Top 10 Best Rolling TV Carts in 2021 – Reviews


The ability to mount your TV properly depends on your mounting stand. Unlike other wall-mounted stands, there are mobile ones that are great for conferences and other events. They are enabled with wheels which allows the TV screens to be moved from one point to another. Depending on the size of your screen size, there are different carts available. Therefore, it becomes simple to enjoy perfect and reliable support.

With a variety of carts available, there is great versatility when you have the right one. Some come with additional features that make your work easier. In fact, some have an adjustable frame, additional racks and others. To enjoy great performance, you need one of these reviewed rolling TV cars in the list below.

The Best Rolling TV Carts Buying Guide

  • Lockable wheels: The ability to lock the stand wheels is excellent to ensure your cart is stable. Usually, wheels are essential for the movement of the TV from one point to the other. Therefore, when needed in different rooms, it is possible to move your screens without dissembling. Although wheels are important, lack of locks can compromise the safety and ease of use.
  • Adjustable height: The ability to adjust the height is vital in ensuring there is comfort when viewing. Also, flexible nature ensures that different people can use screens without straining their bodies. Especially when teleconferencing or using a screen in seminars, there needs to have correctly raised TV screens. Different stands offer varying adjustment levels.
  • Additional component trays: The ability to place your additional components into the cart is impressive. Especially when in need for the stand for gaming and other uses, extra shelves are essential. They allow people to enjoy an easy way to place laptops, consoles, DVD players and others easily. Depending on your needs, some come with one or several shelves.
  • Construction material: The construction features different materials. Therefore, the cart performance can differ from one to another. However, the quality of construction materials should be superb. In most case, steel and aluminum are the most common materials. Aluminum is strong and lightweight hence cutting overall stand weight. On the other hand, steel is durable and offers a higher weight capacity.

Best Rolling TV Carts in 2021

10. PERLESMITH 32-65 Inch TV Screen Stand

PERLESMITH 32-65 Inch TV Screen Stand

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When you want to enjoy TV mounting without drinking holes into a wall, a stand is a perfect option. The Perlesmith TV stand is perfect for use with screens range between 32-35 inches. Additionally, with the ability to work with different brands, it can be used with LG, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony and others. The stand is great in ensuring all flat screens can be mounted without stress. Built from a heavy-duty structure, the stand can hold up to100 pounds.

The ability to roll smoothly ensure movement of your stand is effortless. It can also be adjusted to suit different heights. Therefore when using it for events, there is a simple adjustment. With lockable casters, once locked, you can enjoy movement free viewing. The additional tray lets you place other items like laptops, smartphones and tablets. Overall, the stand is simple to assemble hence an excellent option for everyone.


  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Lockable wheels
  • Additional shelf
  • Height adjustable


  • Only fit one screen

9. NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand Flat Panel Screens Aluminum

NB North Bayou Mobile TV Cart TV Stand Flat Panel Screens Aluminum

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NB North Bayou screen mounting platform is mobile and strong to hold your TV screens. Designed to work with most of the flat screens, it allows the users to enjoy safe mounting. It boasts strong structure while also having a lightweight nature. With an aluminum back panel, the stand is exceptional in keeping the screens safe. The stable design is superb in enabling ideal storage without wobbling. Despite the lightweight aluminum, the cart can hold up to 80 pounds.

The wheels are sturdy and designed to ensure no more stress to move the cart. Boasting Vesa compliant features, the mounting stand is a great deal for most screens. Additionally, the stand is height adjustable from 49-59 inches. It thereby allows people to set the right position for their perfect viewing. The audiovisual shelf is an excellent feature for teleconferencing. Additionally, the adjustable video tray is a superb feature for high efficiency.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Vesa-complaint features
  • Adjustable audiovisual tray
  • Brake enhanced wheels


  • Can’t fit additional shelf

8. ONKRON Mobile ONKRON Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

ONKRON Mobile ONKRON Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

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Onkron mobile TV cart gives you the ability to move your screen when teleconferencing. Instead of projectors, a large flat screen great for giving your audience a great presentation. Therefore, adding this screen ensures there is the ease of operation compared to wall-mounted screens. Whether it’s indoor or outside the conference room, the stand has fitted wheels. Created with universal screen fit, the stand is superb and lets the user enjoy high compatibility. In fact, it can fit flat as well as curved screens hence good for different events.

Apart from the high compatibility, the frame is superb for ensuring proper screen height. In fact, it can rise quickly through the press of a button. Enhanced with sturdy wheels, they are smooth rolling and can be locked to prevent unnecessary movements. Cable management system in this stand allows for the neat looking finish. Above all, the dual AV shelves are great for extra accessories.


  • Dual accessories trays
  • Smooth adjusting stand
  • Universal screen compatibility


  • Feels a bit pricy

7.​ TAVR Furniture Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart Floor Stand

TAVR Furniture Mobile TV Stand Rolling TV Cart Floor Stand

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As you think about teleconferencing, things are becoming easy day by day. However, instead of fixing a screen on the wall, a mounting stand is a great accessory. The TAVR furniture mobile stand is one of the right options for different events. Whether you like it for home or large organizations, it’s handy and perfectly suited. With a superbly strong structure, the stand is capable of holding massive screens without toppling. The stable base with wheels allows for smooth movements. Therefore, when using it in different rooms, there are no hassles to roll it.

Unlike other mounts, this offers an array of features. It can be adjusted to lower or increase height. Moreover, the tilting ability offers easy and customized viewing. The screen mounting bracket provides high compatibility with screens from different brands. Whether Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung and others, the stand is highly reliable. With brake enhanced wheels they are lockable to keep the stand intact.


  • Tiltable frame
  • Extra heavy-duty support
  • 8 height adjustment positions
  • Fits curved and flat screens


  • Heavier than others

6. Husky Mount Mobile Heavy Duty Universal Rolling TV Cart

Husky Mount Mobile Heavy Duty Universal Rolling TV Cart

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Husky heavy–duty mobile cart for TV screen mounting offers fantastic support and stability. The stand is engineered to deliver amazing support and reliability. In fact, it has a broad base that guarantees high stability. As a result, no risk of toppling even when holding large screens. The stand can support up to 132 pounds. With brackets allowing mounting of screens up to 70 inches, the stand is superb for your teleconferencing needs.

The adjustable height is essential for enabling the user to enjoy great viewing convenience. Equipped with an extra shelf, it is an excellent feature for allowing video calling through laptops or tablets. The rack also is adjustable, which enable perfect height positioning. For neat looking setup, the stand comes with a cable management system. Thus, even when using the stand in the conferences, it doesn’t create cluttered cables menace.


  • Integrated cable management system
  • Broad stable base
  • Massive weight capability


  • No separate shelves

5. 5Rcom Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Trolley

5Rcom Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Trolley

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5Rcom rolling TV cart keeps your screens safe and easy to move. Designed with all aspects in mind, the trolley offers smooth-moving wheels that ensure no more lifting heavy stands. With the ability to fit all flat screens measuring 32 to 70 inches, the stand is amazingly versatile. In fact, it boasts universal compatibility with flat and curved screens. With Vesa pattern screws, it can fit different screens mounting bracket. Additionally, the screen can be tilted to fit viewers’ comfortable viewing position.

The 5 positions adjustment ensure everyone can adjust the stand to suit their needs. Additionally, the metal complementary shelf is one of the great for additional storage. The wheels are large to ensure smooth movement. Also, the front wheels are lockable, which keeps the stand stable and reliably durable. They are fully rotating, which allows the stand to move in curved places smoothly.


  • Fully revolving wheels
  • Revolving media shelf
  • Multipurpose application


  • Base section can stain furniture

4. Suptek Mobile Rolling TV Stand Mount Cart

Suptek Mobile Rolling TV Stand Mount Cart

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With a universal TV cart, it brings convenience and safety of moving your screen. Suptek mobile rolling stand is a rolling platform that keeps your TV well secured. It offers a lasting solution for conferencing and also keeping your screens safe for PlayStation. Whether you want to mount flat or curved screen, the mount is ideal for 32-70 inches TVs. Due to adjustable nature, the stand ensures perfect viewing without causing strains.

Besides the ability to fit large screens, the stand comes with adjusting the height. It can be raised from 39 to 59 inches hence ideal for different users. The base comes with a stable structure and lockable caster wheels. In fact, the wheels are 360 degrees revolving for smooth movement around the rooms. For neatness, the stand comes with a cable management system. Additionally, the installation is simple and extra HDMI cable gives you secure screen connections.


  • Easy installation
  • Bonus HDMI cable
  • Lockable wheels


  • Lowering shelf can be tricky

3. Mount Factory Rolling Stand Mobile TV Cart

Mount Factory Rolling Stand Mobile TV Cart

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Mount factory stand TV cart creates a stable and reliable platform. It has some of the best construction and quality materials. It features dual stands with easy adjustment. In fact, it features a simple but highly engineered structure that keeps your screens safe. Boasting universal compatibility, the stand can host displays ranging from 32-65 inches. Boasting sturdy steel frame can hold more weight than other materials. In fact, it can support up to 110 pounds.

Wheels facilitate the ability to move from one room to another. They are sturdy to ensure proper weight support without breaking. When not in motion, the casters are lockable to give the user a reliable and stable platform. Due to the Vesa compliant holes pattern, the cart is compatible with different TV screens. With additional components shelf, it creates extra space for other essentials.


  • Steel structure
  • Mobile and stable
  • Easy to put together


  • Feels a bit heavy

2. Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Universal Stand

Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Universal Stand

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Mount Factory universal stand with wheels allows for mounting TV screens measuring 40-65 inches. Created from a sturdy structure, the stand is designed to ensure no more struggles to install screens on walls. In fact, it has a universal fit, which allows for compatibility with flat and curved screens. Also, the Vesa complainant features allow for mounting screws ranging from 100mm x 100mm to 400mm x 600mm. The structure is powder-coated, which ensures there is superb durability.

Apart from the sturdy structure, the stand has a stable design. It doesn’t topple even when holding the largest screen. With the ability to support 100 pounds TV screens, the structure us super sturdy. Besides, the heavy-duty locking casters are incredible and offer a stable and non-moving design. Apart from the ability to hold massive screens, the structure also comes with components shelf. It can hold DVD players, game consoles and others.


  • Strong steel frame
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Versatile application


  • Only one shelf

1. VIVO Mobile TV Cart for Flat Panel Screen TVs 

VIVO Mobile TV Cart for Flat Panel Screen TVs

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Vivo TV cart caters for your needs when gaming, relaxing or teleconferencing. The structure allows it to hold up to 110 pounds without toppling or curving. In fact, it can hold heaviest screens without compromising the overall structure and strength. Compatible with most flat screens, it can also be adjusted to raise it to ideal height to the viewers. Besides the muscular structure, the additional shelf can hold 10 pounds. Thus, it is great for small accessories like consoles and laptops.

Having this structure in your home or office allows for a neat look. It has a cable management system which keeps the platform clean. The screen is tiltable to +/- 15 degrees for best viewing experience. The 4 lockable casters are sturdy and also keeps the structure stable. Overall, the structure is agronomic and stable for the best TV screens mounting options.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Tiltable design
  • Stable and wobble-free


  • Unfitting screws holes


Rolling TV carts are amazing and worth for use in different places. They are ideal for offices, homes and teleconferencing. With the ability to hold large screens, they are versatile and eliminates the need for installing projectors in every room. They are also sleek and offers the best looking appearance to any place.

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