Top 10 Best Solar Power Banks in 2023 – Reviews

In today’s technological age, power is not always where you need it most. That is why having one of the top 10 best solar power banks in 2021 on had is a smart move.

You get the power when you need it and you can continue to make your calls without delay. Also, solar power does not need USB compatibility to get you the power you need.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Solar Power Bank

  • Construction Materials: with a lot of power banks on the market, make sure you get the one with the strongest construction materials. You want them tough enough to handle your all your activities.
  • Battery Power: Does the battery hold enough energy to make sure you can have the power when you need it?
  • Accessories: Most solar power banks come with a built-in flashlight. You need to find those that have those little extras that make them stand out above the others. Emergency lights, recharge pockets, etc., are the things you should be looking for.
  • USB Ports: The more the merrier. Make sure the solar power bank has both micro and regular USB ports to handle your recharging needs.
  • Protection: Being water-resistant is not enough. You also want those solar power banks that are dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. Splash resistant is also a good idea.

Best Solar Power Banks in 2021


10. Benfiss Solar Charger 25000mAh, 4 Solar Panels Fast Charger Power

By: Benfiss

Benfiss Solar Charger 25000mAh, 4 Solar Panels Fast Charger Power

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Benfiss Solar Charger is certainly the way to go whenever you require a power bank with a high capacity power. Designed to absorb solar energy and this will shorten the charging time. Similarly, comes with a folding design that offers additional flexibility and you can put it in your backpack during camping, hiking or traveling.

Another great thing is security systems that this Solar Charger because it provides IC protection from short-circuiting, over-current, and over-voltage, over-discharging and over-charging. On the other hand, when your phone is fully charged, it stops automatically from charging to prevent overcharging and overheating.


  • Built for outdoors and emergency LED Lights
  • 25000mah high capacity solar charger
  • Folding design offers high Flexibility
  • 4 large solar panels

9. PLOCHY Power Bank


PLOCHY Power Bank

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Get power anywhere you go. The solar energy gathering power bank does not need ports or cables to get its power. Then when you need it, you can use one of the 3 USB ports to recharge your smartphone.

Also, you can charge up to 3 phones or other electrical devices at the same time. The 24000 mAH rechargeable battery draws enough power for all three. Indicator lights let you know how much power is available for your use. In addition to all of this, this power bank is dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. But only under normal conditions and use.


  • Power indicator lights
  • 24000 mAH battery
  • 3 USB charge ports
  • Waterproof,

8. Coeuspow Solar Charger

By: Coeuspow

Coeuspow Solar Charger

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With 4 indicator lights and 4 USB ports, you can stay on top of your energy needs with ease. After powering the power bank, you get lots of energy to recharge several smartphones. A metal clip lets you recharge as you move.

Before you get lost, you can use the included compass to find your way. If the sunlight goes, flick on the built-in flashlight. You will find your way home again. The good news is that the approx. 26000 mAh battery holds enough power for all your recharging needs. Just watch that you do not overheat the power bank when charging it up.


  • 26000 mAH rechargeable battery
  • Included compass
  • Metal clip for easy carrying
  • 4 USB ports

7. CXLiy Power Bank

By: CXLiy

CXLiy Power Bank

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A ‘D’ ring hook keep this power bank nearby. Just attach it to your belt or backpack strap and you can charge the power bank between uses. Plus, its 25000 mAH rechargeable battery works to recharge up to 3 electrical devices at the same time.

When the day goes, you can use the power bank as a flashlight. Low light conditions are not a problem. If you have an emergency, the red and blue lights alert others to your plight. Then 4 indicator lights let you know how much power is available for your use. The power bank is also waterproof.


  • Emergency light capability
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Waterproof
  •  4 indicator lights

6. Elzle Portable Solar Power Bank

By: Elzle

Elzle Portable Solar Power Bank

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Powering your phones is not the only function this solar power bank has. It can double as a flashlight or you can use it as an emergency light. Either way, you will have the power you need when you need it.

Plus, the handy carrying strap allows you to position it so you can recharge the power bank as you walk or do other activities. After recharging the power bank, you can hook up two electrical devices at the same time. With 4 indicator lights, you always know how much power you have at any given moment.


  • Handy carrying strap
  • Emergency strobe light
  • 4 indicator lights
  • 2 USB ports & 1 micro USB port

5. Renogy Solar Power Bank Portable Outdoor 15000mAh Charger

By: Renogy

Renogy Solar Power Bank Portable Outdoor 15000mAh Charger

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Renogy is another high-quality well-constructed solar power bank. Dissimilar with any other products, this one is truly well thought out. With its compact in size and light weight allow you to take it everywhere you go making it ideal for long treks. Then there is a high capacity Built-in 15000mAh lithium battery that will work perfectly with any outlet.

The Power Bank comes with Dual USB Charger that can charge 2 gadgets simultaneously and this makes it more practical and convenient. As for build quality, its dustproof, shock-resistant and water resistant.


  • Built-in 15000mah lithium battery
  • Fast charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Water-resistant dustproof and shock-resistant
  • Easy attachment to backpacks
  • Dual USB charger ports

4. Kiizon Solar Power Bank

By: Kiizon

Kiizon Solar Power Bank

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Dual charging functions give you plenty of options. You can choose between using the sun to get the power bank charged or you can plug in the micro USB cable and get power the old-fashioned way.

Also, the 25000 mAH rechargeable battery holds enough electricity to do multiple recharges. Once the recharge job is completed, the power bank turns itself off. Plus, a built-in flashlight provides you with extra security. You can use it to light your way or send an SOS when you are in trouble. In addition to all of that, your new power bank is protected from dust, rain and accidental drops.


  • Automatic turn off the feature
  • Dust, shock & waterproof
  • 2 charging systems
  • Built-in SOS light

3. Hiluckey-Solar Charger 25000mAh, Outdoor Portable Power Bank

By: Hiluckey

Hiluckey-Solar Charger 25000mAh, Outdoor Portable Power Bank

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Hiluckey-Solar Charger offers an efficient and portable way how to charge electronic devices. The power bank comes with a 25000mAh high capacity battery that can be used to charge your phone eight to 10 times. It is likewise equipped with a dual USB; thus you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. Different from that, with its 4 Solar Panels that are foldable makes it be more efficient.

The power bank is made with a rugged construction that makes it waterproof, dustproof and shockproof thus you can use it for any outdoor emergency. Moreover, this portable solar panel includes a micro USB cable as well as a user manual.


  • Rugged construction is shock dust and waterproof
  • Four foldable high-efficiency solar panels
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Built-in 25000mAh Li-polymer battery
  • 12-Month warranty

2. FEELLE Solar Power Bank


FEELLE Solar Power Bank

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To get maximum charging power, unfold this power banks three solar panels. Place it in the direct light and wait. Soon, you will have enough power to recharge your other electrical devices.
Plus, once fully powered you can recharge two devices at the same time. Then a built-n flashlight comes with 3 light modes. Steady light, SOS and a strobe lighting effect. You can call for help with ease.

After purchasing, you will find that the waterproof protection lets you recharge almost anywhere and under bad weather conditions. If you are outdoors, you also have dust and shockproof protection as well.


  • 3 light modes
  • 3 solar panels for faster charging
  • Shockproof
  • Water and dust proof

1. Be-Charging Solar Power Bank

By: Be-Charging

Be-Charging Solar Power Bank

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This solar power bank can receive power in two ways. First by the sun through normal solar charging ways Second, you can attach the power bank to a computer for emergency power. You use one of the 3 USB ports to bring the power to the solar power bank.

Also, dual lights light up your path when the night comes and there are no lights nearby. Plus, you can recharge up to 3 different electrical devices at the same time. The 25000 mAH rechargeable battery can handle a variety of devices. The solar power bank is not fire or waterproof.


  • Emergency recharge through computer
  • Dual lights for safety
  • 25000 mAH battery
  • Easy to recharge


Electrical outlets and USB ports are not always around when you need them. That makes using one of the top 10 best solar power banks in 2021 a smart move. You can recharge your phone when you need to and spare yourself a lot of trouble.

Since the sun does not run out of energy that means when you use one of these solar power banks, you shouldn’t run out of power.