling with minimal discomforts. The two shorts in one and 3D padding in at the back created a perfect feeling and less friction. This gives every biker a great feeling and less sweating.

For a perfect fit and comfortable waistline, the shorts have a broad belt. Additionally, the waist is elastic and enhanced with drawstrings which improve the overall fitting. For the security of your stuff, 2 pockets are fitted with zippers while the other one is enhanced with a Velcro strap. Sturdy and lightweight fabrics give the shorts quick drying. Even for sweaty people, there is no wetting while biking.


  • Quick drying
  • Zipper and Velcro fitted pockets
  • Reflective logo for easy nigh ride
  • Loose fit design


  • Less UV blocking

7. Ally Mens MTB Cycling Mount Biking Riding Shorts Cycle Wear Relaxed Loose-fit

Ally Mens MTB Cycling Mount Biking Riding Shorts Cycle Wear Relaxed Loose-fit

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Wearing wrong biking clothes can compromise your biking performance. However, there are reliable shorts from Ally. Designed to give all biking men a reason to love their cycling, they are exceptionally reliable and high performing. Created from 92% polyester, 6% Spandex, and 2% PVC, they encourage high breathability and eliminate friction. Amazingly, there is all comfort and support due to 3D Coolmax cooling gel padding underwear. Whether the road is challenging, the shorts keep your back secure and comfortable.

There is no more struggling to dry your shorts after washing. The fabrics are incredibly quick drying to eliminate any probability of moisture retaining. Therefore even when sweating, the shorts ensures there is excellent feeling without sweat wetting. Additionally, the water repelling nature gives these shorts ideal performance even when raining as you ride. The zippered pockets are waterproof also which is great for keeping your stuff safe.


  • 3D Coolmax gel padding
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Stylish design


  • Shorts don’t have waist drawstrings

6. Cycorld Mens Water Repellent MTB Shorts, Loose Fit Cycling Pants with Zip Pockets

Cycorld Mens Water Repellent MTB Shorts, Loose Fit Cycling Pants with Zip Pockets

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The Cycolds water resistant mtb cycling shorts are crafted to make every move thrilling. Unlike other shorts, these have a baggy design which is a classic in ensuring user get ideal fit and feeling. Additionally, the short enjoy cationic yarn-dyed fabrics. They are highly reliable compared to others as well as exceptional comfort. Without tight body fitting, the shorts are classic in ensuring riders get free rides. Moreover, the water repellant fabrics add safety to carried stuff in the pockets.

The deep pockets with zippers are the solution when it comes to carrying a variety of items. The zippers are secure and ensure carried items don’t come out of pockets. Due to modern design, the shorts are versatile and enable people to wear them on different occasions. Also, they are great for general fitness, hiking, and other events. For ultimate comfort, these cycling pants have an extra soft feeling interior.


  • Extra deep pockets
  • Strong YKK zippers
  • Water-repelling structure


  • The shorts aren’t padded

5. Baleaf Mens 3D Padded Baggy MTB Cycling Breathable Quick Dry Shorts

Baleaf Mens 3D Padded Baggy MTB Cycling Breathable Quick Dry Shorts

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Eliminate the sweating menace associated with cheap biking shorts. These men mountain biking shorts from Baleaf are the super wears to keep you cycling without any discomfort. Made from 92% polyester and 8% Elastane, they keep the body cool and skin dry. The construction is stretchy which enables the shorts to fit different people without awful feeling. Moreover, high wicking ability and fast moisture release keep skin dry throughout the ride.

To keep your butts correctly supported, the back comes with 3D padding. The cushioning is breathable, lightweight and elastic to contour your body. Although the materials are stretchy, these shorts have a loose fit which eliminates tight feeling. Carrying essential stuff is now simple and secure due to fitted zippered pockets. Reflective logo is vital for improving riders safety when riding at night. Above all, the adjusting drawcord keeps the shorts in positions for a comfortable fit.


  • Large pockets
  • High wicking fabrics
  • Body contouring padding


  • Padding feels a bit hard

4. SILVINI Men’s Shorts with 6 Pockets for Cycling and Outdoor Activities

SILVINI Men's Shorts with 6 Pockets for Cycling and Outdoor Activities

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Are you looking for a multipurpose pair of shorts? These Silvini cycling and outdoor activities shorts are perfect for all purposes. They are sleekly made which guarantees user a flawless look. Designed from premium materials, the shorts enables you to ride everywhere due to great protection. They are constructed from a blend of 98% polyamide and 2% polyester making them unique from others on the market. Besides high-quality knitting, the seams are strong which enables the shorts to withstand high action without tearing.

For people who love to ride early in the morning or late evening, shorts brings improves safety. The reflective enhancement lets other road users see you easily. Additionally, the knee height design is classic for perfect leg protection. Fitted with 6 pockets, the shorts are ideal when you are carrying your items. Moreover, side and back ventilation keep users cool.


  • Excess ventilation
  • Durable stitching
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities


  • Not water repelling

3. ZOIC Men’s Ether Cycling Short and Essential Liner

ZOIC Men's Ether Cycling Short and Essential Liner

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Zoic cycling shorts for men creates a great way to enjoy the outstanding feeling when riding. Whether cycling around your home or in the jungle, these shorts keep your body hugged and protected. Enjoying some of the best fabrics, knitting, and stitching, the shorts deliver unmatched body feeling. The fusion inseams are essential in offering a variety of motions. This ensures that even when pedalling; there are no seat hung ups.

Unlike the cheap shorts, these have high durability and are resistant to abrasions. Thus, for people who love off-road biking, they get high protection while shirts experience no damage. Even when involved in extreme mountain biking, the shorts never lets you get hot. They have integrated mesh air flows that keep excellent circulation. Strategically positioned pockets with zippers give the user easy access to store or retrieve items.


  • Free air flow ventilation
  • Perfectly positioned pockets
  • Versatile wearing


  • Not machine washable

2. Santic Men’s Loose-Fit 4D Padded MTB Bike Shorts

Santic Men's Loose-Fit 4D Padded MTB Bike Shorts

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The Santic loose fit 4D mtb shorts for men brings confidence and relaxation whenever mountain biking. They are exceptionally breathable which give them the ability to keep users comfortable. Moreover, the combination of lycra and polyester ensures there is outstanding feeling as well as quick sweat dissipation. This guarantees heavy-duty action without suffering from sweat discomforts.

The seat cushion is impressive. It features 4D padding which offers better performance than 3D and other types of padding. The cushioning is superb in preventing users from sores and injuries due to extreme riding. By keeping the body dry, these shorts ensure there are no bacterial infections. The baggy exterior and large pockets ensure every item is securely stored.


  • 4D padding
  • Antibacterial fabrics
  • Quick moisture dissipation


  • Materials aren’t ripstop

1. sponeed Men’s Padded Bicycle Riding Pants Wear Tights

sponeed Men's Padded Bicycle Riding Pants Wear Tights

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For many cyclists, the type of clothes they wear matters a lot. These Sponeed mountain bike shorts for men are the necessary wears for every biker to have. Unlike the rest of shorts, these have a tight fitting. This gives them the ability to ride without shorts getting stuck in the saddle; therefore, riders can cycle their bikes without any disturbance.

The construction design is sleek and attractive. Featuring amazing decorations, the shorts are extraordinary when it comes to general appearance. On the other hand, the anatomical design is excellent in creating a comfortable sitting position. In fact, the 6 panels anatomic style keep the back excellently supported. Additionally, the 3D gel padding keeps the body cool to avert excessive sweating. Fast and efficient moisture wicking and antibacterial properties give these shorts unmatched performance.


  • Anatomically created
  • Skin friendly
  • Antimicrobial properties


  • Has no pockets


Most of the featuring cycling shorts in this list are multipurpose. They are great for cycling as well as other activities. Having a variety of qualities, it’s always wise to have the best shorts for maximum riding experience.

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