Top 10 Best Wireless Remote Light Switches in 2021 – Reviews


Controlling lights in your house can be seen as a simple task by a click of a switch. However, the ability to enjoy great convenience is good to automate your home. Wireless remote light switches are the ‘magic’ behind smart homes. They ensure people can control their lighting system from any point in the house.

The ability of people to enjoy wireless lighting control in their homes requires a variety of components. Besides a remote, the lighting system, there is also a transmitter and receiver. It allows communication between the lighting system and remote. With a variety of wireless remote light switches available, we have reviewed some of the ideal ones for every home.

The Best Wireless Remote Light Switch Buying Guide

  • Wireless range: The range of a control switch is vital for determining the overall convenience. Different switches use varying technologies, which brings about the range variation. Depending on your home or room, having a long-range switch is superb. It ensures you can control the lighting system from the corner of your house. Therefore, when installing a wireless switch, check whether you need a single room or whole house.
  • Ease of installation: The ease of installing your lighting control is vital. Usually, these switches should not be complicated. In most cases, these controls come with a simple mounting process. Therefore, they don’t need wiring, which allows everyone to install without an expert. While some are attached to the main lighting wiring, others are pluggable in outlets sockets.
  • Type of wireless connectivity: The type of wireless connectivity is another issue you need to check perfectly. Most of the remote control switches use radiofrequency. Therefore they don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to work. However, there are advanced switches that can also connect to a network to enable control while away.
  • Number of channels: The number of channels enables a switch to support different functions. Also, with the ability to support various outlets is excellent for lighting customization. Although not all switches that support different channels, it is a great feature to allow compatibility with other features. Some are compatible with dimming features, motion sensing, and others. Additionally, others can support a variety of lighting to control them independently.

Best Wireless Remote Light Switch in 2021

10. Link2Home 100 ft. range Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

Link2Home 100 ft. range Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

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When you need to make work easier in your home, simple investment is worthy. Link2Home wireless control light switch is great. The set consists of a wireless controlled outlet that enables people to control lights wirelessly. Additionally, there is an outlet that allows people to plug other appliances hence easy to control them wirelessly. The unit helps in controlling hard to reach items easily. Therefore, whether its decoration light or regular bulbs connected via this outlet, no more struggling to switch those using switches.

The remote is reprogrammed to ensure quick utilization. Therefore, once the outlets are plugged in, the remote is ready for use. By utilizing a radio frequency signal, the device is capable of working within a range of 100 feet. Thereby, it can work through walls and other barriers without interfering with other appliances. The great thing with this switch is simple to install, and no wiring is needed. As a result, everyone can use the switch quickly and safely.


  • Simple to install
  • Long connectivity range
  • Polarized outlet


  • Only for indoors only

9. DEWENWILS Wireless Light Switch & Receiver Kit

DEWENWILS Wireless Light Switch & Receiver Kit

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Adding a wireless control unit in your lighting system is great for efficiency. Dewenwils wireless light switch is the ideal and simple way to ensure your home is upgraded. The system is simple to fix in a lighting wiring without an expert. Therefore, every home can enjoy using this switch. Additionally, there is no in-line wiring, which makes the switch great for everyone. The simple mounting needed is easy since this switch comes with all installation gear.

The ability to be used in different places is excellent since you can use it in the house, patio, and other areas. Enhanced with a strong RF signal, the switch can be used while 100 feet away. Therefore, even when in different rooms, you can switch on/off lights without the use of regular switches. The transmitter is powerful and can be used with different types of lightings. Unlike other switches, this one is pre-programmed to enable quick application.


  • Supports different lighting bulbs
  • Programmable
  • Simple and versatile installation


  • Can’t control individual bulbs

8. DEWENWILS Wireless Wall Switch and Outlet

DEWENWILS Wireless Wall Switch and Outlet

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Dewenwils wall switch and outlet bring excellent performance in any house. The kit allows people to control lights remotely. The system ensures you can install in remote places where you can’t reach. With simple to use, the switch isn’t hard to fix. Whether its basement, garage, and other areas, the switch comes with great range. As a result, it can operate in a range of 100 feet. The device allows for 2 sockets, which allows for independent plugging.

The switch is compact and doesn’t need a large space. Additionally, the simplicity of installation ensures that there are no experts required. With a detachable design, the switch doesn’t need in-wall wiring. Apart from the wireless operation, the switch can be operated manually. Thus, when near the device, it is simple to switch on/off light efficiently. The programmable design allows for easy to expand the switch.


  • Freely expandable
  • Manual and wireless control
  • Plug-in design


  • Not for high power demanding appliances

7. GE mySelectSmart 150 ft. Wireless Remote Control Switch

GE mySelectSmart 150 ft. Wireless Remote Control Switch

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To control the lighting in your house, a wireless system is a superb way to enjoy efficiency. GE mySelectSmart remote control brings all the convenience at your fingertips. The system is compact and ensures you can operate different indoor installations. In fact, the switch has a great capacity for bulbs, indoor decors, and others. The wireless range is also awesome since the transmitter has up to 150 feet range. This is great compared to others with less connectivity range.

The control switch is easy to expand, which allows connectivity with multiple receivers. This allows you to network your lighting system without inconveniences. Also, the switch can be connected to motion sensors, dimming remotes, and others used in lighting. Since the system utilized RF signal, there is no need for Wi-Fi or other networks. Additionally, the switch works with LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs.


  • Compatible with other remotes
  • Extended range
  • Ideal for different bulbs


  • Bright indicator light

6. Xodus Innovations Wireless Control Light Switch and Socket

Xodus Innovations Wireless Control Light Switch and Socket

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The Exodus innovations wireless light control is the right system for homes and offices. This mountable system allows people to control the lighting system wirelessly. Therefore, even when getting into the house in dark hours, it’s easy to enjoy quick and efficient lighting. Besides, with the ability to switch light and other appliances, it eliminates standby mode, thus saving energy.

The mountable socket is capable of supporting bulbs with up to 150 maximum watts when up. Additionally, it can work with 60 watts bulbs when down. Installing this wireless socket brings convenience since no more pulling of chains in hard to reach areas. Enabled with 4 channels, the system allows for the installation of multiple outlets. Therefore, it is possible to expand the capability of the switch. Despite the simple and compact design, the switch has 50 feet range, thus great for every room.


  • Extra channels
  • Wall mountable
  • Supports Edison base lamps


  • Shorter range

5. Syantek Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch

Syantek Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch

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This remote light switch will make your life better and help you save energy bills. It boasts a compact and smart design that lets you control lights anywhere in your home. Well, it takes only one wall socket and is smaller than the indoor wireless outlets. It offers a high signal, and its quality is approved by ETL and FCC.

Besides, it works with RF signal, which will work through doors and walls without affecting the other electronics. Also, it can seamlessly expand, thereby allowing one remote device to control several devices. Alternatively, this feature allows multiple remote to control one device for added convenience.


  • Built-in Safety protection
  • Easy to use
  • Great working range
  • Easy battery replacement


  • Pricey

4. Wsdcam Wireless Light Switch And Receiver Kit

Wsdcam Wireless Light Switch And Receiver Kit

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Eliminate a lot of wiring in your home and stay safe. Here is one fantastic solution from Wsdcam. Well, this wireless light switch product allows you to create switch control with no wall switch or wired connections. Also, this product lets you relocate switches without damaging the walls. Thus, it will be incredibly easy to remodel your current switches locations. Now, this product comes with DIY pairing wireless switches and receivers allowing you to multiple or one lights across the room.

It boasts a super easy setup, and its elegant outlook makes it a simple way to improve the wall décor. With its small receiver, it fits in wiring boxes such as junction boxes, canopy, and electrical boxes. The installation relies on self-adhesive or screw-in, depending on your preference. The quality of this wireless light switch product boasts certification by ROHS, CE, FCC, CQC, and more.


  • Waterproof design
  • High-quality battery
  • Flame resistant PC material
  • High durability


  • Installation is a bit tricky

3. DEWENWILS Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

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Here is one of the best rated wireless remote light switch. Its operation relies on RF signals hence can work through obstacles. So, you can use the remote to control the lights from anywhere in your home. Besides, it can cover up to 100 feet in areas with no obstructions.

Featuring unique technology it eliminates interference with other available signals. Hence, no worrying about possible duplicate frequency challenge. This unique aspect will also help to avoid interfering with your neighbor’s light. The other impressive aspect is the compact size and side outlet.

Well, this takes only one wall outlet socket only. Moreover, the handy side receiver will fit in tight places offering more convenience. It is easy to use and set up because the transmitter and receiver have been preprogrammed for hassle-free use.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Pre-programmed
  • Compact size
  • Powerful battery


  • Tricky installation

2. BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

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If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, you need a wireless remote light control in your home. One perfect choice is the BN-LINK remote control light switch. This product arrives at you like a kit with everything you need, including the batteries.

It boasts a plug and plays design with, and you can sync all outlets to meet your needs. Its mechanism is based on RF signals which can penetrate through walls and doors. Equally, this high-quality signal won’t affect electronics functionality.

Besides, the signal can function up to 100 feet distance. Well, this product, once fully installed, will offer reliable convenience since you can use the remote to turn on or off your outlets and appliances. Now, it is compatible with air conditioners, heaters, audio systems, charging devices, and more.


  • Safety convenience
  • Plug and play design
  • Versatile functionality
  • Compact size


  • Lacks indicator light

1. Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Kit Wireless Light Switch

Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Kit Wireless Light Switch

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The Etekcity remote light switch boasts professional engineering. It is built to add convenience and serve you for a prolonged period. With this device, you can easily control lights and other electronics which are located in hard to reach positions in your home. Its operating range is approximately 100 feet in an open place. With its strong and safe RF signals, it works without affecting other devices.

On the other hand, it works well right outside the box. There is no wiring to do; it is just plug-and-play. Well, you only need to install the battery on your remote, connect the outlets to your devices, and you’re ready to go. The other amazing features are the learning function. This means that you can control three outlets with the same remote. On the same note, you can control one outlet with two remotes or more. Moreover, the outlets will remain off after a power outage.


  • Certified quality
  • Non-interference
  • Convenient learning function
  • Ideal working range


  • Pricey probably due to its premium construction


Wireless remote light switches are great for ensuring homes have efficiency and easy control. They are suitable for energy efficiency as well as simple control. For anyone looking to improve their homes, these featuring switches are excellent choices for every home.

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