Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo in 2023 – Reviews

Typists and general users are always looking for the ultimate keyboards and mice. With the right accessories, it gives people peace of mind and more productivity. Unlike earlier, when these gadgets were only available from computer manufacturers, these days, things are different. With differently designed keyboards from third-party manufacturers, everyone cannot get the ideal one for various tasks.

There are many makers of keyboards and mice. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can always choose the right and ergonomics ones. With your keyboard, it is possible to customize buttons to ensure there is smooth typing. The ability to have an enjoyable operation always depends on the choice of your computer gear.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Buying Guide

  • ErgonomicsThe economics of keyboards and mice are vital for typists. Usually, the construction of keyboards ensures there is a great comfort for users. The modern keyboards utilize advanced designs to ensure they provide high ergonomics. Some have curved design while others have scissors design to add typing comfort.
  • Connectivity and rangeThe range of connection is vital for determining the distance you can work with your computer. In most cases, the available keyboards and mice utilize nano USB receivers. Therefore, it is possible to connect most computers. However, some of the devices are enhanced with Bluetooth, which ensures there are no dongles needed to have receivers. Depending on the connection type, they have a different connection range. Most of the 2.4GHz connectivity allows up to 30 feet, while Bluetooth can go over 30 feet depending on the version.
  • Type of batteriesThe battery types determine whether you need to change or recharge. Different manufacturers make different keyboards. Depending on your choice, some keyboards and mice come with rechargeable batteries. Also, others use alkaline batteries, which ensures you replace them when flat.
  • CompatibilityThe compatibility of the keyboard is vital, especially with different operating systems. Mostly, manufacturers are striving to make universal gadgets. Therefore, once you are buying mouse and keyboard combo, it is right to check compatibility. Ideally, most of the current devices are designed to support Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS, and android.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo in 2021


10. FENIFOX Dual System Switching Double Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

FENIFOX Dual System Switching Double Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

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The ability to get your favorite gaming position requires the right accessories. This combination of keyboard and mouse by Fenifox ensures there is all the fun with PC gaming. In fact, the combo is wireless, which eliminates the need for cables in your bench. Therefore, when you want to have a separate desk for keyboard and mouse, wireless connectivity helps to keep your place neat and sleek. The ability to be compatible with different operating systems allows everyone to use the gear.

The construction of these accessories targets ergonomics and comfort. In fact, the keyboard has a slope design with adjustments that ensures no more struggling when typing. The flexible adjustment ensures once you are typing or gaming, there is no fatigue. Built with soft keys, the keyboard is amazingly quiet. Enhances with metal plating enhancement, the devices have a luxurious look.


  • Luxurious looking enhancement
  • Quiet and soft keys
  • Multi Os compatibility


  • Keys don’t have a backlight

9. Vivefox 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Vivefox 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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The Vivefox provides an opportunity for gamers to enjoy a seamless performance. Utilizing wireless connectivity, the devices are great for keeping your benches clean without clattering cables. The 2.4GHz connectivity is superb for ensuring stable connectivity. Therefore, they don’t experience disconnection. With 10 meters 32.81 ft. range, gamers enjoy exceptional connectivity within the room. The quiet buttons are smooth and let people game without loud clicking. The mouse is enhanced with 3 DPI levels of optical tracking technology; there is high sensitivity.

The connectivity is versatile since there are no drivers needed. Also, suited for windows devices, they are suited for laptops and desktops. The scissors keys are handy and allow for simple performance. With a comfortable design, it is easy to set an ergonomic position. Apart from computers, these gaming accessories are compatible with Android devices and smart TV. Thus, once you need the right gear, this combo is perfect.


  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Adjustable keyboard feet
  • 3 DPI level mouse settings


  • No rechargeable batteries

8. INPHIC Rechargeable Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo Set

INPHIC Rechargeable Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo Set

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When you want to have comfortable and satisfying typing, a keyboard is vital. Unlike traditional keyboards with cable, this by Inphic is wireless together with a mouse. This keeps your desktop neat and appealing without wires. In fact, even with a large office, this combo offers functionality and neatness. The Nano receiver USB plug ensures you can connect these devices with laptops and desktops. Wit plug and play design, there is no complicated drivers installation.

The combo is fitted with rechargeable batteries. This saves you from constantly buying batteries like with other keyboards. For peace of mind, the mouse is enhanced with super soft buttons. This lets the user enjoy silent operation. Therefore, even in offices, people typing won’t cause nuisance clicking buttons. For saving size, the keyboard is slim as well as a compact-sized mouse. Therefore they are ideal for small-sized desktops.


  • Stable connectivity
  • Slim and compact design
  • Soft and silent buttons


  • Not compatible with Mac OS

7. Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

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Jelly Comb keyboard and mouse combo utilize wireless connectivity. Therefore, once you have these devices on your desktop, no more wires. The full-sized keyboard offers comfortable typing and other activities. Unlike the small-sized keyboards, this gives fingers excellent exercising, which is suitable for typists. Also, the high sensitive mouse is exceptional for general performance. The connectivity is through the Nano USB receiver with 2.4GHz bandwidth. Additionally, the plug and play nature enable people to enjoy instant keyboard and mouse use.

The sleek and ergonomic design ensures there is superior reliability and functionality. Moreover, the streamlined design ensures users enjoy an excellent feeling when typing or gaming. Versatility is exceptional since the keyboard has a variety of keys. Therefore, there are hotkeys, numeric keys, and others for fast access. The mouse is comfortable to use with agronomic design. This, even after extended use, no more discomforts. With stylish and adjustable DPI, the user enjoys superb sensitivity.


  • Thin and sleek
  • Stylish and high sensitive mouse
  • Plug and play receiver


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

6. FENIFOX USB Receiver Full Size Quiet Keyboard & Mouse

FENIFOX USB Receiver Full Size Quiet Keyboard & Mouse

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As you plan to upgrade your office, there is a need to have the right keyboard. Also, a comfortable mouse is ideal for daily usage. With wireless connectivity, it means every office or other place looks smart. The connectivity entails 2.4GHz, which is vital for reliability and performance. Additionally, the devices connect using a single receiver. Therefore even older computers without wireless connectivity can utilize these modern and sleek accessories.

Unlike other keyboards, this has soft silicone buttons. They are super soft and safe to fingers. Besides smooth usage, the buttons are silent and don’t make a clicking noise. Due to slim nature, the keyboard is sleek and compact for small places. Amazingly, the full-size design allows comfortable, and fingers don’t get fatigued. The broad compatibility is excellent for use with Windows Mac OS and Linux powered devices.


  • Soft and quiet button
  • Slim and ergonomic
  • Wide devices compatibility
  • Attractive exterior


  • No backlit keys

5. Vssoplor 2.4GHz Rechargeable Quiet Full-Size Keyboard & Mouse

Vssoplor 2.4GHz Rechargeable Quiet Full-Size Keyboard & Mouse

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Vssoplor keyboards and mouse offers every office a new look. Especially for people with a lot of work to type, this keyboard is superior and lightweight. Once you have this combo, the keyboard has an ergonomic design to conform to your sitting position. Thus, no straining your hands or fingers when typing. Apart from keyboards, the set comes with a wireless mouse. Amazingly, both devices are connected to a computer through a wireless nano USB receiver.

The rechargeable batteries are superb for ensuring you get the best performance. With a single charge, the battery can take you for long, unlike replacing, which come with disposable ones. The full-size design keyboard ensures there is a thrilling experience. With sleep mode, it helps to maintain batteries for long before replacement. The fast access hotkeys and multiple OS compatibility improve the overall versatility.


  • Automatic sleep mode
  • High compatibility
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Low battery indicator


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

4. Perixx Periduo-707 Wireless Mini Keyboard & Mouse Set

Perixx Periduo-707 Wireless Mini Keyboard & Mouse Set

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Perixx Periduo keyboard and mouse combo is a good set for comfort. Unlike other keyboards, this is light and ergonomically set. Thus, once you have for your daily works, the user gets the perfect experience. The pairing of the devices is through 2.4GHz, which provides seamless connection. With an operational range of 30 feet. Therefore, instead of wires, these devices are neat and keep benches clean. For sleekness, the devices come with a piano black finish.

The nano USB receiver is compact and features storage space on the mouse. With a Chiclet key design, there is also has multimedia 11 hotkeys. To keep the keyboard performing optimally, it has an On/Off button for saving batteries. The mouse comes with high sensitivity and provides easy settings. This combination of computer accessories provides flexibility and easy everyday usage. Above all, the set keeps every office and home looking superbly stylish.


  • Stylish and flexible for all places
  • Easy desktop configuration
  • A set of hotkeys


  • Multimedia don’t have their own keys

3. Microsoft 5050 Wireless Comfort Desktop

Microsoft 5050 Wireless Comfort Desktop

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The Microsoft 5050 wireless keyboard and mouse beings a new experience to your office and homes. The set allows for versatility and productivity. In fact, the ergonomic design with curved style will enable ergonomics and comfort. Therefore, even for heavy-duty typists or gamers, the keyboard is impressive. Amazingly, the keyboard is perfect for right and left-hand users. The ability to customize keys enables users to enjoy incredibly easy and quick access to hotkeys.

The wireless connection is superb for increased productivity. Therefore, users can utilize the keyboards and mouse anywhere in the room. Enhanced with Bluetrack technology, it works with any surface enhanced with technology. Boasting ambidextrous design, the mouse provides exceptional ergonomics. The advanced encryption standard ensures there safety when working with these accessories.


  • Encrypted wireless connection
  • Curved keyboard design
  • Customizable keystrokes


  • Batteries not rechargeable

2. Logitech MX900 Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo

Logitech MX900 Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo

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Logitech is one of the brands that make great computer accessories. Especially keyboards and mice, they have a wide range of different users. This MX master mouse and MX900 keyboard have excellent performance. Unlike other keyboards, this one has backlit keys that enable easy usage in dark conditions. Therefore, once having this keyboard, there is great keystrokes. Due to the concave design, there is ergonomic typing and improved finger comfort.

The award-winning high precision mouse is classic for allowing the mouse to be exceptional. It boasts a speed adaptive scroll wheel, which is great for ultimate control. For high comfort, the mouse has anatomically designed shape to ensure it fits perfectly in hands. Additionally, the ability to configure and customize your mouse and keyboard is easy since they come with supportive software.


  • Anatomically designed mouse
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Long charging cables


  • The logo is printed and prone to erasure

1. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

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The Logitech MK270 keyboard and mouse are the latest addition to your office. The large design and ergonomically-designed keys are tasked with ensuring there is an excellent typing comfort. Moreover, the full keyboard provides exceptional comfort and ease of typing. This ensures users enjoy a superb time when typing. When using wall-mounted screens or projectors, it is great to use this wireless keyboard and mouse. Due to wireless connectivity, users enjoy great usability. The pluggable receiver is small and easy to store since it fit in the storage compartment in the mouse.

Amazingly, the ability to use these devices without additional software ensures there is superb ease of connection. The programmable hotkeys offer an exceptional productivity boost. This is due to the ability to set and customize keys to ensure you have all the control at the fingertips. Designed to use the least power, the devices provide there is no more constant changing of batteries. Low profile with antis-spill design keeps the user comfortable when typing.


  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Contoured laser mouse


  • Only supports Windows devices


The ability to enjoy smooth typing depends on your keyboard. With different types and sizes of keyboards, everyone can get the ideal performance. However, with wireless keyboard and mouse combo sets, everyone can transform their offices.

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