Top 10 Best Winter Boots For Women in 2021 – Reviews


When it gets cold out, you want a right boot to keep your feet from freezing. With lots of snow boots to choose from, we felt that the ones listed in our top 10 best winter boots for women in 2021 are the best of them all.

Each boot has its unique style and features which should make the man ideal choice for you to wear throughout the winter season. Plus, our review highlights those features that make each boot stand out and maybe the perfect one for you.

Factors To Consider When Searching for a Good Snow Boot

  • Style:  you want a boot that will not detract from your overall look. These winter boots complement any outfit or coat you will wear outside. Their design should look good on your feet.
  • Construction Material:  leather is always best. It is a durable fabric that does not look bad at any time. They last a long time and do not go out of style. With that said, there are other fabrics used on snow boots that work just as well as leather does
  • Protection: make sure your snow boots provide you with good waterproof protection. Cold, wet feet are not good walking companions.
  • Lining:  warmth is a good thing, but you also want to make sure the lining is soft to the touch. Little is worse than having the lining scratch your feet or legs every time you take a step.
  • Soles: good rubber soles help you walk through anything. You can walk through puddles and not lose your traction. Also, you will still have warm dry feet.

Best Winter Boots For Women in 2021

10. ArcticShield Women’s Anna Warm Winter Snow Boots

By: ArcticShield

ArcticShield Women's Anna Warm Winter Snow Boots

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With memory foam to help keep your feet nice and warm, this snow boot also comes with a fur lining. Also, the memory foam remembers how your feet feel so it can stay molded for better walking comfort. The fold over fur collar provides you with a little choice in how you want to wear them.

Also, the insulated interior helps keep the cold from reaching your toes. With its waterproof coating, these snow boots make sure your feet remain nice and dry, even on a cold snowy morning.
Plus, the rubber tread provides you with enough traction, so you do not slip on those wet and not so dry sidewalks.


  • Rubber tread
  • Insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Memory foam

9. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots


DREAM PAIRS Women's Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots

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Constructed from man-made materials, these snow boots are designed to keep your feet warm while making sure you look good. With the fur lined collar, your ankles and calves stay nice and warm. Then the extra insulation work to keep the cold out up to -25 degrees F.

Traction shouldn’t be a problem as the rubber soles give you sure footing on the slickest surfaces. The thick rubber also helps keep water from reaching your feet. On top of all this, you get water and wind resistant uppers. The cold wind won’t ruin your day.


  • Heavily insulated
  • Good outer soles
  • Fur lined collar
  • Water resistant

8. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot

By: Kamik

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot

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The elevated heel provides you with more than just extra height. You get extra water protection and traction from the outer rubber sole. The thick treads work to keep your footing as you walk on slippery surfaces.

Also, a reinforced toe protects your toes from any accidental bumps or impacts. With the waterproof sealing, your feet should remain dry through rain and snow. Plus, the fur-lined collar and soft interior keeps your lower leg nice and comfortable.
In addition to these features, you get bungee style closures to keep the boots securely on your feet.


  • Rugged tread
  • Waterproof coating
  • Reinforced toe
  • Elevated heel

7. UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot


UGG Women's Classic Short II Boot

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You can go outside in style. These sheepskin and leather winter now boots will add a touch of class to your overall look. The rough seams are extra tough and sown to perfection. Plus, the slip-on style makes these boots easy to get on and off.

Walking shouldn’t be much of a problem. The extra thick outer soles help channel moisture away from your footsteps. They also give you a lot of traction so that you can walk confidently to your destination. Also, the fold down nature lets you wear these boots the way you want to have them look. Then the interior fur lining works to keep the cold away from your feet. It feels good next to your skin as well.


  • Interior fur lining
  • Leather outers
  • Foldable styling
  • Soft to the touch

6. Polar Products Polar Women’s Nylon Tall Winter Snow Boot

By: Polar Products

Polar Products Polar Women's Nylon Tall Winter Snow Boot

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These calf high boots not only keep your feet warm, they also add a little warmth to your calves. With their fur lined collar, you will look both good and stay warm as you walk in cooler weather.

Also, the fully lined interior work with the waterproof uppers to keep your feet nice and dry as rain splatters everywhere. With the angle tread, not only do you get comfortable as you walk, you get a solid footing as well. You should be able to walk over any terrain with ease.


  • Lined interior for comfort
  • Waterproof construction
  • Laces for a secure fit
  • Durable and strong

5. Global Win Women’s Fashion Winter Boots

By: Global Win

Global Win Women's Fashion Winter Boots

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Whether you get the knee high or high calf boots, you are still in a win-win situation. Your legs stay comfortable with the soft lining and fur collar. Plus, you get extra coverage for your lower legs. Two buckle belts make sure the boots look stylish and stay securely on your feet.

Also, the reinforced toes and heels bring you the durability you want from a good winter snow boot. In addition to this, the elevated heel makes you look a little taller when you go outside.


  • Elevated heel
  • Buckle belt security
  • Reinforced toes and heels
  • Extra warmth coverage

4. Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

By: Columbia

Columbia Women's Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

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When you are walking in the wind, rain or snow, you want snow boots that will keep the moisture away. These waterproof boots make sure your feet stay nice and dry. Plus, the quilted styling will keep your feet looking their best.

Also, your feet stay extra dry with the rubber soles. Not only do they repel water, but they also provide you with great walking traction. Slips and falls may be a thing of the past when you wear these snow boots. Then the reinforced upper provides you with the durability you want in a good snow boot.


  • Reinforced uppers
  • Fur lined inners
  • Laces
  • Good traction

3. BEARPAW Women’s Emma Tall Fashion Boot


BEARPAW Women's Emma Tall Fashion Boot

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Keep your feet and your calves nice and warm this winter. These cow suede snow boots extend up and over your calves, so you get better winter protection. Also, the seams are well sown to make sure no wind gets through to chill your feet.

Plus, the rubber soles work hard to keep moisture and water from ruining your day. They provide traction as well as protection from moisture. This ensures that your feet stay nice and warm as you walk. A soft to the touch wool blend lining, add to the attractive nature these snow boots bring to your lower legs.


  • Interior wool lining
  • Rubber soles
  • Suede construction
  • Durable and good looking

2. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

By: Columbia

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

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Reinforced toes and heels make sure you have the durability and support you need as you walk down the street. Plus, the leather and textile construction materials combine to make sure your feet stay dry and warm all day long.

Also, a rubber sole allows you to walk to your destination with confidence. Not only shouldn’t you slip, but the waterproof protection also keeps moisture away. Its fur lined collar is soft to the touch and gives you style options. The lace-up closure is easy to use and makes getting in and out of these snow boots simple and easy.


  • Lace-up styling
  • Soft fur lining
  • Rubber soles
  • Leather durability and good looks

1. Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot

By: Bearpaw

Bearpaw Women's Emma Short Snow Boot

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A reinforced heel provides your feet with a little extra winter protection. Plus, the leather construction materials should be durable while adding to your complete look. These slip-on leather snow boots are designed to make you look good while keeping your feet warm and dry.

When added to the rubber sole, you get great water and cold protection every time you go outside. You also do not lose out on any traction you expect from a good snow boot. Then the pull on and off styling does not slow you down when you are trying to get in or out of these snow boots.


  • Moisture proof rubber soles
  • Solid leather construction
  • Slip-on styling
  • Reinforced heels


Winter brings enough problems without having to deal with cold, wet feet every day. One way to solve your winter walking issues is to use one of the top 10 best winter boots for women in 2021.
These boots are made to complement your overall look while keeping your feet and calves nice and warm. Their linings are also soft to the touch keeping you feeling good as you walk.

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