Top 10 Best Wireless Car Chargers in 2023 – Reviews

Wireless charging technology is one of the features that current smartphones must-have. Unlike earlier days where brands were competing to deliver fast charging wired chargers, these days, competition is to have fast wireless car charging. Usually, wireless technology involves the use of induction to enable device charging. Besides regular ones, car wireless chargers are among the top choice to ease life in your vehicle.

Premium chargers are superb and ensure your phone charges fast and efficiently. Also, it is important to check the safety of your charger. With different companies using different technologies, you must ensure it’s compatible with your device. To have the best wireless car chargers, the list below brings top quality and reviewed options.

Wireless Car Chargers Buying Guide

  • Wireless Charging Technology: There are many different charging technologies available. Qi is the most used in almost all smartphones today. Although others they are not popular hence it’s vital to choose the most common and widely used. In this case, people need to consider the Qi charging features since it is the standard in most devices. The technology allows any smartphone enables with this feature to charge. In fact, these days, it is possible to charge latest as well as earlier wireless charging enabled phones.
  • Ease of Mounting: Mounting a charger in your car can be a problem if it involves a lot of complicated processes. However, with different styles of mounting, people can choose their right and ideal options. Some of the chargers are a dashboard, air vents, and windshield mounted. Amazingly, some of the chargers come with all installation options. Due to this, versatile mounted chargers are worth considering. This will ensure you have a smooth time when fitting your charger.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability is another main feature to look. There are different created chargers for cars. However, adjustable ones are a great choice to ensure the phone is in a good position. In fact, most of the car chargers are designed to be multipurpose. Ideally, height adjustable base, as well as angle, offers a perfect way to have the best phone anchoring. Some of the chargers come with a fully rotating head which is great to view the device in different angles.
  • Wattage: The wattage is vital when it comes to any rechargeable device. Chargers also need to be right to ensure you get the best charging without risking your device. With some chargers restricted to 5w, 7.5 W, 10W and 15 W it is recommended to choose the right one. Ideally, get a charger with smart features to enable easy different wattage phones charging.

Best Wireless Car Chargers in 2021


10. Baseus 10w Automatic Infrared Qi Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger Mount

Baseus 10w Automatic Infrared Qi Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger Mount

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The Baseus is reliable and high-quality wireless car charger. Made by experts it offers secure charging without risking charging anomalies to your devices. Additionally, the quality of this device is awesome and is highly tested to meet all the conditions. Furthermore, the infrared sensor is classic in ensuring efficient locking without struggling to lock or release the device. As a result, even when one hand is n busy, the other one can fix or remove the phone from the charger.

The intelligent charge control is fantastic in ensuring there is no overcharging or other issues. Moreover, the technology allows this charger to identify phones hence enabling smooth charging. For proper anchorage of phones, the charger is enhanced with stable and securely sticking suction cup. Therefore, you can fix it in a dashboard or windshield.


  • Intelligent device identification
  • Fast charging technology
  • Sturdy structure


  • Doesn’t work with wider cases

9. Cshidworld Auto Clamping Qi Fast Charging Car Mount Wireless Charger

Cshidworld Auto Clamping Qi Fast Charging Car Mount Wireless Charger

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For smart and fast charging without cables, this Cshidworld auto clamping charger will help you accomplish that. The sturdily constructed mount is superb and comes with a variety of features to ease charging and decorate your dash. It’s one hand-operated device which leaves you with freedom while on the road. Boasting Qi standards, it boosts your charging experience by 40 percent.

The smart clamping sensor offers the user easy fitting or removal of the phone from the clamp. Thereby, it is effortless to get your device from the charger without struggling. Additionally, the rotating nature enables easy phone tilting when watching video’s or doing other functions. Large area induction coil minimizes the adjustments needed.


  • Reduced charging duration
  • Electronic infrared lock sensor
  • Anti-slip mounting


  • It’s a bit chunky

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8. Wefunix Wireless Car Charger, Auto Clamping Qi 10W/7.5W Fast Charging Car Mount

Wefunix Wireless Car Charger, Auto Clamping Qi 10W 7.5W Fast Charging Car Mount

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When driving, you can now enjoy stress-free charging without having wires in your car. The solution is adding this Weunix wireless charger for cars. Unlike the older chargers that didn’t work with cases, this one is case friendly. Also, the structure is amazing since it has various levels of adjustment. This ensures there is perfect phone viewing hence good also as a holder.

The suction cup fitted in the base is washable to increase mounting ability. Additionally, the air vent mounting is compatible with most of the cars. The LED indicator is ideal to show when the release button is pressed. This secures your phone from accidental slipping. Adjustable length and rotating head make this device functional.


  • Multi-adjustable frame
  • Washable suction cup
  • Longer charging cable


  • None

7. IZONYC Wireless Car Charger Mount Automatic 10w/7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder

IZONYC Wireless Car Charger Mount Automatic 10w 7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder

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The IZONYC wireless fast car charger is one of the top performing devices. It allows people to enjoy seamless charging without having cables. With the ability to charge different phones, it ensures there is easy mounting. In fact, the automatic opening clips are exceptional in ensuring there is quick phone mounting. Besides charging, the device is good for anchoring your phone. With ease of mounting the charger, it perfectly and quickly fits in air vents.

The charger is designed to enable 360 degrees rotation. This lets you use a phone in portrait or landscape orientation. Equipped with Qi charging technology, it has 1.4 faster-charging ability than regular chargers. This lets it charge different phones without risking battery damage. The case-friendly allows the user to charge their phones easily without removing. Above all, the overcharge protection feature keeps phones safe when charging.


  • Overcharge protection
  • Infrared sensing technology
  • Easy air vents mounting


  • Needs a lot of adjustment on the base

6. LEXONIX Voice Activated Auto Clamping Qi 10/7.5W Fast Charging & 5W Car Mount Phone Holder

LEXONIX Voice Activated Auto Clamping Qi 10 7.5W Fast Charging & 5W Car Mount Phone Holder

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Charging your smartphone should be smooth nowadays and free from dangling cables. Whether at home or traveling, it is easy to enjoy wireless charging. The Lexonix voice-activated wireless charging and clamping system is the ultimate device to charge your phone. Boasting voice-activated, automatic charging and motor driven action, it remarkably improves how you change your phone. The sturdy construction helps to secure your phone in position.

Besides the charging operation, the charger is equipped with smart functions. In fact, no more worries about overcharging or short-circuiting. It has current protection and other protective features to enable smooth charging while preventing anomalies. Installing this charger is versatile and can be mounted in different places. It comes with air vent clip as well as a windshield holder. Compatibly is awesome since it can charge all phone with Qi charging technology.


  • Versatile mounting options
  • Voice controlled operations
  • One touch device release


  • Suction cups sometimes comes off

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5. Kikistep Auto Clamping 10W/7.5W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Car Charger

Kikistep Auto Clamping 10W 7.5W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Car Charger

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KIkistep auto clamping wireless charger for cars is one of the best ways to charge your cellphone the designing of this device ensures it can easily clamp and release phones without hassles. The inbuilt sensors are great in detecting when mounting or releasing your phone. The mounting of this holder is simple than most of the clamps available. It takes little time since it fits in air vents. Besides, the construction is sturdy to enable the holder to withstand all road conditions.

To give phone owners enjoyable charging time, the holder is fitted with a fast charging feature. In fact, the Qi technology let it enjoy improved charging ability than regular wireless chargers. Additionally, there is no more struggling to lift phone from the charger since it has a sensitive infrared senator to release or lock clamps when they sense your hand.


  • Adjustable clamp base
  • Fits different brands of phones
  • Touch activated release and lock


  • There is no rapid charging

4. ZeeHoo 10W Qi Fast Charging Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder

ZeeHoo 10W Qi Fast Charging Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder

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Keep your car neat and free from wires by investing in wireless accessories. One of the ideal options is this ZeeHoo 10W fast charging auto-mount phone charger. It’s one of the best wireless car chargers with extra fast charging ability. In fact, with the latest Qi tech, it offers quick charging than earlier devices. Having this device in your car ease everything, it provides one hand operation to allow quick mounting and release due to automatic action. In fact, it only requires a soft touch on the sides to release your cellphone.

Apart from charging phones, the device is also usable as a mounting device. Therefore, no need to install an extra holder in your vehicle. With careful design, the clamps are designed to accommodate phones with cases. Therefore, no more bothering to remove cases when mounting phones. In fact, the holder is capable of holding phones with 60-80mm width.


  • Compatible with encased phones
  • Strong suction cups
  • 2-in-1 functions, charger, and phone holder


  • Base not telescopic

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3. Homder, 10W/7.5W Qi Fast Charging Auto-clamping Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder

Homder, 10W 7.5W Qi Fast Charging Auto-clamping Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder

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There is a need to upgrade how you charge your latest smartphone. If you have a wireless phone, this fast charging and holder from Homder is the solution. It helps to eliminate cables from your dash which can distract you when driving. The expertly designed charger is compatible with all phones equipped with Qi wireless charging. By this, it means quick and undisturbed charging while also using your phone or GPS device. Also, the charger is strong to hold a phone as well as rotate in 360 degrees due to the ball joint head.

The construction features premium materials that are suited to all conditions. Therefore, whether driving in highways or rugged roads, the hold provides perfect phone attachment. There is a great convenience when using this holder since it offers easy adjustment. Users can easily adjust the phone to coincide with charging coils.


  • Multiple attachment options
  • High phones compatibility
  • Easy to follow mounting instruction
  • Case friendly


  • Arms open in bumpy roads

2. VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount Qi Car Mount, Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder

VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount Qi Car Mount, Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder

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The Vanmass charger for cars is one of the classic choices for people with wireless charged phones. Boasting 2-in-1 design, it holds and charges your smartphone. Amazingly, it allows people to charge different phones without causing damage. In fact, the 10W, 7.5W and 5W charging options let it work with different devices. As a result, it enables fast charging as well as regular charging for older phones with wireless charging ability. The holder is large enough to accommodate different sized phones as well as GPS devices.

Apart from clamping, smart Qi technology lets the charger decide the best charging mode. This possible due to smart chip which helps the charger to functions properly. Whether you want to mount this holder in windshield or vents, it comes with all the necessary accessories. The one hand quick release buttons are smooth and ensures the phone is released when you need it.


  • Soft release button
  • Electronic automatic phone clamping
  • Smart charging mode section
  • Convenient cooling vents


  • Needs warm-up in winters

1. Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Adjustable Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Adjustable Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder

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The combination of a charger and a holder is what you get when you buy this Squish wireless car charger. It turns your car to a neat looking surface without cables. Despite the elimination of cables, the device has even faster-charging capacity than cables. The smart construction design is great to add functionality. In fact, it can rotate 360 degrees to allow users to enjoy phone use in different positions. Moreover, the mount is simple and offers different mounting styles.

For the safety of your phone and vehicle, the holder is enhanced with a rubber base. Therefore, it fits the mounting surface without causing scratches. The suction cups are soft which enables sticking to the windshield without marking and scratches. The built-in Qi chipsets are an innovative way to ensure this device is compatible with different phones. Besides usage in vehicles, it is a good accessory for homes and offices.


  • Ideal for use in different places
  • Anti-scratch and anti-slip
  • One hand operation


  • Not compatible with thick cases


Wireless car chargers are the absolute choice for neat and fast phone charging. With their ability to charge wirelessly, they ensure there are no more cables in your dash. Therefore, don’t experience slow charging chargers while these offers fast and convenient charging.