Top 10 Best PostPartum Belly Bands in 2021 – Recovery Belly Wrap Belt


After delivery, many women struggle to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Usually, many try various techniques only to get frustrating results. With great body changes, it is sometimes tiresome to get back your original shape quickly. Beside some methods being demanding, some women opt to try them. However, one of the certified and easy ways of getting your body back to its shape, Postpartum belly bands are ideal selections.

Postpartum belly bands although take some time to give you satisfactory body results, they are effective. On the other hand, they have no side effects or a lot of demands like workouts. These bands are available in various styles, designs, and quality. But, the good one should provide excellent comfort and results. For moms looking to give their body a perfect treat, these top 10 best postpartum belly bands will achieve it hassle-free.

Postpartum Belly Bands Buying Guide

  • Post Partum Belly Bands: For the first time buyers, getting an ideal belt for postpartum s recovery can be a hassle. However, these points assist in ensuring you get the ideal band for ultimate recovery.
  • Construction: The construction of these bands is vital in ensuring they have good performance. Normally they need to be strong and firm to support the body properly. Most of the belts are constructed from blended fabrics. They ensure structure and performance are great to help in recovery.
  • Adjustability: Although many bands are elastic, they need to be adjustable. In many instances, non-adjustable belts and fail to deliver ideal complete recovery especially when they can’t impose the compression anymore. Bands enhanced with the ability to adjust are suitable for full body recovery. Also, they are great since they can fit more people hence ideal for universal application.
  • Breathable Materials: Wearing a waists band is supposed to be as comfortable as possible. But, some belts can cause a lot of sweating. Looking for a highly breathable band is recommended to ensures the body enjoys free and natural skin feeling. However, some of the bands are designed to be worn over the clothes. This prevents over sweating and overheating which can cause adverse effects on your skin.
  • Belly Band Size and Weight: The size of your belt is important in determining how comfortable and effective it is. Typically, these bands are created with elastic nature. But, they come indicated the belt size. Choose the right one; small, large and extra large. On the other hand, lightweight and thin band is ideal in ensuring comfort and flexibility.

Best PostPartum Belly Bands in 2021

10. Luxe-Phillips Hospital Grade Breathable Postpartum Belly Wrap

By: Luxe-Phillips

Luxe-Phillips Hospital Grade Breathable Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Instead of living with stresses on how to reduce your b belly after delivery, a wrap is an ideal answer. The Luxe-Philips medical grade breathable belly belt is suited to all women after birth. Designed from breathable fabrics, the wrap prevents excessive sweating and other discomforts. Also, the active compression is great in keeping the body in shape naturally without subjecting you to discomforts. With its broad size, this belt is ideal for waist, belly, pelvis, and spine.

Apart from compressing your body, the wrap highly elastic. Due to this, it perfectly fits people of all sizes without causing strains to the belly region. The good thing about this belt is it can be used by all women who have undergone natural delivery. With this belt, it helps in maintaining shape as well as sliming.


  • Breathable fabrics
  • Elastic design
  • Widebody covering
  • Medical grade compression


  • No adjusting buckle

9. Hip Mall Postpartum C Section Belly Wrap Belly Band

By: Hip Mall

Hip Mall Postpartum C Section Belly Wrap Belly Band

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One of the best things about this belly wrap is that it is not difficult or complicated to put on. It has an elastic belt that will assist you to target specific areas that need support.  Whenever you are a mother, this belly band will help you to tighten your postpartum belly while accelerate healing and reduce swelling. Besides that, it features built-in boning that will offer good back support thus you will improve posture.

The postpartum belly belt will also help you to provide core muscles support, lower back pain and remind you to use proper posture. In addition, it is manufactured using high-quality 100 percent cotton that is sweat-wicking, breathable and stretchy.


  • Multi-support & adjustable
  • Provide back support and improve posture
  • Helps to lower back pain
  • Reduce swelling and bloating after delivery


  • Roll up a little when wearing it.

8. Prime Athletics- Postpartum 3 in 1 Support Belly Wrap

By: Prime Athletics

Hip Mall Postpartum C Section Belly Wrap Belly Band

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If you are searching for a postpartum girdle that you can pull up, Prime Athletics Belly Wrap work perfectly for you. It is made of 20 percent spandex and 80 percent nylon material that are lightweight, stretchable and latex-free to help you correct your posture. The Belly Wrap will shrink and tighten your belly, hips, and waist to your pre-pregnancy curves. In addition to that, it will prevent sagging of skin and organs while minimizing stretch marks.

It will help support core muscles, leg, and back while relieving pelvis pain.  Besides, it has a sleek design and will roll up whenever you are moving or seating, this will give you much freedom of movement. You will easily wear it under if desired.


  • Excellent support for pain relief
  • Made with stretchable and lightweight fabric
  • Drawstring carry bag included
  • Easily wear under clothes


  • It can only be hand-washed

7. Defitshape Women’s Postpartum 3 in 1 Recovery Belly Wrap

By: Defitshape

Defitshape Women's Postpartum 3 in 1 Recovery Belly Wrap

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Having a sleek body shape is every woman dream after delivery. That is why The Defitshape 3 in 1 recovery belly wrap is the ideal choice. The professionally designed belt is great in ensuring your body gets into a perfect state after delivering. The combination of fabrics like cotton, polyester, and spandex ensures it performs excellently. Thus, even when wearing it for a long time, it doesn’t cause excessive seating like others. With its elastic nature, the belly belt is outstanding in keeping the pelvis, belly, and waist hugged and contracted.

The good thing about this belt is one size fits a range of waist sizes. It can be used by women with a waistline measuring 25-37 inches, and it is 9 inches broad. The premium construction gives your body proper support hence preventing bones rolling back. Moreover, breathable mesh eliminates skin discomforts it facilitates normal sweating.


  • Easy to wash
  • Naturally stretching
  • One size fits many users
  • High breathability


  • No user instructions

6. ROSE BELBA Smart Binder Postpartum After Delivery Belly Wrap


ROSE BELBA Smart Binder Postpartum After Delivery Belly Wrap

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Recovery belts for post-delivery are important in ensuring every mom gets back their ideal body look. Occasionally accompanied by sagging tummy, finding the right belly wrap is the ideal solution. Rose Belba smart binder belly belt is one of the latest choices when a woman wants to keep her shape. It is clinically designed to give every mother a sure and safe way of regaining her shape. Besides correcting the sagging skin, the belt also is ideal in treating the stretch marks developed during the pregnancy.

The belt is some and designed to support belly, uterus and other body parts. The ability to keep your body supported ensures safe and smooth recovery without stressing the body. Due to its contracting nature, the belt is effective in boosting the abdominal contraction hence fast recovery. With FDA approval, there are no side effects, and the majority of users approves its performance.


  • Proven results
  • Strong and soft fabrics
  • Smart innovation fabrics
  • Fit for natural and C-section


  • Can cause overheating

5. BRABIC Seamless Postpartum C-section Belly Band Wrap Underwear


BRABIC Seamless Postpartum C-section Belly Band Wrap Underwear

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This Band Wrap from BRABIC is designed to support your pelvis, waist, and belly. It is made using seamless elastic soft fabric that does not stab your skin making you feel good all day. Moreover, the C-section of the Belly Band will not roll up or down when you are walking or sitting. It is ideal for women who want to speed up pregnancy recovery and get back their tight skin sooner.

This band underwear will gently pull in your mid-section giving you comfy compression support. Most important of all, the product comes with a size chart to choose the correct size according to your waistline.


  • Comfortable wear for postpartum care
  • Invisible Slimming Shapewear under Dress
  • Made with seamless elastic soft fabric
  • Support on your belly and waist


  • Fabric feels a little itchy

4. Gotoly Women Corset Postpartum Maternity Belt Postnatal Girdle Body Shaper

By: Gotoly

Gotoly Women Corset Postpartum Maternity Belt Postnatal Girdle Body Shaper

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Get the comfort and support from this post maternity belt by Gotoly. The carefully designed and constructed belt is ideal in keeping every woman comfortable while aiding in the recovery process. With elastic fabrics, the wrap gradually firms your belly while enhancing fast uterus, waist and back recovery. Also, it is ideal for reducing the waistline.

Depending on the sliming process, the belt is equipped with adjusting straps. They allow easy adjustment for the ban to fit the body. Unlike other waist wraps, this has U-shaped chest support that helps in porting your breasts. It is breathable, elastic and lightweight to maximize performance and feeling.


  • Double layered supported
  • Broad body support
  • Multifunctional


  • Bottom rolls up when standing

3. Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postpartum Pelvis C-Section Belly Band

By: Mamaway

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postpartum Pelvis C-Section Belly Band

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Getting the pre-pregnancy body shape is a great hassle for many moms. Now you don’t have to change diet; a belly wrap is enough to keep your body in perfect shape. This nano bamboo belly band by Mamaway is the solution to your struggles. It is highly elastic and contains bamboo charcoal to prevent Bactria build up. Moreover, the Velcro straps are significant in enabling closure when wearing and also keeps your body perfectly hugged.

The sturdy structure is the one responsible for supporting the belly, pelvis, waist, and spine. Therefore, it offers full support to keeps away sagging belly as well as paining back. The medical grade materials and design are perfect when it comes to approved results. The band is ideal for use straightaway after delivery to promote fast body recovery due to the high core support.


  • Antimicrobial property
  • Medical grade quality
  • Easy to wear
  • High-quality fabrics blend


  • Expensive than rivals

2. DIANE & GEORDI Women Postpartum Girdle


DIANE & GEORDI Women Postpartum Girdle

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Are you are trying to recover your shape after delivery? The Diane & Geordi postpartum girdle is among the best options for getting back your shape without struggling. Designed more than regular bands, it cares for the belly, pelvis as well as enhancing your hips. Thus, even when looking to slim and get an outstanding shape, the wrap is effective and safe to use.

Amazingly, using this wrap doesn’t restrict the wearing over clothes. The slim and smooth nature ensures it is not noticeable. On the other hand, the material is heat resistant to keep the body cool without excessive sweating while also it’s breathable. Designed to promote your chest, the wrap is a perfect choice for any mom.


  • Wrinkles resistant
  • Invisible on supper clothes
  • Ideal for everywhere use


  • A bit costly

1. ChongErfei Postpartum 3 in 1 Belly Wrap Waist Shapewear

By: ChongErfei

ChongErfei Postpartum 3 in 1 Belly Wrap Waist Shapewear

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Made of comfortable lightweight fabric, this band simply wraps around your stomach helping you to correct your posture.  It will also assist to support core abdominal muscles, reduce swelling and return uterus to its original size sooner.  With that in mind, this 3 Belts in 1 belt will get your body back to its former shape making you instantly slimmer after you have a baby.

This Postpartum Belly Wraps will shrink your uterus down to its normal size hold tummy in and reduce back pain. In addition to that, it’s built in boning will improve posture during breastfeeding. With its super simple design makes it easy to wear.


  • Made of breathable and comfortable material
  • Help to correct your posture
  • Speed recovery and reduce discomfort
  • Made of high quality lightweight fabric


  • More expensive than other brands


Belly belts for postpartum recovery are the ultimate choice to keep the body in shape. They practical products when one want to achieve hassle-free body reconstruction. With easy steps of use and approved results, these belly belts are outstanding for every new mom.

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