Top 10 Best Wireless Security Cameras System in 2021 – Buying Guides


Home or office security is a valuable investment for a variety of reasons. Having security cameras help to solve many security and other issues. For instance, they are great for identifying thugs, monitoring business or home among others. However, these cameras come in various forms. Wireless security cameras system are one of the best options think about. They are far much ahead than the traditional hardwired cameras and allows versatility.

Opting for wireless cameras solves a lot of issues. It means you can be able to monitor our premise while anywhere in the world. This doesn’t only improves your monitoring ability, but also saves you some cost. On the other hand, with wireless cameras, they offer diverse storage options. Therefore, even in case of extreme cases, all the data is safe. To give your home or premise a security upgrade, here are top 10 best wireless cameras system to get in 2021.

The Factors to Consider Before Buying Wireless Security Cameras System

Getting the best security camera leads to significantly improved surveillance. Thus, some features are paramount and need one to check for a smooth purchase. With the following tips, getting the best CCTV cameras is now a smooth exercise.

  • Resolution: The purpose of any security camera is to be able to deliver high-quality images. It is that reason that when shopping for a camera, one needs to look for one with high resolution. Ideally, these days we have HD CCTV cameras. With many brands having a variety of cameras from 420, 720 and 1080p resolutions, one an always get the preferred devices. However, the higher the resolution, the harper the images.
  • Night Recording Ability: Ordinary cameras need light to be able to record clear pictures. Going an extra mile when looking for security camera gives you an added advantage. To have night recording, cameras with infrared ability are best when security is critical during the night.
  • Waterproof Construction: The cameras intended for use outdoors needs to be strong and resistant to water damage. This prevents damage by precipitation and also allows undisturbed performance throughout. Rugged camera bodies are the ideal considerations to ensures continuous surveillance day and night.
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: With wireless connectivity, it depends on the type of connection n your device. Some of the cameras come with inbuilt Wi-Fi, IP connectivity and GPRS. For Wi-Fi connectivity, they need to be connected to the home or office network to enable live surveillance. On the other hand, the GPRS security cameras use 3G or 4G network to enable transmission of live recording.
  • Storage Options: Some of the security cameras some with internal storage options. Also, others allow storage extension through flash drives and hard disk drives Ideally; wireless cameras come with cloud storage feature. Although some of these services are premium, they are worth to have better security of your data.

Best Wireless Security Cameras System in 2021

10. Isotect Wireless 8CH 1080P Video Security Camera System

By: isotect

Isotect Wireless 8CH 1080P Video Security Camera System

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isotect Wireless Camera System is awesome when it comes to video and image quality.    It is a full HD wireless security camera system that allows continuous day and night surveillance making it ideal for warehouse, restaurant, shop, office, villa, home and elsewhere indoors and outdoors. Setting up this camera is very easy and does not require any video cables.  What’s more, you will be able to view live video remotely anywhere and anytime by Phone, iPad, PC and Mac using free APP that you can download from Apple APP Store or Android Google Play.

This Wireless IP camera system support video backup, Sync-playback, and video detection.  You will be able to receive Email Alerts whenever the camera detects any motion providing 24×7 hours live surveillance.


  • 1080P IP66 waterproof cameras
  • Easy & quick setup
  • Free app to view the live video remotely
  • Support video backup and video detection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Higher price

9. Zmodo 32 Channel NVR 8 PoE Camera and 8 Wireless 720p Camera

By: Zmodo

Zmodo 32 Channel NVR 8 PoE Camera and 8 Wireless 720p Camera

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The Zmodo camera system is perfectly suited to any orientation. Whether its office or home, these cameras bring all surveillance in your tips. The system comes with a combination of PoE and wireless cameras. With this hybrid system, it enables use in homes without needing cables. Instead, they can connect you your WiFi connection and ensures here is smooth live recording and image transmission. To ensure this system is operating to the maximum, they come with 32 channel NVR which allows additional cameras.

Besides recording, the cameras have motion detection ability. This, even when the set up is in sensitive areas, it allows real-time protection through motion alerts in your smartphones. With the ability to deliver HD images, these cameras offer 720p resolution. For extended recording, the NVR has footage compression ability and also can support up to 6TB hard drive.


  • Footage compression NVR
  • Supports additional cameras
  • Motion detecting
  • Adjustable night vision


  • Others accessories bought separately

8. YESKAM Wireless Security Camera System 1080P with 12’’ LCD, 2MP and 2TB HDD


YESKAM Wireless Security Camera System 1080P with 12’’ LCD, 2MP and 2TB HDD

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Let your home or business premise enjoy unmatched surveillance with this system by Yeskam. The entire system is superb and high quality to offer the best pictures and reliability. With inbuilt WiFi connectivity, it means you can enjoy easy connectivity without hard wiring. In fact, they can also work with 3/4G network and able people to monitor their properties from anywhere. This is possible since the system can be integrated with smartphones through downloadable apps.

The system features 4 HD cameras with 2megapixles, 1080p resolution, and a large 12 inches display. Even for people without computers, it is easy to monitor your property smoothly on the provided screen. Equipped with powerful lenses, the cameras can view up to 5 meters which is ideal for finer details viewing like vehicle number plates. They are suited for indoor and outdoor use since their bodies are weatherproof. With 2TB inbuilt hard disk drive, it offers hours of recording without the need to delete old footages.


  • Large display
  • Advanced infrared bulbs
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • 90 degrees viewing angle


  • The screen isn’t touchscreen

7. Cromorc Wireless Security Camera System with WiFi CCTV 4CH 1080P NVR and 1 TB HDD

By: Cromorc

Cromorc Wireless Security Camera System with WiFi CCTV 4CH 1080P NVR and 1 TB HDD

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The simplest ways of securing your home is investing in superior cameras. These WiFi enabled security cameras by Cromorc are outstanding and worth having. They are built to bring excellent surveillance. There are no more poor quality pictures as the system has 4 cameras with 1080p resolution. With such kind of resolution, it helps in delivering extra clear pictures. With rugged and waterproof body, these cameras are great for indoor and outdoor applications.

When you have this system, there is no need to have a computer. The NVR comes with a large 10.1 LCD screen. As a result, the system is plug and play without the need to strain. Moreover, all the cameras come with WiFi connectivity meaning there is no wiring needed. With just a downloaded app, it is possible to view your home or business while thousands of miles away. Furthermore, with 1TB hard drive, it records and also backup your footages. Infrared bulbs enable these cameras to operate even at night without quiring lighting.


  • Waterproof body
  • Night vision infrared
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Built-in monitor


  • Cameras have no optical zoom

6. CANAVIS 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System with 8 Bullet Cameras and 2TB HDD


CANAVIS 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System with 8 Bullet Cameras and 2TB HDD

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With many ways to secure your property, security cameras are absolute choices. The Canavis system, it comes with everything you need to enjoy unlimited security surveillance. Each system comes with powerful bullet cameras. Moreover, with night vision feature the cameras can record day and night without compromising the picture quality. The wireless connectivity is superb and ensures the cameras and NVR can connect up to 1000 feet in open area.

Whether is backing up, playback or downloading your footage, the console allows easy operation. With HDMI connectivity as well as USB 2.0, to ensures you download videos into your computer. Unlike other systems, this one enables easy economization. This alerts you in your smartphone when there the cameras detect slight motion. Notably, these cameras are adjustable and have a rugged construction. Above all, the advanced data encryption keeps your data safe.


  • Advanced data encryption
  • Rugged double later housing
  • Extended range wireless connectivity


  • Doesn’t support 1080p

5. [2019 New] SAFEVANT Wireless Security System, 8CH 1080P 


SAFEVANT 8PCS 960P Indoors&Outdoors 65ft Night Vision,2TB HDD Camera System

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The Safevant security system is a highly reliable investment that gives people value for their money. With 8 channel NVR and 8 960p cameras, they present images as they are. The construction of these cameras features rugged bodies with IP66 waterproof certification. This gives them the ability to withstand the harsh conditions outdoors without compromising their durability. On the other hand, the installation is smooth and easy and enables people to fix without technicians.

Unlike the other types of systems, this security set up is classic. With wireless connectivity between cameras and console, they eliminate the need for running wires. Amazingly, the NVR is easy to connect to computers through VGA or HDMI cables. Besides allowing easy streaming through the wireless network, the system is ideal for backing and downloading your recorded footage. Users also can stream live recording through computers or smartphones.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Free smartphone app
  • Secured wireless connectivity
  • Supports up to 6TB HDD


  • No extra channels

4. OOSSXX 8-Channel 1080P Wireless Security Camera System


OOSSXX 8-Channel 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

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The OOSSXX security camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens, night vision, and 1080P HD video quality.  This system is easy to install and setup where it supports both wired and wireless connection. Other than that, they are IP66 waterproof Cameras that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors for restaurants, warehouses, offices, homes and more. It will also support e-mail snapshot alerts and motion detection records.

You can remotely monitor the system on your computer, tablet or smartphone with the free app from stores. The Cameras is backed with a 1-year warranty.


  • Wireless IP66 waterproof Cameras
  • Supports motion detection records
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • 1-year warranty


  • Confusing user manual

3. HisEEu 3TB HDD 1080P Wireless IP Camera System

By: HisEEu

HisEEu 3TB HDD 1080P Wireless IP Camera System

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The HisEEu Wireless Camera System is equipped with a 1080p HD live video and 80°viewing angle for a better view of your home or office surroundings.   It is also pre-installed with a 3Tb Hard Disk that allows 30 days of reliable video recording. This camera system is easy to set up without any Video Cables hence you do not need to hire a professional to install it for you. Besides that, it will deliver an HD Video both day and night.

This surveillance camera can be able to reach a distance of up to 28ft to see vehicle number. It also has IR night vision up to 65ft while giving sharper and stunning clarity images.  Moreover, the camera has an IP 66 weatherproof aluminum housing thus you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • Easy to set up and DIY installation
  • Pre-installed3tb hard disk for video playback
  • IR night vision up to 65ft
  • Free app to view the live video remotely


  • Oversensitive motion detection

2. SMONET 8Channel 1080P HD Outdoor Weatherproof Security Cameras System-8PCS 2.0MP W


SMONET 8Channel 1080P HD Outdoor Weatherproof Security Cameras System-8PCS 2.0MP W

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The Smonet security system comprises 8 channels NVR and 8 HD security cameras. Dedicated to keeping properties safe from intruders, it is a worth system to invest in. The 1080p cameras are superb and offer exceptional images to ensures great clarity and high definition images. Without cables, the system provides a DIY installation process. In fact, it provides plug and play feature to ensures there is no technicality.

Whether you connect the system to WiFi, 2/3/ or 4G, it allows easy live recording of your surveillance for reliable home monitoring. With the ability to support video playback, back up and motion detection, it gives you non stop recording even you are not monitoring the system. With easy remote access, day/night recording and weatherproof body, these cameras are superb choice to give your home superb security.


  • Versatile connectivity
  • Powerful processor
  • Motion detection sensors


  • NVR has no power On/Off features

1. ZOSI 8 Channel 960P NVR Wireless Security Cameras System with 8 Cameras


ZOSI 8 Channel 960P NVR Wireless Security Cameras System with 8 Cameras

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This 8 channel security system is reputable and popular among the many users. Unlike the other systems on the market, it has all the qualities you need. With wireless connectivity, it eliminates the need for wires hence saving cost and time needed. The connection between the cameras is achieved by WiFi connectivity. With 960p resolution, these cameras deliver exceptionally crispy clear images.

For live view or playback, the system is compatible with smartphones through applications. This lets users have a live view of events in their properties. On the other hand, the NVR has a large 1TB drive to store as much data as possible. With continuous recording, the system allows overwriting without needing formatting.


  • Motion detection sensor
  • 1.3 mp 960p resolutions
  • Auto-pairing function


  • Hard to follow instructions


Wireless security camera systems are the solution to securing your properties nowadays, they give you the ability to enjoy easy monitoring even when away from your home. With many options available, these featuring in this list are reliable and high performing.

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