Top 10 Best Winter Jackets For Women in 2021 – Reviews


If you are searching for the best winter jacket, you have landed at the most appropriate place. This article provides deep information about the best winter jackets for women. As you are already aware, women are very picky, and they tend to do a very close-judged purchase decision. First, we need to familiarize with these items we are calling winter jackets. So, this is a unique type of garment that is constructed to withstand cold, wind, rain, snow and any other element that result from winter.

How to Choose the Best Winter Jacket for Women?

Choosing an ideal winter jacket requires you to evaluate. Just like other outdoor gear, there are definitely certain factors that distinguish the good winter jackets form the bad ones. Here is what to check before ordering a winter jacket.

  • The Outer Shell: This refers to the outermost fabric of your coat or jacket. It must be 100 -percent waterproofs. It forms a barrier against weather elements such as snow, rain, sleet and wind. So, this material needs to be tough to prevent wear and tear. It is usually made of materials such as Gore-Tex, eVent or H2NO. However, you need to understand that this layer has got nothing to do with heat insulation.
  • Down Fill Power/ Warmth: You need to check the full power of any inter jacket. It is usually the indication of down quality. Being a measurement of volume, it indicates the softness of the filler material used in the construction. The lighter the down fill power, the loftier it is and the better the filling of the jacket. Equally, this number indicates how warm your jacket will be. Simply and analogically put, 850 fill down is softer, more compressible and warmer than the 600 fill down.
  • Hybrid Insulation: This refers to a scenario whereby the designer wants to maximise the performance of the jacket by matching the advantages of insulation type to the body needs. For instance, you will see a pile insulated jackets features synthetic puff insulated sleeves. This is to increase the warmth on your hands.
  • Design of the Hood: Is the hood removable and how is the design? Top notch brands of winter jackets feature deep hoods which are removable. Also, the hood needs to have tension adjusters. This will ensure you can regulate the tightness. By doing so, you can as well regulate the warmth around your head.
  • Other Features: A jacket that is considered ideal for winter needs to have a mix of premium features. For instance, the hand pockets need to have a soft fleece lining to keep your hands warm. Also, it needs to have multiple pockets. This should increase the usability by allowing you to store various accessories, such as phone, keys, tools, cards, warm beverage and others. Also, you need to see the quality of the zippers and see how practical they are.

Best Winter Jackets for Women in 2021

10. Orolay Women’s Winter Jacket with Faux Fur Trim- Puffer down Coat

By: Orolay

Orolay Women's Winter Jacket with Faux Fur Trim- Puffer down Coat

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Are you searching for the best jacket to wear during winter? You will probably face a lot of options on the market, but Orolay winter jacket has more to offer. It is made of 90-percent white duck down and 10 percent feather. The blending of these two materials enhances the beauty and makes it completely waterproof.

So, you don’t have to lose elegance and beauty at the expense of cold protection. This winter jacket can solve a number of hassles during the chilly months. The inside features soft materials to keep you warm, while the outer shell is made of 75D thickened nylon fabrics. This mid-long down jacket also features two side pockets where you can keep your important accessories.


  • Stylish design
  • Big side pockets
  • Durable outer material
  • Impressive color options


  • Medium size is way too small

9. Sportoli Women’s Winter Chevron Quilted Puffer winter Jacket Coat- Fleece Lined with Hood

By: Sportoli

Sportoli Women’s Winter Chevron Quilted Puffer winter Jacket Coat- Fleece Lined with Hood

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Women love fashion more than any other thing. With this winter jacket made by Sportoli, every woman can accomplish the goals of life even in winter. The design is based on the aristocratic woman in mind. It features a thick outer shell to ensure maximum protection. The hood is detachable and is elasticized to ensure warmth retention. The interior part features a soft fleece lining.

Thus, you can wear it for long hours without feeling any discomfort. Besides, the polyester material is the main material of construction. It features a zipper closure which is soft and doesn’t produce noise while opening or closing. The chevron quilted style is the slogan that changes your experience. While this winter jacket is effective in preventing cold, it also makes the woman retain her caliber by displaying exquisite style.


  • Easy to wash
  • Durable polyester
  • Incredibly soft interior fleece
  • Removable and elasticized hood


  • Quite big

8. Wantdo Women’s Ski Jacket Interchange -3-in-1 Weatherproof Puffer Liner Warm Winter Coat

By: Wantdo

Wantdo Women's Ski Jacket Interchange -3-in-1 Weatherproof Puffer Liner Warm Winter Coat

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People have always faced challenges while deciding on the best winter jacket. They have to balance between comfort, fit, price, color, style among other attributes. To put everything on balance, the Wantdo women’s winter jacket should be in your list of priority. It features a robust material-Taslan. Besides, it boasts incredible aspects of waterproof, anti-odor and anti-statistic functions. Also, this Teflon craft winter coat is dirt resistant and hence reduces washing and increases the durability.

It is a stand collar jacket that features high-quality cotton filling. The high-class polyester pongee fabric is not only lightweight but also skin friendly. Moreover, it ensures total body coverage since it has a removable hood. This hood has adjustable drawstrings. Therefore, you can regulate the warmth by either tightening or loosening the hood. It uses two-way zipper and buttons to connect the outer shell and the inner jacket.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and tear resistant fabric
  • Windbreaker performance
  • Adjustable hood


  • Zipper gets stuck on the fabric

7. Legendary Whitetails Pro-Series- Women’s Polar Trail Winter Jacket

By: Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails Pro-Series- Women's Polar Trail Winter Jacket

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As the name of this product explains, it is the best for any woman who likes legendary looks. It features an insulated design which keeps you safe from the harsh weather. It features a durable polyester blend and a nylon reflextec lining. Unlike many other winter jackets, this one is both waterproof and breathable. Not many brands of winter jackets can achieve this function. The underarm vents are zippered, and the hood is removable. Other impressive features include side pockets, adjustable cuffs and signature embroidery.


  • Many storage pockets
  • Awesome warmth retention
  • Perfect fit
  • Adjustable cuffs and hood


  • The arms lack insulation

6. iLoveSIA Women’s Warm Coats Parkas- Hooded with Faux Fur Jackets

By: iLoveSIA

iLoveSIA Women’s Warm Coats Parkas- Hooded with Faux Fur Jackets

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Must you wear heavy clothing that feels more like a burden? When winter comes, people find themselves doing awkward things to keep them warm. But, with the best winter jacket, everything would seem just normal. The iLoveSIA is a winter jacket that s specially designed to cater for women’s need during the freeze season. It features 100 percent polyester material which gives it exceptional adaption.

The mid-long design makes every woman seem sexy. Also, it blends well with other outfit and can be worn on different occasions. Apart from the durable polyester material, the lining of this jacket features faux fur. It feels cool and helps in retaining warmth even when the temperatures outside are below zero. The sleeve cuffs are quite long, and they provide maximum protection from cold. The hood is big, deep and features beautiful color trim.


  • Unique hood design
  • Adjustable waist and hood
  • Big front pockets
  • Easy to wash by hand and to use the machine


  • A bit thin in the thigh area

5. Carhartt Women’s- WJ130 Lined Sandstone Active Jacket

By: Carhartt

Carhartt Women's- WJ130 Lined Sandstone Active Jacket

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Are you a woman who loves to stay active? Then winter winds and cold won’t stop you either. But, you need to equip yourself with the best winter coat. The Carhartt women’s winter jacket features a stylish and functional design that will keep you safe. Featuring cotton sandstone duck, this winter jacket offers impressive durability and warmth.

Also, it features a quilted flannel lining which adds extra comfortable warmth. Apart from the excellent style, this jacket offers awesome sturdiness. Thanks to the triple seam design. The cuffs feature rib knit design and bottom band to enhance style and comfort. Besides, it features a flexible width. Thus, it is ideal for all women regardless of the bust and waist size.


  • Perfect warmth retention
  • Breathable design
  • Large waist size
  • Easy wash by hand and machine


  • Doesn’t feel cotton

4. Beinia Valuker Women’s Down Coat – Down Parka Puffer Jacket

By: Beinia

Beinia Valuker Women's Down Coat - Down Parka Puffer Jacket

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Not all winter jackets are best for women. And, not all are made the same. To be on the safe side of purchase, Beinia Valuker is a perfect choice to pick. It features down coat filling in 90 percent and feather for the remaining 10 percent. These materials produce a hypoallergenic material. Therefore, this jacket is skin friendly and fit for women with sensitive skins.

It features a deep hooded design with a removable faux fur. Moreover, this faux trim is easy to attach, and it does not shed off. If you love close fitting, this winter jacket is for you. It features waists tightening features to create a more fitted design. Besides, the two-way zipper on the front ensures easy access to your gadgets. Featuring elasticized cuffs, it is easy to regulate the warmth together with the comfort that results.


  • Easy to wash by machine and hand
  • Odor-free materials
  • Stylish and adjustable cuffs
  • Total cold and wind protection


  • No con

3. Columbia Mighty Lite Jacket- Hooded

By: Columbia

Columbia Mighty Lite Jacket- Hooded

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The Mighty Lite winter jacket features a premium design that not only makes you stylish but ready for winters bad side. These jackets are made by a reputable company by the name Columbia sportswear. The product is designed in unpredictable winters of the Pacific Northwest. Thus, the jackets have been tested and approved to be great for all winter conditions.

It features premium polyester materials which are durable and has a built-in membrane to make it totally weatherproof. It also features a large hood which is also deep to allow perfect fit and protection. The jacket is light and won’t feel a burden on your body. Also, it is full of performance features together with streamlined styles to give you memorable city sidewalk experiences.


  • Stunning styling
  • Detachable hood
  • Sturdy zipper
  • Deep side pockets


  • Gain weight when wet

2. Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket

By: Columbia

Columbia Women's Mighty Lite III Jacket

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If you are looking for a winter jacket with invincible features, the Mighty Lite III jacket is here for you. It can be used by women of different sizes since most of its parts are flexible. It features 100 percent polyester material to allow durability and warmth retention. Moreover, it features Omni heat lining technology.

This technology is unique, and you won’t find it in other competitive winter, this jacket offers incredible comfort and warmth. Also, it offers a variety of handy features. These include; two-way front zipper pocket, interior security pocket, two side pockets and thumb holes for style and warmth. Also, the waist and neck area is adjustable to allow versatile fit for everyone to enjoy.


  • Unique thermal retention technology
  • Plenty of functional pockets
  • Versatile fit
  • Beautiful colors available


  • A bit expensive

1. Orolay Women’s Winter Jacket – Thickened Down Jacket

By: Orolay

Orolay Women's Winter Jacket - Thickened Down Jacket

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Built by professionals, the Orolay winter jacket is ideal for any woman who loves to stay in top fashion. It features an innovative design that is characterized by unique crumples of the hem of eiderdown garment. Also, every woman can cherish the elegant stitches and styling. Also, it offers a length that flatters every woman’s figure. So, there are 100 percent chances for every woman to have a smashing figure even during the coolest winter.

The material is polyester which is 60 percent denser than the common materials. So, it provides not only perfect fabric strength but also perfect warmth retention and windproofing. The fillers include 90 percent duck down, and the rest is a feather. On the other hand, this jacket features ergonomically shaped pockets. So, you can carry things like phone, small tools, and packed foods among other important things a woman can carry during winter. This jacket has been precisely designed for winter excursions, sports and casual wear.


  • Extra-large and soft hood
  • Smooth and quiet zippers
  • Lightweight design
  • Multifunctional pockets


  • Not waterproof


We have just completed a round-up of the best winter jackets for women. As you have seen, there is no much difference in men’s winter jackets. However, the ones we have discussed in the review possess a unique style that will make a woman enjoy the winter experience. They are all made of durable and rip-proof outer shell and soft fleece lining. Also, they are versatile and can serve various occasions during winter.

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