Top 10 Best Vegetable Choppers in 2020 -​Reviews


Vegetables are part of our daily diet. They are great while cooked or raw as a salad. However, making uniformly chopped veggies can be challenging. Especially when using a knife, it can be a nightmare to produce large quantities and nicely chopped vegetables. To enjoy great results, vegetable choppers are great kitchen accessories. They are designed to deliver fast and well-chopped food.

Unlike food processors, choppers are available in different forms. Some are manual while others are powered. This lets people invest in the best for their needs. Whether you want a chopper for home or commercial needs, there are different options available. Generally, with the best vegetable chopper, it is easy to enjoy great meals as well as salads.

Vegetable Choppers Buying Guide

  • Ease of cleaning: Ease of cleaning is essential for maintaining high hygiene. However, these items are sharp, and cleaning with bare fingers can cause injuries. Therefore, choosing a chopper with cleaning accessories is a great choice. Ideally, a cleaning brush ensures your work is simple and safe.
  • Manual or motorized: The choice of a chopper can be confusing between powered and manual one. However, to ensure you can chop your veggies all the time and everywhere, manual ones are the best options. However, for large scale chopping, powered equipment are the ultimate choice.
  • Number of attachments: Attachments are great essentials for transforming your chopper into great equipment. Mostly, many vegetable cutters come with interchangeable attachments. They help in making different shaped vegetables as well as fruits. Depending on the ones preference, there is a need to have the right accessories for the best chopping experience.
  • Type of chopper: There are different designs if veggie choppers available today. The most common is the pressing typo, as well as pull rope design. However, the choice will depend on your cutting needs. For press types, they are great since they come with more attachments. But, when it comes to quick cutting rope, pull-type are easy and delivers the best results.

Best Vegetable Choppers in 2020

10.​ Swongar Pro Vegetable Cheese Grater Durable Fruit Chopper

Swongar Pro Vegetable Cheese Grater Durable Fruit Chopper

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Having your salad should not be a daunting task. Having Swongar pro vegetable and fruit chopper is the device you should have in your home. It’s a versatile device with the ability to chop m cheese, grate, and even cut vegetables into small pieces. With fast action, it allows for multiple functions. As a result, making a mouthwatering salad is a simple process. The item comes with 8-functions. Therefore, it makes your kitchen work simple and eliminates the need for other items.

The blades are hardened stainless steel made. This keeps them working flawlessly and reliably. With humanized design, the chopper is simple to remove the blades easily. Apart from the different accessories, the chopper comes with a storage case. Therefore, even after working with this chopper, it allows for efficient storage. Due to the sharp blades, the item works flawlessly. Durable construction ensures there are no more breakages like cheap ones.


  • Humanized design
  • 8 working accessories
  • Storage box
  • Compact and efficient


  • None

9. Alrens 11 in 1 Vegetable Slicer Potato Onion Veggie Chopper Dicer

Alrens 11 in 1 Vegetable Slicer Potato Onion Veggie Chopper Dicer

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Having efficient methods of chopping vegetables is excellent to enjoy easy work in every kitchen. Alrens 11-in-1 veggies chopper provides great versatility and performance. It, therefore, enables users to enjoy different works in the kitchen. Whether chopping vegetables, peeling potatoes, dicing, and others, it’s a great kitchen tool. Besides, the chopper comes with egg york separator, slicer, and shredder, among others. The attachment of accessories is simple and smooth without causing stress to users.

The chopper has excellent ergonomics, which improves overall comfort. Equipped with a silicone-enhanced handle, it doesn’t slip even when hands are wet. Apart from the chopping device, it’s accompanied by a premium container that can hold up to 4 cups of vegetables. The cutters are created from the highest stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and extra sharp. For the safety of the user, the device comes with a handguard.


  • Handguard
  • Large container
  • Rubberized handle


  • Gloves aren’t included

8. OXO Good Grips Vegetable & Onion Chopper

OXO Good Grips Vegetable & Onion Chopper

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OXO good grip chopper makes your time in the kitchen to be enjoyable. Designed to improve the way you chop your vegetables, the chopper is excellently performing. Apart from cutting vegetables, the device is designed to be multifunctional. In fact, it can cut even fruits. With the ability to chop fruits and vegetables quickly, the device delivers nicely cut veggies. For smooth and reliable performance, the device has a convenient pouring spout. Depending on the task, it’s possible to install the right cutter for perfect work.

The removable grid enables the grid to help in installing chopper back in place efficiently. Additionally, it ensures there is easy cleaning without raising your hands. With lid designed to offer great leverage, it delivers efficient chopping. The stainless steel blades are fantastic and safe for a long time. With 2.5 cups container, it holds enough content at a time. For high stability, the bottom has non-slip enhancement hence ideal for every chopping work.


  • Non-slip base
  • Large chopping container
  • Great leveraging lid
  • Easy cleaning


  • Bigger diced sizes

7. DASH DSM100GBGY04 Safe Slice Vegetables Mandolin

DASH DSM100GBGY04 Safe Slice Vegetables Mandolin

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Dash vegetable mandolin slices and chop your fruits and veggies excellently. Unlike other slicers, this has excellent safety than most of the choppers. It keeps fingers away from the blade hence the fast and safe way to chop your food. With spring enhanced loaded handle, there is great reliability and comfort when chopping. The simple push mechanism is ideal and allows even kids to use this chopper. For great chopping ability, the device comes with 30 preset cuts for varying thickness. As a result, you enjoy great shapes and sizes of vegetables.

Cleaning this chopper is easy than you can imagine. It comes with a brush that makes it easy to eliminate the buildup of debris on the blades. Consequently, the chopper is simple to keep clean without causing injuries to your hands. With a stable structure, the device provides ideal chopping and other activities without wobbling.


  • Finger protected handle
  • Stable structure
  • 30 preset chopping sizes


  • Cleaning can be challenging

6. Fullstar Vegetable Onion Chopper Dicer

Fullstar Vegetable Onion Chopper Dicer

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Adding vegetables in your diet helps to deliver high nutrition. But, the Fullstar vegetable chopper offers even more convenience. Ability to chop and dice different food, it is ideal for all your chopping needs. With safety and performance, in mind, the chopper is highly efficient to cut and slice different shapes and sizes. In fact, it can be used efficiently to make zoodles. The 7 working functions enable fantastic versatility.

Apart from chopping veggies, the gadget is superb for egg york separation, juicing, and other tasks. The chopper keeps the vegetables tasting great since it features stainless steel blades. They are durable since no corrosion and delivers extra-sharp performance. Swapping blades is a job since there are no tools or struggles involved. The chopper has strong ABS construction and is free from BPA and other toxic plastics. With a non-slip base, the device is dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy blade swapping
  • Multiple applications


  • No finger guard

5. Sedhoom 23 in 1 Vegetable Food Onion Chopper

Sedhoom 23 in 1 Vegetable Food Onion Chopper

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Sedhoom food chopper is one of the most versatile options available. It is a 23-in-1 chopper that makes your kitchen work simple. Especially for vegetarians and vegetable lovers, this tool makes the whole process fast and safe. Boasting 12 replicable blades, the chopper can perform a variety of chipping activities. Additionally, the device can make different sized vegetables hence a great way to enjoy a superb salad or cooking vegetables. Besides, the finger protection accessories ensure the chopper is smooth to use without cutting your fingers.

Humanized design is impressive in enabling the user to hold this chopper efficiently. Unlike other choppers, this comes with generously sized container to hold your chopped content. It has a clear design that allows you to monitor the content level. Amazingly, the sharp blades are easy to clean hence maintaining performance for a long time. The construction features food-grade materials that guarantee food safety. Generally, the blades are non-toxic and odorless, which give natural taste without causing adulteration.


  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Simple cleaning
  • Versatile attachments


  • Changing attachment can be tricky

4. Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop 2-Cup Food Chopper

Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop 2-Cup Food Chopper

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It’s time to enjoy nicely prepared and mixed salad without cutting your fingers. The Kuhn Rikon 2 cup chopper delivers all the cutting experience. Using this chopper is safe and fast than other designs. This is due to the pull chop design that ensures there is no more risking fingers. With an enclosed stainless steel blade, the chopper delivers a seamless chopping process. The pulling mechanism is excellent and ensures there are no more injury risks to your fingers.

The container is clear and large, which accommodates enough chopped vegetables. Additionally, with a sturdy lid, there is no spill once you are using the chopper. Unlike other choppers that require you to cut large pieces for easy chopping, this offers a simple mechanism. In fact, the blade works perfectly on different vegetables efficiently. Cleaning is super easy and stresses free since every part can be cleaned easily. Above all, the base is super stable and delivers a non-slip grip.


  • Simple pull chop mechanism
  • Large capacity
  • Non-slip base


  • No attachments

3. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

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It’s time to enjoy adequately chopped vegetables without strains. Chef’n VeggieChop is the right device that offers superb action without risking cutting or injuring user’s fingers. Boasting manual powering, it creates greatly chopped vegetables and fruits. As a result, there are no more struggles to make a balanced salad due to insufficiently chopped veggies. Apart from the vegetables, the chopper has a strong blade that can cut boneless meat seamlessly.

The good thing with this chopper is it runs without electricity. Therefore, whether outdoors or off the grid, there are no limitations on where and when to use it. Additionally, the compact nature ensures the appliance can be used in RVs, kitchens, and other places. The lockable lid is ideal for keeping the content inside without spilling. Additionally, it’s usable for whipping and other functions for an ultimate experience.


  • Multipurpose functions
  • Removable and washable blade
  • Highly portable


  • No variety of accessories

2. Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

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When the ability to chop vegetables is increased, people can enjoy a great-tasting salad. However, the only way to get well-chopped veggies is by adding this Fullstar slicer. Built with high versatility and attachments, the device can offer a different type of chopping. In fact, the 4 blades are fantastic and deliver exceptional results. The blades are made to last since they are stainless steel built. They, therefore, ensure compatibility with all vegetables and fruits without reacting or altering the taste.

The high strength construction allows for easy pressing without suffering to fingers. In fact, the rubberized handle created a perfect grip without slipping for ultimate operation. With BPA and approved construction materials, the chopper is safe and ideal for daily application. Besides cutting, the equipment is great for spiraling and other functions to deliver appealing and precisely cut veggies. Switching attachments is simple, and no tool is needed. Above all, the large, sturdy container keeps all the chopped content safely.


  • High-quality materials
  • Effortless attachment change
  • BPA free materials


  • Requires a lot of energy

1. Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper Kitchen Cutter

Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper Kitchen Cutter 

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Mueller Austria kitchen cutter makes work easy and enjoyable. It chops vegetables seamlessly without causing stress to your muscles. Also, the one-touch cutting process ensures no more tears when chopping onions. Unlike cheap choppers, this device features premium materials. Thus, no more stress about rust and corrosion. With container holding up to 4 cups, there is improved convenience. The ability to reduce vapors gives everyone ability to make chopped vegetables easily.

The soft and easy to press mechanism to ensure even tough veggies are chopped with small efforts. The construction is free from BPA and features German 420 hardened stainless steel. As a result, there is increased versatility and performance to deliver unmatched performance. Whether chopping vegetables, grating cheese, or dicing, the chopper offers smooth functioning. All parts are FDA approved hence ideal for all your food chopping purposes.


  • FDA approved parts
  • German hardened stainless steel
  • Amply sized container


  • A few attachments


The ability to get an easy way to chop vegetables depends on the type of chopper you select. With many choices available, they differ in performance, style, and durability. The reviewed vegetable chopper above are the best option every kitchen can have.

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