Top 10 Best Pepper Grinders in 2020 – Reviews


Although top chefs are known for their exotic and high-end ingredients, most of them always settle for pepper and salt. Being a widely used ingredient, one has to ensure pepper is added in style and right proportions. And yes, that’s where pepper Grinders come in. Although we have already prepared powder pepper, grinding a fresh pepper pod and adding into your food can be a great idea. The number of pepper grinders out there is vast. This raises the question; which is the best pepper grinder on the market? To answer this question, we have sifted through some options and come up with the top 10 picks.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Pepper Grinder:

  • The Size: The size and shape of a pepper grinder mean a lot. For instance, a shorter and broader design offers a more stable position thus avoiding the mess that may occur in case it toppled off. So, take something whose size is ideal for your convenience.
  • The Design: We have attractive designs which augur well with your kitchen environment and spice up the décor.
  • Efficiency: Some pepper mills can work faster than others. Automated ones would be ideal although after they run from power they become a bother. So, pick the right design.
  • Price: The price is also quite significant. Of course, I wouldn’t advise you to go for the cheap knockoffs. However, the higher priced ones are also not the most ideal pepper grinders. So, just pick one which is fairly priced and of a good quality.

Why You Need a Pepper Grinder:

  • For Convenience: Pepper grinders are more convenient since they allow one to easily grind fresh pepper without the need to use the already-powdered ones.
  • Easy Cooking: Cooking becomes easier and more convenient with a pepper grinder. I mean, you easily manage the amount you add to the food.
  • Preservation of Spices: The ground pepper is conveniently preserved since moisture is kept at bay. That way, the spices remain fresh for longer.

Best Pepper Grinders in 2020

10. KIBAGA Elegant Salt And Pepper Grinder Set


KIBAGA Elegant Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

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We open our list with the KIBAGA salt and pepper grinder. Don’t let the position confuse you; it performs better than most of its competitors. First, this is a set of 2 which is designed to offer convenience and flexibility. It boasts an elegant design which spices up the appearance of the kitchen. Furthermore, the two shakers feature and adjustable grinder and an efficient ceramic rotor which delivers top-level grinding. For extra coarseness and smoothness, this is the grinder to pick.

Something else, the pepper grinder boasts a stainless steel construction to offer years of reliable use and keep spices free from moisture which can make them go bad easily. Again, there’s a nice dispenser at the top which ensures there’s zero mess on your table.

Extra Features:

  • Boasts an ideal capacity of 6oz thus requires less frequent refills
  • The premium material used in the construction makes it durable

9. COLE & MASON Oldbury Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

By: Cole & Mason

COLE & MASON Oldbury Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Cole & Mason scoops the 9th position. This is a top-level pepper grinder which offers excellent results and efficient performance. It creates a smooth and flawless addition of pepper into every meal ensuring that you work like a pro. Given its unique design, all you need to do is remove the top lid and easily fill pepper into the can for easy grinding.

Again, one is offered up to 6 levels of grinding which allow cooks to select their preferred level of grinding. What’s more, there are also 3 levels of grinding for salts thus ensuring you have great cooking experience.

Extra Features:

  • It boasts a lifetime guarantee
  • The wooden construction makes it convenient for use.

8. COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Unlike its sibling on the 9th position, this pepper grinder is made using a stainless steel material which makes it even sturdier. It features a unique and modern design which spices up the appearance of one’s kitchen. Again, the top-quality acrylic material and cool stylish finish make it a great tool for every cook.

Of course, being clear means that you can easily monitor how much pepper is remaining. Equipped with up to 6 precise levels of grinding, you can never go wrong with this masterpiece. You can choose to have coarse or smooth granules depending on your preferred level.

Extra Features:

  • The construction allows spices to remain fresh and free of moisture
  • It’s backed by a lifetime warranty
  • One can easily refill by removing the top lid

7. COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder


COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder

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Evidently, Cole & Mason has dominated the market. Just like most of the previous models, this is a top-level pepper grinder made using machine-cut carbon material to offer the best delivery. And, refilling the can is quite easy since you can remove the lid and replace it afterward. Something else, one can easily choose from the six levels of grinding for convenience. By just a slight adjustment on the knob, you get either coarse or smooth pepper depending on your desired results.

Extra Features:

  • Boasts a 12.5-inch wooden construction for balance and stability
  • It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee to cover your purchase

6. Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

By: HomeKitchenStar

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Perhaps just for a change, this is yet another great masterpiece available on the market. It boasts an excellent design and comes in an ideal capacity to offer convenience. The top-quality glass material used in the construction makes it an addition to the kitchen décor. Again, the pepper features a wood design and some ABS sections which make it quite a great option for anyone who wants to have a great cooking experience. Of course, the masterpiece also features several levels of grinding allowing one to determine what they prefer most. To crush, grind and mill your pepper to the correct precision, this is an ideal pepper to use. Furthermore, this grinder leaves your spices looking and feeling fresh since no moisture gets in.

Extra Features:

  • Offers easy refill by removing the top lid
  • It’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

5. Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6″ Black

By: Unicorn

Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6 Black

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Unicorn scoops the 5th position. First, it features a steel material which guarantees years of reliable services. Something more, the ideal design offers faster and more precise grinding for quicker and more effective grinding of your pepper. One more thing, the can offers easy refill thanks to the removable top. I mean, you also get to fit the top back in place easily. Finally, you also get some grinding levels for a great experience.

Extra Features:

  • Boasts a top-quality construction
  • One can choose the desired size

4.  Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

By: By: Latent Epicure

Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Next on the list is the Latent Epicure pepper grinder set. Ideal for all kitchens, this is a real complimentary and an excellent spicing for one’s kitchen décor. It lets your kitchen look even cleaner and tidier. Operated with just a single touch of a button, the grinder allows you to break down the pepper to your desired precision automatically. Of course, there’re different levels of grinding which will enable the cook to determine whether to use coarse or finer particles. Finally, one gets to enjoy the presence of excellent LED light which ensures that there’s no over-flavoring even when there’s insufficient lighting.

Extra Features:

  • The non-rechargeable batteries make operation easier
  • The lids allow easy refilling

3. OXO Good Grips Pepper Grinder


OXO Good Grips Pepper Grinder

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OXO marks the start of the top three slots. First, this is a great tool featuring a fully functional design for ultimate convenience. The design allows for easy transition from the kitchen to dining room. Again, the beautiful design adds to the décor thus keeping your kitchen attractive. What’s more, the pepper grinder features a stainless-steel construction which makes this a great tool since it offers years of dependable services. Furthermore, the clear acrylic construction allows one to easily monitor the amount of pepper remaining at any given time.

Extra Features:

  • The nonslip construction guarantee ultimate results
  • It features a non-corrosive design for adequate preservation of natural flavor of the spices

2.  Willow & Everett Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

By: Willow & Everett

Willow & Everett Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Willow & Everett takes the 2nd top position leaving only one spot for the crème de la crème. This premium quality pepper grinder ensures that you get the ultimate results in the kitchen. The top quality stainless steel construction and perfect glass body ensure that you not only work conveniently but also monitor the amount of pepper remaining. Again, the masterpiece also features a stylish, elegant and modern design which add to the décor of your kitchen. Given its versatile and convenient construction, one can easily refill the container by taking off the top section.

Extra Features:

  • The non-corrosive and ceramic construction ensure the flavors aren’t adulterated
  • The elegant, sleek and unique design make it stable and safe for use on countertops and dining table

1. Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

By: Levav

Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Finally, the best pepper grinder is the Levav premium quality pepper grinder. This is the best tool for any cooking enthusiast who wants to use pepper in the right precision. It’s backed by a no-question guarantee which ensures that you have total peace of mind when making a purchase. Again, you get to maintain the freshness of the spices since there’s no moisture being allowed into the inside. Of course, moisture can easily contaminate the spices thus making them go bad quickly. The modern and attractive design ensures that you have a nice-looking kitchen. And, it’s fitted with modern logos and great branding also to add some flavor into the experience.

Extra Features:

  • The capacity eliminates the need for frequent refills
  • The top-quality construction guarantees years of great service

Final Thoughts

Although looking for the best pepper grinders can be an uphill task thanks to their countless numbers, this list offers insight and makes the selection process less complicated. You can pick any of the options listed above and be sure to have a great service. So, be sure to add one of them to your cart!

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