Top 10 Best Multi-Position Ladders in 2021 – Reviews


Multi-position ladders are an essential asset for every professional in need of a climbing tool for different jobs. Homeowners who wish always to keep their house clean and in good order also need this tool at arm’s length. The main advantage of multi-position ladders is that they can adjust to different sizes by extending outward or inward.

The best folding ladders are compact, lightweight, and strongly built to support your weight. How do you select the best multi-position ladders? What aspects should you consider?

Guide for Choosing the Best Multi-Position Ladder

When evaluating different multi-position and multi-function ladders. Pay close attention to the following aspects:

  • The Number of Configurations: Some multi-function ladders can form as many as twenty configurations while others are capable of only five. Choose a ladder that configures to forms that suit as many of your regular tasks as possible.
  • Quality of Construction: You are going to climb on this ladder and fully immerse your mind into the task at hand. The least you want the ladder to do is to support your weight safely. Even though many folding ladders out there claim to support loads up to 300lbs, some have poor construction that cannot fulfill the promise. Take time to investigate the frame and joints of any ladder you intend to buy. The materials used and the quality of construction also determine the durability of the ladder.
  • Safety: In addition to having the ability to hold your weight, the best ladder should have additional safety features such as a wider base, spacious steps, and anti-slippage grip. Ladders that meet EN131 and OSHA standards are safe options to go with as they have been checked and tested for safety certification.
  • Portability and Storage: Excellent multi-position ladders are lightweight to allow for easy transportation. Ladders that are easy to retract and fold into compact sizes are usually the easiest to use. Also, they are convenient to store and carry around.
  • Weight Capacity: Ladders with a load capacity of about 200lbs are just fine for single person tasks. For jobs that require two people to climb on the ladder, however, it’s critical to ensure that the ladder has a weight capacity of at least 300 lbs.

Here are the top 10 best multi-position ladders in 2021. Review them having in mind the evaluation criteria above and see which one best fits your needs.

Best Multi-Position Ladders in 2021

10. Safeplus Aluminum Lightweight 3.3ft Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

By: Safeplus

Safeplus Aluminum Lightweight 3.3ft Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

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Safeplus starts off our list with this 3.3 feet multi-purpose ladder. It is a lightweight folding ladder made of rustproof heavy-duty aluminum alloy. This material promises you excellent durability as well as sturdiness.

The ladder can withstand a maximum weight of 330lbs. Do your light fixing or gutter cleaning confidently while on this Safeplus ladder. Its automatic safety locks and stabilizer bars (fitted with protective rubber paddings) ensure that you are always safe when using the ladder.

You can use the ladder in four positions: step ladder, straight ladder, scaffold, and stand-off position. This versatility enables the ladder to accommodate different home and business applications.

How about storing and carrying the ladder around?

This ladder folds easily to a 0.9ft (L) x 1.22ft (W) x 3.3ft (H) size. This is a small enough size to store in small spaces. Also, since the aluminum metal used is lightweight, you can easily carry the ladder to your job locations.


  • Quality material and sturdy build
  • Lightweight, thus easy to carry
  • Folds into a compact size for easy storage
  • Very versatile
  • Impressive weight holding capacity of 330lbs


  • The user needs to be cautious when using the locking latch system to avoid hurting their fingers
  • Bolts at the ends of the ladder loosen with time

9. WolfWise 12.5ft EN131 Telescopic Ladder

By: Wolfwise

WolfWise 12.5ft EN131 Telescopic Ladder

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This multi-position ladder opens up in 1-foot increments to allow you to set it up to fit your needs. Whether you are cleaning your windows, changing the light bulb, or decorating your house, this ladder will make it all easier. The ladder can stretch up to 12.5 feet.

Wolfwise has designed this telescopic ladder to open and close easily and safely. Thus, unlike other folding ladders that snap in and out, your hands and fingers are safe.

The ladder features high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and holds up to 330lbs without wobbling. When it comes to folding, it retracts to just a quarter of the full length. For safer storage, you can use a heavy-duty strap to secure the ladder for convenient transport or storage.


  • Independent locks make it easy to adjust the height of the ladder
  • Extends to full height in seconds
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Small, compact size for easier extension, retraction, and storage
  • More affordable than other models


  • Lacks locking mechanism
  • The ladder will not fully retract if one retract button pops out

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8. Little Giant Ladder Systems 26 Foot Type IA Aluminum Multi Position LT Ladder

By: Little Giant Ladder Systems

Little Giant Ladder Systems 26 Foot Type IA Aluminum Multi Position LT Ladder

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This Little Giant Systems leveler is lighter, more versatile and more stable than most comparable multi-purpose ladders. It features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and spring-assisted rapid lock adjusters for hands-free extension and retraction. The ladder is uniquely versatile as it can be used in various exceptional configurations. These forms include an A-frame, staircase and 90-degree ladder, and trestle-and-prank scaffolding system. Besides, the ladder’s wide-flared legs offer unmatched stability. If you weigh 300lbs or less together with the work tools you climb with, you will feel safe on this ladder.

The Little Giant Systems ladder stretches to a maximum of about 26 feet. Its design is suitable for heavy-duty use. If you can’t feel safe on this ANSI-certified and OSHA-approved leveler, there’s hardly a ladder you can use and feel safe.


  • Highly versatile and easy to use
  • Well-built and sturdy for maximum safety
  • Has wheels for effortless transportation around the working area
  • Patented Rock Lock system for hands-free extension and retraction
  • Feels safe and secure


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • Lacks leg stabilizers for safe use on uneven ground

7. Idealchoiceproduct 15.5′ Heavy Duty Gaint Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

By: Idealchoiceproduct

Idealchoiceproduct 15.5' Heavy Duty Gaint Aluminum Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

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This multi-position ladder is ideal for working on uneven surfaces and stairs. Its aluminum frame is designed for use in five configurations – straight, double-sided, trestle, stair ladder, and as a workstation platform. It comes with two platform plates for the workstation platform application.

The ladder’s load-carrying capacity is 330lbs and extends to 15.5 feet. Its folding size is W24.4”x D10.83” x H50”. For convenient storage, the ladder folds up quickly thanks to its rust-proof and lightweight foldable design.

The jobs you can do using this multi-purpose ladder can only be limited to your imagination. Cleaning windows, interior and exterior painting/decoration, gutter cleaning, or loft access are just some of the jobs you can comfortably complete using the ladder.


  • Great flexibility; good for suitability to different applications
  • Folds up nicely and neatly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and handle
  • The included platform is a big plus


  • Not safe for scaffolding
  • It’s a little creaky when the load exceeds 300lbs

6. OxGord 12.5 ft Multi-fold Multi-use Aluminum Ladder with 350 lb. Load Capacity

By: OxGord

OxGord 12.5 ft Multi-fold Multi-use Aluminum Ladder with 350 lb. Load Capacity

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How would you like a folding ladder with up to seven different configurations?

This OxGord leveler sets itself apart from the competition with premium features. Check its multi-direction hinges. These hinges allow you to set up the ladder into different forms to meet your needs. Worry less about the hinges’ efficiency as they have anti-corrosive protection. They hold the heavy-duty aluminum frame securely to allow you to do your work confidently and with peace of mind. As evidence for this, the ladder is certified by the European Safety Standard (EN131).

The frame is constructed with lightweight, rust-resistant, and corrosion-free anodized aluminum. When unfolded, the frame extends to 150 inches and is capable of holding 330lbs. This height is good for telescoping. Also, you can use the ladder as a twin/stairway stepladder or scaffold base.

This ladder is a space saver when folded. It retracts into a compact size (40 inches long) that’s easy to carry and store.


  • Strong, multi-directional, corrosion-free hinges
  • Reliable safety locks
  • Lightweight but solid and sturdy frame material
  • Easy to fold
  • Great value for money


  • Lever/notch has sharp edges and can be too hard to unlock for some people
  • Steps are a bit narrow and could hurt when standing on the ladder bare feet

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5. Hausse 12.5ft 12-step Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

By: Hausse

Hausse 12.5ft 12-step Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

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This 12-step multi-purpose extension ladder is ideal for household, industrial, or emergency use. It unlocks in 1-foot independent increments to allow you to adjust and tailor it to your needs. The ladder features a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy construction and has a loading capacity of 330lbs.

Detachable hooks and non-slip end caps help to hold the ladder in place for your safety. When folded down, the ladder measures about 3ft long, a compact size that’s easy to store. Hausse is the only manufacturer that has included a heavy-duty strap and storage bag in the package for convenient transport and storage.

Extend or shorten this ladder as you like to use it as a telescoping ladder, scaffolding bases, or stairway stepladder. Most users find it reliable for accessing the balcony or roof, cleaning windows, painting interiors, and exteriors and for decorations.


  • Lightweight but rigid aluminum material
  • Perfect for domestic as well as commercial uses
  • Easy to use extendable design
  • Ladder locks securely into each position
  • Additional safety features
  • High versatility


  • Latches lock by themselves, but some can fail, so you have to double-check every time before climbing onto the ladder
  • The ladder is less sturdy when used on steep staircases

4. Finether 16.4ft Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

By: Finether

Finether 16.4ft Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

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You’ll love this multi-position ladder for many things. First, it extends to a longer height than most extension ladders, meaning you can reach higher areas with it. Secondly, it is EN131-certified. This certification gives you a feeling of trust as you know it has passed industry standards. Thirdly, the ladder has non-slip bottom caps and plastic finger protection spacers. These features significantly enhance your safety.

Extend the ladder fully to use it as an A-frame. The aluminum alloy, slip-resistant, and rigid frame is sufficiently sturdy to sustain a 330lbs load. The hinges are tough enough to handle even the most demanding commercial jobs. As a step or straight ladder, the Finether 16.4ft extension ladder is ideal for commercial building maintenance. Also, you can quickly and safely complete DIY home exterior/interior decorating and painting with this ladder.


  • Nice ladder for light-duty home projects
  • Light to carry and easy to set up
  • Sturdily built
  • Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Great value for the price of the ladder


  • Collapsing it down is tricky without the help of an extra pair of hands
  • Some metal treads have sharp edges that can hurt if not held carefully

3. Luisladders 7 in 1 Multi-Purpose Aluminium Extension Folding Ladder


Luisladders 7 in 1 Multi-Purpose Aluminium Extension Folding Ladder

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The first impression of this Luisladders multi-function ladder gives an idea of incredible safety and reliability. Check out the anti-slip design of foot straps. This design prevents your shoe soles from slipping. With further inspection, you will be amazed to learn that it features a unique security ‘Click & Lock’ system. This system consists of six security locks that open and lock when changing the length of the ladder.

Besides, heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum builds the frame. Luisladders has fitted square rungs and supporting tubes that make the ladder convincingly stable. As expected with this quality of construction, the ladder meets EN131 standard. It can support a maximum load of 330lbs.


  • You can use the ladder in seven different ways
  • High-quality durable build
  • Several complementing safety features
  • Lightweight and thus easy to carry around
  • Very affordable price


  • Buttons for locking and unlocking joints may be difficult to operate for older people
  • Not adequately heavy-duty for commercial use
  • Can spring open when someone is picking it

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2. Rrt Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12′ Aluminum Ladder – 300 LB Capacity


Rrt Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12' Aluminum Ladder - 300 LB Capacity

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This is one of the most lightweight and compact-when-folded multi-position ladders you’ll find. It wins the runner up position in our ranking for many reasons. To start with, the ladder’s solid construction is a force to reckon with. Specially treated aluminum alloy anodized for anticorrosive protection gives the frame exceptional strength and durability. Secondly, the ladder weighs only 25lbs. You can move with it quickly to different locations without getting tired.

When it comes to your safety, Rrt has ensured that you don’t have a shudder of doubt while on the ladder. The manufacturer has included a stabilizer bar that provides additional support for the ladder when you are up there.

Also important to mention is that this ladder is quite versatile. You can use it as a stairway step ladder or set the ladder to an A-frame or into an L-shape for various outdoor tasks. The top step of the A-frame is six to eight inches wide. In the L-shape, this sturdy ladder achieves a height of 12 feet. Note that it unfolds to a maximum of 20 feet.


  • Most lightweight multi-position ladder
  • Easy to set up into multiple configurations
  • Fits easily into the boot of most cars
  • Consumes less storage space
  • Anticorrosive aluminum alloy frame for maximum durability
  • It’s certificated by European Safety-Standard EN131


  • Gets a little flimsy when moving positions
  • Fingers can get stuck when pushing in levers manually

1. Yesker 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder

By: Yesker

Yesker 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder

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This telescoping ladder combines the majority of the most highly valued features of a folding ladder. First, the ladder extends and retracts with one press of a button. The folding system features intelligent locking pins that hold different sections in place to allow the ladder retract slowly and smoothly.

Secondly, the non-slip end caps on the legs help to hold the base firmly in place, thus enhancing rock-solid stability. Besides, the steps are extra wide to ensure safe climbing. Another vital safety feature of the Yesker telescopic extension ladder is the spring-loaded bolts that safely lock each rung when the ladder fully extends.

You will love the ladder for its small footprint of 34 inches and low weight of about 26lbs, which make it extremely convenient to store in small spaces. This ladder is every homeowner’s best companion for normal cleaning and maintenance jobs.


  • Easy set up with a one-button retraction system
  • Rock-solid stability
  • Wide and sturdy steps for maximum safety when climbing
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Extends in 1-feet increments to fit your DIY tasks
  • Strong construction but lightweight for easy transportation


  • It’s heavier than other folding ladders we have reviewed


Every ladder ranked in this list meets the qualifications for safety, multi-functionality, and quality. These are among the most critical aspects of reliable multi-position ladders. You can choose the ladder that suits your desired applications, and that is within your budget. Never again hustle for climbing tools while you can have your strong, safe, and affordable multi-position ladders ready for use at all times.

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