Top 10 Best Mug Warmers in 2021 – Reviews


Coffee is one thing that assists us to get going during the long days in office. Keeping your coffee warm is a challenge especially during the winter season. Having a mug warmer will help you to keep your cup of coffee hot every time and they are made to serve you effortlessly. These devices are small in size and are easy to carry. If it’s your first time to purchase it, it can be challenging to select the best model for you. With that, we have listed the best mug warmer for you.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing The Best Mug Warmer

  • Design: If you need a reliable Mug warmer that keeps your drinks warm. Looking at its design is good. Compact and smaller ones are the best as they are reliable and offer excellent services. They also take less space on your desk.
  • Cord Length: Coffee mug warmers that have longer cord length are the best as they can be used at different places regardless of the power source
  • Price and Warranty: The cost of coffee mug warmers is based on some factors. Warmers that come with best features are always costly. It’s likewise good to look for the one that has one or more years warranty.

Best Mug Warmers in 2021

10. Yurnero Coffee Beverage Electric Warmer Mug Warmer for Office Home

By: Yurnero

Yurnero Coffee Beverage Electric Warmer Mug Warmer for Office Home

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Enjoy a warm cup of coffee at all time of the day by just by placing your cup of Coffee on this mug warmer. The Mug Warmer is portable and convenient keeping your beverage steamy as you relax on the couch. Featuring a low-profile design, the mug warmer has 3.5 inches diameter heating surface that is going to fit all mug and cups. In addition to that, the warmer will keep the temperatures between 40 to 60℃.

The Mug Warmer is ideal for liquid, solid oil, hot cocoa, tea, coffee, baby food & more. It can likewise be utilized as candle wax warmer plate. Besides that, it is safe and easy to use with Non-skid plate bottom that will support the mug preventing spills.


  • Touch sensitive ring button switch
  • Convenient and portable
  • Made from durable lightweight components
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Safe and easy to use

9. KUPX-DC Safe 55 Degree Mug Bottle Cup Warmer


KUPX-DC Safe 55 Degree Mug Bottle Cup Warmer

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This highly-durable Cup Warmer from KUPX allows you to relish your drink at any time of the day. It’s warmer for every kind of bottles, cups, and others making a constant up to 55-degree comfortable temperatures. This Cup Warmer is not only beautiful but also has a simple design and safety. Moreover, this warmer will warm your Juice, milk, coffee, tea and more.

The KUPX-DC Cup Warmer will automatically shut down if you forgot to turn it down for eight hours. Other than that, it has a good insulation base and will give you the best temperature.


  • Suitable for a variety of containers
  • 55-degree constant comfortable temperatures
  • Beautiful and simple
  • 8 hours automatic cut off

8. Sumind Mug Warmer Coffee Beverage Warmer Cup Warmer (Black)

By: Sumind

Sumind Mug Warmer Coffee Beverage Warmer Cup Warmer (Black)

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The Sumind Mug Warmer is an elegant and high-quality mug warmer that retain your coffee or other beverages hot at your desk while working. It has a 3.35-inch diameter heating surface that will work perfectly with most mugs and will achieve the best heat preservation effect. As a matter of facts, the unit is safe and reliable and has a symmetrical diverging holes design that will disperse heat easily.

The mug warmer has a waterproof design and the stains can be removed using a damp cloth. This warmer will hold temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius and will likewise prevent the dust from dropping onto your mug.


  • Waterproof design and easy to clean
  • 3.35-inch diameter heating surface
  • Food-grade silicone cup lid
  • Hold temperature 55 degrees Celsius
  • Safe and reliable

7. Frienda Mug Warmer for Coffee, Milk or Tea, Cup Beverage Warmer

By: Frienda

Frienda Mug Warmer for Coffee, Milk or Tea, Cup Beverage Warmer

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Did you know you can keep your Tea or coffee warm when you are at your office? Frienda Mug Warmer is a high-quality mug warmer that functions efficiently to keep your tea or coffee warm. This device has 3.35-inch diameter heating surface that will work perfectly with almost all the mugs. It will assist in retaining a drink’s temperature and keeping it warm up to 55 degrees Celsius.

The coffee mug warmer come with inch long cord that will bring convenience; it also has symmetrical heat emission holes that dissipate heat on both sides. Cleaning of this item is effortless as you need to wipe with a damp cloth.


  • 3.35-inch diameter heating surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps your beverage warmer with 40-60 degrees Celsius
  • 59-inch long cord for convenient to use
  • Food-grade silicone cup cover

6. Senj- Mug Coffee Warmer Temperature 131℉ with Automatic Shut Off

By: Senj

Senj- Mug Coffee Warmer Temperature 131℉ with Automatic Shut Off

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The next Mug Warmer comes from Senj that is made with durable construction allowing you to evenly warm beverages while remaining stable and safe. This product has a waterproof design you don’t have to worry if you spill liquid on the Mug Warmer by accident. Moreover, the item can be used in various occasions such as office and home with different material cups for a different beverage.

You can utilize the mug warmer to warming, tea, milk, soup, water among others. With 16W low power makes it fire resistant and heat-resistant. It likewise has intelligent automatic shut on and off. Get it now for quality that you can trust.


  • Keep or warm up coffee up to 55℃
  • Safe and reliable
  • Waterproof design
  • Heat-resistant and fire resistant
  • Automatic shut off after removing the mug

5. LOSCATO- Coffee Warmer Electric Mug Heater for Home Office


LOSCATO- Coffee Warmer Electric Mug Heater for Home Office

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This is an effective and ergonomic mug warmer which you can depend on for warming your beverages. It will warm up your Coffee or any liquid up to 55℃ slowing down the cooling speed of beverage. The Coffee Warmer is suitable for mugs made of steel, iron, ceramic, glassware, and plastic. You need to put cup on the Mug Warmer and will stop heating automatically when you remove the cup.

The product can be used in office, home, dorm, and kitchen and so on. Compatible with 100V–240V outlets and uses16W low power; thus it ensures more safety. It comes with a non-slip surface for better stability of your mug.


  • Portable mug warmer for desk
  • Safety to utilize an office or home
  • Warm up your drink to 55℃
  • Compatible with 100v–240v outlets

4. Timcare- Mug Cup Warmer Coffee Auto Shut Off for Coffee Lovers

By: Timcare

Timcare- Mug Cup Warmer Coffee Auto Shut Off for Coffee Lovers

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This is another reliable and elegant mug warmer that serve you perfectly by keeping your beverages hot. Can be utilized with all flat-bottom mugs such as steel mugs, iron mugs, glass mugs, and ceramic mugs. The Cup Warmer will keep your coffee warm for a long period; thus you will drink warm Coffee. With its auto shut off feature, this Cup Warmer will shut off when it’s not in use saving energy.

The heating surface is made of high-tech polyimide that is both fire-resistant and heat-resistant and will allow warming your tea or coffee up to 55℃. As a result, this mug warmer comes with 12 months warranty and 45 days money back.


  • Used with all flat-bottom mugs
  • Auto on and auto shut off switch
  • Energy-saving and user-friendly design
  • 12 months warranty

3. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer 304 Stainless Steel Mug Set


COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer 304 Stainless Steel Mug Set

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COSORI Coffee Mug is multi-purpose mug warmers are perfect for diverse uses both in the office and at home. It made with premium quality stainless steel and will keep your drink warm all day. The Mug Warmer features LED display, touch-tech controls water-resistant plate and will easily switch between °C and °F with precise down to 1 degree. Ideally, the warmer has a user-friendly design and this makes it simple to use.

With its PI film high-tech heating element and High-end stainless steel makes it’s long-lasting and durable, it also has silicone slip-resistant sleeve and will keep the cup of the coffee firm without toppling. It comes with one-year buyer assurance.


  • Reliable and Durable
  • Have LED display and water-resistant plate
  • Compatible with 100V–240V outlets
  • Has better thermal conductivity
  • 1-year buyer assurance

2. VOBAGA Coffee Cup Warmer and Mug Warmer for Office Desk Use


VOBAGA Coffee Cup Warmer and Mug Warmer for Office Desk Use

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People working on a computer love having a cup of coffee next to them. VOBAGA Coffee Cup Warmer is a great thing to have as it will keep your coffee warm when still in the cup. You can choose 3 range of temperatures by only touching Tempering Button to 40℃ or 55℃ or 65℃. Made with High-tech materials that are fire resistant and heat-resistant and this allow it to remain stable and safe.

This coffee cup warmer contains a waterproof panel that will not raise any security concern in case of accidental water spillage. The item is suitable for stainless steel cup, tableware, glass cup, milk box, etc.


  • Warm up the liquid temperature to 104℉
  • Safe and reliable
  • Heat-resistant and fire resistant
  • Backed by 18-month quality warranty

1. Mr. Coffee MWBLKPDQ-RB Mug Warmer for Home/ Office Use

By: Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee MWBLKPDQ-RB Mug Warmer for Home: Office Use

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This is one of the best-selling Mug Warmer that you can find in the market. It guarantees to resolve your problem of getting hot coffee every time. You need to place your much-loved cup of cocoa, tea and will keep it warm and nice for many hours. Cleaning this Mug warmer is very simple as you need to wipe clean with a soft towel. Comes with a longer power cord that will increase mobility thus reaches your desk perfectly.

Comes with on and off switch and indicator light makes it super easy to use. Other than that, it consumes less power as compared to other Mug Warmer in the market. Additionally, it’s a great device for moms as it will warm a cup of milk for your child.


  • Longer power cord for mobility
  • On and off switch that has an indicator light
  • Portable
  • Surface is easy to wipes clean


These are our top ten best mug warmers that are suitable to keep your coffee and other beverages warm. They are convenient and reliable because you can utilize them at the office, home or any other place. In addition to that, they are easy to use. Just choose one from the list above and order it now.

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