Top 10 Best Sports Bras in 2021 – Reviews


Unlike the usual bras, sports bras boast a special design which makes them convenient for sportswomen and ideal for all sporting activities. Although these bras have a plethora of benefits, finding the right ones can be quite an arduous task due to the fact that the market is full of options. In fact, sifting through each brand and testing them to ascertain their performance can be a pain in the rear. Perhaps that’s the reason you need to go through this article before making a purchase. We have sampled a bunch of brands then prepared this list of the Top 110 best sports bras in 2021 reviews. Hope you find one appealing!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Sports Bras

  • The Material: Ensure you go for soft yet durable material. This way, you will be guaranteed of comfort and also durability.
  • The Size: Pick a size which is perfect for your bust. Don’t go for bras which are either too large or too small since that will prove quite uncomfortable.
  • The Price: The price has to be reasonable. Don’t go for the overpriced options or the lowly priced flops. Just pick a high-quality bra which is fairly priced.
    Why You Need Sports Bras:
  • For comfort: It would be so uncomfortable for one to undertake heavy sporting activities while wearing the usual bras. That’s where sports bras come in.
  • Proper impact suppression: Pressure differs depending on the impact of activity being undertaken. So, with a sports bra, low, medium and high impact activities shall get their corresponding response.

Best Sports Bras in 2021

10. Reebok Puremove Bra

By: Reebok

Reebok Puremove Bra

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For many years, Reebok has been at the top of the market. From the production of sports shoes to sportswear, they are simply passionate about sports. Now, this particular bra boasts a 100% fiber construction which makes it a great option for sportswomen. Of course, this fiber exhibits a unique moisture absorption ability and keeps sportspeople in a perfect condition even when undertaking strenuous activities.

The design makes it ideal for tough training activities as well as running. And yes, the bras are available in half sizes, so one needs to be careful when making a selection to avoid being disappointed. Equipped with s motion sense technology and a unique treated fabric, the bras offer extra support on heavy impact and low support on low impact.

Extra features:

  • The breathable perforations keep one cool and comfortable
  • The natural shape guarantee comfort

9.  Wacoal Women’s Sports Underwire

By: Wacoal

Wacoal Women's Sports Underwire

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Next on our list is the Wacoal’s women sports bra. This is a high-tech masterpiece designed with comfort in mind. I mean, the 80% nylon and 20% spandex material keeps one cool and comfortable even when they’re undertaking strenuous activities like heavy exercise and running. Again, the bras feature a hook and eye closure design. This is a great closure system which makes taking off and putting on an easy task.

Of course, little maintenance is required since hand washing is allowed. And, the material also wicks out moisture thus keeping the users cool and dry all day long. Finally, the eye and the hook are padded to offer extra comfort when one is undertaking any sporting activities.

Extra Features:

  • There’s a back hook adjustment for comfort
  • Once locked, the bra stays in place all the time

8. Natori Women’s Yogi Contour Convertible Sports Bra

By: Natori

Natori Women's Yogi Contour Convertible Sports Bra

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The 8th position goes to Natori sports bras. Just like most of the options in this list, this bra features excellent design and a unique material which guarantees comfort for the users. For instance, the material used in the construction is a high-breed of 85% polyester and 15% Lycra spandex. With these two fabrics, you can be sure to have adequate comfort and convenience during any sporting activity.

Something else, just like the previous brand, these bras feature a hook and eye closure system. This is an excellent design which makes taking off the bra or putting it on a breeze. Again, hand washing is also allowed thus making maintenance a snap. The ultra-lightweight foam used in the construction allows one to run or move without experiencing discomfort.

Extra Features:

  • There are full coverage cups which offer adequate containment
  • The elastic pockets offer enough adjustability

7. Under Armour Women’s Armour Sports Bra

By: Under Armour

Under Armour Women's Armour Sports Bra

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Under Armour is a household name across the US. They are responsible for the manufacture of some unique products including this excellent sports bra. There’re various features which make this a great bra for sportswomen. First, the 100% blend of other fibers makes it comfortable and convenient for the users.

The design is meant to offer strategic support which is geared towards balancing between low, medium and high impact activities like boxing, weightlifting and cycling. So, regardless of the expected impact, the will be adequate support to counter it appropriately. Finally, the highly breathable mesh lining guarantees comfort and offer adequate moisture wicking.

Extra Features:

  • The criss-cross straps offer adequate support
  • The material guarantees durability

6. Nike Women’s Pro Indy Bra

By: Nike

Nike Women's Pro Indy Bra

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Nike is a name everyone knows! Of course, just like Reebok, this is a brand known by sportspeople all over the world. This particular sports bra is made from a 100% polyester material. Of course, polyester is known to offer some benefits including excellent moisture wicking and increased durability.

Something else, the bra features an elastic closure which guarantees comfort and also makes earing and taking off a breeze. Furthermore, there’re removable cups which offer a natural definition and light support. What’s more, the ultra-soft fabric offers a snug-fit which enhances comfort.

Extra Features:

  • The racerback design allows one to move with comfort
  • The V-neck design offers less coverage thus allowing one to feel cool

5. Under Armour Women’s Sports Bra

By: Under Armour

Under Armour Women's Sports Bra

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Just like the previous sibling, this is a great sports bra made using 80% nylon and 11% elastane fabrics. The fabric guarantees durability and comfort for the users. Of course, the bra is designed to offer strategic support depending on the level of impact. With low, medium and high impact activities like cycling, running and field sports, these bras guarantee ultimate support. Of course, these activities require different levels of support, and when the wrong level is exerted, it can lead to discomfort and inconveniences.

The clean front strengthened with soft, breathable cups offer adequate coverage and extra structure for protection. Furthermore, the material guarantees enough moisture wicking thus offering adequate cooling when one is undertaking tough sporting activities. Of course, dryness is also a positive thing when it comes to sports. The unique back fitted with adjustable straps ensures that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire sporting activity.

Extra Features:

  • The soft, breathable mesh lining guarantees ultimate comfort
  • For relentless support, the bras feature a studiolux fabric.

4. Natori Women’s Convertible Sports Bra

By: Natori

Natori Women's Convertible Sports Bra

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Again, Natori makes a comeback into the list. Just like the previous model, this is a high-grade masterpiece designed to ensure that one gets ultimate comfort when undertaking different sporting activities. Featuring an 85% polyester and 15% Lycra fabrics, the level of comfort you’ll get is simply immeasurable. Of course, these two fabrics exhibit unique moisture wicking properties thus keeping one cool and comfortable all the time. Of course, one needs to stay cool whenever they’re running or undertaking any strenuous exercises. So, the material will help you maximize your performance by keeping you cool and comfortable.

Hand washing is allowed for these bras. This way, you won’t have a hard time taking care of your bra. Something else, the dimensions of 0.7 inches and 14 inches in the height and width respectively make the bras ideal for different sportswomen. Finally, this is a hybrid bra which features a lightweight stretch foam and unique logo patch on the left side.

Extra Features:

  • The convertible straps which are also adjustable guarantee comfort
  • Hook and eye closure make taking off and on a breeze.

3. Champion Women’s Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra

By: Champion

Champion Women's Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra

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Just like the name suggests, this is the bra for a real champion. Starting off our top three positions, Champion sports bra is made using 86% Meryl Nylon and 14% Lycra fabrics. Both of these fabrics are known to exhibit excellent features which make them a must-have for any sporting personality. The closure is another thing you’ll find appealing to you. For instance, the hook and eye closure design is one which offers easy removal and wearing of the bra. Of course, the bras are perfect for machine washing so you won’t have the hassle of washing with your hands. The silky dual dry fabric also adds to the unique features exhibited by these bras. First, the fabric wicks out moisture thus keeping one cool and dry throughout the sporting activities. Secondly, the fabric is also soft and super smooth to offer extra comfort for the user.

Furthermore, there’s an extra knit-in feature which helps in minimizing motion thus allowing one to even run without experiencing discomforts. There’re hidden cushioning wires which are meant to offer extra support at all times. And, lastly, the molded triple-layer cups offer an ideal shape for comfort and convenience when sporting.

Extra Features:

  • The side cups enhance stability
  • The V-back ensure the straps stay in place.

2. Glamorise Women’s Adjustable Sports Bra

By: Glamorise

Glamorise Women's Adjustable Sports Bra

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Glamorise scoops the 2nd tier position. Of course, the top three positions are always spared for the crème de la crèmes. And yes, this Glamorise sports bra has fully ticked all the boxed to qualify for the 2nd position. If you’re wondering what makes this a must-have bra for sportswomen, then let’s dig deeper into the special features. First, the material which consists of 56% polyester, 7% elastane and 37% nylon makes it a great brand. I mean, the combination of these three fabrics guarantees ultimate performance and ensures that you undertake all sporting activities comfortably.

Again, the hook and eye closure design ensure that you easily take it off or put in on. Of course, no one wants to put in a bra which will require a lot of activities to put on and also to get them off, is there? Machine washing is allowed for these bras which eliminate the hassle of hand washing. The layered mesh and a logo tag fitted at the hem also make this a perfect option for all sporting women. And yes, the quick-dry feature and unique inner cups offer comfort and convenience at all times.

Extra Features:

  • The bust bands offer uplift separation
  • The two-way stretch back guarantees support

1. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

By: Panache

Panache Women's Underwire Sports Bra

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Finally, Panache wraps up our list of the Top 10 best sports bras in 2021. This is a unique brand which boasts unique features making it the pick of the bunch. First, the material which is a combination of 14% elastane, 38% polyester and 48% polyamide guarantees durability and comfort for the user. Something else, the hook and eye closure system offers increased convenience. In fact, with this closure system, you can easily put the bra on or get it off without hassle.

Hand washing is recommended for this sports bra. And, the bra features a unique ventilating mesh panel for the shoulders and the bust. The mesh panel ensures that you enjoy comfort and convenience at all times even when undertaking heavy exercises.

Extra Features:

  • The front logo makes the bras unique
  • The size is determined using the UK sizing so be careful

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a sports bra, this list will offer the right options. Most people are using sports bras even when not going for sporting activities. This is because they are more comfortable than the usual.

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